Signs Your Partner Is Not Right For You

Signs Your Partner Is Not Right For You And You’re In An Unequal Relationship

Love is sweet when you meet the right partner! Of course, there is no such thing as “Mr/Mrs. Perfect”, but there is “Mr/Mrs. Right”.

Once you realize that your relationship is unequal, then, that is one of the signs your partner is not right for you. It goes to prove that you are simply in a relationship with the wrong person.

Yes! Your partner is not right for you if you are stressed out due to your striving to get things working. You might love him/her with the whole of your being but the both of you might not just work out because you are on different pages.

Rather than staying back to ensure you singlehandedly try to make the relationship work, by all means, it is better to just allow everyone to go their separate ways and be with the person who can give them the happiness they deserve.

A one-sided relationship can be emotionally draining. I’m sure you don’t want such for yourself. In fact, this emotional stress can result in physical or health challenges.

I have carefully listed some of the signs your partner is not right for you. With these signs, you can carefully evaluate your relationship to find out if your partner is right for you or not; just in case you have been exercising doubts about your relationship.

Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Not Right For You

The ‘obvious’ is not always obvious to everyone. Some of these signs your partner is not right for you are tricky, such that they can be missed.

However, we have prepared some of the core psychological signs that your partner is not the “Mr/Mr. Right.”

1. He/She Does Not Show You Care:

Often you do not realize whether or not your partner is showing enough care in the relationship because you are too busy overshadowing the entire relationship with care and affection. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you shouldn’t show care in your relationship.

Just like love, care should also be mutual. It is sad when one party is getting all the care and attention and the other person gets nothing in return. You can’t be busy caring and looking out for the welfare of your partner always and your partner doesn’t even care to know about your welfare. That is just wrong!

2. He/She Does Not Pay Attention To Your Emotional And Physical Needs:

Every human has needs to be met. Both physical and emotional needs must be met. I do understand that you and your partner can not have the same needs but that’s where compromise and sacrifice come in.

You and your romantic partner must strive to communicate and understand each other’s needs and how to satisfy them. But when your partner doesn’t even care about your needs and how to satisfy them, then this may be a sign that your partner is not right for you.

3. The Respect Isn’t Mutual:

In every relationship, respect is a must. Not one-sided respect but mutual respect.

Beyond falling in love and having deep feelings for your partner, there must be mutual respect for each other, because this will help sustain the relationship.

One of the major signs your partner is not right for you is that they do not respect you. They disregard your opinion and make you feel worthless. This often leads to a series of verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse.

4. He/She Keeps Taking You For Granted:

If your partner doesn’t respect you enough, then they are bound to take you for granted. This often happens when the relationship is one-sided. They begin to dictate the situation of things in the relationship and you just have to obey every single decision they make.

You are afraid to do or say otherwise out of fear that they may get angry and you might lose him/her. This is a major red flag and it is a source of concern.

5. You Are Just Not Compatible:

Evaluating your core values even before getting into the relationship is very crucial. These are your non-negotiables. The things you can’t compromise and esteem so highly.

If you check out your partner’s core values and it doesn’t align with yours and you still go ahead with the relationship, then you might have some issues. Your relationship journey might end up being a bumpy ride.

Not every partner is compatible. If you are always fighting, and hardly agreeing on a matter, it may be that you guys are not just compatible and are not meant to be together.

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Signs Of An Unequal Relationship

I’m sure you are wondering, what I mean by an unequal relationship. It’s quite simple. It is a relationship tilting to one side. It is just the same as what I have been talking about all through this write-up, a one-sided relationship.

Relationships do not thrive well without the needed balance. When one party is always providing the needed support, care, attention, and love, then these are signs of an unequal relationship. It is one of the major signs your partner is not right for you.

Nothing is as disheartening as a partner who is not as invested in a relationship as you are. It can be frustrating and affect you negatively.

So, below are some troubling signs of an unequal relationship you might need to look out for.

1. Lack Of Communication:

communication is the pillar that holds a relationship together apart from love and respect. Nothing beats having genuine and deep conversations with the one you love. Having the liberty to talk about anything and everything as freely as you can.

Your partner on the other hand shares next to nothing with you, making you do all the talking and doesn’t even show much interest in what you are saying. They act like nothing is happening in their own life.

Once you feel this level of communication is not being reciprocated, you tend to drift apart and not share as much as you usually do then your relationship begins to fall apart.

Yes, it is understandable that he or she may not be as extroverted as you are. But research has proven that even extroverts communicate, and at a deeper level with someone they love.

2. Compromise:

Do you find yourself always compromising in your relationship? Then your relationship may be one-sided.

If your partner refuses to make necessary compromises even when it matters the most, then trouble is waiting for you. When you make so many compromises just to save the relationship even during heated conflicts this may get you exhausted faster and stress you mentally.

3. Always Initiating:

Sometimes in relationships, it is not a bad idea to initiate plans and ideas. When you find out that you are the one always coming up or initiating plans, quality time, or vacations, then there seems to be a problem.

In every relationship, there has to be a give and take between you and your partner. The moment you find out that you are the one always reaching out and initiating ideas to spend quality time together, then your relationship is not balanced. It is one-sided.

This only goes to show that your partner might be less concerned about you and the relationship altogether.

4. Tiredness:

If you often time feel exhausted about your love life, it could be one of the signs that your relationship is unhealthy and unbalanced.

Feeling burnt out and frustrated could be a result of you always giving and never getting anything back in the relationship. You are exhausted from the burden of always carrying the relationship on your shoulders and trying to do everything and anything just to make it work.

Don’t get this twisted, a relationship is a continuous work, but you should never feel tired if both partners are giving it the required investment and are intentional about it.

5. He/She Is Not Interested In Other Matters About You

This can be a huge problem. Why? you might want to ask. But outside your partner, there is a whole world that doesn’t revolve around them. Let me mention quickly, your parents and siblings, your friends, your career or business, your spirituality if you are a religious person and so many other things.

If someone truly loves you wholeheartedly, they will show genuine interest in all of these things because these things matter to you. The moment you are trying to talk about your family or friends and they show zero interest in your career or business and feel less concerned then you have an unbalanced and unhealthy relationship.

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Final Thoughts

Nothing is as beautiful as love when it is right. It gives you all of that butterfly feeling and fills your heart with so much joy. On top of that, having a partner that truly completes you and brings you genuine happiness can bring so much light into your world that you never imagined.

Love is not meant to be toxic or unbalanced. Whenever love is unhealthy it brings so much frustration and emotional trauma. If not well handled can affect one’s mental health.

It’s always best to look for any of these signs your partner is not right for you in your relationship and not get clouded with the feeling of being in love that it overshadows your thinking.

The moment you notice that some things are not right in your relationship then it’s better to sit your partner down and have a deep conversation and be true to yourself. Carefully state the lapses you have noticed and how you feel about them. No need to mince words he/she is your partner isn’t it?

If he/she truly loves you, then they will be willing to make the necessary amendments. If not, please gather the remaining dignity you have left and leave. You do not deserve such toxicity. You are meant to be loved and cherished because you deserve nothing but the best!

In no time, the individual who will value you and treat you with so much respect and love that you deserve will find you.


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