Signs A Woman Is Ready for Marriage

28 Clear Signs A Woman Is Ready for Marriage And Wants To Marry You

Whether you’re a gentle man who needs to know the signs that a woman is ready for marriage, or you’re a lady wondering if you’re ready to say “Yes, I do”. This post got you covered. Although, I’ll be doing this from the perspective of a guy, which I’m sure will give the ladies an idea of the signs men look for in the lady they want toarry.

Marriage to your soul mate and friend is beautiful and enviable. But then, the marriage relationship is beyond having kids, a cottage house, and someone to cuddle when it’s raining outside. It is in the small things, it is in the little things. Like wearing a nice smile, affirming your love for your partner, and having the required emotional maturity.

These days, men have some silent doubts about choosing a life partner. This holds in light of the high divorce statistics in society. The average male desires a marriage relationship but is afraid of seeking a partner who isn’t ready for marriage, and the commitment that comes with it. Of course, this is not particular to a few men, it seems to be a general issue.

But this should not deter him in his quest to establish a family. Rather, on the contrary, obtaining the proper information about love and marriage will empower him to build the kind of home he’s always dreamt of. And, guess what? If you are a guy, you clicked on the right post; this post is aimed at helping you with sure signs a woman is ready for marriage. And if you’re a lady, here are some expos to let your guy know you’re serious with him.

These signs will enable you to gauge the readiness of your partner. It also enables you to discern ulterior motives from purer intentions based on love. It helps provide clarity of choices based on personal specifications and preferences. Ultimately, it provides a point of reference for you to act from.

Outlined below are signs a woman is ready for marriage.

Signs She Wants To Marry You Someday : 28 Signs A Woman Is Ready for Marriage

Signs A Woman Is Ready for Marriage

You wish you could read the future. You desire to know if she is the one for you despite the signs you see. Maybe you are a product of a failed marriage yourself and you know firsthand what damage it has caused you. Or maybe you have seen too many ‘forever afters’ gone wrong barely after two years of the elaborated wedding party. Especially, those unions you could have sworn would have been a ‘Till death do us part’ sort of thing.

If you see these signs in her, you can be sure she wants to marry you someday. I mean she’s ready to say “Yes, I do” and mean it. And that’s not just with her mouth, but also with some form of readiness to stay with you and get the marriage working.

Here are 28 lists of the things you should look out for to be sure of her readiness for marriage, and most importantly with you. Yes, because she can be ready for marriage and not with you.

Some of these things are classic advice on marriage, while some may be seen as trivial; but in marriage, the little things can wreak the greatest havoc. So don’t overlook anything, pay close attention to them, and be realistic about your judgment of her readiness for marriage.

One more thing to put in mind, readiness in this term is not her willingness to go down the aisle, but it also includes her maturity, commitment, and desire to say “Yes, I do”, to YOU.

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1. Self-Love

Dude, be it known to you that it’s so difficult to love anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with him/ herself. If she has to depend on you, always, for approval and acceptance to know her values and worth, then, she’s emotionally not ready for marriage even if she talks about marriage now and then.

Self-love is the requirement to love and receive love from others. Mind you, self-love is not being selfish, it is having the right state of mind about one’s worth, values, and knowing that you deserve to be treated nicely.

2. Healthy Independence

You will know if your partner is clingy or confident of herself. If she takes independent actions that enhance her advancement, check. This does not mean that she takes these decisions without putting you in the know. But you must be able to see her ability to lead, take initiative, and be responsible first for herself and her actions. And this will reflect in the quality of the decisions she makes.

This enables one to know, understand, and appreciate oneself. Truth is, happiness is not subjective to the other spouse. It is your sole responsibility to make and keep you happy. This improves your quality of existence, enabling you to create the balance that life demands.

A healthy individual makes a marriage relationship wholesome. These are signs a woman is ready for marriage.

3. Commitment

Commitment is perhaps another name for marriage. No relationship can thrive without it. Commitment is one vital sign among the signs a woman is ready for marriage. It is doing everything to ensure the continuity of romance in marriage.

A committed woman is willing to spend the rest of her life with you and no one else. Putting efforts towards being committed to the relationship implies that she trusts, loves, and supports you.

If she’s not committed to the relationship, she’s got someone else in the plan, and certainly, that’s not you.

4. She Involves You in Her Long Term Plans

Any woman thinking about marriage with you will find it easy to include you in her long-term goals. You will be involved in her career decisions and every other plan that has a long-term effect.

The point is to share with you and seek guidance in areas she needs an honest assessment and advice. And sharing these with you means she trusts you enough to open up to you and let you give her some leadership. It would be foolhardy of you to take this trust for granted. Taking this opportunity for granted may make her lose confidence in your sense of judgment.

5. Trust

No woman will commit to a man she can’t trust. And if there is no trust, watch out! She possibly has a game plan. But you need to know that trust is to be earned, and not to demanded from her. Otherwise, you might find a rebellion sitting right within your house!

6. Submission

Despite the increased clamoring for gender equality, we cannot divorce the need for submission from a woman who is ready for marriage. Yes, submission has been misunderstood for oppression; and that is unfortunate.

However, every woman desired to be married to a man who is intelligent enough to lead and considerate enough to support. This is her pride, and she saliently desires to be submissive to her ‘macho’ man.

Asides from the fact that it creates order in the home, it also enables a deeper bonding between the partners. It is not a weakness, rather it is a strength.

Submission is your partner affirming her trust in your ability to lead her accurately. If she can’t submit to you, then you have no business being with her.

7. Does she know what she wants?

Is she capable of expressing all that she wants in her partner? Why does she want to get married at all? Why does she want to get married to you? Does she consider you guys to be compatible? If she can’t answer these questions for herself, then you can’t help her. One day, she might find someone else that looks like what she wants.

8. Support

Does she see herself as a fan, or does she see you as something to compete with, instead of complementing? This is one check that you need to be sure that she’s into you and is ready for marriage with you.

Teaming up with you in your projects, hobbies, and plans points to one thing—that she is not just proud of who you are and what you stand for, also that she supports you. While her support provides the basis for deeper bonding, it also enlivens shared moments.

9. How About Her Exes and Past Relationship?

Does she still hang around with her Ex? If she does, especially secretly, then she’s still emotionally attached to her Ex. And you don’t have to demand that she stops seeing him, if she’s not doing that herself, she’s probably just keeping you as the second option.

Is she free to discuss her past affairs with you? This is one sign you have to watch out for. If she does, then truly she has gotten over them. Otherwise…

10. Keeping Secrets

This depends largely on you. For instance, you must be open to her, keeping no secrets yourself. Secondly, you must have to create an atmosphere that enables her to freely express herself, without feeling uncomfortable.

However, if all these are in place and she hides information away from you, especially intentionally, then this is a sign that you should not marry her. She is most likely up to some mischief.

11. Conflict Management

How does she handle issues? Does she become emotional about every little thing and get things turned upside-down? How is her emotional intelligence about handling conflict?

Conflict is a part of life and living, we sure can’t do without it. In fact, love and offenses cannot be separated. What matters here is not that there would be arguments, but her readiness to have it resolved. This is also one of the signs a woman is ready for marriage.

If you discover that you both keep having arguments over the same thing, maybe it is time to split. It is clear proof of incompatibility. That may be the reason she might later file for divorce.

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12. Maturity

This involves the physiological development of the body and the psychological development of the mind. You wouldn’t want to marry an overgrown baby neither would you settle with a minor.

Although she might not be experienced in every area of life, she should be able to resolve issues with a clear head. And she should be able to do this even in your absence.

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13. Can She Compromise?

Compromise in this case is not about being indifferent in all situations and having no standard, boundary, or values. It is about the ability to know what is more important and place value on it, no matter what.

If she is unwilling to make compromises to sustain the relationship, then she is not ready for marriage. Marriage is the union of two folks who are ready to stop insisting on having their way and always doing things how they want it.

If she always wants things done her way, you will always be put in explosive situations. It shows a high maintenance attitude and a selfish mindset. Better to quit now than later.

14. Character Flaws

In a relationship, each partner should make deliberate efforts at self-development and encourage the other person to get better. Working on one’s excesses and character really should be a goal during singles days, and especially in marriage.

If she has no interest in improving her weaknesses then maybe she is not interested in marriage with you. Her commitment to the relationship will require that she constantly work at becoming a better version of herself.

More so, it becomes immature if she sees no reason to be better. And, what more? Get set for embarrassing moments.

15. Financial Management

It’s okay that sometimes she wants to spoil herself and give herself some treats. However, she must not be a spend rift.

She must be able to live within her means and have no problems doing that. If she is unable to understand the values of making and investing money then be ready for more debits than credits.

16. What’s Your Gut saying?

You cannot dispense with the fact that you are in love. She is beauty, love, and light all rolled into one; you cannot dispute this. Neither can you help but revel in the jealous stares of other men when you both are out in public. On the record, you feel fulfilled, you feel fortunate that you have gotten the best by your side.

And how about those vocal approvals of the family especially when you both attend family functions together?

Adding all these together, it feels like the stars and the universe align to agree on this. Yet you are worried.

What does your instinct tell you about her? Any warning bells ringing in your heart, telling you not to go ahead, even though you find it difficult to understand why? If there are, heed to those silent bells. They will keep you out of trouble. And possibly preserve your life.

17. Family Visits

Is she eager to know your family? Is she keen on you becoming a part of her family? Do your family and closely-knit friends approve of your relationship? Does she accommodate your family? If she is unable to do any of these then it’s a no-no. going ahead with her might lead to heartbreak.

18. Abusive Tendencies

You should watch out for violent actions and words. If she is more inclined to use hurtful words or even go physical then you should not marry her. Domestic violence scares the soul and destroys the spirit. Therefore it is a no-brainer and It is non-negotiable.

Avoid such persons and if you want to be of help, encourage her to see a counselor. But that still boils down to if she sees herself as needing help.

19. Means to an End

Does she have a game plan? Are you being used to fill a void or satisfy a need? Is she interested in you or is she interested in your connections? What is in it for her? If you cannot provide answers to these questions then maybe it’s time to call it quits. Otherwise, you may discover that you are being used.

20. Why is she getting married?

What are her vision and goals for getting married? If she has none, then it is likely that you will become her obsession. And I am not sure you will fancy that.

Moreover, people who don’t have reason to be married don’t have reason to remain married.

21. Does Marriage Excite Her?

You should be able to tell if she is excited about the prospect of getting married to you. You should be able to see that she looking forward to parenting your kids. You should be able to tell if creating a home with you sits well with her, or she dreads the wedding day.

Again, does she discuss her married friends? Is she excited about love stories? If she sees marriage as a necessary evil instead of sometimes to be excited about, then she is not ready for marriage; or perhaps, she’s not ready for marriage with you.

22. Independence or Interdependence?

The former is unhealthy in marriage relationships. The latter is the objective of every marriage relationship. If she exhibits the former then she is not ready for marriage. She should make conscious efforts to be involved in your life and vice versa.

23. Emergencies?

Who would she call in times of emergency? If it ain’t you then wise up! Because by all indications you are now a team, so you should be her emergency contact. This shows she trusts you enough to commit her life to you.

24. Does She Delight in your Happiness?

You can tell if she supports your dreams. You can tell if she wants the best for you or she is just ignorant. You can tell if she delights in your happiness. If otherwise, you know what to do. Your happiness should be her priority.

25. Understanding

I am sure by now that you don’t want her to always second guess you. She should be able to love you according to your love language. There should be common grounds between both of you. Also, she should understand her deal-breakers and your deal-breakers.

This increases trust for each other. Exhibiting this is a sign a woman is ready for marriage.

26. Cheating

I am yet to meet any spouse who doesn’t care if their partner cheats or not. Maybe, you’re one of the few men whom I’ve not met. If not, if she’s a cheater, need I to say she’s not ready for marriage?

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27. Is she Humble?

Yes, to be humble is not to assume the position of the weakest, it is in fact a sign of strength.

If she’s not humble enough to accept she’s wrong and will always want to explain away why she’s wrong, instead of apologizing and saying “I was wrong”, then, she’s not ready to be joined for perfection. She wants to be the perfect heroine. That’s not a sign that she’s ready for marriage.

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28. Is She Always Quitting?

If she’s always saying “I quit” and leave in anger because the argument got heated to a boiling point level or because she feels she’s not having her way, then, she’s not ready for marriage. In marriage, there would be several arguments, serious and trivial ones, which may trigger her to go get the divorce paper.

If she’s always ‘quitting’, she may eventually quit.

Signs a woman is ready for marriage are dependent on a host of factors. One of which is, mental and psychological compatibility. Secondly, it is necessary that you appreciate and discern where her loyalties lie. If you cannot, maybe you should take a step back so that you can accurately judge her actions. Above all else, effective communication will help dispel any fears you entertain.

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