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28 Often-Ignored Tips on How To Make Your Husband Want You All The Time, Everyday And Love You Again

Marriage is beautiful and it is the desire of every woman to remain irresistible to her spouse. We know this and that is why we’ve come up with proven tips on how to make your husband want you all the time and miss you when he’s away.

Many women enjoyed being wooed by their spouses during their courtship, but marriage is a different ball game. This might be as a result of endless activities that come with marriage such as raising kids, financial stress, lack of commitment, etc.

Besides, marriage is a journey of forever, and a lot of wives get drained trying to puzzle out how to make it worthwhile. It is not unusual that you seek to know how to make your husband want you all the time, but you must be willing to put in the work. Yeah. Noting worthwhile comes easily. If you’ll put in the required commitment on your part, you’ll see your relationship booming with romance again.

Tired Of Begging For Attention From Your Husband?

Have you ever had this fantasy about getting married to your knight in shining armor as a single lady? That imaginary Mr.perfect, who serves you breakfast in bed, spoils you with lots of gifts, takes you to different holiday destinations, etc. Boom! Marriage happens, and that becomes a reality check for you.

It is the nature of women to be loved and desired. 90% of married women love to be pampered by their spouses. They long to always have their husband’s attention.

With this in mind, are you tired of begging for attention from your husband? And for this reason, you’ve spent lots of money and time on your physical looks, read different books on marriage just to know how to make your husband want you all the time.

Well, it’s time to find out that this should not be limited to your physical look. Despite your good looks, there are attention killers in relationships.

But just before we look at the attention killers in marriage, it is worth noting that the first few years of marriage are always full of love, romance, and great passion for each other. But as the years go by, the couples become more like roommates, if they fail to nurture their love for each other.

And as the saying goes “there is no smoke without fire”, so let’s discuss these attention killers in marriage, that may be responsible for his loss of attention.

1. Unnecessary comparison

Are you fond of comparing your spouse’s intelligence, accomplishments, looks, abilities, etc., with that of other men?. This is a turn-off for most men because they love it when their ego is boosted and not the opposite. If all you do is use the achievements of others as a yardstick for measuring your partner’s accomplishments, then his attention will gradually drift from you.

2. Ingratitude

Williams James says, “The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated”. And I will love to add “an ungrateful wife will never enjoy the best version of her husband”.

Unfortunately, lots of women will go out of their ways to appreciate strangers, friends, or colleagues than their partners. Nagging about unmet financial expectations in their homes, personal hygiene of their spouse, poor fashion sense, etc, has taken the place of gratitude in their marriages.

Complaining about your spouse’s inadequacies without appreciating his little efforts can be a bane of a happy marriage. This is because he will start looking for where he will be appreciated and his interest in you will diminish.

3. Pride

Pride gives you a sense of self-sufficiency. You think you can do without your spouse even when it is glaring that you are one flesh.

Has making decisions without seeking his opinion become a habit?

What about not apologizing for wrongs done? Keeping a long face to prove a point instead of apologizing won’t help things; in fact, it will worsen the matter.

4. Over-Familiarity that breeds contempt

To explain familiarity as an attention killer in marriage let’s look at these two scenarios:

First Scenario: Mr. A gets married to Miss. B as a naive woman who just wants to spend forever with the love of her life.

Some years after marriage, both have become too familiar with their weaknesses and strengths.

Mr. A strives to be better in all aspects. While on the other hand, Mrs. B thinks she now knows her husband likes the back of her palm and therefore makes no effort to work on herself. Great is her confidence in her husband’s love for her, that she gives no attention to her aspirations, character, physical look, personal hygiene, etc.

In the second scenario, we have Mr. C married to naive Miss D, who has been together for many years. And within these years, Mrs. D, despite her husband’s love for her, put lots of effort to nurture this love. She has invested so much in herself and her marriage, that her husband sings her praise wherever he goes.

Between these two wives, who do you think will always have her husband’s attention? It is obviously going to be the latter.

Marriage is a journey and not a destination. But lots of women think they’ve arrived once married. Therefore, they forget about their goals and visions. Neither do they make efforts to remain attractive to their husbands.

It is important to avoid over-familiarity that breed contempt and learn to appreciate, respect, and consciously work toward being a loving and attractive spouse.

5. Neglect

Going by the old English saying, Attention begets attention. You won’t have your spouse’s attention when you do not give him the same. If your desire is that ” I just want my husband to love me“, then you must be ready to shower him love too. That is how to make him love you and respect you more.

More so, neglecting your husband’s needs because you want to be a caring mom to your kids or a hardworking wife that gets all house chores done will make him unhappy.

It is expedient that you strike a balance between being a wife and a mom. However, it’s not bad that you want to be a perfect mother to your child/children or that you desire a spotless home, but let it not be at the expense of your husband’s needs.

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How To  Get Your Husband To Pay Attention To You And Love You

How To Get Your Husband To Pay Attention To You


It’s frustrating having to wait all day to spend time with your spouse. Alas, he comes home and his cold countenance greets you. Afterward, you try starting a conversation with him, But he is either busy with phone calls, replying to chats on social media, or his workloads.

As a result of this, you feel he is no longer attracted to you or you wonder “why did my husband stop loving me ?”. Therefore, your heart is filled with lots of questions and it seems you are gradually losing your peace trying to figure out how to make your husband want you all the time.

Some women will assume that their spouse is cheating on them once it appears he’s losing interest in them. But on the contrary, he might be burdened with lots of responsibilities that he barely takes notice of his wife.

Hence, rather than complain and beg for his attention, the same energy should be channeled on how to get your husband to pay attention to you. And I hope you find the following points on how to do just that helpful.

1. Be a Happy wife: You have nagged so much about his loss of interest in you. He is already tired of your constant complaints which keep him farther from you. Meanwhile, the thought of coming home to meet an unhappy wife scares him and he prefers staying longer outside.

Complaining about his shortcomings always will drain you, and that’s why you must focus on other things that make you happy.

You can decide to learn a new skill, join a voluntary service or start a business. Pay closer attention to those things that made you happy before marriage. Look within you and ignite that spark that radiates from within.

Furthermore, welcome your partner with a warm smile and not a long face. Stir up curiosity in him with your happiness and watch his interest in you come alive.

2. Let him be the man that he is: Men love the feeling of being in charge and a domineering wife won’t always enjoy her husband’s attention. Therefore, allow him to make decisions regarding the home. Moreover, if you have any contradictions concerning his decisions, communicate kindly to him.

3. Compliment him: words are soothing, kind words build confidence and strength. Just a simple thank you for providing for the family, I’m grateful for your support, or compliments like; I love your hair cut, you look more handsome when you smile, you smell so nice, etc. will go a long way to rekindle his interest in you.

4. Bring back the good old days: if you know those things you did during courtship that made him run after you, ignite it once more.

It might be the way you dressed, your attentiveness to him, your enthusiasm or liveliness.

In addition, ignite the old flame you once had. Flirt with him again, surprise him with those gifts once more, and take him to those places you both visited during courtship and relish those beautiful memories together.

5. Accept those body flaws: Do you feel pregnancy and childbirth have altered the perfect body you once had? Don’t give in to those feelings; it will only make you unhappy. Being uncomfortable in your body will make you appear unattractive to your spouse.

Therefore, accept those body changes that Motherhood brought and find ways to stay fit and healthy.

To begin with, you can decide to start a daily workout with your spouse. This will not only help build the bond between you but will make your spouse appreciate your efforts towards remaining attractive to him.

6. Be a treasury house of virtues: virtues are like sweet fragrances, which cannot be ignored. What virtue attracted your spouse to you? Is it your Patience? Won’t it be a great idea if you add to your patience, gentleness, self-control, joy, meekness, etc?

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How To Make Your Husband Want You All The Time And Everyday

How To Make Your Husband Want You All The Time And Everyday

Romance, especially in marriage can only be maintained consciously. It doesn’t happen by chance. If you’ve seen any couple who seems to love each other and are all over each other, it didn’t happen by lucky; they worked things out to get there.

You too can make your husband miss you all the time, and that is why it is important to learn how to make your husband want you every day.

If you would love to be that wife after her husband’s heart, here are tips on how to make your husband want you all the time. I will call them the six irresistible ‘S’, so as to help you remember them and put them into practice for effective results.

1. Self-love

This is not the same thing as falling in love with yourself to the point of becoming selfish. It is a healthy knowledge of yourself that helps yourself worth. It has been established that you cannot be loved than you love and respect yourself.

Loving yourself makes you more attractive. Therefore, Pursue those things that make you happy. Discover your strengths. Appreciate yourself for who you are. Invest in your mental and emotional health.

Research has shown that men are easily attracted to confident women. As a woman, you cannot exude confidence when you do not appreciate your uniqueness. However, give yourself all the love and attention in the world to attract the same.

2. Sacrifice

Love is all about sacrifice and to keep that love burning in the heart of your spouse, you must be willing to let go of some things like giving up your time and seeing to it that you spend quality time together with your husband. Spend time to listen to his desires, goals, and aspiration.

Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice your resources too and learn to accept the fact that whatever belongs to you should be useful for him too. Use the resources available to you to make him happy. You can decide to surprise him with gifts not just on his birthdays or Save up and lift that financial burden in the family.

There are several other ways to make sacrifices in your marriage, and finding out where you can be of help to him can really make him fall more deeply in love with you and thereby want you always.

3. Support

The love language of most men is “acts of service”, which is another word for support.

There is no gainsaying the fact that you are a helpmeet. Help your spouse face life challenges with your support. This can come in form of your kind words, financial advice, giving him a peaceful home, assisting him with workloads, etc.

More so, do not forget that you are his number one fan. So, don’t feel shy to sing his praises both at home and outside the home. This boosts his ego and makes him more confident to give you the best of himself.

Like respect, love is also reciprocal. If you give it, you’ll likely have it. Show your love to him, and he’ll unconsciously and consciously want you all the time.

4. Stewardship

Stewardship is not just a term in the business world. A wife is a steward of her husband’s trust and resources. Can your husband trust you with his secrets, burdens, and treasures?

It is natural to be drawn to the one who has your trust, and this is replicated in marriage. Show yourself trust by not telling others about his secrets and weaknesses.

Even though you’re not inferior to him, give him some level of respect to boost his ego. If he feels confident and respect, you can be sure you’ll be irresistible to him.

5. Surprise

Women think men don’t love surprises, or that they are not intrigued by them; that’s not true.

Do not be the predictable kind of wife. Sometimes, leave your husband wondering what you are up to. If you have been having dinner at home, you can decide to eat out in the evening.

Surprise him with his favorite food in his place of work, give him a kiss and a warm hug when he is not expecting it, or plan a surprise weekend getaway with him. This will make your husband happy and keep him desiring more surprises from you.

6. Sex

Has your sex life become a chore? While there is much more to marriage than sex, you cannot neglect its importance in marriage.

Sex should be more than a routine. It should be a time of bonding with your spouse. Just a night of good love-making with your husband, helps you connect emotionally and enjoy deeper intimacy with him. It also rekindles the spark in your marriage.

Nevertheless, you must understand that good sex life cannot be separated from the day-to-day relationship with your spouse. If he doesn’t feel loved and respected, he may not really enjoy sex with you.

Set the atmosphere for sexual intimacy with your spouse. This you can achieve by getting rid of every form of distraction, such as unhealthy arguments, nagging, and everything capable of turning him off.

More so, be sexy with your husband. Dress to impress him and turn him on.

If you want him to want you immediately, tell him flirty stuff you love about him and how much you enjoyed your previous sex. If he’s too busy to initiate sex sometimes, initiate it.

Yeah. In fact, handle him the best way he loved to be handled and make it a memorable time. He’ll certainly want more of that and always wants you all the time.

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How Do I Get My Husband Interested In Me Sexually And Always Miss Me?

How Do I Get My Husband Interested In Me Sexually

It is said that men are moved by what they see, while women are moved by what they hear.

But what happens, when your husband no longer gets excited at the sight of your body. Your bedroom has become more like a boardroom, where you discuss family issues, argue, and make plans.

Meanwhile, your heart is racing at the thought of him cheating on you because you can’t remember the last time he touched you. You can’t figure out the answer to the question, “why is my husband not interested in me sexually anymore ?

In such situation, I think a better question too ask is, how do I get my husband interested in me sexually again?

There are many reasons men lose sexual interest in their wives. Some of the possible reasons include:

1. Stress: Perhaps he is undergoing lots of stress which can be financial stress or emotional stress. His mind is occupied with thoughts on how to provide for the family and he barely thinks about sex.

2. Health challenge: All may not be well with him when he tells you he is not in the mood. Medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, low sperm count, prostate cancer, etc. can affect a man’s sexual performance.

3. Your relationship has become platonic: Maybe he has become too familiar with you. There is no excitement in the marriage anymore. You both sleep and wake just like casual friends. Sex has become more like a routine, than something to look forward to and share intimacy.

4. You expect much from him: Your expectation from him in the bedroom may be too high than what he can meet up with. You’ve set sexual standards for him and he feels bad when he doesn’t meet up. So, therefore, he prefers not to attempt than disappointing you.

5. Unfavorable atmosphere: if the atmosphere in your home is filled with anger, argument, and every form of negativity, your husband will seldom desire you.

In the light of the above reasons, let’s look at some of the ways to get your husband interested in you sexually.

1. Communication: communicate your fears and desires to your spouse. Talk to him and hear from him what might be his reasons. If it is what you can work together on, then go ahead and plan on how to enjoy sexual intimacy in your marriage.

Sometimes, if you don’t talk about it, he may not see it as something that needs attention.

2. Do not leave initiation of sex to him. Don’t always wait for him to initiate sex, because he will assume you are no longer attracted to him.

You can choose to remind him through a text, of how much you love him and can’t wait to enjoy a night of intimacy with him. Don’t be shy about your feelings; let him know all of it because after all, he is your husband.

3. Set the right atmosphere: Fill your home with an atmosphere of love and peace. Sexual intimacy with your husband is a thing of the mind. If your husband’s mind is filled with anger, fears, and hatred, he won’t be aroused sexually.

Compliment him more than you complain. You can complement his dressing, physique, or his achievements.

4. Look attractive for him: Always give attention to those things he has been complaining about. If it is your weight, work on it or your hygiene, do something about it.

Don’t get tired of dressing to attract him, but most importantly enrich your mind, because true beauty radiates from within.

Read good books that enlighten the mind. Surprise him not just with your physical looks, but with your wisdom.

5. Get out of your comfort zone in the bedroom: Don’t be stuck with a particular sexual routine. Try out new things in the bedroom; learn new methods to spice up your sex life.

You both can decide to have some time alone away from home, where you get to explore and understand each other’s bodies.

6. Love your spouse for who he is: Give your companion the accolades he deserves. Do not compare his sexual prowess to what you saw in the movies, read in magazines, or heard from friends.

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How To Make Him Happy Always

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action”.

When it comes to making your husband happy, it shouldn’t be just wishful thinking. The right actions should be taken towards ensuring his happiness.

While there may not be a perfect marriage or home, it is the desire of every man to stay happily married. Moreover, making your companion happy does not guarantee the absence of arguments and quarrels, but your commitment to his happiness in spite of every challenge in marriage.

Also, there is no perfect template on how to make a husband happy. Nevertheless, you can get inspiration from these listed points on how to make him happy always. And of course, this is one of the ways to get him interested in you always.

1. Be Yourself: Be the woman he married, don’t try to be someone else. Besides, being true to yourself should not hinder personal development.

He will feel happy and pleased knowing that you are still the woman he fell in love with, regardless of the number of years you’ve been together.

2. Complement Him: You already know that you are his better half. He married you because he saw in you a partner that will help him walk through life’s journey.

Therefore, complement him. For every of his weakness, be his strength.

Does he find it hard to accomplish set goals, or he lacks the inspiration to push through hard times? Be his motivator.

3. Find pleasure in the things he loves doing: Do the things he loves doing with him, whether it be traveling, soccer, gardening, charity, etc.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to love those things at first, but making him happy should be your goal. So when next you see him watching a live match, grab a seat and watch with him.

4. Assure him of your love: Don’t get tired of telling and showing him that you love him. More so, you can surprise him with a gift not just on specials days, but to appreciate him for his efforts and sacrifices as your husband.

5. Respect him: Give him the honor due to him as your husband. Speak well of him before your kids, friends, or family members. Do not make a mockery of his weakness publicly, but encourage and support him to become better. In addition, Trust him to lead as the head of the family and always respect his decisions.

6. Pray for him: Most men feel happy and confident knowing that they are always in their wives’ prayers. So, therefore, if you believe in prayers, lift him up in prayers both in his presence and absence.

20 Text Messages That Will Make Him Fall In Love With You and Melt His Heart

Falling in love with someone is a beautiful experience, especially when it’s mutual. Love can be expressed through various means like a romantic text message, gifts, support, etc. When it comes to expressing this love, it seems women are always the recipients. It is worth noting that your spouse has feelings also, even though as a man he may appear tough on the outside.

More so, a simple romantic text message sent to him surprisingly may just be the answer to how to make your husband want you all the time.

Therefore, do you desire to have your spouse go crazily in love with you again? , because as the year goes by it seems you have lost that spark you had while dating.

To ignite that love again, here are 20 text messages that will make him fall in love with you.

1. You are the best thing that has happened to me and I can’t stop loving you.

2. Saying that I love you is an understatement. I cherish and adore you.

3. God gave you those broad shoulders to have me lean on them; he blessed you with those strong arms to cuddle me. You were specially made for me my love.

4. Just to let you know that I miss your warm hug, your lovely kiss, and your cute face.

5. My heart beats just for you and a thousand words are not enough to show how much I love you.

6. You bring out the best in me; I glow differently when I’m with you.

7. Sweetie, thank you for making my life beautiful with your love. I love you so much.

8. I can’t wait to look at those beautiful eyes of yours and tell you how much I miss you, darling.

9. Dearest Prince charming, you mean the world to me and you make my life complete.

10. To know you is to love you, and I am so glad our paths crossed.

11. Baby, if I were a good singer, would have sung you a love song, but hey boo, I’m just a woman deeply in love.

12. You take my breath away, you are all shades of awesome!. I am so lucky to have you.

13. My treasure, you have a special place in my heart, because treasures are kept in a special place.

14. Being with you is the most beautiful experience ever. Oh, how I love to have your arms around me my sweetness.

15. How do I explain the fact that you make my life so easy, with you I feel like I’m on an eagle’s wings.

16. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you. Your love has been my strength, thank you for lighting my world.

17. Whenever I think of you darling, I smile and say to myself girl you are so blessed. This is because you are everything a woman could ever want.

18. The children may look like you, but they can never take your place in my heart. Thank you for being in my life my crown.

19. I know as humans we are insatiable, but I have you, as my love, and that is enough for me.

20. Even when my hair goes grey and my hands become feeble; this heart will never stop beating for you. Cheers to forever with you my sunshine.

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