Family Emergency Examples

[2024] Good Family Emergency Examples As Excuses To Get Out Of Work, Late Or Be Absent

The health or welfare of you or your family is impacted by the nature of your family emergencies.

Any situation including illness, hospitalization, a funeral, or birth may be acceptable family emergency examples for being absent from work.

However, particularly if you are taking a lengthy leave of absence, your employer may want to know more about your absence.

Imagine having the option to miss work if a loved one is in need. It’s right that you put your family first, as you should.

A family emergency will require time from work at some point.

Now, this article contains many family emergency examples you can use to take time off work. These family emergency examples show you how you can report your momentary absenteeism without providing documentation. You can even customize them to suit your situation. In no time, you’ll be well on your way to getting that break!

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Family Emergency Examples To Boss/ Supervisor

Everybody occasionally needs unscheduled time off from work, whether it’s due to an emergency or severe food poisoning.

However, when reporting to your boss, you need to exercise more caution and honesty in expressing your reason.

Here are some family emergency examples to boss/ supervisor to guide you.

1. Dear sir, I am close to the day I’m birthing my baby. I need a month off to give birth and attend to my newborn’s needs. I have completed my share of tasks for the month and the team will be absorbing additional responsibilities in my absence. Thank you for understanding.

2. Dear ma, I received an urgent call to come for an appointment with my doctor. I need three days off to go and do the necessary checks. I’ve reported to my unit. Thank you for considering me.

3. Dear sir, my aunt’s water just broke and there’s no one I can reach to rush her to the hospital. I need the week off to attend to her pending when I can get extra help. Thank you for understanding.

4. Dear ma, I have scheduled a foster appointment. I won’t be at the office until 2:00 pm. I can still be reached via my email. Thank you.

5. Dear sir, I had an unexpected visit from the foster home officials. From the look of things, it will take a whole day to go through the procedures. I will surely be back at work tomorrow. Thank you, sir.

6. Dear ma, I just got the approval for the kid I’m adopting. I’m told to show up today otherwise I’ll miss this chance. I’ve sent the portfolios as per your request. I’ll return tomorrow to complete other tasks.

7. Dear sir, I just got the news that my uncle was in a ghastly accident. There is a need to identify him and I’m the only person that was reached. Please give me today off to sort this matter, I’ll complete the task tomorrow.

8. Dear ma, my son fell off the stairs and hurt his head. I’ve had him rushed to the hospital already. I won’t be at work today, but I’ll make sure to come in tomorrow. Thanks for understanding.

9. Dear sir, my grandpa sprained his ankle and I am taking him for treatment. I will be on time for the team review meeting by 3:00 pm. _ is covering up for me.

10. Dear Madam, my aunty has suddenly taken ill and I’m afraid it’s getting worse. I have no one to look after her. Please let me have three days off until I get a replacement.

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Good Family Emergency Excuses

1. I have to be present tomorrow when an important parcel from a relative arrives. It will take some hours before I can resume work tomorrow.

2. I accidentally locked my car keys in the car when I was warming it up. My wife is on her way with the spare key, so I’ll be a little late at the office today.

3. I got locked out of my home by mistake and my family is out of town. The smith is coming close to evening. Pardon me for missing work today.

4. A family member got badly injured and I have to take her to the hospital. It will cost me a day so I won’t be available at work today.

5. My grandpa has dementia so I need to send him to the hospital myself until I can get a caretaker. Please give me till the end of today to sort this out.

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Sounding Real But Fake Family Emergency Excuses

1. My house got flooded after last night’s rain. I’ve got to do damage control before the repair company arrives. Though I won’t be at the office early, I’ll try to make it to the evening meeting.

2. My stairs collapsed, and the carpenter is coming in at the same time my shift is starting. I’ve exchanged shifts with Mike so I can deal with this problem. Thank you for understanding.

3. I’m having a flat tire and I need to get the car to the mechanic. Pardon my absence today. I’ll get the files sent instead.

4. I have to take an urgent leave because of a family emergency. I got informed that my son almost drowned. I need to rush to see him. I will resume work tomorrow.

5. My uncle just had an attack, and I need to see him. _ will oversee the project. I will return soon. I will also update him so he can inform you.

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What To Say Instead Of Family Emergency To Get An Excuse

Sometimes, simply saying you have a family emergency doesn’t cut it. It tends to be cliche so you need to be more creative with your excuse.

If you want to know what to say instead of family emergency to get an excuse, read on.

1. I just got a last-minute appointment with my counselor. I will be off work from noon. I’ve cleared my table, but my email is available in case you need anything.

2. I’m running a fever now, and it’s probably a case of COVID-19. I need to run some tests so I will know for sure. I’ll keep you updated.

3. I have had a plumbing issue since yesterday and the plumber is coming in this morning. I’ve exchanged shifts with _ so I won’t be missing out on much

4. I have a serious gas leak. Fixing it will take all day, and I won’t be at work till tomorrow. Feel free to reach me via _.

5. My baby fell ill again, and the nurse is out of town. I need to nurture him till I can find a nurse. Do give me two days for this. I have submitted the required documentation to my supervisor.

6. I’m caught up in heavy traffic and it may not ease up anytime soon. Please expect me at work by noon. I have forwarded the documents to the team lead so he can proceed.

7. An urgent situation just came up and it has taken away my focus. I will update you with the details once I get a free moment. Meanwhile, I have reached out to my assistant to continue the project

8. I have a personal emergency I am handling at the moment. If you need to reach me for anything, please contact my assistant at _.

9. My _ had an accident. Thankfully, it’s not a serious one but I am expected to take _ to see a doctor. Please bear with me.

10. I am sorry I will not be present at the presentation. I need to attend to a life-threatening situation. I will keep you updated, but if you need anything, reach out to __.

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Fake Excuses To Get Out Of Work

Calling in sick doesn’t have to be tough, but if you give the wrong explanation, your manager can start to question you and you might even be fired in some places.

Use any of these fake excuses to get out of work even at short notice.

1. I will need to leave the office for the remaining days of the week. I related this to my direct supervisor. Once I get more information, I will get back to you.

2. I have a family emergency at the moment. That means I won’t be able to make it to our meeting. If you don’t mind, can we shift it to next week?

3. I am sorry if my absence has caused you any inconvenience. I spoke to __ and she agreed to cover up for me. Text me if that arrangement is okay.

4. I am having diarrhea at the moment. I won’t be able to come in today. I’ve taken some medication and I hope to recover before tomorrow.

5. I need three days off from the project. I’ve reached out to my physician and he confirmed I had the flu. I will be back after three days.

Believable Excuses For Missing Work

Employers frequently accept the following believable excuses for missing work for short- or long-term absences.

1. A tooth fell off while I was having breakfast today. I need to check in with the doctor, but I’ll be at work by noon.

2. I sprained my ankle while doing some cleanup yesterday. I can barely lift myself. Please give me the day off to recover.

3. While having a run last night, I twisted my knee. It feels so painful. I’ll be checking it with the doctor soon. Please cover up for me.

4. I had a terrible knife cut this morning. I need to see the doctor for some stitches, so I won’t be at work today.

5. I hurt my back while carrying some heavy metals yesterday. I’m currently hospitalized. I need today off.

6. I had touched someone who had contracted COVID-19. I will have to be in quarantine and get tested. So, I won’t be coming in for two days lest I infect others with it.

7. I didn’t think I would feel lightheaded after my blood donation. I need to recover my strength today. I will be back at work tomorrow.

8. My dog has something that made it sick so I’m taking it to the vet. I will make it later to work in the day.

9. My babysitter is I’ll and there’s no one at the moment to watch my baby. I will have to stay and watch him till I find another sitter.

10. My daughter got sent early from school pending the outbreak. I will have to leave before the closing hours to pick her up. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Excuse To Miss Work Text Message

What should you say when you call into work then, given that “I overslept” or “I’m hungover” won’t make a good impression?

Many people question their decision, therefore we created some examples so you can send a reasonable excuse to miss work text message to the person in charge of your unit or department.

1. I won’t be coming to work today because I need to report at the station about a crime I witnessed last night. Please reach out to me via _ if you need anything.

2. I’ve been evicted from my apartment and won’t be at work for the next five days. _ will take over my shifts. You can call me on _.

3. A sandstorm hit my home last night and I’m still trying to move my family. I’ll be absent for 3 days. Please bear with me.

4. My daughter awoke with a fever. She has been taken to the hospital. Please permit my absence today so I can care for her.

5. My sons were throwing up their food all morning. I need to be with them to monitor their health.

6. I won’t be coming early today because I lost my keys yesterday. The locksmith is coming over at noon. Email me if you have any issues.

7. My laptop broke down and I need to get it fixed. I won’t be at the office until 1 pm. I’ve exchanged shifts with _.

8. I’m having finals week at school today and I need to attend the makeup class. I’m taking the week off and will be back next week. I’ve made arrangements with my leader.

9. My doctor called and rescheduled my appointment for this morning. I won’t make it to work until this afternoon if you don’t mind.

10. My twins were kidnapped this morning and I’m in the right state to come to work. I’ve got to see the police. I will keep you updated.

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