Touching Breakup Message

55 Touching Breakup Message For Her Or Him

The most upsetting and hurtful thing to receive is a touching breakup message.

However, it’s also one of the most crucial issues to resolve in a relationship. Sending your ex-partner a touching breakup message is a better option than disappearing without explanations.

These days, there are several options for ending a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can speak to them directly or send them a text message to break things off.

However, other people choose to use more text messages to express their emotions and make sure their ex-partner understands them completely.

If you need some writing inspiration, here are some suggestions for touching breakup message for her or him.

Polite And Touching Breakup Message

Are you seeking a touching breakup message to give to your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Check out the compilations of breakup messages below:

1. One of the best values we shared in this relationship is honesty, and I choose to continue even in this instance. I still love and admire you, yet I doubt our relationship is important anymore. It’s not our fault. I think we’ve outgrown each other. Let’s end this now.

2. Please, this isn’t one of my jokes, I want to break up. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I’m convinced this relationship is going nowhere. We’re not in alignment anymore.

3. I’ve been going through a lot and I’ve noticed your distance. While I still believe you’re amazing, I feel this relationship has gone seeking. Let’s go our separate ways.

4. I’ve done you wrong, and I’m ashamed for letting that happen. The fact remains that I simply don’t love you right. You are worthy of more, and I need to sort myself out. It’s over.

5. I’m unhappy things are going this way but I’m ending this relationship. I’ve been unhappy for some time and I don’t want this to affect you.

6. I hate what I’m about to do, but I rather do this than ghost you. I’m breaking up with you. It’s just not working for me anymore. You’re super-amazing, and I guess I don’t have the heart to accept all of that.

7. This is probably one of the worst things to do but I wouldn’t have the courage face to face. You’ve been my rock in many tough moments, and I appreciate that. But lately, I’ve fallen out of love with you. I’m still open to friendship but it’s okay if you don’t want that.

8. You are one of the most important people in my life. Still, we’ve been having serious issues. I think we’ve done our best but it’s not working anymore. We need a break.

9. No matter how we try, we still can’t get back the love we had. I’m feeling exhausted emotionally and physically, and I know you feel this way. Let’s not have this relationship anymore.

10. We’ve had a wonderful relationship and it hurts deeply to say that I want to quit what we have. Although life was fun with you, I’m Not fulfilled anymore. Let’s stay apart for now.

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Touching Breakup Messages For Her

Finding it difficult to break up with your woman?

You can use these touching breakup messages for her to help you think about your emotions.

1. You were my first in so many ways, and I hate you have to be the last. Let’s disassociate ourselves from each other for some time. You’ve always been good to me, and I’ll always respect you.

2. At some point, we assumed we were right for each other but we weren’t. We need to accept this and move on. I wish you the best.

3. This message breaks my heart as much as it will break yours. But we should have nothing to do with us anymore.

4. There were many times I felt happy with you. Still, I’m sure that we need to end this. Farewell to the one my soul loves.

5. You’ve given a lot to this relationship and so have I. But I’m too tired to continue or even keep trying. I’m taking a break.

6. I don’t think we have a future together anymore. The spark is gone and it’s boring for me. It’s high time we ended this.

7. You were the best gift life gave me, but for some reason, someone else has won my heart. You’ll always share a special spot in my heart.

8. I’ve always thought I was destined for you for life. I couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve evolved differently, and we don’t share the same dreams. I hope you get someone who’s right for you for a lifetime.

9. I’m sorry for sending this, but I’m done with us. It has nothing to do with you. I hope I never forget your face and memories.

10. You were one of the most peaceful and undramatic people I’ve dated. But for some unrelatable reason, I need a breather. Please forgive me if this comes as a shock.

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Sad Break Up Texts That Will Make Him Cry

Sometimes, sending a sad break up texts that will make him cry is preferable to breaking up with your partner in person or over the phone because doing so is rude and rarely a good idea.

A high level of respect is shown by expressing your disinterest in them. It also clarifies the situation so that they are not left in the dark about what happened.

1. You were a gift and a blessing to me. Thank you for that. Still, the time hasn’t come for us to be united. We probably would never meet again. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, but I have to leave.

2. Abandoning you feels like hurting my soul. I don’t think I’ll move on from this, but I pray we have the strength to deal with this breakup.

3. One of the things I enjoyed about you was how present you were during conversations. I wish I could get over this daunting feeling about us but I couldn’t. I hope you can find the one who’ll love you as you deserve.

4. I’m glad we met, and I’m glad we grew in love and had a relationship, but sadly, this one wasn’t meant to last.

5. I know I’m not betraying you. On the contrary, this is the best option. You are a selfish man with no regard for others. You only crave your indulgence at the expense of others. Good riddance!

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Touching Breakup Message For Him

Breaking up is painful for the one who truly loves; going through this is never easy. Perhaps you will discover something on this page if your heart was crushed and you are searching for the appropriate words to express your sadness and disappointment in a relationship.

There are many touching breakup message for him here, whether he’s a husband or a boyfriend. We hope that those words will make it easier for you to express your emotions.

1. I’ve concluded that being together is not ideal. Our relationship has produced so much rancor. Let’s choose peace by going on different paths. I hope you understand.

2. I respect you but I refuse to continue with someone who cannot see my worth. There’s no hope here anymore, and no point convincing me otherwise. Good luck!

3. We are disconnected. Over time our bond has been disintegrating but we didn’t have the guts to face it. Let’s stop living a lie.

4. I’m fed up with this hate game. This relationship is stretched thin and will snap any second. I’m breaking things off before I lose my mind.

5. You have seriously neglected me. Many times, you have shown how serious you are about building with me. I’m giving myself a chance to love again but not with you.

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Serious Break Up Texts Copy And Paste

Breakups are never simple, so I’m helping you out by providing you with some serious break up texts copy and paste examples.

Select the breakup text that best describes your circumstance, copy it, paste it, and send it.

1. I’ve been bothered about our limited communication but you couldn’t care less when I stated it many times. I tried to deal with this but unfortunately, my patience has run out. I refuse to be frustrated anymore. I’m moving on.

2. You’re one person I’ve become emotionally attached to. Yet, you gave your body to another without thinking of me. For my sanity, I’m ending this.

3. Our connection ended the moment you insulted me. This was the height for me. Thank you for bursting my love for you.

4. Life is unpredictable. I thought I would have forever with you, but I have only two months left to live. I know ending things now is painful, but I rather do this than marry you only to leave you for eternity.

5. I’ve been moved to a different location, one that you hate so much. It’s unfair to push you to where you despise, so I’m ending what we have right now.

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Sad Break Up Texts That Will Make Her Cry

No matter how eager you are for a breakup, breaking up with someone over the phone is never a good idea.

Instead, give your girlfriend a thorough explanation of why you’re doing it with these sad break up texts that will make her cry.

1. I love you and I want you to be happy. You seemed so sad for the longest time and I couldn’t break through it. It hurts me that you couldn’t confide in me. I hope some other man can give you the happiness I couldn’t give you. It’s over.

2. I’ve been dreaming of the moment I will get married to you. I’ve been in love with you from the very first time we conversed. But my disappointment at your double dating habit killed every respect I had for you. I wish you a good life away from me

3. Since I’m not the person you desire, I hope you find what makes your heart soar in another man. Bye.

4. I’m done pretending to be the perfect guy for you. I’ve ended things with you months ago, but I didn’t know the best way to tell you. I hope you have a fantastic life elsewhere.

5. Breakups are tough but not for you because you’ve detached from me for a long time. I won’t cramp you anymore. Enjoy your singleness.

6. We’re too far apart to build anything meaningful. This long-distance relationship is stressing me out emotionally. I hope you have the best life where you are.

7. This may come as a shock but I have to do this for the person that’s in my life right now. Please end whatever dream we had because I’m sharing that with someone else. All the best.

8. I prided myself in loving you beyond everything. Yet, you’ve done the worst thing anybody can do. I refuse to live with this anymore. We’re done.

9. I believe that getting together with you will be a forever story, but even wishes can fail to come true. Thanks for everything.

10. I did everything I could to make sure we’ll never get to this point, but unfortunately, we need to cut this dying relationship out of our lives. I hope you understand.

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Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry After Breakup

Have you and your partner called it quits? If he broke up with you, send him one of the following touching love messages to make him cry after breakup:

1. It’s painful that I can’t be that woman you deserve. As much as I want to hold on, it would be selfish to keep you from a better life.

2. It’s hard for me to leave you. Please don’t think the worst of me. There will always be someone to love and appreciate you.

3. I now understand that I’m not good enough for you, still, my life is incomplete without you. I will always cherish all our special moments. Every part of me aches from saying goodbye, but it’s a path I must take.

4. Hello, is everything okay with you? I know it’s been a while since we broke up, and a lot of things are not as it was. I hope I can call you later.

5. Being with you has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. We’ve come far, and you’ve placed a high value on me. But right now, I have to leave. Hopefully, we will meet again.

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