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110 Powerful Blessings and Prayer for A New Week for Loved Ones

Every week comes with its blessings, and every day in each week is loaded with divine benefits. More so, our enemy, the devil, has every day of the week planned out and littered with his evil intentions and works. The best for everyone is to claim the blessings of the week and pray out every device of the enemy.

Prayer for a new week is the arsenal of believers to set the week in the right direction for yourself, family, friends and loved ones.

As Christians, we are aware of the need to be sober and be vigilant; because our adversary, the devil, is walking about as a roaring lion, seeking occasions to cause pain, destructions, and every form of evil work. Therefore, the Bible admonished us to redeem the day, because they are full of evil (Ephesians 5:16); and one sure way to do that is to baptize each new week in prayer.

As much as it is great to pray for ourselves at the beginning of every new week, we must also make it a duty to be our brothers’ keeper and cover them in prayer; either by sending new week prayer, new week blessings or Monday morning prayer messages . This is not only to prevent them from the danger of the enemy but also to let them know our new week wishes for them.

So even if you’ve sent a new month message, it is alright to send a new week message too. You never can tell what form of anxiety or fear they are battling with. As they receive any of these prayers for a new week, they‘ll feel re-energized and their faith will be strengthened to face the week optimistically.

So, for your family, friends, and loved ones ( i.e husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or even customers), here are spirit-filled prayers for the new week, and several ways to say “have a blessed week”.

Mind you, any of these new week prayers and wishes can be personalized as new week prayer points, and used as weekly prayer for yourself, family or friends.

Wait a minute! It’s a new week; while you scan through this post to get a befitting message to wish others a great week ahead, I want to say, “Have a wonderful week!”. I also want to pray for you that all your hustle shall be crowned with divine blessings. Once again, do have a nice week.

Have a Blessed Week Messages ( For Hustlers )

The need for sending prayer for a new week to others does not only have an impact on their lives but also determines their week. When you send a blessed new week message, you join your faith with theirs, thereby, sending hope and encouragement and wishing them a blessed week.

Below are beautifully crafted ways to say “Have a blessed week”.

1. Dear friend, I wish you God’s protection, guidance, and provision this week. May his favor speak for you in this beautiful week. Have a blessed week ahead.

2. This is my prayer for you this week; may all that concerns you be made perfect. May all your hustle be fruitful. May your week be blessed indeed.

3. It’s a new week. I pray that this week be filled with testimonies and amazing success. Your week is blessed beyond measure. Enjoy!

4. Welcome to this beautiful week. I pray that God will remember you and favor you. You shall be envied and not pitied. Cheer up. Have a blessed week.

5. Brother, may your week be filled with sweetness and riches. May you enjoy all that God has in store for you this week. Have a blissful week.

6. May your barns be overflow with pleasant riches, surplus, and may you have opportunities to enjoy the new week.

7. Dear friend, I pray to the Lord to guide and protect you and your household. May his face shine upon you and cause you to triumph this week. Have a favored week.

8. Hi Dude. As you step into this week, you step into a greater dimension of favor and promotion. Have a blessed week. I love you, always.

9. Good morning dear, may you experience peace, abundance, and divine help this week. May you receive the fulfillment of your heart desires. Have a fulfilling week.

10. Heaven will attend to your call this week and bring your answer to your doorpost without struggle. Enjoy the week ahead, my dearest.

Good Morning New Week Blessings Quotes

11. I pray for you as you step out this week, may you encounter your destiny helpers, and find favor in the sight of men. You’re exempted from any form of calamity. Good morning. Have a blessed week.

12. This is my prayer for you this week: God will open you up to His wisdom, and lead you on the right path that you should go. Your prayers shall receive a speedy answer, and His rain of abundance will fall on you. Have a blessed week.

13. Dear colleague, I pray for you this week, you’ll be blessed and honor. You will flourish, shine and be multiple times better. Have a fantabulous and blessed week.

14. Dear aunt, may this week be pleasant, filled with goodness, God’s love, abundance, prosperities, favor, and blessings. You’re celebrated. Have a splendid week. Good morning.

15. Good morning, dear. Here comes another week again, my prayer for you is that God will protect you, cause his face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you. Happy blessed week.

16. Darling, I pray this week brings new hope, courage, goodies, and fruitfulness to you. Lord will have mercy upon you and graciously guide you throughout the week. I wish you a blissful week.

17. As you begin this week today, the Lord will give His angels charge over you, bless and guide you; and no evil will come near your dwelling place. Have a fruitful and blessed week.

18. Good morning to you. I decree today, you’re moving from victory to victory, strength to strength, and glory to glory. The work of your hand is blessed. Have a blessed week.

19. Blessings, favor, helpers, prosperities, and abundance of good things shall locate you as you begin this week, and the presence of the Lord shall continually abide with you. Success is yours, have a blissful week.

20. Dear brother, I pray for you this week, the Lord will have mercy on you, he will show you kindness and no good things will be withheld from you. Good morning, hppy blessed week to you.

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Monday / New Week Messages and Wishes


Sending a new week prayer text message is proof of your desire for others well being. Through a new week message, you commit their ways into the mighty hands of God and send your wishes as a form of helping them to focus on the positive.

Enlisted below are some of the new week wishes you can send to your loved ones to make the new week a fulfilling one for them.

21. New achievements, new testimony, new height, new promotion, shall be your portion in this new week. I wish you all the best!

22. In this new week, heaven will attend to your call, make all your desires come through, and establish you. Have an awesome week.

23. The almighty God will honor your knees, answer all your prayers and do for you that which others find difficult and impossible. Happy new week. Enjoy new possibilities.

24. This week, I pray, you will break every limitation before you. I wish you a new week filled with grace and testimonies. You are blessed!

25.This new week shall release your inheritance, blessings, and favor. You shall enjoy divine help and supply. Your new week is blessed.

26. I pray that God will visit you and your family this new week; and turn your labor to favor your story to glory, your pressure to pleasure, and pain to gain. Happy new week!

27. I pray that God, in His divine mercy, repositions, redirect, and re-establish your life. You’re moving from glory to glory, and victory to victory in Jesus’ name. I wish you a happy new week. Cheers!

28. In this new week, no form of stronghold, setbacks, hindrances, and attacks shall be your portion. You’re marvelously helped by God, and you shall enjoy his mercy and grace in all ramifications.

29. My prayer to God for you this new week is that He’ll turn your mess into a good message, your mourning into dancing, and your struggles to ease. You’ll celebrate.

30. This new week, I wish you the release of undeniable and uncommon opportunities into your life by the power that is in the blood of Jesus. Mercy and favor shall be your portion. Have a peaceful new week.

Short New Week Prayer And Blessings

31. It’s a new week! The grace of God shall bring you joy, peace, and immeasurable blessings. May all your heart desires for good be granted unto you. You’re loved. I wish you a glorious new week.

32. This new week, the Lord will make a way for you, he’ll give you river in the desert, give you ash for beauty and cause you to shout for joy.

33. May the grace of God bring you joy, peace, and immeasurable blessings. May all your heart’s desires be granted as you begin this week. Have a beautiful new week.

34. The Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy your soul throughout this week. You will be like a watered garden and like a spring of water, whose water fails not in this new week.

35. I pray for you as you journey this new week, God will surprise, bless and favor you. He will satisfy your heart and clothe you with honor. Happy new week, dear.

36. Dear brother, as you step out in this new week, may you have favor with God and men. May the Lord be gracious unto you, cause men to bless and help you. Have a joyful week.

37. My earnest prayer is that God-Almighty shall bless and keep you, and establish the work of your hands. I decree no more dryness in your life. You are refreshed.

38. I pray that you will break boundaries and your profiting will be known to all. May this new week bring lots of smiles and laughter to your face, and may your day be fruitful. Have a fantastic week, dearest.

39. I pray for you this week, the grace of the Lord will be sufficient for you, you will not go astray. You are preserved. I wish you a glorious new week.

40. May the Lord satisfy you with uncommon favor and abundance of Joy. You shall testify to God’s goodness this week and beyond.

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New Week Prayer and Prophetic Declarations of Blessings To My Loved Ones


One of the importance of prayer for a new week is to rely on God for sustenance for the week ahead. The Bible says,” He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail” (1 Samuel 2:9).

Send some new week declarations to your loved ones, prophesying by faith into their week for maximum take-over.

41. I pray for you in this new week, the eyes of the Lord shall watch over you. The God of Israel will meet your heart’s desires and lighten your darkness.

42. My sincere prayer for you this new week is that whatever will make you sad shall be reversed, and everything that makes you happy shall be hastened. I declare growth and prosperity upon all you do this week.

43. In this new week that the Lord has made, you’ll enjoy peace on every side, and the presence of the Lord will abide with you throughout this week and beyond.

44. Here comes a new week, I pray for you, that all of God’s promises about you, for you, and on you, will come to pass now, and never be delayed again in Jesus mighty name.

45. I pray for you as you step into this new week, heavenly father will favor you in all areas of your life. Amen. Have a fantastic week.

46. I pray to the heavenly father, as you step into the new week, favor, goodness, mercy, and blessings shall follow you, now and all the days of your life.

47. Happy New week! The Lord is your Redeemer, you’ll rise and shine. Your success and victory shall know no bound. Your hustle shall yield abundantly. Be blessed!

48. I pray for you in this new week, that every curse sent towards you shall be transformed into blessings. You are preserved. Welcome to your best week.

49. It’s the dawn of a new week. Your steps are ordered by the Lord. What you struggle to do before becomes easy for you. Have a glorious week.

50. Dear, God will send you help from every four corners of the universe, open every closed door for you in this new week and bring you to your Canaan, in Jesus’ name. Have a wonderful week.

51. I pray for you today and as we begin this new week, you shall enjoy divine intervention in your life and your entire household shall be blessed.

52. Grace, mercy, breakthrough, testimony, and peace shall be your portion in this new week in Jesus’ name. Have a glorious week.

53. The Lord will bless the work of your hand in this new week and shower your life with the dews from heaven. May you enjoy surplus. I wish you a week filled with abundance.

54. Dear Lord, I pray you to bless and keep the person reading this message. Take away his/her pains and sorrow, and replace with joy, peace, love, and a sound mind. Have a fabulous new week.

55. This new week, you shall be called blessed and you will be a source of blessings to your generation and the generation to come. Have a glorious new week.

56. I pray for you that you will be distinguished for success; the Lord will cause your enemy to rejoice with you and your destiny will receive a divine turnaround. You are blessed beyond measure this week.

57. Hurray! Happy new week. I pray for you this week, you will be a source of joy, blessings to everyone in your household. You shall be favored by both old and young. Have a glorious new week.

58. This is my heartfelt prayer for this new week, that the Lord Almighty will grant you all your heart desires, the blessings that God has deposited into this new week will not elude you and you shall testify at the end of this week. Amen, Have a super and awesome week.

59. May the good Lord single you out for a breakthrough that will silence all your mockers in this new week and cause you to be celebrated by those who have looked down on you. Have a great week.

60. I pray for you that you will eat the fruit of your labor, you will not be found wanting in place of honor. Have a fantastic week.

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Monday Morning Prayer Messages/ Wishes : Have a Wonderful Week Ahead

Sending new week wishes can be done in several ways. Some of these ways are explored in this category of new week prayer.

Here are ways to say have a wonderful week ahead through text messages, or WhatsApp status to your entire contact list; or your followers on any of your social media platforms. Whichever way you choose, new week prayer messages or wishes help to motivate and encourage others.

More so, it’s a way to say “I care about how your weeks turn out to be”, and to let them know you want them to have a nice week ahead.

61. May the God of heaven bless you and give you rest on every side. Your experience this week shall be joy-full and peace-full. Do have a wonderful week.

62. In this week, you shall be the head and not the tail. You shall be above and not below. You shall be blessed and not cursed. You shall be in peace and not in trouble. Have a wonderful week, beloved.

63. Hurray, I welcome you to your week of fulfillment, greatness, and promotion, you’re blessed. Have a nice week.

64. May the Lord protect you as you go through this week; provide all your needs and multiply the works of your hand. Amen. Have a wonderful week.

65. Dearest, may the Lord preserve you, guide you, be with you and favor you as you step into this new week. Have a wonderful week.

66. Dear friend, my prayer for you for this week is that you and your household shall testify to the goodness of God. You shall be blessed in all ramifications. Have a wonderful week ahead.

67. Sister, God will continue to be merciful unto you, bless you, and open doors of greatness for you. God will lift you higher. Have a great week.

68. Every hindrance to your success is removed. You’ll go from glory to glory, and from grace to grace. You’ll enjoy the peace of the Lord that passes all understanding. Have a glorious and wonderful week.

69. The Lord will redeem your soul from death, your feet from falling, and your heart from trouble. The door that will lead to your land of breakthrough is opened speedily and widely this new week. Have a blessed week.

70. As you step out in this new week, God will clothe you with garments of glory, honor, and dignity. Every challenge that came against you in the past shall become your stepping stone to your breakthrough. Have a wonderful week.

71. I decree concerning your life this new week, no weapon form against you shall prosper, and every evil that rises against you shall be condemned. I called you blessed, dearest. Have a marvelous week.

72. Dear Colleague, I pray for you this new week, you will do exploit, and you will be too relevant to be ignored. Have a wonderful week.

73. The Lord will bring every blessing that has been hanging for ages to locate you speedily this new week in Jesus’ name. I wish you a wonderful week.

74. I pray for you this new week, lines will fall for you in pleasant places in Jesus’ name. You shall be honored and celebrated. Have a wonderful week.

75. I pray that every Prince of Persia delaying your glory from manifesting shall be destroyed and set them ablaze. You will be favor by God and men in this new week. I wish you a wonderful week.

76. This week, the Lord will open the book of remembrance concerning your destiny and your entire household. You’re blessed. Have a wonderful week

77. The Lord will rewrite your story for good and all your enemies will celebrate with you in the mighty name of Jesus. Have a wonderful week, dearest.

78. My pray for you in this new week is that every ancient door that has been locked against your lifting shall be opened this week, in Jesus’ name. The Lord shall bless and prosper the work of your hands. I wish you a wonderful week.

79. In this new week, the Lord will make all your dreams come true. There shall be no more struggle, no more failure. You are highly favored. Have a wonderful week.

80. This week, all your hope shall become reality. You shall experience greatness like never before. Have a wonderful week.

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Inspirational New Week Blessings for Myself and Loved Ones


Declaring new week blessings on yourself and loved ones, at the beginning of each week is spiritual weaponry that helps to bring the week into obedience and alignment with the purpose of God for your life. It is a form of wishes or prayers for the new week, which sets the atmosphere of the week ahead for blessing.

With these New week prayer for myself and loved ones, get the week filled with amazing blessings and pleasant surprises.

Definitely, they can be used as new week prayer for my girlfriend/boyfriend/crush, or even for family members such as husband, wife, mother, father, uncle, sisters and even for grandparents.

81. I pray that God Almighty will bless and keep you, established the work of your hands. No more dryness upon your land, and you shall be continually refreshed. Have a blessed week, friend.

82. I pray that as go through this new week, blessings of the Lord will be obvious on you. You shall break boundaries and exceed limits; I wish you a new week filled with blessings.

83. Here is my new month blessing for you; may the grace of the Lord be sufficient for you, you will not go astray. May this new week bring you a lot of smiles, laugher, goodies and all your heart desires. Remain blessed, my Love.

84. May the Lord satisfy you with bread and abundantly bless you with water. May He guide and protect your steps this new week. Blessings!

85. The Lord will bless the work of your hands, dear brother. He will shower dews of heaven over you. I wish you a new week filled with blessings, love, and peace.

86. Dear Lord, I pray you to keep and bless this one for me. Take away her pains and sorrow. Bless her with joy, peace, love, and a sound mind. I wish you a new week with blessings, Sweetie.

87. I call you blessed in all your ways. Receive divine wisdom, understanding, and strength to go through this new week. I wish you a new week with blessings and a lot more.

88. I pray for you my friend, you going out and coming in is preserved. Anything you lay your hands upon will prosper. You’re blessed. I wish you a new week with blessings and fruitfulness.

89. Surely, God’s goodness and mercy shall follow you in this new week and beyond. You’re favored in all ramifications. Wishing you a new week of divine blessings.

90. Dear friend, may the Lord bless and keep you, may he favor and be gracious unto you. As you step out in this new week and beyond no evil will befall you. I wish you a blissful new week.

Happy New Week Prayer For My Love

Any one of this list will help you communicate both prayers, blessings and affection to your love. Make a pick when you need to send happy new week prayer for my husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.

91. Darling, I pray for you this new week, you will never be devoid of God’s mercy, your life will continually radiate his blessings and glory. The glory of the Lord overshadows you and gives you peace. I wish you blessings in this new week.

92. I pray that lines fall in the perfect place for you, greater heights in all you do and desire now, and evermore. Have a blissful week ahead, my love.

93. You will not struggle this week. You’re crowned with excellence. Nothing shall be missing, and nothing shall be broken. You will enjoy God’s blessings like never before. Have an amazing new week, my king.

94. I pray that the Lord bless you and prosper your way. May He open portals of favor for you. You’re welcome to your new week of thanksgiving. A blessed new week to you, sweetheart.

95. May the Lord order your steps and make smooth your way as you go out. May heavenly blessings be upon you in this new week and the rest of your life. Enjoy an amazing new week.

96. To my soul-mate, I pray for you in this new week that the Lord be with you, by you, and on your side. The Lord goes before you. He is at your back and he stands by you. You’re blessed. I wish you a blissful new week, friend.

97. Good morning, love. New week, new opportunities, and achievements shall be your portion. God will increase His favor upon your life. I wish you a splendid week.

98. Everywhere you have experience dryness, barrenness, and fruitlessness in your life, this new week shall bring a turn-around experience. You shall enjoy surplus, fruitfulness, and blessings in Jesus’ name. Have a transforming week.

99. May the Almighty God grant you strength for a new week and cause you to triumph over all your enemies and adversaries. I wish you a new week with blessings.

100. May the Lord in his mercy showers you with blessings and decorate you with favor. May you find help this week. Go and make an impact, dear best friend. Do have a superlative week!

Make your choice of any of the prayers for a new week and help your family, friends, and loved ones start the new week on a spiritual note.

With a lot of new month blessings and wishes to pick from, your friend, colleague, or lover ( husband / wife, or boyfriend / girlfriend ) will be confident again to start the week with the consciousness of God’s backing and blessings. What a great way to venture into a week filled with many unknowns and uncertainties.

More so, I want to join my faith with you, if you have used these as new week prayer points and declarations for yourself. I pray that at the end of this week, you shall look back, count your blessings and testify to God’s miracle-working power in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Do have a miraculous week ahead.

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