First Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

First Pregnancy Announcement Quotes / Messages / Posts (100 Samples Of Pregnancy Announcement)

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life. When someone is developing within the womb, it brings so much happiness, love, and delight.

When you are pregnant, especially for the first time, you can’t keep the news to yourself. You’ll want to make a first pregnancy announcement with your partner, family, and friends. You’ll probably need to take a moment to compose yourself and consider how drastically your life is going to change.

You should carefully consider the words you use to announce your pregnancy at this time. You’ll need to come up with a clever first pregnancy announcement to inform your parents and loved ones that you’re expecting, once the shock wears off and you’ve transitioned into full-on mom mode.

It’s probably not a good idea to tell your full squad right away. Your spouse, parents, siblings, and closest friends are the first people you should tell the secret to.

Your primary objective should be to come up with a lighthearted way to tell your loved ones that you are expecting a child.

Ideally, they will be as thrilled to hear the wonderful news as you are!

One of the greatest ways to tell someone you’re pregnant is to send them a text message. Pick one of these 100 first pregnancy announcement quotes to announce your pregnancy and use it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, or any other social media.

First Pregnancy Announcement Messages

About to be a brand-new mother? Here are several first pregnancy announcement messages for your first child’s upcoming arrival. Take it all in; everyone will be thrilled for you.

1. My motherhood journey has just started. My husband and I are excited about having our new baby soon. We’re thrilled about holding a possibly red-faced curly-haired baby.

2. My family is finally growing. Soon, we’ll become parents. I’m almost impatient to have this baby come into the world. This is the best thing that’s happened to us this year.

3. God has blessed me with a wonderful gift. That gift is growing healthily in my womb. Please keep praying for me.

4. The next most precious news after getting married is getting pregnant. I wish I could fast-forward to 9 months already. But I guess, I’ll just have to slow down and enjoy the process.

5. Two is becoming three. I’ve never felt as happy as this. Being a mother is surreal for me. Congratulations to us.

6. In 9 months, a little somebody will join us. That person will bring a lot of happiness and comfort to my family. Thank you, God.

7. I need to rest more so I’ll gather energy for the time when our little one will keep us sleepless. Yes, I’m pregnant!

8. My biggest wish was to become a parent. Now, I’ve reached the first milestone of becoming a mother. I’m pregnant with my first child!

9. I’ve got huge news. I’m expecting a little one. I’m finally going to have soon to pour so much love on. May I receive my precious one safely.

10. It’s unbelievable! I’m going to be a mom. I mean, just yesterday I was a teen girl, then, I was graduating from college, now somebody’s going to call me mama. Awesome!

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Pregnancy Announcement Post

Announcing your pregnancy is one of the biggest announcements that you will ever make in your life, and you want it to be memorable, right?

I mean really, how many times are you going to have the chance to craft the perfect pregnancy announcement post status and share such good news?

This list of cute pregnancy announcement post are perfect for sharing your joyous news with friends and family.

1. With lots of happiness in our hearts, we cheerfully announce that we’ll be having a baby soon. Congratulations to us!

2. I’ve experienced a lot of sweet moments in my life, but nothing compares to the sweetness you feel knowing that there’s life blossoming in your tummy. It’s indescribable.

3. Another amazing journey has just begun. In less than nine months, I’ll be holding a bundle of joy. Let the countdown begin.

4. I’ve been glowing a lot lately, and people have been complimenting me. However, the glow is not from some beauty product or skincare routine, it’s the life growing inside me. That’s the reason for my glow.

5. I’m speechless. The words to describe the joy welling up in my heart have escaped me. The report shows that I’m pregnant. A baby is on the way, people!

6. My biggest dream is now a reality. A human being is blooming within me. I’m going to be a mother. This will be a great experience for me.

7. We’ve asked God for a miracle. Instead, He made the miracle grow inside me. God has an interesting sense of humor.

8. Awards, global recognition, and a fat paycheck can only do so much. Still, I’ve felt an emptiness within. Now, I’m overjoyed because I’ve been given a living gift. I’ll be holding the gift in a short time. I am complete.

9. The news that I’m pregnant has transformed my life. I crave new things daily. Even my interests have changed. I must be carrying an interesting child.

10. I feel as if I can burst with happiness. This unborn child has filled me with happiness. Life has given me a new adventure.

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How To Announce Pregnancy To Family

Although many people announce their pregnancies to their friends and colleagues on social media, most of us still prefer to announce a pregnancy to family in person. It’s amazing to see their reactions and share in the joy together.

Below you will find some unique ways showing you how to announce pregnancy to family at family gatherings or even at holiday events like Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Congratulations on becoming grandparents. You two will look great with the new baby.

2. Would you like to babysit for a couple of months? No, you’re not old. You’ll only be having fun.

3. Our bloodline continues. This baby will continue the family legacy. I hope you have plenty of strength to help me train him.

4. Your family leadership has been cemented with the news of your future grandson or granddaughter. Congratulations to all of us.

5. My baby seems too eager to meet with her new family. She’s kicking a lot more than usual.

6. We’re so happy that our future bundle of joy will be meeting the most caring grandparents ever.

7. I’m so blessed to be a part of this incredible family. You’ve treated me with more kindness than I anticipated. Even more, I’m happy our baby is related to this family.

8. May happiness continue to bloom in this family especially as a baby will be joining us soon.

9. Congratulations on your promotion to grandparents. And congratulate us for stepping into your position too.

10. You’ll be uncles and aunties soon. This is the perfect time to practice parenting for your future too.

11. Mum, I wonder what you will look like with a baby in your hands. I’m sure I’ll see that soon in a few months.

12. Honey, a mini-you is on the way. I want him to be as handsome as you, but I hope he has my temperament though.

13. I’ve got the perfect motivation for you to become a millionaire in months. We’re having two babies.

14. I dreamt I was holding a baby. The doctor confirmed it to be true.

15. Get ready everyone. We’ll be celebrating Christmas with a bundle of new genes.

16. What do you think about someone screaming daddy all day? Never mind. It’s happening soon.

17. I think you need to practice singing because you’ll be exercising your vocals very soon. Someone will need to hear some lullabies to sleep.

18. I like that we’re a tidy family, but someone’s coming to mess this place up soon. Just imagine a guest walking in and stepping on a toy.

19. Someone has decided to leave heaven so we’ll become three. And he made my body his home until (delivery date).

20. What are your favorite baby names? Starting thinking of them because we’ll need them in less than 9 months.

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How To Announce Pregnancy To Friends

Let’s face it. We all have those folks that we consider family. They’ve been with us through thick and thin. They’ve also shared in our pain and happiness. So, they will be flying out of the roof when you tell them about your pregnancy.

However, your intimate relations with them compel you to make your announcement more interesting.

Depending on how large a net you want to cast, here are some out-of-the-box ideas that show you how to announce pregnancy to friends:

1. Be careful of your wishes. I used to wish I knew how pregnancy feels, but I now know.

2. I don’t have much to say but my child’s already announcing I’m pregnant.

3. No more trying for pregnancy because I’m already an expecting mum.

4. No drinking, partying, junk, or sweetmeats in the next 9 months. A cute, little somebody won’t like that.

5. Two new feet will be added to my family by Christmas. I guess I should start learning how to bake.

6. Could you help me babyproof my house? I want my coming precious gem to be safe.

7. Weirdly, I’ve been throwing up a lot. I feel more tired than normal and so touchy. What do you think?

8. I recently found out I have internal growth within. But don’t worry, it’ll be out in a couple of months to hang out at my breasts.

9. I can’t keep this in anymore. Hubby and I are about to be parents.

10. I feel so alive, but that’s because there’s a life inside me kicking with joy.

Sneaky Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Looking for sneaky ways to announce pregnancy to let everyone know that you’re expecting?

If so, the quotes below are perfect for you. Choose from these almost unsuspecting pregnancy announcement quotes.

1. Please get double the groceries. I’ll be eating for two or possibly three. More nutrients are needed to nourish my body.

2. I wonder what you looked like when you were a kid. Well, I’m going to see it when our baby’s born. I hope you were cute though.

3. You’ll be getting a new mini-boss soon. This one will probably fill this house with screaming, babbling, and crying. Get ready to change some diapers.

4. A new reader is joining us in 9 months. Buy more storybooks or it’ll not let us go to bed on time.

5. What do you think our first child’s name should be? Don’t worry if you can’t answer right now. You have 9 months to think up something.

6. A new year comes with new things. And we have received a new baby.

7. Let’s prove how much we love each other. The proof of my love for you is coming in a few months. What’s yours?

8. What do you think of these shoes? Do you think they’re too big for our new baby?

9. Honey, please solve this puzzle. Someone’s bringing us a special Christmas gift. But we’ll need to buy a cradle to keep it. What gift is that?

10. There’s a new movie coming out and it’s based on a true-life story. The title of the movie is “I’m pregnant.”

Pregnancy Announcement Template

So now is the appropriate moment to let everyone know that you are having a child!

We’re all at different stages of parenting, so some of your announcements will come as a complete surprise, while others will be eagerly anticipated.

To convey your good news, you must pick the ideal statement or a clever pregnancy announcement caption.

You can choose a pregnancy announcement quote that is very meaningful to you from the variety of pregnancy announcement template provided in the list below.

1. We’re having a new family member soon. He or she deserves a lot of paparazzi. Our family will be blessed by this news.

2. What’s more fantastic than knowing you are about to become a mother? That’s right! I’m about to reproduce my replica.

3. One of the most difficult things a woman has to do is have a baby. I’m ready for this anyway. Here’s my announcement to everyone.

4. Light is coming into my home. He’s bringing lots of fanfare with him. I look forward to showing everyone my surprise in a few months.

5. Nothing can be compared with the feeling of birthing another being. The nine months journey gets more awesome by the day.

6. It’s only a while before I receive God’s gift to me. Every time I think of it, I feel gratitude. Keep praying for me.

7. One of the best moments in your life to be fat is when you’re pregnant. Everyone, especially your spouse, dotes on you. I enjoy these moments a lot.

8. I’m ready to perform one of the most important responsibilities in history- being a parent. I’ve gotten used to being called a mum.

9. My family will soon be complete. Our baby is blessed to have my husband and me as parents. It’s so cool.

10. A new addition is on the way. Henceforth, my family will only receive happiness. Please pray that my child is a healthy one.

11. The moment of my rebirth is here. Yes, I’ll be born anew the moment the baby comes out.

12. The best recipe is the combination of two human beings to produce a brand new human. Yep! A baby’s coming.

13. Guess the answer: My biggest superpower is my ability to multiply a seed, grow it, birth it and nurse it. What am I?

14. I’ve shut the mouth of every human pestering me when I’m going to have a baby.

15. One was great, two were fun, so we’re adding a third one. Baby number 3 is brewing.

16. Thank God for pregnancy. It doesn’t allow room for dieting.

17. I’ve been practicing for this moment my whole life. I feel like I already know how to raise a proper kid. I’m ready to become a super mum.

18. We’ll need to cuddle more now because soon there’ll be some space between us for months.

19. Something’s cooking in my belly. Be on alert till (delivery date).

20. I just found out I have two stars coming through. I think we need a bigger house with more room.

Pregnancy Announcement Wording

Looking for suggestions for pregnancy announcement wording? Check out these pregnancy templates quotes to use when announcing the arrival of your new child.

1. My husband and I have waited for this moment for a long time. Our wish has come. We’re happy to let you know that we’re expecting a little prince or princess.

2. I’m officially pregnant. My waistline is about to get a whole lot thicker. Urgent shopping is needed. A babysitter or two will come in handy too.

3. I’ve got great news for you. I’m pregnant! We’ll need a second bed for an additional somebody. This is a huge achievement.

4. Our third member is joining us in a short while. Come and join in our happiness as we plan the most amazing party for it.

5. I’m overjoyed to give my husband the best news of his life. I’m carrying his child. Please celebrate with me.

6. Pregnancy is the new sexy. I didn’t know having a big tummy was so beautiful. I’m enjoying being pregnant. All the best to me.

7. Motherhood is a miracle. A new branch will be added to my family tree soon. With lots of pride, I announce to you all that I’m pregnant!

8. An angel has left heaven to be in my tummy. I feel waves of happiness as it stretches in my womb. I’m very happy.

9. God has blessed me so much in my short life. The best of them will be here in a few weeks. Let me in your prayers.

10. The best teacher of patience is pregnancy. You have to wait 9 months to revive the most adorable gift ever. Happy pregnancy to me!

Ways To Announce Pregnancy On Social Media

At this time, letting others know about your pregnancy via social media is the new deal. Once the news is out, it spreads really fast. This is a great way to get the news to distant family, friends, and relatives.

Here are some great ways to announce pregnancy on social media. Have lots of fun.

1. Rocking this bump with excitement in my heart.

You can post a picture of your baby bump. This is sure to spark a lot of responses and excitement among your fans.

2. The latest family member is loading …

This has some intrigue in it but it’s sure to get your followers talking.

3. Shopping for baby things soon.

This will elicit a lot of ideas on the essential things to get for your child, especially from your female fans. I mean, who knows better about baby stuff than mothers right?

4. Here’s a little secret- I’m pregnant.

This secret not-so-secret will get the comment section heavy with congratulations.

5. A new life awaits.

This could easily be mistaken for a new marital relationship or some vacation, so make sure you post a baby picture, or something related to a baby so your audience will understand.

6. My soon-to-be job title- is mum.

This is indirect yet it tells your social media audience what you’re expecting. Get ready for loads of advice from your social folks.

7. There’s a new twist in my love story. A baby!

This one-liner storytelling post will spark a lot of interest on your timeline. They’ll be lots of smiles from your audience

8. Here’s a sneak peek of my coming baby.

You may show a scan of your baby in your womb. Be ready for the ahs, awns, and congratulations.

9. Hi everyone, my baby’s on the way.

This directly informs everyone of your pregnancy. Be ready to be celebrated.

10. I’m happy to let everyone know that a special blessing is about to arrive.

This statement will surely spark some intrigue. Your followers will keep guessing, but chances are, they will get the message faster if you add a baby picture or a picture of your pregnant self to it.

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