10 Ways to Victory When Going Through Tough Times

going through difficult times

When times get hard, look up, and lookout; never look down.
—Chris Awoyale

Oftentimes, our challenges don’t announce themselves before coming at us. One day, things were going on fine, and the next, all hell is breaking loose. And we are left wondering, how in the world did I get myself in this mess? No one bargained going through tough times.

Everyone wants a beautiful, challenge-free life. No one wishes for tough times. But going through tough times is just one of the things everyone will most likely experience at a certain degree and juncture in life. If wishes were horses, beggars would not be found on the way-side because they would be riding on horses as they desire.

Difficult times can become so serious that the thought of taking one’s life looms near. Challenges can sap away happiness and passion to enjoy being with loved ones. It’s just so sad. However, pretending to be fine and not taking steps to find solutions is very dangerous and may mean more serious problems for anyone going through tough times. I’m glad you’re reading this. It’s a step into the victory you’ve always anticipated.

Trust me when I say going through tough times is not an easy thing because I have had my share of it too. I’ll be sharing some of the things that have helped me and many others go through challenging times.

When Times Gets Hard

What do you do when times get hard? Life can be tough. I am yet to meet someone who didn’t have a troubling and challenging time at some point in their life. It feels almost as if it’s a never-ending cycle of bad times. For you, It may look like it never gets better but what you are going through is a phase and you will come through at the end of the day.

When times get hard, look up, and lookout. After the rain comes the sunshine. At such a crucial time, we need to put up a good attitude towards our circumstances. It’s all about our attitude. This is a key topic in a time like this. So, in the long run, it is really about remaining stable when everything around you is not working.

If you don’t take charge of how you react when times get hard, even when things finally work well, you would have been so mentally affected that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your victories. Positive perspective when going through tough times is very important.

Realistically, it’s difficult not to focus on the pains, the hurts, and the gloomy feelings that come with sadness when going through tough times. However, If only you will accept this as part of the things life throws at you, your trying times wouldn’t be as difficult as it seems.

When Going Through A Very Difficult Time in Life

One of the major things you need to bear in mind when going through a very difficult time in life is that it’s not strange or peculiar to you alone. You can be rest assured that there are many going through tough times too. So, don’t throw in the towel yet. You can make the most of your situation. ‘Never give up, even in the hardest times’.

Even in the face of difficulties, you can choose to believe the best. The key to staying afloat of problems is being optimistic about them. Don’t focus on your rough times, don’t focus on how it’s not working and how it’s affecting your finances, health, relationship, or whatever, focus on being positive about it.

Tell yourself it’s not over until it is over. It’s not about how big the problem is, whether it’s having a tough time at work or getting through hard times in a relationship, it’s about surviving difficult times! Make the decision to survive and thrive despite the situation of things. You will come through it. Have faith enough to believe this.

Ten Things to Remember When Going Through Tough Times

People say tough times never last, but what do you do when you are going through difficult times? How do you manage the pain? We all know tough times don’t last but we can’t just pretend the problem doesn’t exist. There must be something to do, a perspective to look from, and a positive attitude to imbibe while we await the expiry date of the trials.

Everybody goes through tough times, but some have mastered the art of learning from their problems than the others. Failures, challenges, difficult and hard times are a part of life. It is an opportunity to be proactive about life. Tough times don’t have to weigh you down or remain forever if you will always remember these points when going through tough times.

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1. It’s Not All Black and Scary

When going through tough times, it’s easier to think everything about your life is ugly. That’s not true. There are certainly great things happening for you.

You may just need to be sincere with yourself and not allow this not-so-beautiful situation to paint every other beautiful thing in your life black. It’s not all black and scary as it may appear to be.

Do you know that despite what you’re going through, someone somewhere is looking at you and envying you? Yes, they may not be seeing the challenges, but they can see the great, lovely, and enviable things surrounding your life.

So, when going through hard times, always remember that it’s not all black and scary.

2. Accept Your Situation

If you have done all you can and still can’t change the situation, accept it. If for instance, your tough time is how to cope with the death of a loved one, accept what has happened. After all, there is nothing you can do to reverse the matter.

Sometimes, the torment we are experiencing is because our minds refuse to accept the current situation. We don’t want to believe that it’s true. But we have to! There are no two ways about it. Accepting your situation may be the key to your restoration and happiness.

In fact, don’t try to understand the pain you’re going through. Just let go. You’ve tried enough. You’ve been on this for too long. It’s time to move on. Until you learn to accept the things you have no control over, you will never learn how to be peaceful within yourself.

3. Face Your Fear

going through tough times

Pretending about your feelings might not make you find the best solution for the tough time you are going through. Running away from it might not be a good idea. Like David, face your Goliath.

Don’t shy away from unpleasant happenings. It will be much better to face up to your challenges and tell yourself you’ll get through this. Sometimes, it’s good to cry it out too. You will be surprised at the relief you feel afterward.

While crying, when going through tough times, always end it on a positive note. Like deciding to learn from it, encouraging and comforting yourself, telling yourself things will definitely get better, not worse. Turn to the bible for words of encouragement for hard times.

4. Have a Positive Mindset About Your Challenges

You may think Mr. A or Mr. X doesn’t have issues, you only need to ask them and you will be shocked at how they are still able to smile and remain sane amid their pain.

Having the right mindset will help you quickly get through your tough times because your mind will be in the right state to think of a worthy solution to your problems. You will even be in the best position to help someone else going through hard times.

Just think of one great miracle; you are still alive in spite of the odds against you. And that’s a good thing. Now and then, don’t forget this. There is always hope when there is Life. Live a life of faith. Situations that look bleak and dead can be turned around. Having faith for better days is an anchor that can help stay your ship in the face of turbulence.

5. Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

When going through a very difficult time in life, don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t condemn yourself for the wrong decisions and bad choices you’ve made; doing that can weaken and break you down in no time. Forgive yourself of your errors.

You need to pause and take a break from it all before those feelings overwhelm you. You could take a break from work, watch a movie, or engage in something that can de-stress you. If you like to bake, bake something for your friends or just for yourself.

Taking good care of yourself! This is really important because after all is said and done, your health and wellness will be paramount. So, lighten up. Catch some fun. It’s not the end of life, is it? Go watch movies; go eat new food, sign up for a gym class. Do something that will make you lively. Go to that picnic or party. All of these are to help you not get stuck up on yourself.

6. Have a fighting spirit.

going through tough times

A fighting spirit is a never-give-up spirit. If you give up too early or too soon, either way, you may end up not winning the battle.

Sometimes, all you need to do is to stare at the so-called mountain before you and tell it to its face, “I’m not giving up. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets, what matters is the champion in me”. Go on and make some positive confessions!

You may be hurt. You may be pained, don’t give up that fighting spirit in you! It’s so important for you to remember that when you are going through tough times. Every day, say to yourself, ‘I’m a winner!’. If you’ll have to shout it, for those words to permeate your soul, do so. It takes strength from within to win a battle.

Many people going through tough times have learned one big lesson: Persevering through it all. One day, you are going to remember your hard times and smile.

7. Talk to a Confidant

Whether the person is a trusted friend or a family member, talking to a confidant about your difficult times goes a long way in helping you find balance and strength. Problem shared with the right person is on its way to being solved.

There are treasures in every man. Some of your relatives have gone through trying time too. They have a well of wisdom on how to sail through. Sharing your worries with them when going through hard times is a wise thing to do.

You should have people in your life whose values and opinions you respect. Their words spoken during your challenges will comfort, strengthen, and encourage you to forge ahead no matter what you are going through. You can share that troubling experience over a cup of coffee, you could also invite the person over to your place and talk it out with them.

Two will always be better than one. Many times, when people talk about how they are feeling to others, it helps them have a broader perspective about the situation. You may be able to think about solutions you never would have thought of if you didn’t talk to another person.

Note that it’s important for you to be totally open and honest while talking it out. To bottle-up in a time like this, is signing up for more depression and pain.

8. Look forward to Better Days

Look away from the source of hurts and challenges. Look through your window and see how the dark time of the night can gradually turn to a bright morning. Have faith for better days ahead. Don’t be afraid of what may unfold in the nearest future. Many times, what we are afraid of never takes place. We’ve just allowed the fear to create unreal imaginations in our minds. Often, fear is a mirage. What we dread doesn’t always happen.

You might be going through tough times in your relationship or your career. It may be your family, your teenage child, a sick kid, or family member; whatever it is, don’t give up. Worry will NEVER solve any problem as you can clearly see it doesn’t help matters. Robert Schuler wrote, “People who overcome obstacles never stop believing”. It’s very true. Don’t stop having faith that works. You’ll certainly overcome your challenges. Whatever has a beginning has an end.

9. Happiness is Contagious

going through tough times

I agree that sometimes, it’s necessary to think it through alone but that shouldn’t be the norm. Staying around happy people has a way of jolting you back to the present should in case you engage yourself in deep thoughts that could lead to depression. But whatever you choose to do, don’t isolate.

Happiness is contagious. Staying around happy people could help you feel less of the effects of the difficult times you’re going through. Keeping to yourself ALL the time will do more harm than good. Even pets have a way of keeping things lively if you engage them when going through tough times.

Some folks see themselves as strong. They think they are strong enough to survive any hardship alone. If that is the case for you, let this help you see reasons why you are better off with sharing your burden and staying in an environment that would revive your happiness even in your difficulties.

10. Remember Past Victories

If you will ever forget the things you have been through in life, don’t ever forget the times you had those sweet victories, those times you won the battle of depression, over that addiction, over that financial debt or over that disappointment.

You went through them and came out still strong and sane. Don’t play down those past victories. If you could go through those difficult times that seem like would not end, you’ll surely come out victorious in this too. Don’t underestimate your strength!

And because nothing is constant in this world except change, your situation will change too, it’s just a matter of time. If you remember past victories, not only will you find the strength to forge ahead, you will find the encouragement you need to keep going forward to better days.

This is the time to remind yourself of those great achievements, the accolades, the thumb-ups. Those times will still happen again. Your best days are not all gone.

Messages for Someone Going Through a Hard Time

I decided to include this part for you in addition to all I have said, I hope these messages will serve as my way of reaching out to encourage and strengthen.

You may also send any of these as encouraging text messages to your loved ones going through the night-time. This could be all they need to bounce back.

• I am proud of you. You’ve been able to cope well in spite of your challenges. I want you to know that I am here for you. I will do all I can to help you.

• Be gentle with yourself, Please. I don’t want you falling sick because of your challenges. You will come through, it’s only a matter of time.

• You don’t have to throw in the towel yet. After the rain comes the sunshine. Others have gone through this and were victorious. You will win too.

• Don’t blame yourself for something that isn’t your fault. Stop beating yourself up. What you can do is seek solutions and I’ll be here if you need me for anything.

• I don’t know how much you are going through right now but I want you to know that I really feel your pain. I know you will come out stronger and better.

• We may not know each other well. But with the few times we’ve spent together, I know you are not the kind of guy that gives up easily, I’m really counting on you not to give up right now.

• Have faith. God is bigger than your current situation. Focus on Him, not your problem. Have you prayed about what you are going through? Good. Keep praying. Be consistent and persistent. Don’t give up, just at the nick of Time, God will come through for you.


I wish I could be of greater help in such a time as this. However, I hope that this post has been able to help you see that going through tough times is not the end. It’s a passage you’ll get through. Get up from your down-times, take responsibilities for the victory you desire as you follow the advice in this post.

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