Depressed Pregnancy Quotes For Husband

55 Depressed Pregnancy Quotes For Husband From Wife

Here is a collection of good depressed pregnancy quotes for husband from wife to communicate your feelings.

While postpartum depression, a condition that develops soon after a baby is born, is well-known, prenatal depression, which develops throughout pregnancy, is less well-known.

Despite varying figures, one study discovered that about 25% of pregnant women suffered from prenatal depression.

Though they might not be severe enough to warrant a diagnosis of depression, it is also common for women to experience some depressive symptoms.

Postpartum depression is more likely to occur in women who experience depressive symptoms during pregnancy. In fact, many experts agree all pregnant women should undergo prenatal and postpartum depression screenings.

Unfortunately, one of the common effects of depression is lack of communication. The depressed person is sucked into the vortex of emotions such as shame and guilt that the notion of speaking out seem impossible.

But it is important to let your husband know how you feel, especially with your pregnancy. He was part of the baby making process, so he should be getting some depressed pregnancy quotes for husband. If he’s a caring partner (and we hope he is) his awareness of how you feel will cause him to give you the help you need.

If you don’t know how to write depressed pregnancy quotes for husband, no need to stress yourself more than you already are.

Check out these expressive depressed pregnancy quotes for husband to express your innermost feelings to your husband.

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Short Letter To Husband From Pregnant Wife

If it’s hard for you to speak about your pregnancy, or you just want to appreciate your husband, send him a short letter.

Here are some short letter to husband from pregnant wife ideas to help you:

1. Dear husband, hovering over the toilet and letting out that vomit wasn’t pleasant for each of us. Yet, thank you for holding my hair and patting my back.

2. You have spent the past months buying my favorite meal at strange hours of the night. You’re an awesome husband.

3. Dear husband, I hope you’ll let me use all of the pillows. There’s no comfortable sleep position for me since this tummy became like an elephant’s.

4. Dear husband, I’m not a fan of the labor room but I hope you’ll be there to hold my hand and tell me comforting words if the pain gets too much.

5. Dear husband, the new baby we’re birthing will most likely keep us awake. That means no full night’s sleep or regular sleeping patterns for us for a while. I hope you’re ready.

6. Dear husband, I see you working hard to make sure we have food on the table. I see you planning for our children’s future even before they are born. I see you and I thank you.

7. Dear husband, I hope once this baby is born, you’ll return home from work to put her to sleep. I hope she hears your heartbeat and drifts to sleepville.

8. Dear husband, I’ve seen the pride in your eyes as I took my pills and exercised. You love that I’m taking care of myself and the coming baby. I’m more eager to step into my new role for more of those encouraging looks from you.

9. Dear husband, I’m glad you care about the baby even though it’ll be months before it comes. It’s beautiful seeing how eager you are to be a father.

10. Dear husband, I noticed our neighbor’s husband running to the store at 3 am to get the formula. Let’s be more proactive by buying cartons of formula in advance.

11. Dear husband, I’ll tell our baby how much you have been sacrificing for him. He’ll have to appreciate you much more than I do.

12. Dear husband, society does not credit your efforts but I already see that you’re the best father I could ever give our coming child.

13. Dear husband, knowing that you’re the father of my child makes you better than superman in my eyes.

14. Dear husband, thank you for making me a mother. I promise to be the best mother for the two of us.

15. Dear husband, nobody ever forgets when one shows love in hard times. If you treat me well, you’ll have a friend in me for life.

16. Dear husband, once the baby is born, I want a drama-free time to heal physically and emotionally. I don’t want to hear about any family issues.

17. Dear husband, I’m afraid I may not be able to make it from the labor room. If there’s a medical complication, choose the baby first. I trust you.

18. Dear husband, I feel anxious about what the future holds for us and the baby. I try to be positive but many negative thoughts cloud my mind. I need your positive vibes a lot.

19. Dear husband, sometimes I need you to be still and listen to me. I don’t need to be fixed, I only need a listening ear.

20. Dear husband, sometimes all I need is a hug. A bear hug that showers me with love and assurance that all will be well.

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Depressed Pregnancy Quotes For Husband

Only you know your feelings during this pregnancy, but the depressed pregnancy quotes for husband below may help you express them.

1. I don’t want you to understand this depression so you won’t have it. But I want you to comfort me in ways I crave for.

2. I’m not feeling good at all, and there’s no glow on my skin. I feel insecure but I still need you to promise you’ll always call me beautiful.

3. I’m scared I’ll lose the baby and myself. I’m scared I won’t be there to watch the baby grow. But promise me that you’ll always remember me.

4. What I want is an intimate union, one where love and transparency reign. I need to feel connected to you- body, mind, spirit, and soul.

5. I feel concerned that this baby won’t like or love me, and I worry that you’ll fall out of love with me.

6. Whenever I tell you I’m fine, know that I need you more at that moment.

7. If I’m quiet, say something to me. If I’m sad, make me laugh or just hug me. If I’m in tears, kiss my cheeks.

8. Sometimes, I want to scream, other times, I want to be alone and say nothing. Sometimes, I want to cry all day, other times, I want to be held.

9. Walking, exercising, or talking sometimes won’t help me. I just need your arms around my waist and sweet words in my ears.

10. What I truly desire is to know that you love me even if I’m three sizes bigger. I want to remind you to do it but I need you to be willing to show me that.

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Emotional Pregnancy Quotes For Husband

Your husband already knows how emotional you are at this time. Share these emotional pregnancy quotes for husband to let him know how to treat you in that state.

1. What a pregnant wife desires are to have her husband become her strength, to uphold her when she’s weak, and be her biggest support.

2. I hope you’ll continue to be my biggest cheerleader even when I’m not feeling myself.

3. She hopes you will clean her tears even when she makes decisions that weren’t the best at the moment.

4. A pregnant woman needs compassion and understanding from her husband. Remember that her physical and emotional conditioner are not the same as before.

5. She’s pregnant with tons of weight on her mind and body. She’ll be tired and even irritated. Sometimes, she doesn’t know why she’s that way.

6. For God’s sake, she’s nurturing an entire being inside her. It’s a whirlwind experience for her. Show her some empathy.

7. A woman who is carrying another soul should be helped with the basic chores. It’s a different kind of responsibility.

8. Never, ever compare your wife’s body to another. Each woman who’s been through childbirth has a different story to tell. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on her.

9. Show some consideration. Approach her and give her the shoulder of assurance that you are there. You’ll become the best of friends after that.

10. Once she gets pregnant, she’ll become over-conscious of her body. She needs that assurance that she’s still beautiful even with all the delivery scars.

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Message To Husband From Pregnant Wife

By sending a message to husband from pregnant wife, you can let him know what you think of the pregnancy you’re currently nurturing.

1. You became a father when you got the pregnancy report. You will come to realize the beauty of relationships and the joyful responsibilities that come with parenting.

2. You’ve shown me, love. With this baby, you will learn a different type of love: a truer and purer kind.

3. I’m so glad I’ll be giving you a more awesome version of yourself. But you’ll be impacting precious virtues and values to our child.

4. You need a lot of strength to handle who’s coming. I feel like a super energetic person.

5. I almost can’t wait to see you changing our child’s diapers. It’s going to be one of the most eye-opening experiences in your life.

6. Being pregnant for you is one of the most surreal experiences. I know this will change us, but I wonder what it’ll change you into.

7. Honey, since I’m pregnant, I have the right to the last of every food in the house.

8. What I crave is your continuous admiration for me. Thank you for loving me more than ever before.

9. I feel blessed to have a man like you by my side. You’ve become practically everything I needed for this pregnancy to bloom.

10. I thought I had seen all of you when I married you, but now we have greater depths to you. You are holding the world so I won’t be bothered. I love you.

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