Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring

Watch Out For These 12 Hidden Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And He’ll Soon Propose To You

If you got in here, you’re probably anticipating to see your guy propose to you, and you’re anxious to know the signs that he’ll soon ask you the big question, will you marry me?

Perhaps you’re thinking you need a calculator to know when he’ll propose. This post will give you a more detailed signs he will soon propose.

Now, let me give you signs of a proposal coming. I mean, some clues on how a man acts before he proposes.

Regardless of how long you’ve been dating, the fact remains that the thought of spending the rest of your life with your partner has crossed your mind.

A lot of guys prefer using the indirect approach to propose, although a few will go directly. But, if you know him well enough you’ll be observant enough to decipher the changes in his behavior. Below are some really helpful signs he bought an engagement ring. In other words, signs he will propose in the future.

If your birthday is right around the corner, these may be subtle signs he’s going to propose on your birthday. And perhaps you guys are planning a vacation, if you notice any of these “proposal indicators”, they could be signs he’s going to propose on vacation.

But don’t get caught off-guard, some guys could do it on ordinary day, when you least expect.

Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring Already Or Thinking of Buying To Watchout for

  • He starts asking you more specific questions about your future together

If he does this or makes comments like: I would love to spend the rest of my life with you, I know you’ll make a great mum, or I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Then it’s quite clear that he has most likely considered popping the question.

  • He pays attention to details at other people’s weddings

If your partner suddenly develops an interest in weddings and starts asking you questions like: What did you think about the venue, did you like their wedding theme? Then chances are that he is likely thinking about a wedding of his own, with you.

  • He develops a sudden interest in your jewelry

It’s obvious he needs your finger size to get a perfect ring. So, he will start showing interest in your jewelry all of a sudden. In addition, he’ll start asking about your preferences in jewelry. That could be a signs he’s about to pop the question- will you marry me?

He may ask your friend if he can’t get the answer from you. Besides, a ring is a major investment and he wouldn’t want to mess it up by getting the wrong size.

  • He no longer spends as much

If you notice his shopping habits have changed and he no longer buys whatever he wants whenever he wants it, then he may just be saving up with the intent of surprising you. When a man is planning and ready to settle down, he makes plans and saves not just for the ring, but your future family

  • He makes an official introduction to his parents, family, and friends

This is different from just a casual “meet my parents”. A man who is not ready to commit will hardly think of showing you off to his friends and family. Although this does not always mean that a proposal is imminent, the good news is that he is very serious about you and has considered marriage.

  • He makes efforts to get closer to your family

As long as your partner has made up his mind to propose, he will make efforts to get close to your family, friends, and the people you love especially your dad.

  • He has become suddenly secretive without reason

Don’t fret. Secrecy is not all that bad if he’s there are other signs indicating he’s about to propose. If you notice that your man does not want you to be part of certain things he does when you’re together, then he may be doing some research on that perfect ring or making hotel reservations for the surprise engagement and obviously does not want you to find out about it.

Maybe that’s one of the signs he’s hiding a proposal.

  • You stumbled on a ring

This could be the biggest sign. If you saw a ring you’ve never seen before, hidden somewhere either when you were arranging his closet or doing laundry, then you’ve most likely ruined the surprise. That’s one of the surest signs he bought an engagement ring already and he’s planning a surprise proposal.

Never mind, just pretend like you didn’t see it. (Smiles)

  • He suddenly starts acting super nervous around you

Women have a natural intuition and know when there is a change in their man’s behavior or demeanor.

If you observe that your boyfriend starts to act more nervous around you, give him some slack; he’s probably panicked and thinking about popping the question soon.

  • He hides his cell phone from you

I do know that this could be bad but, I hope you both trust each other enough not to bother about stuff like this. He’s most likely hiding from you, texts with your mom, sister, or best friend, notifications for what he’s paid for (like a ring), or his proposed romantic location.

So, relax. He may just doesn’t want to ruin the surprise that he’s planning.

  • He plans a surprise romantic getaway

This is possibly the biggest sign that he’s going to propose. A romantic weekend or reservation, probably to a special place that holds a lot of meaning to both of you? Then, it’s pretty much been decided. That’s one of the obvious marriage proposal sign.

  • He is receiving a lot of texts and calls from family and friends

If he suddenly starts receiving a lot of calls and texts from family and friends, both his and yours, then it’s possible he’s making plans for the engagement surprise party, especially if you don’t have a birthday or anniversary coming up.

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Signs To Know He Secretly Wants You To Be His Wife


Signs To Know He Secretly Wants You To Be His Wife

Knowing whether a man likes you or not is not always easy even if you have a hunch. Know that, although affection is shown in different ways, there are certain behaviors shown by men when they are in love with a girl.Some people may think that they can hide their emotions when they are in love, but trust me, their body language and behavior will tell on them sooner or later. Below are signs to know he secretly wants you to be his wife even when he tries to hide it.

  • He can’t help but stare at you

It’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, if a guy likes you- he can’t help but look at you all the time. When men want to hide their true emotions, they will use every possible means and even act indifferent. But the fact is that even in a room full of ladies, his eyes will trail you. Try paying attention to his eyes, the secret will be let out pretty easily.

  • When he looks at you, he smiles

This is a sign that a guy likes you. He won’t be smiling with his teeth but you’ll notice that he just can’t keep a straight face whenever he sees you walk by. He may even be having a bad day but, his face lights up the moment he sees you. Just know that he has trouble telling you his true feelings.

  • He finds almost everything you say funny

You may be a fun person to be around and can crack a few jokes but when looking at things in the real sense, you may not be all that hilarious. He doesn’t think that way though and will happily laugh at almost every little thing you say. Even, when he is the one telling the joke, he will often look at you for your reaction. Once he notices you’ve laughed, he is content.

  • He looks away

A lot of women make the mistake of interpreting this as a sign of indifference but that’s not it. When a man avoids making eye contact or meeting your gaze, it can be one of the signs that he likes you. Just know that he’s the shy type and can’t even bear to look at the object of his affection.

  • He doesn’t delay in responding to your texts

If a guy likes you, know that he will respond almost instantly to your texts. Also, he won’t reply with short, simple, and closed-ended words like ‘ok’, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but with something that will keep the conversation going. Even if he’s shy, he’ll find it easier to communicate by texting.

  • He always finds an opportunity to spend some time alone with you

If a guy is truly interested in you, he will want to have some alone time with you whenever possible. Even if you’re at a party or social function, he would try to take you away by asking if you’re in to go get some fresh air or take a walk with him.

  • He asks your friends about you

If a guy secretly likes you and wants to be clear about your feelings for him before making any move, he’ll ask your friends. Your friends will tell though, even if he told them not to. If they do so, then you don’t have to wonder whether he likes you or not.

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