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[2024] Psychological Signs You Are Begging For Love And Attention | Obvious Signs Your Relationship Is One-Sided

The signs you are begging for love can be so obvious, and at the same time psychological, so much that they can be often-ignored signs you are in a one-sided relationship.

As the old saying goes, “Love is a beautiful thing.” We all desire to love and be loved, but love becomes toxic when you have to beg your way to get it. That can be a horrible experience no one deserves to go through.

Love is meant to be a mutual feeling between two people, not a one-sided affair. The moment you know you are giving or always sacrificing your happiness just to make the other person happy then there is a problem.

Yes I know, love is about sacrifices and compromises, but like I pointed out earlier, it has to go both ways. You shouldn’t lose yourself in the relationship while the other person has full control over you. Absolutely no!

Begging for love comes out of intense desperation of not wanting to be alone or you idolizing your partner so much so that they can do no wrong in your eyes.

This happens to be a very dangerous situation because you are at risk of taking so much hurt and abuse from your partner.

In this write-up, I will be running you through a whole lot of signs you need to look out for in your relationship. The moment you evaluate your relationship and find out that some of these signs are present, then you know your relationship is unhealthy.

The signs I have listed here range from, signs you are begging for love, obvious signs you are begging for love to the fact that your partner might not even be right for you, and things to prove to you that your relationship is unequal.

All of these are very important to know and look out for if you don’t want to deal with a toxic partner or an unbalanced relationship. But first, let me start by walking you through some of the signs to show you that you might be begging for love.

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Often-ignored Signs You Are Begging For Love

The amazing thing about love is that it is beautiful when it’s mutual. Everyone deserves mutual love and respect in their relationship.

It shouldn’t be a master-slave relationship, where someone calls all the shots and the other partner just sits back and takes the order while living to please their partner always.

There are many signs and flags that you are begging to be loved by your partner. Some might be glaring while others might not. Either way, I have taken out time to point out some often-ignored signs that you are begging for love from your partner below.

Believe me, they are not to be ignored if these signs are present in your relationship.

1. Always Apologizing:

Do you find yourself having to always apologize to your partner all the time in the relationship? Then, you are most probably begging for love!

If your partner always makes you feel that you are wrong, you definitely cannot do anything right. You frequently have to apologize just to keep peace and calm in the relationship because you are afraid you might lose them.

Even though you are not at fault, you still find yourself apologizing. That is a huge sign you are forcing this love thing down your partner’s throat.

2. Making Excuses:

Do you always find yourself making excuses for your partner? Either for their bad behavior or misdeeds. When your friends or family call your attention to their attitude, you find yourself defending and justifying the reason for their actions or behavior. They might be seeing something you might not be seeing.

For example, if your partner is physically abusing you. You might give excuses like, “Oh, he is just angry, and it’s all my fault.” Or “ he is usually not this way maybe he had a bad day at work”. Always coming up with excuses to defend your partner no matter how hard your friends and family try to point out that your partner is abusive, can be one of the signs you are begging for love.

3. Feeling Insecure:

If you constantly feel insecure about your relationship and you are always in doubt about the status of your relationship, then you are begging for love.

With this, you constantly seek your partner’s validation, always looking for ways to please them. If the love that exists between the both of you is mutual, then you don’t have to worry or work so hard to keep the relationship going.

4. Always Initiating:

Are you always trying to initiate an outing, a meet-up, or a hangout? Sometimes you even try to initiate a date. They make no effort whatsoever to want to spend time with you. This just goes to prove you might be trying to force them to love you and spend time with you. This point is top on the list of the signs that you are begging for love.

5. Trying To Live Up To Your Partner’s Expectations:

If you are constantly struggling to meet up with a certain expectation your partner has, then this might show that you are begging to fit into a perfect picture or expectation to win over their love.

Your partner is supposed to love you as you are. Love everything about you and you both then strive to build each other to be better versions of yourselves. You shouldn’t be trying to live up to their standard or expectations just to win their love and attention. That is a red flag!

These are some of the often-ignored signs you are begging for love from your partner.

Nothing is as sad as one having to struggle to win over the love of someone you love with all your heart. Believe me, it’s better to let go than for you to keep begging for their love. Nothing is as frustrating as this because you will be stuck begging them for a long time and when they don’t even reciprocate, it’s heartbreaking.

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Obvious Signs You Are Begging For Love

Apart from the few often-ignored signs I have listed above to justify that you are begging for love in your relationship, I will dig deeper to show you some of the obvious signs you are begging for love. This will help you to snap out of the delusional love affair you might find yourself in.

1. You Are Always Available:

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to be available for your partner when they need you. That’s why you are in a relationship, isn’t it?

The problem is when you don’t know when and how to draw the line. You are 100% available for their emotional needs, physical needs, financial needs, and many more. If care is not taken, you might be taken for granted.

If your whole life revolves around them and you just can’t get yourself to say NO, for whatever reason. Whether it is convenient for you or not, you just jump in to help, “your wish is my command” kind of experience. This is a psychological sign that you are begging for love.

It’s okay to say NO sometimes. It’s okay to not be available sometimes. It’s okay to enjoy your life outside of them and let them miss you a little.

2. Not Having Any Boundaries:

Boundaries! Boundaries!! Boundaries!!! It cannot be overemphasized. Why should you have boundaries in a relationship you might want to ask? There is a need for them.

Remember, as mentioned earlier, being always available and doing things that are not sometimes convenient for you are signs you are begging for love. This also goes to show that you don’t set boundaries or even have them at all.

But you are made to respect your partner’s boundaries at all times. You have lost yourself in the relationship that you don’t care if your boundaries are violated anymore. You just allow your partner and the relationship to define who you are which is not supposed to be.

3. Showing Too Much Affection:

I know you are surprised to see this point but I just have to add it. Sure, it is great to show your partner affection and attention, but the question is, are they reciprocating?

Yeah, when you daze your partner with lots and lots of affection and attention and you are not getting it back the right way, then you are begging for love.

If you’re always kissing and not getting kissed back, you’re showering them compliments without getting any in return. Then it’s one-sided. It might be that you are afraid they might leave. But one thing is always sure, those that will stay will stay and those that will leave will leave no matter how hard you try to keep them around.

Don’t continue to date yourself. If they are not emotionally involved, you are most probably begging to be loved, and it might be one of the signs it’s time to break up.

4. They Mistreat You:

Do you let your partner get away with mistreating you? Then there is a problem. Whenever your partner either plays a joke at your own expense or even goes as much as embarrassing you in public without putting your feelings into consideration and you let them get away with it, then you are begging for love.

You constantly swallow your humiliation and do not talk about it out of fear of losing your partner. Nothing is as terrible as being in this sort of situation, because you are laying a foundation for a total disaster and allowing them to take advantage of your fears.

5. The Fear Of Being Alone:

Do you feel that it’s best to be in a bad relationship than to be lonely? So with that, you strive to do everything within your power to keep the relationship at all costs? Then this is a huge sign you are begging for love.

I know we all want a sense of belonging. It is a grave mistake for you to choose an emotionally unavailable partner just so you are not alone all by yourself. You will keep doing all the work in the relationship just to keep it together and your partner won’t even as much lift a finger.

If you stopped trying in the relationship, the whole thing will crash to the ground, so you find yourself constantly working and trying to keep everything together all by yourself. Darling, this is not healthy. You have concluded that you are not good enough and they must be doing you a favor by being with you in the first place.

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Begging For Love Quotes

Having listed some signs you are begging for love and even obvious signs to show you your relationship might be one-sided, I will love to share with you some special quotes I like to call begging for love quotes.

These quotes will help to shed more light on the fact that you deserve better in that relationship. The moment you find yourself in this kind of situation, it’s not just an emotional thing but it’s also psychological. And that is why it might not be so easy to snap out of it at once.

1. Every single time you feel the need to beg someone to stay in your life or love you, then it is obvious they don’t belong in your life.

2. That person that is meant to be yours will most definitely be yours without you having to beg or chase them.

3. Developing your self-confidence gives you the ability to never beg for any relationship. You are brave enough to stand up for yourself and know those who truly love you and reject those who simply pretend to.

4. It is foolish to keep begging for love and attention from someone who doesn’t care. You can keep your dignity and earn it from some other person who truly values you.

5. The thing about love is, that it is meant to be reciprocated and not forced. If you constantly have to beg for it and sacrifice your dignity just to get it, then it is not yours to start with.

6. Begging for love, attention and affection is accepting to be in a relationship filled with pain, sadness and regret.

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