Pregnancy Quotes For Couple

55 Pregnancy Quotes For Couple

This pregnancy journey can be an emotional rollercoaster, and occasionally all you need is a wise saying to express how you feel.

These pregnancy quotes for couple are ideal for a husband and wife to share during this wonderful journey.

Cute Pregnancy Quotes For Couple

Are you looking for some adorable caption ideas for your pregnancy pictures before you share them?

Here are some cute pregnancy quotes for couple that you might like.

1. One of the healthiest moments in my life was when I was pregnant. I had to take my vitamins, eat the right foods, and exercise.

2. It’s funny how you’re slim, then wide, and then round and you keep wondering who you’ll become at the end of nine months.

3. There’s an empty place in your heart that only your baby occupies.

4. Sleeping like a baby means you have no child. Sleeping like a monk happens when you have had a baby.

5. If you have a perfect baby, one who never cried, and is a perfect angel, you’re either an aunt or a granny.

6. Babies bring more wonder in your life and more trouble. It’s part of the package.

7. The instinctive thought of a great father and mother is usually the best thing to do for their child.

8. Children will teach you many things: like how to hold your tongue in anger and plenty of patience.

9. A baby is proof of God’s desire for continuity. So, we key into that when we make babies.

10. Being pregnant is a powerful thing. You become bolder, more beautiful, and more deeply content. It’s a power few women understand.

Pregnancy Quotes For Wife

Share your happiness over your wife’s pregnancy with these perfect pregnancy quotes for wife.

1. It’s amazing how much my life changed in an instant with the news. I became a better man in seconds. I became more conscious of the consequences of my decisions and started embracing only good habits for you and our child.

2. I feel happier to see the baby even than seeing you, darling. That is because it will have a piece of us. It’s going to be a lovely sight to see what we’ll both produce.

3. With our baby in you, you carry proof of my love. Life can be tough but nothing will stop me from being the best husband to you and the best father to our child.

4. Take plenty of rest. Tell me when you need a massage or a back scrub. I don’t mind making breakfast in bed for the remaining months of our pregnancy.

5. I am thinking about what sex our baby would be. Nevertheless, I will provide the best. I promise to protect and defend you and the child. Mama must be happy all the time.

6. I was awed when I heard you reading to our baby. You are already raising a scholar. You two mean the world to me and I can’t wait to caress your tummy again.

7. Surprisingly, your mood swings haven’t improved since the pregnancy. But I promise you that I won’t complain. Express yourself as much as you can.

8. All I want is for you to get bigger. People were right about the glow a woman has when she’s pregnant. Well, that will make two of us. I’ve already bought some skincare products for myself.

9. Though you are carrying our children, they are also my responsibility. I will be there to support you at every phase. Make sure you enjoy yourself.

10. I understand that pregnancy isn’t easy, but I promise to indulge your cravings. I hope I become your craving too.

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Love Message To My Pregnant Wife

With these heartfelt love message to my pregnant wife, you can add a little more magic and romance to your pregnant wife’s day and help her feel loved.

1. I never thought you could look more beautiful than you are now, but with this pregnancy, you glow brighter than the sun. You are going to be the loveliest mom ever.

2. My darling, may your pregnancy be smooth, happy, and healthy. You look dashing day after day. I adore you and our coming baby.

3. You’re the most wonderful woman in the universe. Thank you for housing our beautiful child. I know that we’ll make the best parents with you beside me.

4. I hope my baby has your looks, your heart, and my brain. I’m sure because she’s inside you.

5. Now that you’ve ended the next trimester, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I’m pleased to see you embrace motherhood. Enjoy yourself today, and be at peace that I’ll be handling everything.

6. I am eager for us to begin this new journey. Seeing you get bigger with the life within you makes me happy. I’m impatient to meet our new baby and see you become the great mom that you are.

7. I just want you to know that I’ll be here for you. I’ll never abandon you, my love. Nine months feels like forever, but I’ll stick with you through it all.

8. I didn’t know the news of pregnancy can be so energizing. I know that the most precious moments of life are around the corner.

9. Sending this love message to the love of my life who is carrying another love of mine. I wish I could fast-forward the days sometimes.

10. May your delivery be a breezy one. I know that you are a strong woman and prepared to be a great mother. This is the start.

11. I wish the baby could come faster and stop stressing my woman. I’m eager to resume taking you on those romantic spins and giving you those kisses you love.

12. My love, it gives me great joy to see you growing fresher as the day goes on. Pregnancy looks good on you. Are you sure we won’t have another one after this?

13. I’m ecstatic you’re enjoying this pregnancy. I know how stressful the last one was for you. I’m proud of my lovely wife.

14. The only thing you’ve brought into my life is countless moments of happiness. You’re simply a joy to watch as our baby grows in you.

15. You’ve just given me another reason to love you more than I love you right now. I’ll move heaven and Earth to make the sun keep you smiling.

16. I hope the baby is treating you well. I won’t hesitate to spank it if it’s giving you any discomfort. Have a fabulous day, sweetie.

17. Seeing you makes life easier for me. I’ll forever fight for you and our baby. I love you, my doll.

18. There’s a lovely treasure inside you and I’m patiently waiting to hold it. Thank you for helping me understand the difference between loving and existing. You rock my world.

19. I must be in a dream. I’m married to the love of my life and she’s carrying the baby of my dreams. What a blessed man I am!

20. I know that our baby is in the safest hands with you. I’m grateful to you for such a fantastic gift. Love you baby!

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Quotes For Pregnant Friend

Many different feelings, ranging from annoyance to anxiety to intense happiness, are brought on by being pregnant.

Choose any of the listed quotes to encourage her, make her giggle, and remind her of the reasons she wanted a child in the first place.

Check out these quotes for pregnant friend if you need ideas:

1. Every mother has a pretty child, and I’m sure you’re about to birth one.

2. One of the greatest rights you have is to be a mother. It’s a divine gift that must never be taken for granted.

3. When you give birth to a child, you’ll realize that you birth a thousand possibilities within and without.

4. Cherish every day of your pregnancy. Be amazed that you are helping God birth a miracle.

5. When your child is born, a new version of yourself emerges. You were a woman before, now you’re a mother. You become new again.

6. No matter how your pregnancy came to be, planned or not, your life changes.

7. A baby is the start of a new adventure. It makes life a lot sweeter.

8. Though you’ll carry this child for nine months, it stays in your heart forever.

9. You never die as long as you have a child. You will continue to live on for generations on end.

10. Pregnancy is a time when the female body should be most appreciated. You just got new company inside you.

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