10 Really Unusual Sick Day Excuses

50 + 10 Really Unusual Sick Day Excuses For Calling Off Work For Personal Reasons

It could be awkward to make a call (or, really, an email) while at work. If you have contracted an illness or a virus that prohibits you from reporting to work, you surely worry that your boss will dismiss you.

You could be concerned that taking time off to look after yourself would cause you to lose your job since your absence will make you seem unreliable.

In truth, people do get sick. Life does happen because we are all only human. Every now and then, you should take the day off to relax. Furthermore, if you are ill, nobody in their right mind will want you to spread contagious germs across the office.

Your manager is hardly likely to grant your request to take time off work when you are ill (unless, they have a valid reason for needing you at the office, or you have a history of giving 10 really unusual sick day excuses to call off work). It’s doubtful that your boss will discipline you for becoming sick or eating bad sushi for dinner the night before, similar to the last point. Since most individuals have been in your position, they may connect to point 1.

You can also be permitted to utilize any unused sick days. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, each employee with at least a year of service has an average of eight paid sick days. That number increases to 11 for a worker having a tenure of 25 years with the same business. Yet, this is a rough estimate.

So, how do you contact your employer to let them know that you’ll be out sick? We’ve got you covered with these 10 really unusual sick day excuses to call off from work.

These 10 really unusual sick day excuses will make your excuses more pliable before your bosses and colleagues.

Bulletproof 10 Really Unusual Sick Day Excuses

Read on for Bulletproof 10 really unusual sick day excuses, even at the last minute.

1. I am taking a 10-day sick leave to have my eye surgery. I have been told _ to lead the team meeting. _ will be taking over while I’m gone. Thanks for understanding.

2. The doctor confirmed I have stomach flu, so I will be taking two sick days. I don’t want any of my colleagues to be affected. I’ve told my supervisor already.

3. I’ve got an appointment to donate blood today. I will resume work tomorrow when I’m more clear-headed.

4. My doctor called in at the last minute for an allergy test. I’m sure it will take all day. Expect me at work tomorrow.

5. I awoke to a sore throat and hacking cough today. I don’t want to spread my illness to anyone so I won’t be coming in today.

6. I am experiencing a terrible allergic reaction because of the drastic change in weather. For some reason, the symptoms are hard to control, so I need to take the day off.

7. I’ve been having excruciating abdominal cramps. I’m barely able to type this text. Sadly, I won’t be present at work today.

8. I won’t be able to make it to work today. Conjunctivitis has been common in schools today, and my son has caught him. I need to get him treated urgently.

9. I finally got an appointment with my cardiologist after weeks, and a slot is available tomorrow. I’ll be absent from work then.

10. I woke up with a banging headache and I’m currently at the doctor’s office for a checkup. I apologize for this coming late but I won’t come in today.

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Calling Off Work For Personal Reasons

1. My wife has been diagnosed with Covid and since I’ve been in contact I need to be quarantined and tested too. I need two weeks off. I’ll work remotely from here.

2. I contracted something from my sick pet, and I’ll be going to the hospital for treatment. I’ll keep you updated.

3. I had too many drinks last night. My head is banging off the roof. Please cover up for me till I’m able to recuperate. I’ll come in by noon.

4. I’m having a stomach problem. I think it came from something I ate at the office party. I will be seeing a doctor soon. The documents are in my drawer. Thanks for understanding.

5. I’ve been hospitalized for menstrual cramps. I can hardly type, please reach out to _ if you need help with anything.

6. I have a medical appointment with my vet. I won’t be able to see him at any other time because he’ll be traveling. Do email me if you need to talk to me. Thanks.

7. I sprained my ankle this morning. I’m currently having it fixed. I’ve exchanged shifts with _. I’ll resume work next week.

8. I’ll be giving birth in two days. I need the month off to care for and nurse my new baby. All the files have been shared with the team. Thanks for understanding.

9. I had a car crash yesterday, and I’m badly injured. _ has promised to step in for me till I recover. The team is also on alert. Thank you for understanding.

10. I’m having a mental breakdown again. I’ll be seeing my psychiatrist today. I’ve pushed my meetings till 1 pm and my client has agreed. Thanks for understanding.

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Creative Reasons To Call Off Work

1. I have an appointment with the psychotherapist today. This is the only free slot until next year. I won’t be at the office today. _ will handle the clients online instead.

2. I’m having serious back pain. I can barely move from the bed. I need two days to deal with this issue. _ will take care of things till I resume.

3. I need to fix my braces again. I won’t come to work till tomorrow. Text me if there’s anything I can help you with.

4. I woke up with boils all over my body. I wouldn’t want anyone to witness this sore sight. The doctor will soon check up on me, and I’ll keep you informed about it.

5. I hurt my nose while coming down the stairs and I’m on my way to the hospital for a checkup. This will probably take all day. Please call me if there’s anything important.

6. I cut my hand while cooking last night. The wound is a bit deep, and my hand is too painful to use. I won’t be able to handle any construction work for the next week. I will, however, help with the design idea generation.

7. I got stung by a bee I didn’t think I was allergic to and the reaction was bad. I’m being taken to the hospital. Please reach out to _ for help.

8. My eyes are swollen today. It’s super sensitive to light. I’ll be having it checked today. The team has been notified of my absence.

9. I got burned when cooking and my body hurts. I won’t be at work for the next two days. You can call me if there’s anything important.

10. My heel snapped when I fell down the stairs. I’m currently having it checked but it’s too painful to move. I’ll attend the meeting online instead.

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Best Excuses To Call Out Of Work

Check out the following best excuses to call out of work provided below.

1. I have to meet with my counselor today.

2. My kid came down with a fever and I have to take her to the hospital.

3. My pet has been having explosive poops everywhere.

4. My pet cat has been missing for the past two days.

5. My babysitter’s out of town and there’s no one to watch the kids.

6. The internet is acting up. I may not make it to the meeting on time.

7. I’m heading to the emergency room. My nephew broke his arm.

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What To Say When Calling Out Of Work

Many people find it awkward to report sickness at work. Many people worry that their supervisor will believe they’re just attempting to play hooky or that they’re not unwell enough to merit a day off.

In light of this, the following examples will help you with what to say when calling out of work.

1. I feel too weak to get out of bed today. The intensity of the project has gotten to me. _ will do the work in my absence.

2. I’m having chest pains and it’s getting worse. I’m being taken to the hospital. Once I recover, I’ll let you know.

3. I’m finding it difficult to breathe well. I’ve ordered a new inhaler. You can reach me via text.

4. A nail broke off during my pedicure session. I am getting it treated at the pharmacy.

5. I hit my forehead on a pole and split the skin. I’m about to get stitches done. I’ve reached out to my boss about this.

6. I had a dislocation in my upper arm and because of this, I cannot drive to work. _ will handle things for me till I resume. Thank you.

7. I contracted something bad from a colleague on the commute back home yesterday. I’ll have to stay indoors lest it becomes contagious. I will be working via my email.

Call In Sick Message Example

On some days, you might need to take the day off since you can’t make it to work. You might be concerned about how to tell your superior the bad news.

If you’re looking for a call in sick message example to skip work, check out the ideas below.

1. Hello Maggie, I woke up feeling out of sorts today. My stomach is bugging me. I don’t think I will be at work today, but I’ll try and make it tomorrow. When the client’s emails come in, I’ll try to answer them. Still, I would be resting. Thank you for understanding.

2. Hi Katherine, I am calling to tell you I have a scratchy sore throat. I don’t know if this is contagious but it’s better if I stay at home. I’ll be online on Slack to help you process requests for the team. If I’m feeling better tomorrow, I’ll return. Thank you.

3. Hi Pam, I won’t be at work today. I had a severe fever and I would be hospitalized soon. I’ve given Brenda my responsibilities till I’m able to resume work again. Thank you for understanding.

4. Hello sir, this is to inform you that I’m unwell. I’ve been bloating since last night and it’s not eased today. I’ve put Mary in charge. She’ll proffer answers regarding the Munroe account. Please let me know if there’s anything else I should provide.

5. I won’t be present for the meeting today. I’m in a rather bad shape due to food poisoning. Regardless, I’ve alerted the team and another representative has been chosen. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Not Feeling Well Message To Your Boss Examples

Are you unsure about how to contact your boss to let them know you’re sick?

You don’t need to worry as long as you know you can text your supervisor to let them know you’re unwell.

Here are some not feeling well message to your boss examples to help you.

1. Hello boss, I am unwell today. I desperately need the day off to see the doctor. I believe I’ll be much better once I take any prescribed medication. I will inform you about the appointment. However, __ has offered to take my shift. Thanks for understanding.

2. My ulcer is acting up again so I won’t show up today. __ will take my place instead, and I will take his tomorrow if I’m feeling much better. Thank you for considering me.

3. I’m not in great shape today, and I doubt I’ll perform efficiently at work. I want today off to recover, but I’ll catch up tomorrow.

4. I need the week off from my boss. I’ve contracted tuberculosis. __ and __ will take over my responsibilities for this week. I am hoping to recover by next week.

5. I’m down with hives and I’m not sure if it’s contagious. So, I’ll be staying away for two days till the reaction is gone. I’ve sent my reports to the team lead for the week. I hope to be back in two days.

6. I was stung by the bee and the doctor recommended I stay away from work for five days. Meanwhile, __ is taking over my share of the work. I will continue when I return on __.

7. I need time off work for three days because I’ll be going for minor surgery. I’ve sent the doctor’s note as per the regulations. Thank you for understanding.

8. I’ll be unavailable today because I’ll be at the doctor for an appointment. I doubt I will make it to work today. I’ll keep you informed of my status.

9. The doctor said I had __. He says I need to stay off driving for a couple of days as it’s dangerous to drive while having my medication. I’ve shifted my workload to __ in the meantime. I’ll be back as soon as I’ve completed my dosage. Thank you for understanding.

10. I have a serious eye strain and I’ve not been able to see properly since yesterday. I need the day off to relax my eyes so I can perform well at the factory. My supervisor has already been informed. Thank you for understanding.

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