What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry

What Do Guys Look For In A Woman They Want To Marry : 10 Things You Should Know

Looking up articles online, as touching topics like what do guys want in a woman they want to marry doesn’t make you desperate.

It only means you’re intentional about your life, which includes who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

There are stages we get to in life, and, we expect things to fall naturally in place. We have set goals and expectations.

For instance, as a lady, you would have envisioned the day you would get married, with an age bracket in mind, that is, if you haven’t pinned it down in your diary.

But, sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan. Yes, as sad as this might sound, it is true. Having gotten to that stage in your life where society expects you to be married, but you aren’t, can be extremely frustrating and depressing.

Hence, what do guys look for in a woman they want to marry would naturally be of concern.

Most times, we invest so much in our relationship, giving all according to our capacity, investing so much time, energy and resourses only to end up disappointed and heartbroken. This article is a sneak peek into your heartfelt question, what do guys look for in a woman they want to marry? Enjoy!

What Makes A Man Fall In Love With One Woman And Not Another?

As a lady, have you ever wondered what makes a man fall in love with one woman and not another? In the movies, we get to see some scenario where a man is so deep in love with a lady whom you feel isn’t good enough for him, but he still chooses to go after her.

This happens in real life, also. You must have seen cases, or even experienced it, whereby a lady loves a guy but isn’t loved in return. And, you begin to wonder what exactly is wrong with you. Absolutely nothing!

What makes a man fall in love with one woman and not another, actually differs and this is because we are complex and unique as individuals with a different mindset, ethnic group, religion, upbringing, and values.

Nevertheless, there are some general characteristics every man wants his woman to possess! Which are what guys look for in a woman they want to marry and can never be ignored nor traded for anything!

What makes a man fall in love with one woman and not another? Do you want that guy to fall in love with you? Let’s go!

1. Peaceful personality

You might be wondering, what do I mean by a peaceful personality? Let me explain. Men are natural thinkers; they spend most of their time thinking about how to make ends meet amidst so many things.

Research has made us known to us that men have a low life span compared to women. Physical and mental stress is part of the major causes of this. Hence, no man wants a woman who isn’t peaceful!

It’s a complete turnoff! If you’re being asked what do guys look for in a woman they want to marry. Mention peace! This is the number one thing men check out for in a woman they want to marry.

Men understand the wholeness peace brings to their existence. Because, they are most times overwhelmed with making enough income to put smiles on the faces of their loved ones.

They can’t trade a peaceful woman for anything in the world.

Most men go through serious mental burnouts by so many external forces, and all they crave is a woman who would ease them of all their burdens, by being patient, kind, loving, and peaceful.

Now, what do I mean by having a peaceful personality? It means to be understanding, calm, respectful and patient. You wouldn’t have to nag.

And, you are always ready to reason with him, and to make use of constructive criticism whenever he makes a mistake.

Men love peaceful women, a woman who understands them and is ready to walk with them.

Does that mean you should be a dummy? No of course! He wants a woman who would communicate her fears, pains, and objections calmly and respectfully.

He loves a woman who would prioritize his mental health over little issues or mistakes, a woman who is calm and collected, who loves peace and would do everything to keep it.

2. Trust

One other thing that makes a man fall in love with a woman and not another is trust. No man wants to have anything to do with a woman they don’t trust.

Trust in this sense, generally doesn’t mean in terms of having intimacy with the opposite sex, it goes beyond that. We understand that men are known to be jealous.

Nevertheless, men want a woman they can trust with everything, I mean everything. This includes; his finances, his heart, life, etc.

He wants to be able to trust you, to share his burdens with you when he is worried and emotionally down, he wants to be able to show his vulnerability and be confident that you wouldn’t take advantage of him.

He wants a woman that makes him feel secure, with no doubt. This would make him fall deeper in love with you; no man wants to make an unprofitable investment (lol). Men appreciate women who make them feel secure.

It increases their level of commitment, which of course signifies that they love you.

3. Intelligence / Being Smart

All men love intelligent and smart ladies. It makes them proud; they would always want to hang around with you because they find you valuable. An intelligent woman turns a man on, more so, what comes to his mind is, oh, thank God, my kids are not going to so brilliant, just as their mother is (chuckles).

They want to take you out with their friends and family and be full of confidence, knowing that you are going to make them proud. You are going to intelligently contribute to discussions and subjects discussed.

Hence, being vast in knowledge increases your chances of finding love, again. Don’t say, oh, I hate football, I dislike politics, etc. you don’t necessarily have to be a fan; all you need to do is to have at least a general knowledge on such topics.

It makes them happy when you contribute to things that are of great interest to them. They feel you are connected to them in some way.

4. Respect

Another major thing that makes a man fall in love with a woman is respect! No matter your level of achievement as a woman, try to be a respectful partner. Men value and appreciate respectful women a lot. It hurts their ego badly whenever a lady disrespects them.

They don’t appreciate disrespectful women. Most men are egoistic, so any sign of attitude put up by a woman that bruises their ego turns them off. It’s a complete red flag!

He wants to be with a woman who respects him and treats him like a semi-god. A woman that would properly speak to him, treat him with the utmost respect that he deserves, when they have their friends around.

A woman that isn’t shy to voice out her reservations, but who does so with discretion and calmness. A woman that makes use of constructive criticism, instead, whenever her partner faults.

5. Physically attractive.

This is last but not the least (lol).

Being physically attractive, would make a man fall in love with any woman, oh, before you give me a frown, I said what makes a man fall in love with one man and not another is when she is peaceful, trustworthy, intelligent, and respectful.

How does a man get to identify any of these qualities in a woman if he wasn’t at first drawn or attracted by her beauty? So, he doesn’t fall in love with her immediately, but from that point, the ball is in her court, that is, if he is her spec.

Every man wants an attractive woman for a wife, although other things could make him lose interest once he feels threatened. But we all know that every man wants a beautiful wife, one who he can proudly flaunt before his friends, colleagues, and family.

You don’t have to look like miss world, be confident in your skin… this is attractive, make sure you always put on neat, smart, and pretty dresses. Always wear a nice perfume, perfect it with a finishing touch by wearing a pretty smile, always.

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10 Things Guys Want From Their Girlfriend That They Don’t Talk About

10 Things Guys Want From Their Girlfriend That They Don't Talk About

It is supposedly said that men are easy to understand unlike women, this makes women oblivious of the fact that men have needs that they want their girlfriend to meet.

They are also emotional beings, though not as vivid as women, they would love to be put into consideration.

As humans we all have a different value system, nevertheless, there are some specific qualities guys want from their girlfriends. Taking note of the 10 things guys want from their girlfriend listed here would make them want to commit fully to the relationship, hence, taking it to the next level.

1. Guys want their girlfriend to believe in them

Among the 10 things guys want from their girlfriend, you would find trust as the number one on the list! This is an attribute every man wants to see in his woman.

Knowing that you trust him would make him want to go the extra mile, and be committed to you. It gives them peace of mind to know that you trust them.

2. Guys want their girlfriends to praise them!

Really? Oh yeah, they do! Most ladies are guilty of this. There is a way you would appreciate your boyfriend; that doing everything within his capacity to make you happy would be his priority.

This is because he knows that you value and appreciate his efforts. It makes them feel worthy and valued when you praise them for everything they do for you, no matter how little. This is one of the things guys look for in a woman they want to marry.

3. Guys want their girlfriends to be interested in what they do!

There is nothing as beautiful as having a partner that is interested in what you do. Let us imagine he is having some troubles at the office or facing some challenges in his business.

But he is so confident that once he gives you a call, it is settled! This beautiful attribute would further strengthen the bond between you two. It would be almost impossible to let you go! Nor to ignore you compared to a lady who doesn’t know jack about his chosen career.

4. Guys want their girlfriend to always look good!

Men wants to be associated with ladies who looks good, now, when I mean look good, I mean the way you dress, your physical appearance.

Men, always want to show off their women, especially when found amid their friends. It gives them joy and boosts their ego when their girlfriends are always looking good and elegant.

Always endeavor to wear perfume. He wants his lady to always smell nice, also.

5. Guys want their girlfriend to be neat.

In addition to being attractive, one of the attributes guys look for in a woman they want to marry is neatness!

Every man wants a neat and organized woman. This can be seen in how clean your clothes are, the way you dispose of your refuse, how neat and tidy your home is, etc.

Dirty ladies aren’t pleasing to a man; being logical beings a mental picture of their future home with you looking unkempt is unpleasant. They find a neat lady very attractive! Note this…

6. Guys want their girlfriend to be understanding.

Understanding is the key when it comes to dealing with men. Men see women as complex beings. You would be doing them a lot of good if you try to make them understand you as a person.

Your needs, fears, personality, values, etc, would make communication stronger and smooth. Every man wants an understanding girlfriend because it also makes life easy for them, as we know they are logical beings.

They also want you to understand them.

7. Guys want their girlfriends to be romantic.

As a lady, you must have enjoyed so many romantic episodes and gestures from your boyfriend. But, when last did you also give him a surprise birthday party?

When was the last time you got him a birthday card, with a romantic text inscribed on it by you?

Or, when was the last time you took him out and spoil him, appreciating him for being in your life?

Every man would love this! They won’t say it, but they do. They want you to reciprocate their love for you; it makes them feel so secure. No man wants to pour water into a basket, if you know what I mean (smiles).

8. Guys want their girlfriend to be appreciative.

A sincere heart of appreciation is something every man wants from his girlfriend. It encourages him to want to do more.

Create a mental image of yourself going to the shopping mall to get a gift for your boyfriend; you can imagine the excitement in your heart as you picture how happy he would be when he receives them.

Only for you to be so disappointed! Why? There was no sign of happiness or appreciation. This would break you.

The same applies to the male folks; every man wants a woman who would always appreciate his efforts no matter how little.

9. Guys want their girlfriend to be supportive.

Every man, no matter how strong, needs a woman who would always support him. He is also an emotional being, so, a time would come when he would need your support.

It could either be emotional or physical support. Just be there for him. Don’t say, he is a man, he would figure it out all by him.

No, that isn’t right. You should always stand by him, always. When the chips are down, don’t leave him hanging. Be empathetic and give him your full support. This is one of the 10 things every man wants from their girlfriend.

10. Guys want their girlfriend to pamper them.

Yeah. I know this may sound funny, but, as funny as it is, men want ladies who would spoil and pamper them.

Once in a while, take him out. Give him an unforgettable treat. This gives them a sense of worth, they feel valued and honored.

It isn’t what every random lady would do, but, it is what they would love to get. We are all humans; we all deserve equal treatment when it comes to the physical display of affection.

They want this badly, but won’t tell! Give him a surprise, baby girl!

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What Makes A Man Want To Marry You or Wife You?

What Makes A Man Want To Marry You or Wife You

Men are logical, so, for a man to make up his mind to spend the rest of his life with a woman there must be something he sees in her, that he hasn’t seen in other women whom he came across.

So, what do guys look for in a woman they want to marry?

1. When he discovers that you’re a good cook.

There is a saying that goes thus ”the way to a man’s heart is his stomach”, well this is true. No matter the level of civilization in the world, a man doesn’t joke with his tummy!

What makes a man wants to marry you is also when he keeps envisioning the different kinds of home-cooked delicacies he would be entitled to, after making you the woman of his life.

Especially if he is a bachelor, and eats out always, he is tired of living that kind of a lifestyle, and wouldn’t be moved to propose to a lady who doesn’t know how to prepare a simple decent meal.

2. Love and respect for his family and friends

What makes a man want to marry you is when he discovers that you love his family and friends. He wants to know if you haven’t only accepted him, but that you have also accepted his family.

A man would be persuaded to propose to a woman that adores and respect his family. He feels honored and proud.

Men want a home that is free from unnecessary drama, so, if he notices that you haven’t accepted his family, neither do you have any respect for them, he begins to think twice about having you as his wife.

His family matters to him. You’re about to become a part of it and not to cause division. So, ensure you love and respect the important people in his life. If you have any genuine reason not to, communicate it to him.

3. Prayer

Who doesn’t want a prayerful woman for a wife? Everyone does, even the prayerless guys do. Men consider themselves blessed to have a prayerful woman by their side.

What makes a man want to marry you is when he discovers that you are prayerful, when he sees that you take every matter to God in prayers, not always getting worried over little issues.

There is a saying which goes thus; ”behind every successful man, you find a woman”. This also goes beyond the physical realm.

A man recognizes the value attached to their partners’ prayers. This is one of the qualities guys look for in a woman they want to marry. Not a woman who does the direct opposite at the slightest provocation.

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Six Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You

Six Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You

There goes a saying which says ”no man is indispensable!” Well, this isn’t entirely true. There is some set of individuals in our lives whose absence cannot be replaced!

No matter how hard we fight it. We just know that if this particular person walks out of our lives for whatever reasons, their place in our hearts and lives can never be replaced.

You can become so valuable to a man till he gets to the point whereby he sees no one but you in his future.

But, what should you look out for to ascertain if a man wants to marry you, and not just waste your time?

Relax. We’ve got your back. Find below, six clear signs he wants to marry you.

1. He would invest in you.

A man would invest in a woman he wants to marry, when I mean invest, I mean he would be committed to you emotionally, financially, career/business, and to everything that makes your world.

Once you discover that you are going out with a man who isn’t investing in you in any of these areas, you would need to think twice; because a man invests in something/someone he sees a future with.

2. He shows you off to the world.

Another sign that shows that your partner wants to take you to the altar is that he lets the world know that you are his.

He does this by introducing you to the most important people in his life, which includes his parents, friends, and pastor.

He doesn’t necessarily have to put you up on all his social media platforms; some men don’t vibe with social media paparazzi.

One of the six clear signs he wants to marry you is that he would be proud of you, anytime, any day.

3. He wants to be identified with your family and loved ones.

Wanting to be known by the important people in your life, is one of the major six clear signs he wants to marry you.

Especially if he is responsible and honest he would make it a point of duty to reckon with the families of their partners after making up their minds to spend the rest of their life with her.

4. Healthy jealousy.

As humans, we guide jealously whatever we place so much value and priority to.

His jealousy breaks out over you, especially when he sees another guy with you. No man wants to share his woman.

Healthy jealousy doesn’t bring any form of harm or pain. He is taking responsibility for your financial and emotional needs.

He is there when you need a shoulder to cry on, he also makes himself available during your happy moments. Always there to listen to you, and to walk with you through whatever life might throw in your path.

5. Shares his long-term goals and plan with you.

The six clear signs he wants to marry you cannot be complete without this fact. When a man has made up his mind to marry a woman, one of the signs is that he shares his future goals and visions with her.

He recognizes the fact that no responsible woman would embark on a journey with a man who didn’t make his goals clear to her.

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What Makes A Man Adore A Woman?

Finally, drawing the curtain to your question, what do guys look for in a woman they want to marry? Knowing what makes a man adore a woman is paramount.

When you adore a particular person, it reveals that he/she possesses values that resonate with yours, or has a personality that you admire.

1. Beautiful body.

Men adore women who wow them with their beauty! Having a beautiful body makes a man adore you.

Ensure that you always smell nice, look neat, romantic, and beautiful with a lot of charisma.

2. Beautiful soul.

Every man wants a woman with a beautiful soul. A pretty face would only attract him, but having a beautiful soul, makes him adore you, which eventually drives him to make you his wife.

A lady with a beautiful soul is caring, empathetic, forgiving, and fun to be with.

3. Selfless.

Being selfless makes a man adore you. In a world full of self-centered people, he would find peace within you; this would also boost his confidence in you knowing that you can go all out for him.

4. Sensitive and understanding.

Men are creatures who don’t like to talk much. They appreciate women understanding this, being sensitive to their needs and emotion.

An understanding woman makes a man happy and relaxed. He feels at home whenever he is with you, he can confidently share his pain, weakness, and fears because he knows that you won’t use it against him neither would he be misunderstood as a weakling. Men don’t want to be perceived that way at all.

Being an understanding and sensitive woman makes a man adore you and makes him fall in love with you.

What do guys look for in a woman they want to marry? In conclusion, he needs a woman who would treat the world the same way she would treat herself.

So, love yourself first. Ask yourself this question can I marry me if I were to be a guy? If your answer is no, critically observe all that has been written in this article.

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