What To Say To Someone Going Through Chemo Treatments

[2024] What To Say To Someone Going Through Chemo Treatments Or Someone With Cancer

For someone going through chemo treatment, it means they are battling cancer which is one of the most deadly sicknesses out there.

Chemotherapy or chemo according to the oxford dictionary is the treatment of disease by the use of chemical substances, especially the treatment of cancer by cytotoxic and other drugs which means a person going through chemo treatments is going through treatment for cancer. This knowledge is very important to know exactly what to say to someone going through chemo treatments.

It can be very challenging and at the same time demanding to find out someone you love or close to you have cancer. If you are not careful, you might be so overwhelmed with emotions that you find it difficult to know exactly what to say. That is why these lists of what to say to someone going through chemo treatments will be of a great deal to you.

What you have to know is that a person going through chemo treatment is already on the journey of fighting the cancer cells or tumor in whatever part of their body and what to say to such person should gender towards encouragement and expressing hope and faith for them to make it through the treatment and defeat cancel at the end.

To make the job extremely easy for you, I have written below some of what to say to someone going through chemo treatments, just take one or two and dedicate it to that special loved one going through chemo treatment, and don’t forget to share with others who may want to share the same with any of their loved one going through something similar.

First Day of Chemo Quotes

Starting anything is not quite easy. The first day of chemo cannot be anything different.

Though it is the first day of the journey of recovery, it requires a lot of strength, faith, courage, and encouragement.

This list of the first day of chemo quotes will be of great advantage to help strengthen that loved one with cancer embarking on chemo treatments.

1. “When there is hope and the will to fight, cancer becomes a walk-through, not a dead end.” Sam Adenuga

2. “Cancer is a disease in the body not a sickness in the soul. With your will to live, you will put cancer behind you.” Sam Adenuga.

3. “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today, let us begin.” Mother Teresa

4. “Let nothing trouble you, let nothing frighten you. All things are passing; God never changes. Patience obtains all things. He who possesses God lacks nothing. God alone suffices.” St. Teresa of Avila

5. “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6.

What To Say To Someone Going Through Chemo Treatments

Chemo treatments are very important for cancer patients. It is the modern effective way of treating cancer. Though it is not so much easy exercise, it is very effective and a patient can hope to recover through the treatment.

If you have a friend or loved one going through chemo treatments, they need words of encouragement and assurance that will strengthen them throughout the process.

Below are some of the best, what to say to someone going through chemo treatments for that your friend or loved one fighting cancer.

1. I know this can be a very difficult and challenging moment for you but I want you to keep your hopes high, you will get out soon.

2. Seeing that you are going through your chemo session in high spirit assures me that you will soon beat this cancer.

3. Keep your hopes high, dear. My good thoughts are with you as you start your chemo treatments.

4. I am very hopeful; that it will be your last day of chemo very soon.

5. I can see you are feeling sad because you have lost your hair and lost some weight too doing your chemotherapy but I want you to know you are still as beautiful as you ever.

6. In this fight against cancer, I don’t want your focus to be on how far you have to go but on how far you have come. Surely you will soon be where you have to be.

7. I know how emotionally draining this has been for you especially when you lose your hair during the cause of the treatment but I want you to know that you are still very much beautiful and charming.

8. I want you to be rest assured that you will ring that cancer bell soon as you are almost close to the end of your chemo treatments.

9. I can assure you of all the support you need at this challenging moment. Be strong for us, please.

10. You have been in this fight against cancer for so long, now you are making it through to the end of your chemo sessions. Congratulations dear.

11. I am happy you are making speedy progress with your chemotherapy. Don’t worry you are almost there.

12. The doctor said you are doing fantastic with your chemo. I don’t expect less from a fighter like you.

13. I am very happy you can make it to another session of your chemo treatment today. Keep hopes, high dear.

14. With so much love, I want to say recover with speed and less pain.

15. Day after day, you are getting closer to the end of your chemotherapy. I want you to know I am counting along with you, love.

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What To Say To Someone With Cancer That Is Dying

What To Say To Someone With Cancer That Is Dying

Cancer has stages. Some of the stages are deadly and could be hopeless for the patient.

If you have someone with cancer that is dying, here are some of the words full of hope, love, faith, and prayers you can say to them to help ease their pain in the trying time.

Do take one or two of the below list of what to say to someone with cancer that is dying and especially dedicates it to that special person fighting cancer.

1. My thoughts are with you. I pray you will know how much I love you and care about you.

2. You are a great fighter. I pray for you great peace in this difficult time.

3. Thought is a difficult time for you but I want you to know we all care so much about you and will always be by your side.

4. I want you to know that I feel your pain and grief and nothing will make me leave your side.

5. I remember all the good moments we’ve shared and how great and lovable soul you are. Even at this challenging time, you are pleasant.

6. Don’t be afraid, we are all here for you and our desire for you is to find great peace at this moment.

7. I want to see you feel good and regain your strength. We are in this fight together.

8. Running through my thoughts are the memories of the great life you have lived and your numerous accomplishments. I am thankful for you.

9. I want you to know that we are all proof of the good life you have lived. We will always be here for you to reassure you of our love for you.

10. I can assure you of my love and comfort at this difficult time. I pray for you to find perfect peace in all this.

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Short Positive Message For Cancer Patient

Cancer is bad. It alters the life of its victim. The truth is that it is difficult to live with sickness which is why so many cancer patients could become negative-minded in their fight against the disease.

If you are around such a patient or you have one as a friend or loved one, you need to send them some positive messages to help strengthen them.

To help you in this, I have compiled below, a list of Short positive message for cancer patient. Do make judicious use of them.

1. Don’t worry; you will surely get through this.

2. You will be fine in no time, don’t stop fighting.

3. I want you to know cancer is not a dead end, you will live through this.

4. Don’t be discouraged you are almost there.

5. The doctor made us know you are making significant progress. I am happy for you.

6. Believe me, this will be over soon.

7. Your determination to beat this cancer is so encouraging. Keep it up, dear.

8. You are almost there, friend. Your courage and endurance are very encouraging.

9. With the fight, you have put in so far and the strength you have shown, I see you coming better and stronger.

10. You’re getting over this, friend. It’s just a matter of time. Everything will soon be over and you’ll be back stronger than you’ve ever been.

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Encouraging Words For Someone With Cancer

Encouraging Words For Someone With Cancer

Fighting cancer is not easy. It’s something difficult for the patient.

With the list below, you will fight some of the best encouraging words for someone with cancer to give them strength through difficult times.

1. This is cancer; it is not the end of life. Don’t ever give up the fight.

2. You are getting better day by day. You are almost there mum.

3. I am always here for you; I will love to help with all you need.

4. You should know that each day brings you healing and you are closer to kicking cancer behind you.

5. Your effort to live through this is encouraging. The doctor said the cancer cells are clearing out so fast.

6. I want you always cheer up, cancer is a word, not a death sentence.

7. God is with you through all these. You are not alone dad.

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Words Of Encouragement For Cancer Patients Family

Families with cancer patients need a lot of encouragement. Some of them are already exhausted from the stress, pain, etc of having and taking care of a person with cancer.

If you have any of such families around or even within your extended family, here are words of encouragement for cancer patients family will brighten their day and leave much so much strength.

1. I know it has been difficult and challenging for the family of late but I believe we will all come out of this stronger and better.

2. If you don’t mind, I will be available to take him to his next chemo treatment so that you can have time to rest and stay with the kids.

3. She will not just survive cancer but will go on to live a wonderful life after.

4. It is great to know it is not a terminal case. I pray for more strength for the whole family to live through all of these.

5. I know it’s been hard for the family, considering the stress of being in and out of the hospital lately. I will be available this weekend to help with the kids.

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Comforting Words For Someone With Cancer

Everybody in life needs comfort, especially someone with cancer. Many cancer patients face hopelessly; they are sometimes not so sure if they will come out of it alive. Comforting words for someone with cancer will go a long way to comfort and encourage such people.

Do use this list of comforting words for someone with cancer to reassure someone with cancer of hope and a brighter future.

1. Cancer is not the end of life. You still have a very bright future ahead of you.

2. This may be the most difficult period of your life, be rest assured because it will soon be your past.

3. It is normal to be afraid at such a time as this, but giving up is never an option.

4. Don’t give up the fight; you will soon put all this behind you.

5. You are always in my thought and prayers. Don’t feel you are alone in all these.

6. I want you to know that cancer cannot define who you are. You are still that sweet, loving, and great achiever I have always known.

7. I saw a rainbow yesterday; it reminded me how much you love the rainbow and how colorful your life has been even now that you have cancer.

How To Cheer Up Someone With Cancer

If you have someone with cancer around, one thoughtful thing to do for them is to cheer them up.

In case you are looking for how to do this, I have written here in this list of how to cheer up someone with cancer some of the best things to say to cheer up that friend or loved one with cancer.

1. Don’t forget our vacation plan is still intact, get well soon love. If you need a shoulder to lean on at this time, I am here for you.

2. You are almost there, day after day, you are getting better and getting closer to putting cancer behind you.

3. In the next few days, you will be done with your treatments. This calls for celebration.

4. It is just one session of chemotherapy left. I am glad you made it.

5. You are doing great. Don’t give up the fight.

Comforting Words For Someone With Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer women do have. It could be serious or just at the early stage if discovered early. In any case, it is not something easy to have breast cancer and someone with one will a lot of comfort friend their friends or loved ones. What exactly is what this writes up on comforting words for someone with breast cancer meant to achieve.

Go through the list, pick one or two and send it to comfort that special someone with breast cancer.

1. Breast cancer is not a death sentence. You will come out of this in no time.

2. Breast cancer has the highest survival rate in the world; don’t be afraid you will bit this.

3. Thought you lose your hair doing chemo, I know how bad you felt but the truth is that you are still as beautiful as ever. Your beauty comes in different shades.

4. I want you to know that this is not the end of life. With a little more determination, you will put cancer behind you.

5. I must say I have great admiration for your commitment to motherhood and despise your fight against cancer. You have been so much active as you fight to bit the terrible disease.

6. I love you so much and I will always be by your side during this difficult time.

7. You can on me during this time. I will come over the weekend to help with the kids.

What Not To Say To Someone With Cancer

Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases out there. When you are around someone with it, you have to be very sensitive and very careful of what you say. You don’t want to further complicate the issue for them with your words by saying something unfounded.

If you are a careful type who wants to know what not to say to someone with cancer, the list below will be very helpful for you.

1. I have a friend who died of cancer; I hope I won’t lose you too. Don’t mention anything related to death.

2. Don’t say everything will be alright. You are not the oncology or their doctor.

3. You don’t need to tell them you know how they feel. You don’t have cancer, which could paint as being insensitive.

4. Don’t try to say they are looking great when you know they don’t look good just to encourage them.

5. It is not good to compare their variety of cancer, in a bit to let them know less deadly it is.

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