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40 Breakup Texts And Polite Messages To End A Relationship Nicely Without Hurting Them

When we enter into a relationship, we do often hope and believe that it will last forever. We are full of aspirations for the relationship hoping that this will lead to a lasting marriage while we put all efforts into keeping and preserving the relationship for it to be all we want it to be.

Despite all these, some ugly reality can stare you in the face and you have no option but to quit the relationship. It is therefore imperative that you learn how and what to say when breaking up with someone you love; through polite message to end a relationship without hurting them. I guess you’re presently at that unexpected stage.

Although, a relationship ends for various reasons such as conflict, infidelity, abuse, lack of affection, breach of trust, and so on. When this happens, you don’t just end the relationship on the phone or carelessly break up. You must learn what to say when breaking up with someone you love to show that you still care. It is therefore important that we harm you with this collection of polite message to end a relationship.

Breaking up with someone you deeply love is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Acquiring knowledge on how and what to say when breaking up with someone you love will make the transition better and smoother.

While you take this inevitable decision of breaking up, it is important that you show some level of respect, understanding, and sincere care for the other person’s feelings.

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Reasons To Break Up With Someone You Love

Breaking up with someone that you love brings to mind the picture of two lovebirds that no longer enjoy each other’s company, or can’t even stand each other’s presence. With all these in play, there are many reasons to break up with someone you love.

Of course, you don’t need to cling to a relationship that is detrimental to you or is not adding value to you. You must therefore consider very well the reason for the break-up, which will help to guide your decision carefully.

After considering the purpose of the break-up, and you’ve made up your mind that it’s time to break up, you must not be too sympathetic or overly emotional about it. You just need to present your reason wisely and lovingly, so that you can make the other party understand your point.

I must tell you, it’s a very hard decision. Listed below are a few reasons for break-up.

1. When You Are Losing Your Identity

There’s a place for adjustment and compromise in a relationship, but this should not be too drastic to the point that there are no traces of who you are before entering the relationship.

Some people want their partner to become a completely different person with whom they fell in love at the beginning of the relationship. This can be taken to the extreme to the point that such persons lose track of their true identity.

You might consider leaving such a relationship because it can be an obvious sign of enslavement.

2. Constant Disagreement

A healthy relationship involves two individuals that are always ready to satisfy each other’s needs or wants. When you observe that your partner is always bent on having their way or always wanting their view to prevail, it may be a reason to consider a break-up.

You argue over the same thing, time and time again. This could be a sign that you should leave.

A relationship is meant to be enjoyed and not to hurt each other daily. When there’s a tense atmosphere with no expression of joy, it is a good time to quit.

3. Baggage From Your Last Relationship

You must create time to heal up and clear your head to understand what is best for you in the future after a break-up. Most people don’t create this time and they bring baggage from a previous relationship into the current ones.

They keep projecting issues from the former relationship to the new. If your partner is like this and does not see the reason to turn a new leaf, it might be time to consider a breakup.

4. When The Relationship Is Doing More Harm Than Good

Make a list of all the reasons you want to stay and all the reasons you are considering a break-up. If you observe that the negative reasons exceed the positive reasons, then you might consider a breakup.

You just need to be truthful to yourself, if the balance is not there, you might just consider quitting. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to have all the good boxes checked.

And if you are bothered about the lengthy time spent in the relationship, and also thinking of the heavy investment in it, it still doesn’t worth trading your admiration and affection for. It can be painful though, but it is better than a life full of regret.

5. When One Party Is Unwilling To Change

Keeping and maintaining a strong relationship will take the two-party to keep learning to get better. But when one person is ready for change and the other is not, then it shows that such person is not ready to work on the relationship.

Everyone has a need in a relationship, each person should be able to address or meet that need with all their best energy. But if it is just one person that is working on the relationship, it could be a sign that the relationship is not fit for both of you.

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Proven Steps To Break Up Successfully

Proven Steps To Break Up Successfully

A romantic relationship is a complex scenario you can’t just break suddenly from. Breaking up never comes easy. However, there are a few steps to breaking up that will help to make the whole process faster and easier.

When you feel disconnected from your partner and you don’t want to continue, it is better to let them know. It is therefore important to arm yourself with tools that will help you to move on gently without issue.

So, here are proven tips on How and what to say when breaking up with someone you love

1. Think It Through

Before taking the step of breaking up, think about the reasons why you want to quit the relationship. Sometimes, you may just need to talk about some problems, reach a level of compromise, or talk to a counselor to save the relationship. Don’t be too quick to give up on your partner.

If you have finally made up your mind to end, you must be able to recognize the specific reason for your decision. This will help you to avoid such pitfalls in your next relationship.

Although, most times, it can be difficult to acknowledge the full reasons you are letting go of your partner. You must just be certain that you are making the right decision in breaking up with someone you love.

There are many reasons you want to break up such as cheating, lack of trust, change in value, abuse, etc. After identifying your specific reason(s), you may then reach out to a licensed relationship counselor for proper counseling.

A counselor will help you gather your emotions to recognize the specific reasons for the break-up and also suggest the proper approach to end the relationship.

2. Proper Planning

It is important to properly plan how you want to confront your partner but no matter how you plan and the method you choose to use, no breakup comes easy.

Choose the method you know will work best for you, but it is often advised not to break up via email, text, or social media. If you think you may not be able to articulate your word, it may be helpful if you write it down but you should be physically present when your partner is reading it.

Practice what you will say and be ready to answer any question thrown at you, kindly and wisely. You might as well write your points down so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of the discussion.

Break up can be hurting, that is why it’s advisable to choose a location you can both express your emotions. Endeavor to choose your words carefully, it’s not a time to blame and shatter your partner’s emotions. Speak words of encouragement and show that you still care.

And of course, if you have made up your mind about breaking up, be careful not to become overly emotional; as this may change the whole scenario.

3. Prepare For Change

Breakups are always hard for people, especially if you have been together for a while and you depend on your partner for some basic necessities.

Prepare for your accommodation especially if you are leaving together. Also, you may need to let go of some valuables or properties you had together. Be fully prepared to live independently of your partner. Again, I know this can be difficult, but it is one of life’s realities.

3. Do Not Ghost

Ghosting is when you disconnect with your loved ones without giving them any explanation for your action and completely left them in the dark. Most people try to that to avoid the confrontation of break up and result in ghosting.

They might block their partner on social media, refuse to pick up their calls, or even change email. Ghosting can be more traumatizing than breaking up at times. Do not leave them without explanation.

4. Avoid Confrontation

Sometimes, what begins with polite communication can get heated to the point of exchanging words and raising voices. You must therefore be prepared for the worst, try as much as possible to hold yourself back.

Since the relationship is already ending, there’s no reason to argue or insult each other. You just have to recognize the point when you need to walk away from the scene.

5. Be Considerate Afterwards

You don’t have to expose the full reasons or the flaws of your relationship to others.

Don’t paint them black because the relationship didn’t work out. Speak well of them in the presence of your family members, friends, and colleagues.

Keep vital information private between the two of you and treat them respectfully.

When you do this, you are revealing your level of maturity and you will also let your partner move on peacefully.

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How To Break Up With Someone Over Text Without Hurting Them

How To Break Up With Someone Over Text Without Hurting Them

Although breaking up via text is not fully advisable, there are some instances you can’t avoid. And of course,  it is preferable to break up via text instead of ghosting.

Also, breaking up over text might be necessary for a situation where you know that your partner can be physically abusive. You should rather break up over text than endanger your life. you may only need to be polite while you do so. We already provided you with polite message to end a relationship with him or her without mincing word.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand how to break up with someone over text without hurting them. You must know the perfect timing, and the right word to say. Therefore, keep these few things in mind when you need to break up over text.

1. Choose The Right Timing

You must have heard that there is time for everything. Therefore, there is the right timing to break up.

This does not mean that there will always be a 100 percent perfect time to do it, but it is important that you consider a more appropriate time to break the news.

Do not send a breakup text to your partner when he would most likely be at work. This may be too heavy on him or her and may cause them a very costly mistake at work.

Also, do not send a breakup text to your partner when you know he/ she has an important meeting or has a scheduled exam or interview. This may cause them automatic failure.

Also, you shouldn’t send a breakup text to your partner who is ill. It may be better to wait till he or she has recovered so as not to aggravate the health issue.

This may not be the only inappropriate time to choose, as these are just examples of wrong timing for a breakup. It is therefore advisable that you choose the most appropriate timing, not necessarily a perfect time.

2. Endeavor To Be Respectful

It is okay sometimes to break up over text when the relationship is a casual one, when you will not see your partner for a while, or when you couldn’t bear the stress of physical breakup rather than ghosting. No matter the reason, just endeavor to end it respectively.

3. Make The Text Short And Sweet

It is not time to bore your partner with a long essay of details for the break, go straight to the point and be friendly. You must also sound polite and respectful. Then, bring it to an end firmly. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t give an unnecessary explanation.

4. Read Over Again To Avoid Errors

Don’t send the text casually and carelessly. Go over the text over, again and again. Sometimes, autocorrect can be annoying. Correct every grammatical and spelling error.

Serious But Polite Message To End A Relationship Nicely

Breakup doesn’t have to be accompanied with fight and quarrel. It can be done politely. I know you could be too hurt to be polite. It’s okay and understandable.

Here are serious but polite message to end a relationship positively and affirmatively, without mincing word.

1. I had always wished that this will continue till eternity, but the universe is saying otherwise. At this point, I have to say, GOODBYE.

2. Saying goodbye at this point, is like parting away with a chunk of myself. Nevertheless, I have to say, goodbye.

3. I had dreaded it. I had prevented it. I had preserved it. unfortunately, I can’t avoid it, even though it seems like I can’t afford it. it’s not easy, but it’s necessary to say thank you. it’s all over between us.

4. When I met you, I saw an angel. Now I realize that all angels are not sent to us. Obviously, we are not meant for each other. It’s over.

5. This is not a closed door that could be re-opened; this is rocky wall that’s meant to be forever. We are separated to never be re-united. Goodbye for good.

6. I had stretched for you, to the limit. I had accommodated you to the maximum. I wish I have more capacity for this, but I’m not built to constantly struggle to be loved. It’s time to move our different paths.

7. Only a few ‘welcome’, do not come with a bye-bye. I never knew that when I welcomed you into my life, you came with a luggage that will soon birth the bye-bye. Those luggage are too big for me, I hope someone else can help to carry it for you.

8. It takes two to tango. It takes agreement to continue going. At this point, I can’t go anymore with you. do have a great journey, bye.

9. Maybe it’s too difficult for you to say with words. I’ll help you put in words what you’ve been saying with action. It’s over between us.

10. Maybe you’re not too bad, you’re just not good enough for me. I am done with this relationship.

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Short Best Break Up Texts To Send To Him Or Her

Sometimes, breaking up with someone might be unavoidable and hard, no matter how you try to overlook it. It’s one of those painful realities people have to deal with in a relationship.

Also, try and consider the feelings of the other person, that is why you should carefully choose what to say when breaking up with someone you love and go for the best break up texts to send to help you convey your message kindly and politely.

Here are what to say to end a relationship over text.

Positive Polite Break Up Messages

1. You have been an amazing partner all the way, but I believe we will be better off separately. Please let’s put an end to this relationship.

2. I must sincerely appreciate you for adding positively to my life. We both know that things have been hard lately and I feel the best thing to do is to part ways. Thank you for giving your best.

3. I believe we will make better friends than lovers. Although it’s hard, I will suggest we break up and remain friends. I truly appreciate you for those times spent together.

4. You’re a kind-hearted person and you deserve someone that will truly value and treat you well. I’m falling short in my commitment. You are free to go for someone. Goodbye

5. I’m not happy quitting this relationship, but I know it’s for the good of us. I believe we are better off separately. Although it’s hard to say goodbye, but I’m sorry, I have to say it.

6. I know I’m very guilty for not giving you enough attention. I’m sorry I couldn’t take the time out for you. You’re meant to be treated honorably. At this point, I have to say goodbye regrettably.

Serious Break Up Texts

7. My love for you keeps reducing day by day and you deserve to be treated better than I am doing. You will find someone that will treat you with respect. I’m sorry to say goodbye.

8. You know how much I love you but it seems we don’t understand each other nowadays. Our staying together is becoming impossible daily, I’m sorry I have to call it a day.

9. I have lost my identity in this relationship, I got so used to you that I don’t even know who I am again. At this point, I need to be myself, I’m sorry to call it to quit.

10. Honestly, we are both at fault for this relationship that is not working. All efforts to put it together proved abortive. I think we need to end this on a peaceful note. Goodbye.

11. Our relationship has been fun all the way and filled with sweet and bitter memories, but it is time for me to move on. I know this may not meet you well. Please, forgive me.

12. After much consideration, I observed that this relationship has not benefitted any of us. Our level of productivity since we came together has dwindled. Please, let’s accept our fate and move on.

13. Every moment spent with you was awesome, but I don’t feel any connection with you anymore. I can’t continue to cope with this dryness. Thanks for contributing to my growth.

14. It’s is time for us to move on. We have managed ourselves for too long. There are no feelings for you in my heart again, thanks for your time.

15. The journey has been a rough one. I will like to end this journey at this point. I believe we have both learned our lessons though in a hard way. I wish you all the best in life.

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How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Falling in love is so easy but breaking up comes with a lot of agonies. Many could not survive the pains of break up, they have become so attached that they don’t see the essence in living again. You can break up with your boyfriend over text without shattering his emotions. Listed below are a few serious breakup texts for him.

1. I appreciate those times we spent together, at this point I need to focus on something else. This relationship is a whole lot of distraction to me.

2. I am losing you gradually and I’m not getting the deserved attention. We may not be able to revive our first love, but we can end the relationship peacefully.

3. From obvious observation, we are not compatible together. There’s no reason to continue this journey, and I don’t mean to hurt you, it’s just the sincere truth.

4. I can’t manage a hard relationship any longer. There’s no mutual understanding and I do not see a common ground for us. We should part ways and find true happiness elsewhere.

5. Nothing seems to fuel our love, it keeps going down the drain daily. I desire an enjoyable relationship not where I’ll be struggling to be accepted. It’s painful though, but I have to tell you goodbye.

6. It hurt to tell you goodbye but I’ll rather go than keep a relationship that has no sign of improvement. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Goodbye.

7. This relationship is full of deceit, argument, and bitterness. I can’t stay where there is no affection and understanding. It is good we end this relationship and enjoy our lives.

8. I did not see a future for us in this relationship. I just want us to end this journey so that we don’t waste our precious time. Thank you for all you did.

9. I appreciate all that you represent in my life. I value all that you helped me to achieve. Although we cannot move on together again, you hold a special place in my heart.

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How To Cope With Breaking Up With Someone You Love

How To Cope With Breaking Up With Someone You Love

No matter how compassionate the breakup is done, it can still turn out to be a terrible experience. Most times, you lose faith and confidence in yourself. You may also battle with guilt especially if you are the one who initiated the breakup.

You’re free to express yourself whether the pain, hurt, or grieve. Cry when you need to, don’t bottle up your emotions, and act like a macho man. However, it is important to know how to cope with breaking up with someone you love, because you must move on with your life. The following steps will help you.

1. Give Yourself Time To Grieve

Sometimes, the grieve of breaking up can be painful as the grieve of death. There are varying emotions that will be manifesting such as loneliness, sadness, anger, feeling of betrayal and rejection, suicidal thoughts ( though there’s a need to take caution). All these varying emotions are needed because they can be therapeutic.

2. Don’t Remain As Friends

The cliche of ‘let’s stay as friends’ does more harm than good.

Protect your mental health by disconnecting from them totally. Depending, it may even require that you delete their number from your phone and block them on social media.

Any connection with them will always create curiosity in you to know what they are up to. This, most times, leads to jealousy, hatred, bitterness, etc.

Disconnecting will also help your healing process to happen faster. You will then move on with life without the thought of your ex in it.

3. Avoid The Temptation Of Going Back To Them

During a period of loneliness and weakness, you might be tempted to reconnect with one another. Don’t fall for the temptation of going back to your ex, it will only prolong your healing process. You need to be detached completely from your ex.

4. Schedule Time With Quality Friends

Spend quality time with your friends. Your heart is wounded already. You need to get out of your lonely position and distract yourself. Select your friends carefully, choose those that are caring and will pamper you. Spend longer hours with them. Go out, play and gist.

All these will help lighten your burdened heart.

5. Rediscover Yourself

We are often lost in the relationship trying to achieve things with another person. A breakup can help you to rediscover yourself.

This time allows you to reflect on who you are, your capability, and your strength. Therein, your eyes will be opened to the great advantages that lie within you. The joy of the success you are seeing in yourself will erase quickly, the pain and the memories of the break-up.

6. Identify Key Lessons

While reflecting, you must identify lessons learned in the last relationship. We learned a lot from relationships, it teaches us about ourselves and the other person.

You will value relationships in a better way when you identify some major lessons learned in the relationship. Those lessons will be great tools to navigate another relationship you may consider.

Bear in mind that….

If you feel that your relationship is not working after all efforts to make it work, you may need to consider a break-up. It is better to be disentangled than to be traumatized emotionally for life.

For you to tread the path of breaking up softly, you must not only learn how to break up with someone you love, but you should also learn to use polite message to end a relationship with someone you love, which has been treated in this post.

Although it’s a hard decision, it can be managed. If you applied the steps listed in the pièce, I believe you will be largely guided.

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