How To Tell If A Guy Is Interested In You Or Just Being Friendly

How To Tell If A Guy Is Interested In You Or Just Being Friendly | 12 Sure-Fire Signs

I understand how confusing it is when you have a huge crush on a guy and it appears he’s flirting with you, but you can’t tell if he actually likes you or he’s just being nice. The fact remains that, trying to figure out if a guy is flirting with you or just being friendly, can be very frustrating except you probably have some supernatural powers.

Well, I have good news for you; your guessing days are over, and though there is no exact science to decipher a guy’s mind, like an unmistaking 7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend, but below is a list of signs on how to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly.

Whether your concern is how to tell if a coworker is interested or just being friendly, or subtle signs a male coworker likes you, we made sure to fix your questions to properly clear your doubt, on whether he’s just being friendly, flirting, or really interested.

He may not even be a co-worker, but whoever he is, there are ways to clarify your doubt about his intention towards you. Enjoy!

This is How To Tell If A Guy Is Interested In You or Just Being Friendly

Regardless of your opinion, every girl at one point or the other, questions a man’s emotions or intentions for her, especially one that she has a crush on. So, if you are wondering if a man is into you or not, wonder no more. Here are some telltale signs on how to know if a man is interested in you. If you can relate to these signs, then rejoice and good luck.

• He wants to know if you’re available

If a man is asking you some personal questions? There’s a big chance he might be interested in you. When a man likes you, he will ask subtle questions about your life that will help him find out if you are seeing someone else or not. If this is the case, then you might have a potential crush at hand.

• He finds a reason to touch you

A man who likes you will be physically attracted to you. A little brush of your hands when he’s trying to make emphasis, tucking in your hair when it gets windy, or “accidentally” touching your knee are signals to portray his true feelings to you. So, when a guy tries to touch you when it’s not exactly necessary, just know that he likes you.

• He remembers the little details about you

When a man is into you, he’ll pay a lot more attention and even memorize some details of previous conversations. Just know that he may be trying to find a deeper meaning and connection with you.

• He makes efforts to try and impress you

If a man is confident enough, he’ll try to impress you. It could be either by his grooming or even in a simple game of cards. He may become annoying but don’t overlook what you cannot tolerate.

• He tries to keep getting in touch

This is a good sign if you’re the only one trying to make contact every time. A man who is into you will take the initiative in making a phone call or texting first. Most men don’t always waste their time chit-chatting. So, if he’s frequently trying to talk, it’s often for a romantic reason.

• He wants to see you during the day

When trying to find out how to tell if a guy likes you and what his true intentions are, take note of the time of day. Men who are genuinely interested in you don’t just want the sexy night date, they also want to see you for a daytime coffee, brunch, or simply going for a walk. This means that he values your company and loves spending time with you.

• He notices the smallest change in your appearance

If you find out that a guy notices a change in your appearance or style that isn’t particularly obvious, he’s probably totally smitten with you. This means that he’s taking note of the little thing that other people might not notice whether it’s your shoes, hairstyle, or even a new bag.

• He gives lots of eye contact when you speak

The fact remains that eye contact is one of the most consistent signs of attraction that scientists have found. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found out that, when men were romantically interested in someone, they tended to look more at the person’s head or chest but, when they were simply interested in being just friends, they looked more at the person’s legs or feet.

• He becomes jealous when you’re talking to other guys

Men can be very jealous and protective. A man that is not interested in you won’t be bothered when you’re talking to other men, whether online or in person. So if you notice that your crush starts looking over at you and wondering what’s going on when you’re trying to have a conversation with another man, don’t worry he’s definitely into you.

• He wants to help out when you’re having any problem

A guy that likes you would want to be your knight in shining armor. A guy that is into you would immediately scan his brain for solutions, the moment you mention a problem you have. He is ever ready no matter how stressful and boring the work may be.

• He’s friends with you on Social Media

Guys don’t bother sending a friend request to girls they don’t like or know. So, if he has added you on Facebook or is following you on Instagram, there is a big possibility that he is interested in you. Also, if he takes a step further to initiate a conversation and keep it going, likes your photo, or slides into your DMs, then he’s smitten.

• He teases you

If a guy teases you often, it’s a great sign that he’s into you. Most guys won’t tease a girl whom they aren’t close friends with or don’t like. Also, if he is trying to be funny and make you laugh now and then, he most likely has a thing for you.

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Signs He Wants You In His Future

Signs He Wants You In His Future

So, your relationship has been going pretty well and he’s all you’ve ever wanted and more. But figuring out whether he wants to be with you for a long time can be pretty tricky. Besides, it’s better to have an idea about where your relationship is headed than to be stuck in it for a long time. So, to help you with this we’ve outlined some tips that are signs he wants you in his future. Good luck!

• He Says “We”, “Us” And “Ours” instead of “I” and “Me”

I do know that some people use these pronouns, but you can always tell the difference in the way he uses them. He says it as if it’s meant for you and him alone especially related to things that ordinary friends usually don’t share.

• He’s constantly singing your praise

A man who knows exactly what he wants will never stop showering you with praises both in the secret and in the open making, you feel like you’re the only woman in the world.

• He Introduces you To his Friends

Men cherish their friendship especially if they have a clique. If a man introduces you to his friends, it’s a pretty good sign that he wants you to be a permanent part of his life!

• He introduces you to his family also

Next to his friends, it’s important that you also get to meet his family. Since he plans that, one day you might be a part of the family, so why not break the ice?

• He involves you In His Life

Men are naturally secretive about their plans. If he’s constantly involving you in his affairs, he’s probably serious about a future with you. He invites you to events and celebrates crucial milestones with you. It’s like you’re already family.

• He values your opinions

It is well known that only a few men listen to the opinion of a woman talk less of asking for their opinion. So, if your man talks to you about important stuff and ends up asking for your own opinion, don’t make the mistake of misusing the opportunity because it shows that he values you a lot.

• He’s genuinely interested and asks about your plans

Not all men ask questions or try to support their woman’s dreams. A man who wants a future with you will go the extra mile just to see you smile because he knows that if things work out well for you, it will also be in his favor.

• He cherishes your company

If a man gives you his time even when you are not doing anything important, then he’s most likely into you. Both of you may just be playing any type of game or be chatting with each other constantly without him being bored.

• He has no secret hidden from you

For a man to tell you about his secrets, it means that he can trust you, and when a man trusts you, it means that he believes in you. Only a man who wants a future with you would do both.

• He Shares his stuff with you

If he’s comfortable sharing his assets, like computer gadgets, office knickknacks, or even household items, he has probably considered some kind of a more permanent arrangement.

• He constantly worries about you

Men are naturally protective but, he’s not just protective, he genuinely worries about you. About your career, friends, and even the opportunities you have. This is because he knows these long-term choices will affect him in the long run, especially if he’s thinking of a future with you.

• He hints about having children

He may not emphatically say that he wants to have children with you. But, if he’s not afraid to discuss being a father around you, then know that you already have a special hold on his heart.

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So, there you have it – how to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly. Below are other articles that can help you boost your relationship.

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