Facts About Shy Guys In Love

33 Amazing Psychological Facts About Shy Guys In Love

Being shy isn’t bad, in fact, it is an attribute of being an introvert. Being shy means not being able to express oneself or express ones feeling with another individual.

As much as guys can be forward and take the lead in relationships so also a guy can be an introvert in relationships.

Some shy guys can’t even walk up to the lady of their dreams to express the love they’re catching for her, and those that eventually open up take a lot of courage to express themselves.

There are some facts about shy guys in relationships that will give you a clue of how much he loves you and how far he can go with you. Even if he doesn’t say it, his actions can say it all.

Psychological Facts About Shy Guys

Here are some psychological facts about shy guys in love that will help you in your relationship:

1. He gives you attention:

A shy guy who likes you centers his attention on you, his mind is with you and shows you he cares about you. He doesn’t care about anyone else around except you.

When his phone rings, if not important, he prefers to cut the call. If he has to pick, he apologizes for keeping you hanging. When you notice this then he likes you, girl.

2. He laughs at your jokes:

Shy guys like funny girls or girls with a sense of humor, and when you crack a joke and laugh he kinda feels more comfortable with you.

He likes to see you smile or laugh at his jokes too, with this, his nervousness or tension around you calms down and he will become more friendly.

3. He’s a great listener:

Introverts are more a listener than a talker. So, shy guys listen attentively to what you say or ideas you share; and if there is a need for him to contribute he waits until you’re done talking. When he is finally able to let out his opinion, he will contribute the best way he can.

When you see this, he cares about you, loves you, and wants a deeper relationship with you.

4. He is protective of you:

Love comes with a level of healthy jealousy.

If a shy guy sees you being cheated on or another guy misbehaved with you, he can go to any length to protect you from the abuse. He takes up your fight and won’t let you go until he sees you are safe to be on your own. Mostly a shy guy who has feelings for you goes to this extent.

5. He blushes when you say something nice:

Who doesn’t like a good compliment? For shy guys, they seem to have a little more affinity for it. He blushes when the woman of his dreams gets to compliment him or get in a conversation with him.

6. He notices every bit of you:

Yes, shy guys don’t talk so much, but they observe a lot. If you see a guy that pays attention to the details of your life and your body figures and the likes just know he likes you. Don’t make him feel bad, you know?

7. He can be quiet around you

Sometimes seeing you in the room silences him. He may be laughing and chatting with his friends or some of his female friends but the moment he sees you, he begins to jitter so as not to make a fool of himself in front of you and everyone. Therefore, he may choose to be quiet. That can be impressive to a lady, so watch out for this point too.

8. He Loves It When You Cheer Him Up:

We all love our cheerleaders. Other people’s opinions might not matter as much as yours do. If he does something impressive or cracks a joke he cares about your reaction. He wants to know if you like what he is doing. If you laughed, seeing you laugh will unconsciously put a smile on his face.

If he’s constantly looking out for you to see your reaction to whatever he does, he’s most likely catching feelings for you.

9. He wants to be your friend:

Shy people tend to be platonic and when he is romantically into you he will want to be as honest as ever so that you can see him for who he is. Even if you don’t find it necessary for him to be plain, he wants you to know he is different, and here for you anytime you need him as a confidant.

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Shy Guy Weird Behavior

Being an introvert also means being awkward sometimes.

That is why a shy guy that likes you and is interested in you will be weird around you sometimes, and when you notice this, you can help him to be more comfortable around you.

YOU will be surprised to know some guys can be shy no matter how fashionable and popular they can be. When a shy guy’s weird behavior becomes obvious to you as a lady that’s to tell you he is really into you.

Here are some facts about shy guys’ weird behavior you might not be paying attention to:

1. Clumsiness:

When a shy guy sees a woman he truly likes, he gets to be clumsy around her.

He might even be comfortable around other ladies, but once he sets his eyes on this special one there is this nervousness that pops up in him and that leads to clumsiness.

You will see him drop his phone or a car key fell off the table, sometimes could be some documents. Note – he likes you and he doesn’t want to make mistakes. He wants to appear cool so that you find him impressive, but his feelings are betraying him.

2. Chatting than talking:

There are some things he will want to know about you and knowing fully well that asking one-on-one will lead to him fidgeting, he will switch over to the chat mode where he can download his questions at once.

3. Remember little details about you:

You will be shocked to know he remembers everything you told him about yourself even the little details you probably didn’t pay attention to.

4. A stalker:

True! He can stalk you without you knowing and sometimes stalks you online too. He might be trying to monitor every of your move, and that is because he is interested in you. Some guy might even follow you unnoticed.

5. He doesn’t like it when another guy is involved:

Yeah, guys that like you get jealous when you keep talking about another guy. A shy guy may be afraid you might prefer another guy compared to him and how do you know? He either disappears when the guy is around or when you talk about the guy he looks for a way to say things or do things for you to be disinterested in the guy in question.

6. Keeps staring:

A shy guy in love with you can’t just seem to take his eyes off you sometimes. In fact, if he sees that you are about to look in his direction, he’ll look away so as not to get caught.

He takes his time to look at you from afar, admiring every bit about you as he observe your moves.

When you notice a guy staring at you than usual he is most probably in love.

7. He is always sitting close to you:

This can be weird, he likes to sit close to you MOST OF THE TIME. He’s likely to be around you anywhere you find yourself. Your weird shy guy will look for a way to stay close to you even though he might not utter a word to you.

At first, you might not notice this but when you realize it’s becoming frequent and constant this is a sign that he likes you, he just doesn’t know how to start a conversation with you yet.

8. He likes to touch you:

No doubt, when a guy loves you, he’ll unconsciously find a way to touch you. Yeah, it could be accidentally at first but there are times he will be deliberate about it.

9. He Befriends Your Friends:

Kinda weird, isn’t it? Yeah. A shy guy who is ready to settle with you but is shy about asking you out will look for another alternative; and that alternative could be your friend.

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Signs A Shy Guy Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

Some shy guys can decide not to show how they feel about a lady because of rejection or based on past unpalatable experiences. If a guy has been hurt one time or the other he might not want that to repeat itself. So, as much as he likes a lady and he is sending a love signal if he remembers how he was jilted or fears rejection and embarrassment he might stay away.

It is good to know some facts about shy guys in a relationship to keep a healthy relationship life but it is also better to know these things before you go into a relationship with him so that you won’t be faced with difficulty in your relationship.

Here are some of the signs for you to know if a guy likes you but is trying not to show it. Note that he might just be ordinarily shy and doesn’t want to screw himself up before you, so here you go:

1. He can be unreasonably harsh:

Sometimes, when a shy guy doesn’t want you to know he likes you, he pushes you away and this can be a little tricky and confusing for you as a lady because you don’t know if he is really into you and means business or not.

If he is your boss or superior, he might not want his image to be tarnished, so if he is nice today he might decide to be harsh tomorrow to protect his self-image. This is a confusing attitude but if you notice a guy is friendly with you for a while and shows to be tough head the next moment this is a sign he likes you but he is afraid of being rejected or doesn’t know how to express himself.

2. His friends make fun of him and make comments when they see you two:

He might be quiet as he secretly admires you and also discusses you with his friends. If you notice his friends are always making fun of him around you or complimenting how you guys look good together and compatible they are just trying to support their friend who is in love and giving you a hint that he likes you.

With that, they tend to know if you feel the same way about him. And if you do, they will be happy to help you guys out.

3. He can go all out for you:

If a guy likes you, he tends to do you little favors than usual. He goes out of his way even if inconvenient just to make sure he satisfies your need at that moment. The funniest thing is that he won’t complain or let you know he went all out for you. Seeing you appreciate him, satisfies him.

4. He confides in you:

Introverts by nature are not someone who opens up easily or tells a secret about their lives but if a shy guy likes you and you have been talking for a while he feels safe to share his “inner chamber”. I mean his inner or deep secrets with you.

He shares his struggles and all he went through to get to where he is. If you find a guy who is free to share this with you and you know he hardly talks about himself to others then it is a sign that he likes and feels safe with you.

5. He gives you a nickname:

No, it’s not ordinary. When you find your shy guy giving you a nickname or pet name that might even sound weird to you, then he likes you. It’s just a way of building a bond between you guys. Also, know that by this time you are already friends for him to nickname you.

6. He tries to be impressive:

Just so you can comment on his looks he will keep changing his looks, and outfits and making sure he does what you like.

For instance, if you tell him “Oh I love your jeans and the way you combine them with your shirts”; he can decide to wear more jeans and shirts.

When a guy keeps wanting your approval on himself or just wants to satisfy or impress you, then be aware that you are loved romantically by him.

7. Interested in your hobbies:

You will be surprised when you find out that he is interested in what you like. If you happen to be a lover of music and you begin to discuss few of your favorite artists he will start educating himself about those artists and in no time he will start liking music too.

He will start liking what you like. When you see this, be sure to know he is in love with you.

8. He keeps bumping into you:

If you find this shy guy always bumping into you and touching you and he is like ‘oops I am sorry’ then he likes you. If you happen to see each other more often where you hang out with your friends my dear he is into you, so take note of this.

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Shy Guy Texting Habits

Shy guy texting habits are like a secret weapon for them. Since he lacks the courage to face a lady and tell her how much he loves her, he resorts of express himself better in chatting than in talking one-on-one.

As much as texting could be their armor, it can be confusing because you will be surprised to know that a shy guy can be flirting with you on phone, my advice – don’t fall for the flirts of a shy guy on the phone if he likes you let him show it or say it. Get some facts about him and his intentions.

So, here are some facts about shy guy texting habits, with these you will know if he likes you or not:

1. He Replies You As Soon As He Can:

If he likes you, immediately he sees your chat, he’ll respond to you as quickly as he can so that he won’t leave you hanging. In the case when he is busy, he will let you know and apologize for the late response.

2. He Chats With You More often:

He makes sure he chats with you at a particular time maybe in the morning or at night. He can ask about your day or gist you about his activities for the day. When you see this consistency and keen interest, then he is into you.

3. He likes to know everything about you:

In the process of chatting, you guys will get to know each other better. This is the best way for him to know more about you and your experience in life.

If he is so interested in knowing so much about you and asking personal questions then he is curious to know the woman he wants to settle for.

4. His real intentions:

Have you received any love text from him and you feel confused because you’re not sure if he is sincere or not? Maybe the last you checked, he just didn’t say a word to you and now all you get is him missing you.

He is really in love, trust me, he just didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of you.

5. Flirting:

Wondering how do shy guys flirt in relationship?

This may be confusing a bit. ‘you look lovely in your dress today, “I love the way you introduced yourself “, “you are so easy to love “, I can go on and on, these are one of the ways to know if he is flirting with you.

6. He follows you online:

If a guy likes you, he looks for how to get to know you even on social media. He will add you as a friend and check out some of your previous posts, and pictures, and comment on them. If a guy does these he is showing interest in you.

7. He gets to compliment you online:

A shy guy might not say anything about your looks or commend your job when he sees you but when you guys are chatting he will comment on everything and you will be wondering “Oh so he noticed”. Yes, he noticed and that’s because he keeps watching and observing you. But because he can’t afford to say it physically, he takes the battle online, where he has an advantage.

From what has been noted here I believe you have an idea about if a shy guy likes you or not, it doesn’t mean they are boring they are just introverts.

You will be shocked to know that some successful guys, smart guys, and reserved guys can be shy. Some of the most interesting things about them are that they are great listeners, careful around you and they can go all out for you. So be safe to know you are lucky to have one around you.

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