Most Attractive Traits in A Man

List Of Qualities And The Most Attractive Traits in A Man According To Psychologists

From his gait to his attitude on the first date; depending on individuals, there are so many traits men can possess which female folk consider attractive.

However, many ladies agreed that there are some traits that are considered as most attractive traits in a man?

I guess you’ve heard that men are stridden by what they see while women are moved by what they hear. While this is true, there’s got to be a deeper truth; which is that a woman is moved, first by what she sees, and then falls in love when she begins to hear things that appeal to her, especially from the man she considers attractive.

So, before a woman falls for a man, she is first stridden by some certain traits in such man. Yes, there are certain traits in a man that makes a woman trip, at first sight, second sight, third sight, and at many more sights.

These traits are numerous as different women are thrilled by different features in a man, but not to worry, we have compiled the traits in a man that makes 98% of women trip and fall unapologetically in love with the man who possesses these traits.

If you are already in wonderland trying to figure out what these traits could be, just relax, if you can, grab a glass of cold juice by your side, and get ready! You’re about to find out the most attractive traits in a man that would make any woman trip. And I mean any woman!

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The Kind of Man A Woman Needs And Wants To Marry

Most Attractive Traits in A Man

When a woman meets the kind of man she needs, she trips and falls inevitably and helplessly.

Every woman’s love language differs. While one woman may need attention from her man, another may feel so special because her man showers her with gifts constantly.

The good thing is that women are very specific about the kind of man they need. They are very particular about what they need in a man and when they do not get what they desire, they begin to feel bored and get tired of the relationship.

What exactly do women need in a man? Or better still, what kind of man does a woman need? I’m guessing what you may be curious to find out.

Well, here you go!

The kind of man a woman needs is the kind that treats her like a queen. Everyone, especially women wants to feel special!

Yes! Women are moved by what they hear and saying sweet words from a sincere heart is one of the things guys do that girls love.

Most times, when a relationship gets older, many men tend to become very comfortable and start taking things for granted. They stop making their women feel special. They stop doing the magical things they used to do when they were chasing her.

At this point, many men are no more consciously reaffirming how beautiful their partner is, and they think it’s no longer necessary to say “I love you”, and shower her with sweet romantic words. They stop opening the car for her to go in. They stop offering to take her on a date or even buy her gifts. They assume, “she knows I love her”.

If you are a guy reading this, you must understand that a queen often desires to be attended to. More than anything else, the kind of man a woman needs is the kind that will give her the utmost attention and treat her so specially and tenderly. For most women, this is what makes a man attractive.

Women want to be seen, noticed, admired; they want to be the priority of their men. They want to be pampered, cared for, cherished and loved. If you’re a woman, I guess you’re already nodding.

The way you treat her will determine if she’ll ‘fall flat’ for you or take to her heel.

However, before she can be close enough for a man to make his statement through special treatments, the physical features could strike a key of attraction.

Some women crave men who are physically built. Well built enough to be able to protect them and make them feel like a woman. Men who are big, strong, and powerful.

Other women don’t care about the muscles. They just want a man who is good-looking and confident in his own skin. A man they can be proud to introduce to their friends.

Mind you, every man is good-looking but some are born with some extras which makes them physically attractive.

Whatever the case, every woman desires their men to be good-looking. If for nothing else, at least so they could flaunt him to their friends. Although, when we are in love, we see beauty, even if everyone sees otherwise.

Nevertheless, as a man, to be attractive, you need to look good. And there are several ways a man can look good; he could work out, dress neatly and smart, keep neat beards, and have a nice haircut.

Sadly, many men don’t think looking good is necessary, little do they know that for most women, a good look is one of the most attractive traits in a man. They think all a woman needs is money and to have her material needs sorted out.

If you’re a guy reading this, you need to know that many women can’t stand a man who doesn’t care about his looks even though most of them don’t express this.

Ultimately, as a man, if you’re good-looking and treats her like a queen, she considers you attractive. And she doesn’t want to let go of you for any other woman.

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10 Most Attractive Personality Traits in A Man

Most Attractive Traits in A Man

Beyond how a man treats a woman or his attractive physical looks, there are certain unique traits and qualities in a man that intrigues any woman, which are very significant, must-have qualities women look for in the man.

If you’ve been wondering to know the husband material meaning, here are what it means to be an husband material.

Here are 10 perfect man quality lists and the most attractive personality traits in a man that fascinates a woman.

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Must-Have Qualities That Most Women Consider Attractive In Men


1. A Loving Man

You’ll agree with me that this is the most attractive trait in a man as well as the most important quality a woman seeks to find in a man. However, this is mostly misused and misunderstood by many. What makes a man attractive is encoded in his capacity to love.

A loving man puts the happiness of the woman he loves ahead of everything else. Such a man is selfless. He goes out of his way to meet her needs and makes out time for her no matter how busy he may be.

That’s not all, he also endeavors to understand and speak her love languages whether it is acts of service, quality time, touch, words of affirmation, and gets her gifts whether she asks or not.

These are things that guys do that girls love. Women are attracted to men who do not just say love, they love men who do love! By ‘do’, l mean, men who show love.

2. An Understanding Man

Research has shown that women are quite difficult to understand. A woman may want something now and want something entirely different the next minute. Women have been found guilty of saying something when they mean the direct opposite.

When she’s at an emotional peak, she can tell a guy she loves to leave when in fact she wants him to stay. Indeed, a woman may care about a man and act like she doesn’t.

Women can be mysterious. When she finds a man who understands that she means ‘yes’ even when she says no, or who seldom nags about how she reacts to things, there….right there is the man of her dreams.

No man attracts a woman like a man who understands her spoken and unspoken words, her body language, her facial expressions, and everything else that pertains to her. The capacity to understand a woman is one the most attractive personality traits in a man that a woman desires to see in her man.

3. A Supportive Man

At a time where most men feel threatened by women who are thriving in various fields and industries, a supportive man will make any woman trip.

Women are attracted to men who support their visions, whether it’s big, small, or whether it appears impossible. You can be that man who makes his woman wants to thrive and become the best version of herself.

Women stay glued to men who support and believe in them.

4. Intelligent Guys are Attractive

The journal Personality and Social Psychology Reveals the Importance of intelligence as a Determinant of Interpersonal Attraction. You do not have to be a gigantic brain or a huge techie to attract a girl, but you do have to be somewhat smart and able to continue an interesting and fair conversation. The more random features you know, the more attractive she finds you.

5. A Man that Exudes Confidence

When a man is confident in himself, knows who he is, and knows what he wants, this is very attractive to a woman, and usually, that is something that she can easily tell from the way he carries himself.

Confident men are not afraid to be seen as weak. They do not appear to be a super-man, who has it all fixed.

Confidence is a quality that makes a man comfortable with who he is, what he does, and what he has; even if he’s not the best, he doesn’t argue to be, as he continually strives to be the better version of himself.

Women are weirdly attracted to the positive and optimistic energy that a confident man exudes into the world, as long as this confidence does not extend to selfishness or egotism.

6. A Down-to-earth Man

According to men’s health magazine, the way to a woman’s heart is through humility.

As much most women desire a man who can take responsibility and be a forerunner; they do not want a man who will be a ‘lord’ over them.

The air around a proud and arrogant man is what no woman wants to breathe. A man who is arrogant and proud won’t get the best of any woman, particularly if she’s raised in a home where everyone has a say, and no one is relegated.

Humility is one of the most attractive personality traits in a man for most women, especially when he has many reasons to be proud. If he is a successful man who has great achievements but still doesn’t think less of others, most especially, his woman, she naturally magnetizes herself to him like he’s the only man she sees.

7. A Man with Great Sense of Humor

Making and laughing at jokes are some of the most attractive things guys do without knowing. Women love men who can crack up and also make them crack up. Men who have a great sense of humor are more physically attractive to women than men who don’t.

Associate professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas, Jeffery Halls studied into the relationship between humor and romance found that the funnier a man tried to be and makes a woman laugh at his jokes, the more likely she is to be romantically attracted to him. The kind of man with one of the most attractive traits percolates a happy, lighthearted, and positive vibe into the world around him.

8. Acts of Service

Many women find this quality very attractive. If you are volunteering to serve at a local charity organization, small league team, church, or other organizations or groups, you are much more likely to be naturally attractive to women.

Women are very attracted to men who strive for the good of others, even if they do not get paid or benefit personally.

According to today’s psychology, women like men who are willing to give their time and energy to serve a good cause. It says a lot about you and it’s one of the most attractive personality traits in a man: it shows that you are kind, sensitive, and take care of your neighbors.

9. An Honest Man

Honesty is not an attitude you find in every man, yet, it is one of the most attractive traits in a man. No woman wants to keep wondering if her man is saying the truth or not. In such a man, she can not trust.

Some guys find it easy to lie about little and huge things and this turns women off.

It is a real turn-on for women when a man genuinely wants to get to know a woman and makes an effort to be honest in his interactions; because they don’t get honesty and fidelity often.

Honesty, dependability, trustworthiness makes a man attractive and makes a woman feel loved and secured in a relationship.

10. A Hardworking Man

Hard work is a virtue and every man takes pride in his work. It’s good to know that not only the man takes pride in what he does, but the woman in his life also wants to be proud to identify with what her man does, and how well he does it.

No woman wants lazy folks that want to live on others as parasites, and wants everything done for them. No woman wants a man who cannot take responsibility and live up to expectations placed on him.

Of course, he doesn’t have to work 18 hours a day, for his partner to be convinced he’s hardworking; he just needs to properly invest his time and have things to show he truly cares for her welfare.

Women generally consider a man who is up and doing attractive and caring.

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Ver Important Qualities of A Good Husband and Father

Most Attractive Traits in A Man

Let’s go a step further, on this subject of the most attractive traits in a man.

Attractiveness extends far beyond the man seen today. It extends into the man that will emerge tomorrow.

No matter how lovely he may seem to be now, if he’ll not maintain it into marriage and remain consistently a good man, he’s not worth considering for marriage.

As good and attractive as the physical traits and appearances could be, some traits in a man hold water more than those.

Every woman who wants a long-lasting relationship wants to look out for the qualities of a good husband and father in the man they are considering to walk down the aisle with.

So, some of the most attractive traits in a man are the signs that he’ll be a loving husband and an exemplary father. Below are signs of a good husband, and signs he’s not a bad father.

1. He Has A Good Pressure-Absorber

Well, it’s no news that marriage is not all about love and romance. It is also about handling issues together and weathering storms in unity.

Beyond the feelings of love and urges, there are moments when the unfair side of life might stare at you in the face and you have to maintain a good attitude while you walk through the not-so-interesting moments.

Women are attracted to men who can stand any pressure and walk through the tunnel, no matter the case.

If he cannot handle difficult times while dating, he might not be able to cope in a time of pressure. His ability to absorb pressure and remain sane under heat is a sign that he’ll be a great husband and father.

2. Can He Bear some not-so-palatable Stuffs?

Oh yes! Almost all married people agreed that there are unpalatable stuffs in marriages. A man must be ready to bear those things he considers inappropriate as a good father and husband. This is because; these are unavoidable. Especially because they were not raised from same home. You must have heard that, “One man’s food, is another man’s poison”. What you do, as a woman and consider insignificant, may be the things he considers inappropriate.

Therefore, if he’s a no-nonsense man, and he’s not ready to bear with you in any way, it might be a sign he’s a bad father and husband.

But if he knows how to handle those things and make the best of them, then, lucky you; you’ve got a man who is a good husband and father.

3. What about His Siblings?

If he’s got siblings, check out for how he treats them. I do not mean to say that his family members must give him a five-star on everything, but if they’re not in good tune with him, that may be a sign he’ll probably score low as a father, and of course as a husband.

He might even treat you well and carry you like a queen, but if his people are not seeing him as a loving dude; you may have to look again.

4. Watch-Out for that Little Assistance

Does he render assistance when you have so much to do? If he’ll rather sit on the sofa holding the TV remote control while you do everything in the kitchen; he may not like doing kitchen-stuff of perhaps, he doesn’t see reasons to help.

In marriage, to be a good father, and a loving husband, he may need to help get the kids ready for school while you get the breakfast fixed. A good father and loving husband help with chores around the house.

5. How Does He Treat Animals?

Oh, I know this may be a trivial point. However, the way he treats his dog or cat living with him could give a clue to how much attention he’ll give to you and the children that would soon come to live with him.

It’s been proven that compassionate people show compassion for others and animals alike. If he’s compassionate; that’s a good father and a great husband. Lucky you!

6. Is He objective or emotional?

While being emotional isn’t a bad thing, we are not supposed to always run emotion on everything that happens to us. Maturity demands that a good father and husband assess things from an objective perspective rather than an emotional perspective.

If he’ll look at you in the face to tell you when and where you got some things wrong, rather than always supporting you on everything you do, then, he’s an objective man. He’s a father, who will help you to become a better person and also help train the children objectively.

7. When He Hangs Up the Phone

If he often makes derogatory remarks when he hangs up the phone, you should find out why; especially when his attitude on phone is the opposite of his remarks when he hangs up. Women perceive men who do this as a potential deceiver.

Who knows maybe he’s just wooing you too and may change his attitude over time, in marriage.

8. What about His Temper?

A man who would be a great husband and a loving dad would learn to control his temper. If he’s always sprawling out venom on everyone and everything around, whenever he’s angry, he might be abusive, venting his anger on everything.

A good father and husband should be able to curtail his anger and correct lovingly. And every woman loves a man with self-control.

9. How Well Does He Finish His Projects?

It’s awesome to be excited at starting a project, but resilience is about starting to finish. It’s about being ready to give it all it takes to see a project through to the finish line.

If he’s bent on finishing everything he started and wouldn’t take a bow out of an incomplete project, no matter the challenges encountered, he’s a man who will stay in with you till death do you part. He’s a man who would always stand by you and the children even when he doesn’t feel like it.

10. Does He Want to Be A Great Dad and A Loving Husband?

He’s on his way to be a perfect man if he always talks about his desire to be a great father to the children and a loving husband to you.

As he constantly talks about it, his consciousness will gradually tilt him towards becoming the man you’ll forever love and the father, the children would be proud of.

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Weird Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

Most Attractive Traits in A Man

When you ask a girl, what is the most attractive trait you find in a man? You’ll usually hear stuff like tall, dark and handsome, or fair, 6 parks and cute. While this is true, you’ll be shocked to find some really weird things girls find attractive in guys

1. Deep Voice

Many women find this very attractive, weird right?

Men can show their physical dominance with their deep voice and look more sexually attractive to women.

2. Hairy chest

A recent study showed that women prefer men with hair on their chests. I’m not talking about hairy gorilla’s kind-of-hair, but some hair to play. The reason is probably just that it distinguishes men from boys.

Mind you, some women even find hairless chests to be very attractive. “It appears so smooth and fresh” one lady confessed in an interview.

3. Girls Prefer Lefties

Girls find left-handed guys very attractive.

Psychologists have proven that if a guy is left-handed, then he is automatically in front of all the other men in a room. Lefties are creative, learn faster, and are often problem solvers. Now you see why some ladies love lefties, right?

4. A Shy Guy

Being a shy guy may not be attractive at all for many ladies and there are very few occasions where shyness can portray you as an attractive boy.

Some girls find shy guys attractive because, to them, it portrays discipline, cool-headedness, and gentleness. It also portrays that they are good listeners, and you know, girls love guys who are good listeners.

5. Men with Pot Bellies

This is surprising, right? I was shocked to my pants at a youth meeting one day when the question; “What do you find attractive in a guy physically”? was asked, and a lady stood up and said, ” I like guys with pot bellies”. I still haven’t recovered from the shock! And I’m quite sure you’re also in shock. (Laughs).

I can imagine. But she meant what she said. And if you are just like her, as weird as it sounds, it’s lovely! As much as you like it.

If you’re a guy reading this and you’ve got a pot belly, trust me, you’re a spec! You’ve got to showcase it more, perhaps someone is loving it.

6. Tight Hugs

No matter how confident a girl is, sometimes she still wants to feel like a baby, she wants to feel secured, and tight hugs certainly have a way of making a girl feel secure, safe, loved, and wanted.

If you catch a girl smiling like a baby while washing dishes, check very well, she likely got tightly hugged by a guy.

7. Messy Hair

Dirty, smelly hair isn’t the same as messy hair.

I don’t think any girl will be attracted to a guy with dirty hair, but a guy who forgot to comb his hair and just looks a little bit messed up can be attractive to some girls.

This doesn’t mean you should appear with unkempt hair all the time, as this kind of likeness is not what you come by always.

8. His Smell After Work

Many girls like the smell of their man’s work-cloth and the entire smell of their man after work hours. If it sounds weird to you, it’s fine. These are weird things girls find attractive.

It makes them love their man over and over again, gives them the feeling that their man works hard and he’s good at his job.

9. An All-Rounder Man

When a man knows how to do a lot of things, it’s easy for him to make a girl trip.

A guy who can cook, fix the fuse, knows how to treat a lady, properly address the public, and knows many other things, are more attractive to ladies.

10. An Emotional Man

Maybe this is not weird, but it is weirdly attractive to show your weakness and allow her to be your savior sometimes.

Women like to feel relevant and know that they matter to you when you need help. So, she’s glad to be of help in times when you’re emotionally down and stretch forth your hands to allow her to help you up.

Lucky Dube sang, “Big boys don’t cry”, but for some girls, it’s the big boys who cry that attracts them.

Every woman differs, and so is the object of their attractiveness different. What a woman considers as attractive in a man, may not be noticed by another.

Nevertheless, with this post, you have been served with those features that are considered as the Most Attractive Traits in a Man, the kind of man a woman needs, and the qualities of a good husband and father, that can be called a good husband material.

If you’re a man, cultivating these traits will help you make the statement beyond words, that you are the right man for her.

And if you’re reading this as a lady, communicating your desire and love language(s) to your husband or boyfriend would help solidify your relationship and bring you closer than you’ve ever been.

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