Qualities of A Good Woman To Marry

20 Important Qualities of A Good Woman To Marry: Signs You Should Marry Her Or Not

In this post, every attempt has been made to give you all you have to know about the qualities of a good woman to marry, the signs you should marry her or not, and signs you may never be married or fall in love. We didn’t stop there; also included are qualities of a good man to marry, so the equation can be balanced.

So, whether you are a lady or gentleman, you’ve got so many ready-made answers to help you on how to know if you’re marrying the right person or not.

So, let’s get going…

As we journey through life, we are faced with many decisions. Life leaves us with many choices regarding our career, friendship, family, finance, marriage, etc. For many young men and women ready for marriage, the choice of whom to marry seems to be the most challenging decision.

A good number of men date lots of women because they are yet to see those signs of a good woman to marry. On the other hand majority of women are still single because they are confused about the qualities of a good man to marry.

I know you have heard lots of stories about failed marriages and you want to get it right as regards marriage. More so, one of the keys to a happy marriage is marrying the right person. With this in mind, let’s look at the qualities of a good woman to marry.

20 Qualities Of A Good Woman To Marry | Signs of an Ideal Partner

20 Qualities Of A Good Woman To Marry

Women come in different shapes and sizes, but a good woman is not determined by those. The word ‘good woman’ means different things to various men. However, the most desired is the one that is a “homemaker”.

While looking out for the qualities of a good woman to marry, it is worth noting that there is no perfect woman. The uniqueness of every woman is a blend of her strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, if you are ready to take your relationship to the next level and you still doubt if she has the right qualities for marriage. Here are 20 qualities of a good woman to marry to help you decide rightly.

1. Love for herself: one of the qualities of a good woman to marry is self-love. She loves herself enough to love another. Her happiness comes from within and is not dependent on you or what you are willing to give her.

2. She is Selfless: Her love for herself doesn’t mean that she neglects the needs and plights of others. She goes out of her way to serve others selflessly, intentionally, and without strings attached.

3. She is Visionary: she plans her future with you in the picture. She is not focused on where you are with her presently, but where the two of you are going.

4. There is no pretense with her: Pretending to look good in your eyes is not her thing. She is happy with being herself always and eschews hypocrisy in every form.

5. Loving unconditionally is what she does: her love for you is without conditions. She loves you regardless of your shortcomings. She gives her time and resources without expecting anything in return.

6. Bringing out the best in you is her delight: She might love you for who you are, but that doesn’t stop her from helping you work on your weaknesses. It is always her pleasure to see you become a better version of yourself.

7. Her goodness is not restricted to you: if you are keen on knowing the qualities of a good woman to marry, then you must watch how she relates with not just you, but others as well. One of the qualities of a good woman is the ability to be good not only to family and friends but to strangers also.

8. She lives an exemplary life: her life is an example to many. She is always mindful of how she lives her life, knowing that many look up to her. She’s not an I-don’t-care-what-anybody-thinks kind of person.

9. Her association speaks a lot about her: As the saying goes” show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. A good woman is found amongst people of like minds. Do you want to know the qualities of a good woman to marry? Check the quality of her association.

10. She is a believer: Yeah. This does not just mean having a deity she believes in (even though that’s very important for some people), but it means that she believes in you. She believes in your dreams, goals, aspirations, and possibilities.

11. Truth and integrity are her watchword: she is a woman of her words and she speaks the truth with boldness. She opens up to you about her secrets and once she makes a promise to you, she keeps to it.

12. She knows her boundaries: A good woman will respect your privacy. She knows when to draw the lines while in a relationship with you. Moreover, she knows the relationship is not just about her. Therefore, she gives you time to focus on other things.

13. Her heart is large: you cannot talk about the qualities of a good woman to marry without mentioning the goodness of her heart.

A good woman is blessed with a big heart that accommodates not just you, but your family and friends. A good heart is golden!

14. Commitment to your happiness: making you happy is one of her hobbies. She loves to have happy moments with you and will not hesitate to cheer you up when you are sad.

15. She is trustworthy: You can trust her with your secrets and challenges. More so, there is no fear in loving her, because you can trust her with your heart also; knowing that you are safe.

16. A good woman is not perfect: yeah, as awkward as it may sound, one of the striking signs of a good woman to marry is her imperfection. She has her shortcomings as a human but doesn’t allow her weaknesses to get the best of her.

Her understanding of her weaknesses and faith in her strengths are one of the reasons to marry her.

17. She is Teachable: she may not be perfect, but she makes room for improvement. However, if she listens and heeds to your advice and corrections, then that is just one of the signs you should marry her.

18. Having a mind of her own is her thing: A good woman is teachable, but she has a mind of her own. As much as she’s flexible, she’s also firm on her convictions. She is not swayed by pressures around her and she’s not easily influenced negatively.

19. She is diligent: diligence is a virtue she takes pride in. She shows great diligence in whatsoever her hands find to do.

20. Maturity defines her: the qualities of a good woman to marry are captured in her maturity in handling life affairs. She is matured and responsible when it comes to dealing with people and her problems.

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10 Signs You Should Not Marry Her

Dan has been dating this particular lady for some months. Just like every other young man in a relationship, he is crazily in love with her.

More so, he has been trying to propose to her, but still can’t bring himself to do it. This is because, lately, he has noticed some odd behavior about her.

The lady in question treats him with disdain and hardly makes out time for him.

However, Dan is contemplating ignoring these red flags before marriage or ending the relationship with her.

Just like Dan, a lot of men in a relationship are yet to propose to their intending spouse, because they’ve seen enough reasons not to.

On the other hand, some are intoxicated with love for their prospective spouse, so much that they choose to ignore lots of red flags before marriage.

In addition, before you throw that big question to your girlfriend, you must know that marriage is a lifetime journey. Therefore, ignoring red flags before marriage will spell doom for your marriage. I guessed that the last statement sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

I know you don’t want to make a decision you will regret in the long run, and that’s why I have compiled 10 signs you should not marry her.

1. She is obsessed with you: it feels right when a lady is in love with you, but when it seems you are all she thinks about and therefore she doesn’t have any other goals, visions, or aspirations other than you, then it’s just one of the signs you should not propose.

An obsessive lady has a great tendency to be possessive in marriage. She will not give you time to focus on other things as a man.

2. Absence of mutual respect: she has no respect for you and therefore you’ve found her not worthy of yours as well. More so, she has no regard for your opinions and raises her voice at you at the slightest provocation.

This is one of the red flags before marriage because if she has no respect for you before marriage, she won’t do that when you both are married.

A marriage where the couples have no respect for each other will not stand.

3. Her unfaithfulness is a red flag: unfaithfulness of a woman is not just when she cheats on you with another man. If she doesn’t keep her word, finds it difficult to keep your secret, or tells a lie often, again these are obvious signs you should not propose.

4. Your values are contrary to hers: let’s say she sees no wrong in a woman dressing indecently, or she is not a lover of children and plans not to have one with you. On the other hand, you appreciate modest dressing and will love to have many kids when married.

Contrary values in marriage will lead to constant fights and arguments. For this reason, before you propose to her, get to know if her values are in line with yours.

5. Pleasing her is difficult: do you put so much effort to appear perfect in her eyes? Or do you go the extra mile to make her happy yet she is not pleased? Then, that could be one of the signs you should not propose.

If you cannot please her while dating, you won’t also please her in marriage.

6. She exhibits a domineering attitude towards you: A domineering woman will not allow you to think for yourself. She determines how you eat, dress, or even how you relate with others and she will never bring herself into seeing from your perspective nor respect your decisions.

If you don’t want your home to become a prison, where she dictates how you live your life, it will be wise if you don’t ignore these red flags before marriage.

7. Absence of friendship: you have been in a relationship with her for so long, yet you don’t see a friend in her. Furthermore, you can’t share your problems with her, because you are afraid she won’t give you a listening ear. Is it not strange that you can’t recall the last time you both had a chit-chat or even laughed heartily over a joke?

The journey of marriage is blissful when you marry your friend, and I am sure you don’t want to end up as a loner when married.

8. She sees no future with you: she may have given you reasons to marry her, but when she talks about her plans, goals, and visions, you are never in the picture. Moreover, if she finds you not worthy to be part of her plans, don’t you think you should reconsider giving her that engagement ring?

9. You can’t deal with her emotional outburst: it is a good thing she opened up to you about her anger issues. So far you have done your best to help her overcome it, but she has not made any effort to work on this very weakness, because she sees it as a tool for intimidation.

Besides, you have not gotten over the memory of the last argument you both had, the reason being that in the heat of her anger she threatened you with a dangerous object.

It is a known fact that we all have our weaknesses as humans, but if we do not seek ways to work on ourselves, it will always affect our relationship with others.

Therefore, if she doesn’t have control over her emotions, you will inevitably have a rocky marriage.

10. She prioritizes other things before you: a list of signs you should not marry her won’t be complete without mentioning that, a woman who loves you won’t give more attention to her phone, friends, and colleagues than you.

If she prefers to spend more time on her phone or with her friends, and barely make out time for you, it goes to show that you do not have her love and attention.

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Qualities of A Good Man To Marry: A Husband and A Father

Qualities of a good man to marry

It won’t be balanced if you seek to know the qualities of a good woman to marry when you don’t know or possess the qualities of a good man to marry.

Moreover, the ladies are also on the lookout for qualities of a good man to marry, because just like the men, they don’t want to ignore the red flags before marriage.

Hence, to attract that good woman that you desire, you should also possess some qualities of a good man. For this reason, here are some of the qualities of a good man to marry.

1. A good man is supportive: he supports the dreams of others and doesn’t hesitate to give his shoulders for the weak to lean on. Also, he is a source of encouragement to his betrothed and is never tired of cheering her on to success.

2. He understands: He puts himself in the shoes of others and feels their plight. He is compassionate when dealing with his spouse because he understands her strengths and weaknesses.

3. He puts ‘self’ under control: Most men are in a relationship to satisfy their sexual desires, but a good man to marry though, may have sexual urges, but he is disciplined while relating with his companion.

Also, he cannot hit a woman, because he has his emotions under control.

4. A good man is a go-getter: he sets goals and works so hard to achieve them. He abhors laziness and is independent.

5. Truthfulness is his delight: A good man to marry is truthful in his dealings with people. He is a man of his words and can be trusted to keep his promise to his partner.

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Signs You Will Never Get Married

Signs You Will Never Get Married

It is a societal norm to get married, once you are ripe for marriage. But on the contrary, you are already in your late 20’s or 30’s and you still see marriage as a journey not worth embarking on, despite possessing all the qualities of a good woman or qualities of a good man to marry.

Am I weird? You ask yourself. No, you are not! The truth is, in as much as marriage is an accepted tradition of society, it is not for everyone.

Moreover, regardless of pressures from family and friends to get married, you have seen lots of signs you will never get married.

I believe you are here to confirm this self-discovery, and for this reason, here are signs you will never find love.

1. You are not family-oriented: you are not always interested in discussions about marriage and raising a family, because you just can’t visualize yourself being married. More so, you find raising kids and running a home a stressful thing to do, and would rather prefer your singleness.

2. Falling in love and staying in love is a big deal to you: “To love and to hold”, for better, for worse”………….you’ve heard many couples make this vow on their wedding day, but you still can’t get your head around loving and staying committed to one person.

Furthermore, you’ve lost count on the number of engagements you’ve called off. Marriage is all about loving and staying committed to one person, but if this doesn’t resonate with you, it is one of the signs you will never get married.

3. Freedom means a lot to you: Travelling the world, going out and coming back whenever you like, hanging out with friends, and dressing as you desire means a whole lot to you. Therefore, having a partner dictate how you live your life seems like slavery to you. As a result of this, you are not willing to give up your singleness for a life of restrictions in marriage.

4. You have a negative perception about marriage: A friend of yours just divorced her husband after few months of getting married. That’s not all, your circle is also made up of people with broken homes and turbulent relationships.

For this reason, you just can’t make head nor tail of marriage and therefore see it as a journey not worth the stress.

If you have a wrong mindset about marriage, then you will never believe in marriage.

5. No one ever meets your standard: for every relationship you get into, your partner tends not to always meet your expectations. This is because you’ve set high expectations that can’t be met.

Hence, you seek a perfect spouse, but seem not to find one. Marriage brings together two imperfect beings, who are willing to love and understand each other. Nevertheless, if you are a perfectionist, and no one ever pleases you in a relationship, is just one of the signs you will never get married.

6. You trust no one but yourself: one of the bedrock of marriage is mutual trust, but if you can’t trust anyone, not even with your heart, then it will be safe to say that marriage is not for you.

7. You see marriage as a distraction: You have a first love, and that might be your career, spiritual devotion, academic pursuit, etc. Therefore, you can’t trade this love for anything, not even marriage.

The word ‘ marriage’ sounds like a distraction to you, because you believe you won’t be able to accomplish your goals when married. It is acceptable to you if your friends or colleagues give up their careers to get married, but, no, you are not willing to give up your first love to fall in love with another.

8. Singleness gives you lots of satisfaction: yea, you are single and independent and that’s a satisfaction to you. No man or woman can give you this satisfaction, because you have ‘you’ and that’s enough for you.

9. Compromise is a strange word to you: you also can’t get used to the word ‘ compromise’, as a result of your unwillingness to give in to the demands of others at your expense.

One of the signs that you will never get married is your inability to sacrifice your time, comfort, desires, etc for another.

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For the gentleman, taking your time to observe your prospective spouse is necessary, just to be sure she possesses those must-have qualities of a good woman to marry.

Of course, as a lady, you deserve to be treated like a queen, and it is important that your boyfriend possesses these qualities of a good man to marry.

It is important that you do not ignore those red flags in relationship.

Perhaps there is a point you think I’m missing, let me hear from you through the comment box below.

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