100 Short Prayers For Friends

100 Short Prayers For Friends, Family And Myself For Breakthrough, Success, And Prosperity

Here are 100 short prayers for friends and loved ones; that can be used as intercessory prayers or short prayer messages to bless their day and inspire them for success.

Short Prayers For Friends And Family for Breakthrough

1. Father, I pray for my friends and family, give them higher thoughts that can help them break free, and inspire them with ideas that are life-changing and transforming. Let their minds be filled with things that can make them sit in the midst of kings and royalties. May they be blessed with divinely orchestrated happenings that will change their financial status in the name of Jesus.

Short Prayer Message For A Friend

in this compilations of 100 short prayers for friends, we included these short prayer messages for friends to communicate your wishes and desires to them through text messages.

1. I ask that the angels of the Lord will help you enjoy divine breakthroughs in all you do. There will be divine intervention in your situation. You’ll lack nothing. You’ll have money in your hands and the bank. You shall make tangible progress and prosper in all that you do. This is my prayer for you.

2. Father surprise my friends. Send them pleasant surprises. Even when they least expect it, help will come for them on every side.

3. I pray that people will go out of their way to be of blessing to you and make you smile. May your heart be infused with gladness and peace.

4. May you not labor in vain. May you enjoy a double reward and honor, for your labor. May you enjoy an abundance of heavenly blessings and earthly favor.

5. I believe that the Lord is changing your status. Things are changing for you. Your struggles shall become a success. Your strongholds shall become breakthroughs. Everywhere you have been unwanted, they’ll start looking for you to be favored.

6. May you enjoy so much favor. So much that you’ll lose count of them. May you experience an inexplicable advantage that will make your testimonies enviable.

7. Dear friend, today, I pray for you. You’ll do exploits and enjoy grace for excellence. Everything you do shall come out well. In work /business, record amazing favor, and profitability.

8. I pray for you, in the shortest of time, your enemies, not just your friends, will celebrate and rejoice with you; because the Lord shall shine his over over you and make you shine.

9. I pray for you that lines shall fall for you in pleasant places. You shall have a goodly heritage.

10. My prayer for you is that you shall enter into the blessing of the Lord and enjoy all that God has in plan for you. Nothing can stop you, because the Lord is on your side.

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Short Prayer For Someone You Love

1 I pray for you that you shall not be a victim but a victor. You shall not suffer for the sin of others. Though you walk through the valley of the shadows of death, no evil will come near your dwelling.

2 The Lord shall order your steps, lighten your paths and cause you to walk in favor. You shall attract and enjoy the good things of life, have good health, and be blessed by the Lord.

3 God of awesome wonders shall do wonders in your life and all that concerns you. Make your life be a wonder so that when men see you, they shall see the glory of God.

4 You shall enjoy the restoration of every good thing that the enemy has taken from you. You shall have a good report and share amazing testimonies.

5 The Lord shall break protocols on your behalf. He’ll cause you to walk through troops and jump over every wall of limitation in the name of Jesus.

6 I pray that you shall be visited with amazing help. Your stories are becoming your glory. Seasons are changing for your good.

7 The expectations of the righteous shall not be cut short; therefore, the Lord shall bring a speedy answer to your heart’s desires in Jesus’ name.

8 For your sake, I rebuke the devourer. Whatever the locust, cankerworm, palmerworm, and caterpillar has eaten shall be restored to you in several folds in Jesus’ name.

9 I pray that you’ll enjoy a sudden intervention that will result in a sudden positive shift in your career, business, and finances.

10 I pray that this season, you will receive timely help. Help will come to you when you are far before they are needed. Several men shall offer to help you. You shall be helped of the Lord.

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Intercessory Prayers For Friend Success

1. Lord, I come into Your presence, let the life of my friend (mention name) be a testimony of Your goodness and faithfulness. Let his/her life be proof of your love.

2. Dear Lord, beautify ( mention name) life. Cause people to come and ask him (or her) “Who is your God?”, “how are you doing it…?”. Let your light shine so bright on all he does. Let the beauty of the Lord be evident in his life. Amen.

3. Concerning (mention name), Lord, let every form of stagnancy and limitation be removed upon him. Cause your glory to radiate upon him. Let him enjoy magnanimous success in all he does. In Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Lord, I commit (mention name) unto your hands. Lift him and help him up. May he begin to rise with wings like eagles. May he run and not be weary. May he walk and not faint.

5. Today, I pray for my best friend (mention name), let him break new grounds, and scale new heights. Give him new testimonies of success and new songs of thanksgiving.

6. (Mention name), I pray that every plan of the enemies concerning you shall fail woefully. You will excel in all you lay your hands on in the name of Jesus.

7. Father, I cover my friend with the blood of Jesus. He’s preserved against every form of evil and calamities. He shall enjoy your goodness in all ramifications of life. This is my prayer for him in Jesus’ name.

8. Lord Jesus, Today, I pray for (mention name) that there shall not be a failure at the edge of his breakthrough. Nothing will abort his process of success. He’ll come out with a testimony of your goodness and faithfulness.

9. Father, according to your word that o weapon formed against us shall prosper. I nullify every form of delay in (mention name) life. The chain of delay is broken in pieces in his business and finance in the name of Jesus.

10. Dear Heavenly Father, let your omnipresent presence continually be with (mention name) always, and cause him to have victories in all he does in Jesus’ name. amen.

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Daily Prayer For A Friend

Use any of these daily prayers for a friend as prayer SMS to send your heartfelt wishes and make spiritual declarations into their day.

1. As you step out today, receive the grace to have good success. Receive the grace to do extraordinary things. Receive supernatural help to enjoy speed for accomplishment. All that you couldn’t achieve for a long time shall be achievable.

2. As you prepare for the activities of today, you shall enjoy good things and amazing favor. You have everything that you need to become all that God wants you to be.

3. In this new day, the presence of the Lord will go before you. He’ll make every crooked way straights. He’ll make your path to drop fatness and your soul to be enriched with good things.

4. Today, may you find comfort in God, as you seek refuge in Him alone. The Lord will continue to be your light and your salvation. You shall have no cause to be afraid. Your going out and coming in shall be blessed.

5. I pray for you that you enjoy the peace of the Lord, and experience the joy of heaven. No impossibilities. No difficulties. No hardship. You’ll enjoy the goodness of God in all that you do.

6. Today, you enter into a new season. Your mourning is over and your morning of rejoicing is here. Lack is over, I dance the dance of a victor.

7. Today and for days to come, you will not experience any form of disaster. On your behalf, I terminate the appointment of death over your life and every member of your family. Have a great day.

8. Today, the Lord shall prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. He shall crown your head with honor and bless you with the good desires of your heart.

9. From today, when you plant you’ll harvest. When you build you’ll live in it. your labor shall not be in vain. Your labor shall come with divine favor.

10. I declare peace upon your paths, joy upon your ways, and abundance in your storehouse. Have a blessed day.

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Special Prayers For Friends And Family

1. Every evil power waiting to subject you to penury is terminated in Jesus’ name. I pray for you, that you will not suffer any form of difficulty in Jesus’ name.

2. The Lord is your shield and your buckler. Do not be afraid of what the enemy may do unto you. You are protected from evil plans in Jesus’ name.

3. In this season, every power working against you in your daily endeavors shall be is silenced in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

4. For your sake, I reject every form of loss. Concerning you, nothing shall be broken, and nothing shall be missing.

5. I pray for you that you will not lose your life or any of your loved ones. God will give His angels charge over you, you shall not dash your feet on the stone.

6. May the heavenly Father set an ambush for everyone against your progress. May the Lord cause your enemy to fall into their traps.

7. Ma the God of heaven preserve your spirit, restore your soul , and strengthen your body. Whatever God has not planted in your life shall be dismissed in Jesus’ name.

8. God will see to it that no harm comes your way. Your body shall not harbor any kind of sickness. And your mind shall not accommodate evil thoughts. May the Lord Keep you- body, soul, and spirit.

9. The Lord will help you. He will end your tiling and make your journey smooth. Life will be easier for you and you shall enjoy the good things of life, today and every day of your life.

10. I pray for you today, that your mourning shall turn to dance; your weeping shall turn to laughter, and your regrets shall turn into testimonies in the name of Jesus.

11. May the Lord give you peace like a river and deliver you from whatever may be causing you to experience a troubled heart. You’ll not only enjoy the peace of the Lord, but you’ll also experience the peace from the Lord.

12. May the Lord bring you out of obscurity, take you out of the miry clay, and set your feet upon the rock. The Egyptians you’re seeing, you shall see them no more.

13. May the healing hand of the Lord be upon you. May the Lord strengthen you and make you whole. You are strong in Jesus’ name.

14. When the enemies come against you like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall raise a standard for you over them. You’re preserved and protected against every while of the enemy.

15. Today, a thousand may fall at your right, and ten thousand may fall at your left, they shall not be able to harm you; because the Lord shall bear you on His wings.

Prayer For My Family And Myself

1. Dear Lord, every demonic spirit and power that is scaring helpers away from me and my family, let them be rendered ineffective in the name of Jesus.

2. I pray that our help and helpers of destiny will locate us and choose to favor us. They will not turn away from us in the name of Jesus.

3. Holy Ghost fire, consume every garment of shame, hardship, fear, disgrace, disappointment, and stagnancy in my family in the name of Jesus.

4. In the name of Jesus, I declare that our gates be opened and let every good thing of life come into this family in Jesus’ name.

5. Financial blessings and breakthrough is our portion in this family. Money is coming to us from a different direction in the name of Jesus.

6. In the name of Jesus, I come against whatever may have been frustrating our success and breakthrough. We excel. We succeed. We testify.

7. Heavenly Father, empower us for exploits. Strengthen us to do great things. We refuse to remain small. We refuse to be limited for life.

8. I pray for everyone in the family, Lord, anoint our heads with oil; let our cup run over.

9. I declare that the least of us in this family shall be great. The God of heaven shall settle us with our heart desires.

10. I terminate every power that wants to subject our family to poverty and hardship. We shall reign in life. We shall be celebrated. Our horn shall rise, like the horn of a unicorn, in the name of Jesus.

11. In this family, no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Every evil gathering against me and my family shall be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

12. I pray that the enemy shall fall into shame. They shall be disappointed in our lives because the Lord is our shield and salvation.


1. This is my prayer for you. May every crooked path be made straight for you. May every situation that has been difficult become easier.

2. I come against and neutralize every agenda of the enemy against your life. May you not fall into any trap of the evil ones.

3. Mat the grace of the Lord be evidently massive on you. May his mercy be abundant in your life.

4. I pray that the Lord surprise you and cause you to be amazed at the greatness of his power. You’ll not only know that He’s good. You’ll see that He’s great.

5. May the Lord encourage you, and keep you joyful. May he guide you on the path that leads to testimonies.

6. From now, you shall make progress in everything you do. There shall be tangible results in all your endeavors. You’ll enjoy breakthrough every day of your life.

7. I pray that the Lord opens for you an unusual door of opportunities that will change your status and change your life forever.

8. This is my prayer for you, the Lord shall bless you until you become a blessing. He’ll keep you and stand by you.

9. May your hope not be shattered. May your heart desires be granted. May you enjoy divine abundance.

10. May you have speedy access to all that belongs to you and your family. There shall be no more delay in all do. Help shall meet you on a daily basis in Jesus’ name.

11. Favor is your name wherever you go. No lack shall come near your dwelling, because it has pleased the Lord to grant you and your loved ones a true abundance of blessings beyond any human reasoning.

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