When A Woman Gives Up On A Relationship

10 Things To Do When A Woman Gives Up On A Relationship With A Man

When a woman loves a man, her love is as real as her heartbeat.

Yeah, when a woman is in a relationship with a man, she loves truly and wholly.

But, what happens when a woman gives up on a relationship or marriage, and the love she has for you keep diminishing by the day?

You see, a woman’s love is like a flower in the garden, which when nurtured, blossoms; but when neglected, fades away.

So, you have been in a relationship with her for some time now, and recently you’ve noticed some signs she no longer loves you. For this reason, you are contemplating that your relationship may be heading to the negative side, and you want to know how to decipher when a woman gives up on a relationship.

Permit me to guess that all has been good when you fell in love with her. But, here you are reflecting on how she used to love you, the constant calls, texts, gifts, and encouragement. Well, in reality, it’s so obvious she has fallen out of love with you and you are wondering what to do when she no longer cares.

Therefore, before you decide what next to do about this discovery; let’s look at how to know when a woman gives up on a relationship or when she gives up on her marriage. I mean, what are the signs and what to do when she is no longer interested?

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How To Know When A Woman Gives Up On A Relationship Or On Her Marriage

As we journey through life, we get to learn so many things like, how to drive, how to read, how to cook, etc. But when it comes to dating and relationships, it seems we just do not know enough. Understanding a woman’s thoughts and actions, especially when she no longer cares in a relationship can be frustrating.

However, how to know when a woman gives up on a relationship doesn’t have to be confusing. I mean, you need no soothsayer to tell you that she is no longer interested when she exhibits some of these signs she’s no longer interested.

1. Glaring coldness towards you: You bothered that she didn’t pick your calls for the third time, and this has been happening lately? In fact, you’ve forgotten the last time you both had a meaningful discussion.

What’s more, she is no longer affectionate towards you and when a woman gives up on a relationship, her dissatisfaction with you becomes obvious. This she exhibits by avoiding your calls or evading any form of communication with you. She just doesn’t look forward to hearing from you anymore.

2. She’s lost interest in the things that made you both happy: She loved laughing heartily over your jokes. You both enjoyed holding hands together while walking down the street like teenage lovers. What about the exchange of gifts on special days and many other exciting surprises? Those happy moments are now memories because she no longer enjoys doing those things with you.

This is one of the signs she no longer loves you and it would be safe to say that she’s no longer committed to the relationship.

2. Making her happy becomes difficult: Oh yeah! You can’t seem to make her happy anymore. You try in so many ways to please her, yet she is not satisfied.

On the other hand, making her happy wasn’t this difficult in the past, but because her heart is no longer with you, pleasing her becomes a daunting task. This is a sign she’s no more into you.

3. She talks so much about others, more than she talks about you: Isn’t it odd that in the last discussion you had with her, she kept talking about her friends and her newly found ways of enjoying her time?

Humans, especially women, direct their talks to the area of their interest.

If she’ll rather talk about other people or things than focusing the talk on your relationship, that may be a major clue she’s losing interest in the relationship.

5. She’s got ‘no skin in the game’ anymore: You keep sacrificing your time and resources for her. Moreover, she’s stopped doing the same for the sake of the relationship. Obviously, the relationship doesn’t worth so much to her anymore, so she cannot continue to invest in it.

Therefore, when a woman gives up on a relationship, she becomes comfortable as a recipient of your gifts, time, and resources and won’t make any form of commitment any further.

6. She’s lost faith in you: when a woman gives up on a relationship, she will stop believing in you, your dreams, and your aspirations.

More so, your presence may even irritate her, and she may start getting annoyed with you at the slightest provocation. All these and more happens when a woman is no longer interested in a relationship.

Of course, these same signs are seen when a man gives up on a relationship. They are part of the often-ignored signs that a man is fed up in a relationship.

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14 Things That Ruin Relationships

Things That Ruin Relationships

You may wonder, “What went wrong?” Why did she suddenly start turning cold about the relationship? Could I have done anything wrong unknowingly? Well, both men and women do not suddenly give up on a relationship without reasons. Yes, even if you think the reasons may not be strong enough.

You might not even be the cause of her change in attitude. But, perhaps, you missed it somewhere, let’s see things that can ruin a relationship; which may reveal the reason why she’s no longer seeing the relationship as worthwhile.

Every successful relationship thrives on not just love, but several other factors. Likewise, an unsuccessful relationship is a result of many factors. Here are 14 things that ruin relationships.

1. Distrust: are you fond of doing those things that put your partner’s trust in you in jeopardy? What are those things, you may ask? They include but are not limited, to those secret calls, intimate chats with friends or colleagues, keeping late nights, amorous advances towards the opposite sex, etc.

It is necessary to know that love may be the basis of a relationship, but without mutual trust, such a relationship won’t last.

2. Pride: The old sayings, says “pride goes before a fall”, and I think that’s true. Yeah. If saying sorry to your girlfriend is difficult when you offend her, or you find it hard to admit your mistakes and make corrections, then your relationship will soon crumble like a pack of cards.

What destroys most relationships is not the imperfection of the people involved, but their inability to admit their wrongs and make amends.

3. No sense of direction: Bravo! You’ve taken the first step by declaring your love for her. But as the days go by, she’ll want to know where the relationship is heading to. If you are dating her without any plans or visions, but just to prove to people that you can also date a woman, then the relationship will soon hit a rock.

A relationship without direction leads nowhere. If it leads anywhere, it only leads to a dead end.

3. Loving too much: oh you can’t believe you have fallen head over heels in love with her. More so, you are willing to do everything within your power to make her happy. You go the extra mile to prove your love for her without reserving any for yourself.

It is not wrong to fall in love, but while at it, self-love and respect for oneself should be in check.

Furthermore, if you lose your self-worth while loving another in a relationship, it will only make the relationship to be short-lived.

5. Unfaithfulness: cheating on your partner now and then, telling lies to cover your escapades, not being true to your words in every way, are what destroys most relationships.

6. Involving a third party: while your relationship status might be known by everyone, I mean everyone knows you both are an item. It will be wise to leave some things to your discretion.

Nevertheless, it is acceptable to seek advice from friends and family concerning your relationship, but when this is done often, it signals a level of immaturity.

In addition, it is not every advice from the third party that you will heed to. You have to weigh every piece of advice because one wrong guidance can ruin your relationship.

Most relationships have been destroyed, due to the intrusion of strangers in their relationship.

7. Absence of cooperation: cooperation is a criterion for achieving a common goal in any relationship. In the absence of cooperation, there will be constant disagreement, fights, and quarrels, which will gradually crack up the relation and lead to its ruin.

8. Lack of communication: one of the pillars of a healthy relationship is healthy communication. However, what destroys most relationships is the inability of the individuals involved to communicate their feelings and thoughts to each other in an acceptable manner.

A relationship that makes you a loner or seems too invisible to your partner is an unhealthy one and may not last.

9. Unforgiveness: She got so busy with activities so much that she forgot your birthday, and she has already apologized. But, you are not willing to forgive her, you’ve planned to retaliate on her birthday anniversary as well.

In a relationship, two wrongs cannot make a right. Therefore, not pardoning her wrongs and inadequacies can gradually destroy the relationship.

10. Lack of mutual understanding: a relationship void of mutual understanding will be an unstable one. You will be riding for a fall, if you keep dating someone that doesn’t understand you, neither do you understand her also.

11. Selfishness: In reality, selfishness is the opposite of love. This can be seen, when you are not ready to sacrifice to make your partner happy. Thinking for yourself alone without considering your partner, and not willing to give, but always at the receiving end chokes relationships.

12. Lack of commitment: Countless times, you would have heard that love is never enough in a relationship. To thrive, you have to be committed to each other’s happiness, growth, success, peace, and etc against all odds. No relationship stands the test of time without commitment.

13. Greed: the Oliver twist kind of behavior. “I want some more” attitude injures relationships. If one partner is never satisfied with what the other partner offers because of unrealistic expectations, such a relationship will soon get to a dead-end in a matter of time.

14. Absence of self-control: A relationship where the individuals involved do not have control over their mouths or their emotions will result in constant verbal and, emotional abuse or even death.

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When To Fight For And When To Give Up In A Relationship

When To Fight For And When To Give Up In A Relationship

Falling in love with a woman is a beautiful experience. Nevertheless, dating her is a different ball game. Just like every aspect of life, every relationship comes with its challenges. One of these challenges is knowing when to fight for and when to give up in a relationship.

When a woman gives up on a relationship, the relationship becomes unstable and it is more challenging when you do not know if you should let her go or hold on to her.

Nevertheless, you should fight for a relationship when:

1. It’s certain she still loves you, but she is distracted: Distractions can come in form of the death of a loved one, career pursuit, academic pursuit, health challenges, etc.

Her lack of commitment to the relationship might be due to a challenge she is presently facing; but if she still loves you, regardless of whatever she is passing through, please do not let her go. Instead, show her your unflinching love and support.

2. It’s no fault of hers, but yours: you may not like to hear this, but sometimes, she gave up on the relationship because you gave her reasons to.

However, if you are willing to make amends and she is also ready to give you the second chance, then it would be awesome to give the relationship another shot. You simply have to walk up to her and let her know you’re in for a better time with her.

3. She is worth fighting for: A woman is worth fighting for when her goals and visions resonate with yours.

More so, if you discovered that you are both compatible despite all the arguments and quarrels. She is not perfect, yet your heart is at peace with her, isn’t that a sign that you shouldn’t give up on the relationship yet?

4. The relationship is still young: when a relationship is young, there is bound to be constant arguments, fights, quarrels, etc. This is because you are just getting to know and understand each other.

Your relationship with her needs to be nurtured and that will take time. For this reason, it deserves the fight. Yes, fight for the relationship to enable you to understand each other more.

5. She still believes in the relationship: if she still believes you can still work things out, regardless of all that has happened between you both, yet again do not give up the fight.

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On the other hand, you should give up on a relationship when:

1. Your Self-esteem, happiness, and peace are at stake: When she no longer cares, She just does not care about your happiness and peace anymore. Moreover, if she constantly dishonors you, and trend on your self-esteem, making you think that you are not man enough.

The midnight tears, headache, depression are obvious signs you should let her go. If being with her will cost you your inner peace, self -worth and mental health, then do not think twice about letting her go.

2. She has found happiness in the arms of another: it’s heartbreaking to watch her smile continuously while replying to those romantic texts and chats or make countless excuses not to be with you.

From all indications, you can no longer make her happy because her heart is with someone else. Therefore, you will save yourself from further heartache, when you end the relationship with her.

3. Not ready for further commitment: It is not enough to ask her out and publicly declare that she is your girlfriend. It is the dream of most women to have their man propose to them someday.

However, if you do not have plans to walk down the aisle with her in the future, even when it is obvious she desires that again consider giving up on the relationship.

4. You can no longer meet her expectations: Expectations in a relationship can come in different forms; which can be financial, social, emotional, sexual, etc.

Furthermore, if you’ve been drained of your strength in trying to meet the high expectations she has set for you, but it seems you can’t just satisfy her. A relationship that will make you strive so hard to make her happy may not be worth having.

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What To Do When She Is No Longer Interested In You

What To Do When She Is No Longer Interested

We all have a favorite food. But, have you ever been told to stop eating a food you love so much because is detrimental to your health? I must say it’s a difficult decision to make, but you just have to make that hard decision to have a healthy life.

Likewise, in a relationship, you just have to take the next line of action, when you have seen obvious signs she no longer loves you. Staying in a relationship, where love and attention are not reciprocated is unhealthy.

Therefore, it is expedient you get to know what to do when she is no longer interested.

Yeah, I know you love her so much, and you have reasons not to give up on someone you love. More so, leaving a good relationship to be single again is the last thing you want to do, but you must make the damn decision. Here is what I mean by making the D- A-M-N Decision:

1. Dialogue

Wondering what to do when your girlfriend is no longer interested in you? The first step you should take is to discuss with her. While having a dialogue with her, kindly ask her where you got it wrong.

More so, if she opens up to you and you are found guilty, humbly ask for her forgiveness. If she forgives you and is willing to have a fresh start with you, that would be great. On the other hand, if she forgives you, but is bent on her decision, let her go and also learn from your mistakes.

2. Accept

Accept whatsoever might be the outcome of the dialogue. Also, accept your mistakes, and your shortcomings; it will make a whole lot of difference.

3. Move On

Whether you are starting on a new page with her or she is going to leave you heartbroken, life must go on and you must move on. Thus, leave the past where it belongs, and face what lies ahead of you.

4. Necessitate

In everything, necessitate your happiness. Make your happiness a priority. Protect your peace, and just live the best you can!

Do those things that make you happy, if you need some time alone to clear your head, then do just that or you will love to talk to a friend, go ahead and confide in him or her.

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How To Deal With Breakup For Guys

Sometimes, a breakup is inevitable in a relationship, especially when she no longer cares and has shown enough signs she no longer loves you.

However, if you just broke up with her, and you are finding it difficult to deal with the heartbreak. I must say that dealing with heartbreak as a man is not an easy thing to do. This is because, by the standard of the world, you are a man, and crying is a show of weakness.

But, how else can I get rid of this heaviness in my heart, you ask? Be strong. Overcoming the heartbreak that comes with a breakup is a process, and I hope you find these lists on how to deal with breakup for guys like you helpful.

1. Forgive yourself

Let go of the past. Let go of the regrets and forgive yourself. Do not be too hard on yourself, by doing that you will make your situation worse. You are a human, and there is no perfect being.

2. Talk to a confidant

Open up to a genuine friend, mentor, or even a family member about how you feel. More so, do not pretend to be strong and happy when you are not, be truthful about your feelings.

3. Be Optimistic

Stay positive because the future holds amazing things for you. Believe that the best is yet to come and also believe the best of people.

Do not let your past relationship determine how you relate with people, because you may never know when love will find you again.

4. Take your time

Yes. Take your time to heal. Don’t quickly seek for anyone to fill that created vacuum.

Rushing into a new relationship because you are lonely or in need of comfort can aggravate your situation. Be patient even as you heal, learn and improve yourself.

5. Appreciate those beautiful memories

Cherish those beautiful memories you have about your past relationship; do not despise them. See your failed relationship as a blessing and not a curse. Yes, it is, surely you learned a lot from it, and you can be sure your next relationship will be better for it.

6. Love yourself

Appreciate your uniqueness. Fall in love with yourself again and affirm always that you are strong and will overcome every challenge.

In conclusion, having a successful relationship requires lots of work. It takes consistent mutual efforts and sacrifices to have a happy relationship.

Furthermore, if you’ve done your best, yet it didn’t work out between you two, do not feel guilty about it. Life goes on, even if she’s given up on the relationship. When a woman gives up on a relationship, it is not always easy to get things back in place.

I’ll say again, if you’ve given it your best shot, and she’s not shifting ground, then, you’ve got no option, you have to keep going. You’ve done your best, leave the rest.

So, what stage are you currently in? struggling relationship? heartbroken? or about to love again?…… Please leave a comment.

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