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110 Inspiring Happy Friday Wishes And Prayers, Blessings, Greetings

It’s Friday! Everyone, including myself, is happy. That’s because Fridays naturally come with some vibes and feelings of calmness. This could be because it’s the last working day of the week for most people and the beginning of weekend vibes.

Although it’s a relaxation-mode day, everyone still needs some level of inspiration to end the week on a great note and start the weekend grooves motivated. So, we got you some of the nicest Friday motivational quotes for you and your loved ones.

More so, you never can tell which sides of the bed your friends, colleagues and loved ones got up at the early hour of the day; just to be sure they have the most wonderful Friday, send them any of our collection of happy Friday wishes and prayers.

A message as short as “Have a wonderful Friday, friend”, or “Happy Friday, my love”, could lighten up their faces and help them to face the day with renewed motivation.

Friday Morning Inspirational Quotes And Greetings

It’s been a stressful week for most people, and the motivation for success could be weaning out now. Let your loved ones be reminded of the need to keep up the fighting spirit and the never-giving-up doggedness for success.

To achieve that, we got you some Friday morning inspirational quotes, to get them prepared again for success and get the wheel of greatness moving non-stop.

So while you send your good morning happy Friday messages, you can embed them with Friday motivational quotes.

1. I hope you could feel the excitement that Friday brings, and the fragrance of fun and celebration that comes with it. Enjoy your day, love. Good morning.

2. Good morning it’s the beginning of the weekend for you and you’ve got to flow in the excitement. Let that be your drive today no matter what comes.

3. Thank God it’s Friday. Step out motivated, because it’s a great day ahead. No matter what today brings, you are a winner; so keep winning, dear.

4. May this Friday compensate you for every hard work you have invested in this week. Have a wonderful Friday. Good morning.

5. Don’t worry about how much your workload is, but be happy because it’s Friday to have fun. You can always kick start from where you left your work on Monday.

6. Be excited about today because it’s Friday morning and the reason is simple weekend follows afterward. Have a splendid Friday dearie and lots of fun.

7. You have been working since the beginning of the week, no matter how tiring it is keep up the good faith and keep pushing you can achieve your goals, good morning it’s going to be a great day for you.

8. With a strong desire to succeed you can always succeed. Have a Splendid Friday because it’s your turn to shine and succeed. Good morning dear.

9. No matter how tough and inaccurate the figures are, keep trying, never give up. You will be praised at last with a big bonus.

10. If anyone ever told you your Friday will be like your Monday look them in the eye and say no “my Friday will be splendid and stress-free”. Good morning to you.

11. You have been climbing the ladder of work since Monday, and it’s time to cap it up with success. Happy Friday. Good morning, sweetie.

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Happy Friday Quotes for Work

Everyone naturally turns on the ‘social-mode’ on Friday, which may lead to some carefree attitude to work. Help them to maintain the vigor for excellence till the close of business for the day, with this collection of Friday motivational quotes for work.

Sharing Happy Friday Quotes for Work with your colleagues, business partners, employees, and co-workers is a great way to contribute to their day. Beyond your thoughts, this could go a long way for them than you may think.

1. After setting out your goals for the week, Friday is a day to celebrate your achievements so far. So keep up the spirit of excellence and success. Happy Friday.

2. My dear friend, remember it is not over until it is over; so keep up the faith and at the end of today you shall celebrate your success. Happy Friday to you.

3. Friday is here for you to wrap up the good work you have started this week. Always be rest assured that your reward will be great, happy Friday.

4. Happy Friday to all the hard-working gents and ladies who have poured out their strength to produce great results. Friday is for you and a celebration follows.

5. Some say Friday is ‘the golden child of the weekends’ and the ‘superhero of the work week’. I love it because no matter what, Fridays are always special, happy Friday buddy.

6. Have a lit weekend as you experience success in today’s work. You are an Ace never forget that. Happy Friday.

7. Have a fantastic and fun-filled Friday. Enjoy every moment Knowing this will give you strength, my dear. Happy Friday dearie.

8. I have a strong feeling that you will end well and I want you to believe it; because as a man thinks, so is he. Happy Friday.

9. Happy last working day of the week. Have fun and show love to yourself by relieving off your stress and relax. You need it.

10. As charismatic as you have been from Monday, let Friday know you are full of fun as well. Happy Friday to you, my sweet friend.

11. Friday has been set for you my dear and after few hours you will be through with work. Let yourself out and be free to explore every bit of your weekend. Happy Friday.

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Happy Friday Wishes And Prayers

As much as we need some Friday motivational quotes, we also need some blessed Friday quotes to send our wishes to loved ones and family.

Blessed are those who enjoy working because Friday is here to bless you with good tidings. Friday is a fun-filled day and it brings a lot of fabulous things for you. It is also a day that ushers you to a relaxing mood and celebration.

Bless your loved ones with wonderful happy Friday wishes and prayers and you will be amazed to see how you have been a blessing to them.

Here are some blessed Friday quotes that will be useful for you:

1. You are blessed today with the dew of heaven as you step out for work. Keep glowing in strength with the assurance of great results. Stay blessed dear.

2. Blessed are you among your contemporaries and be rest assured that you will triumph today; just believe you can and you will.

3. May the Lord bless your hard work from Monday and crown your efforts on Friday, my dear. It is well with you. Happy Friday.

4. May the good Lord bless the works of your hand as you end your working day this week. May God favor and bring you many blessings.

5. Today is Friday and May success awaits you as you march into the weekend with happiness. So say to yourself “I keep shinning and I am winning”. Stay blessed.

6. May God put a smile on you today as you end the working days of the week. Have a wonderful Friday. Be blessed.

7. Stay blessed always, my dear. Today is Friday, and it shall be a day of joy, rest, and peace. Have a great day.

8. I celebrate this Friday with you because it’s a day the Lord will grant you success for all your efforts and reward your hard work. Be blessed.

9. When people are counting loss today, this Friday, may you count success and victory. Have a splendid weekend.

10. May this Friday be colorful for you and may your weekend be refreshing. May you be blessed and become a blessing.

11. Be blessed beyond the challenges of the beginning of the week and enjoy this Friday and the remaining days that end this week.

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Prayerful Friday Morning Messages

Just before the stress that comes with the day, have your loved ones wake up with beautiful Friday morning messages that will inspire their day as they set out.

Powerful Friday morning Messages will make your Love ones begin and end their Friday with brightened countenance smiles on their faces, knowing that they are loved.

1. I wish you a lovely and wonderful morning this Friday. May you end your day with happiness and celebration.

2. May your heart desires be granted as you set out to work this Friday. Success and a bountiful harvest of joy await you. Good morning.

3. Wishing you a fun-filled and success-packed Friday. Favor is yours today. Good morning to you.

4. I wish you a blissful and result-filled Friday. May your hard labor be rewarded as you end the week. Good morning, dear.

5. Be positive and confident in yourself that you will succeed. Be rest assured that a great reward lies ahead of you. I wish you all the best today. Good morning.

6. May you find joy in everything you do and may you find strength this Friday. Keep smiling. You are lifted.

7. Have a splendid and energetic Friday. This morning, go out shinning and be on fire; choose winning and nothing less.

8. Good morning sunshine. Thank God it’s Friday and gets ready to be rewarded for all your hard work since Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

9. Good morning, dearie. May your Friday be filled with solutions, may it bring you fulfillment and usher you to a wonderful weekend.

10. Good morning, sweet. May you experience goodness this Friday, and I hope you have a relaxed weekend to prepare for the new week.

11. It’s amazing how Friday comes with excitement, joy, and a relaxing mood. No wonder it is the last working day of the week. I wish you all the best today. Good morning, dearie.

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Happy Friday Blessings

The best way to start your Friday is to start with a happy Friday blessings quote. This gives you confidence that you are going to be having a splendid day ahead of you.

You can also share these happy Friday blessings with your family and friends so they can benefit from the blessings and also have a cause to be thankful to God for a wonderful day.

Check out some happy Friday blessings for you and your loved ones:

1. May your day be bright and May evil be far from you as each minute and hour goes by. May you be blessed beyond your hard work and favored beyond your labor, happy Friday.

2. May the peace of the Lord rest upon you and may His countenance shine upon you today. Have a splendid weekend. Happy Friday.

3. May you be blessed in the field. May your endeavors; your going out and coming in be blessed. May you be favored of God and men. Enjoy your weekend, dearie.

4. You are blessed beyond measures as you go out and come in, the fullness of God rests upon you. I say peace be unto you.

5. This Friday, you shall receive good news from all quarters of life, and may your weekend be full of joy. Enjoy the mercy of God.

6. Welcome to another Friday and it shall bring great tidings for you as you unravel the day. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

7. God is ready to bless you for the seed of work you have been planting since the beginning of the week. Receive your blessings in double folds. Happy Friday.

8. May the Grace of the Lord be with you as you end your working week and throughout your weekend, and may you step into the overflow of blessing as you prepare for another week ahead.

9. May the Lord guide and protect you from all evil all the days of your life. Happy Friday and welcome to the manifold blessings of the Almighty.

10. No matter how tough and rough it will be for people today you are exempted because the blessing of the Lord and His protection is strong upon you.

11. Thank God for His blessings for He has cause His Angels to keep charge of you and your family. Have a great weekend, dear.

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Friday Greetings

Greet your loved ones by putting a smile on their faces with wonderful messages. You can also surprise them with cards and gifts.

Send Friday greetings to your family and friends with love and let them that they are valued. Here are some Friday greetings you can send to family, friends, and colleagues.

1. Greetings to you. May your wish be granted and your prayers be answered. It’s your Friday of answered prayers. Have a nice weekend.

2. May you be greeted by favor, Grace, and mercy as you step out today. Have a wonderful Friday and a splendid weekend.

3. I send you wishes from my heart to you because I love you and because I want you to keep shinning brighter unto a perfect day. Have a great Friday, darling.

4. Peace I give to you. You can’t afford to miss it this Friday because it’s your turn to be celebrated. Have a wonderful weekend.

5. I greet you with the best gift I can give you this Friday and that’s my smile. Keep smiling, sweetie. I wish you the best today.

6. No matter the condition, I want you to put a smile on your face and don’t worry about anything but be happy because you’re an overcomer. Happy Friday.

7. Have you ever heard a good morning and the next thing is a surprise package of gift? So shall that be for you, my dear. Gifts shall come knocking on your door and greet you good morning.

8. Fridays are special and I want you to know that you are special as well to me and your world. Keep Fighting till you win it all. It’s your Friday to win. Love you.

9. Fridays are meant to end an official working day while weekends are meant for relaxing and having fun. Good morning and enjoy your day.

10. Angels shall greet you and favor you, they shall shower down blessings on you and your path to destiny and greatness. Have a remarkable Friday and a memorable weekend.

11. Everybody shall greet and congratulate you by saying this is the redeemed of the Lord and blessed are you among men.

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Thank God Its Friday Quotes — TGIF

Breaking News! Thank God It’s Friday. Share TGIF quotes with your loved ones and family, also share them with excitement and fun because after work the next thing is enjoyment and you will love to be a part of the celebrating team.

You can decide to send special gifts, cards and also messages to make your Friday superb and fun-filled.

Alright then, check some TGIF quotes for you and your loved ones:

1. Thank God It’s Friday, Hallelujah. Have an enjoyable moment today and back it up with a refreshing weekend. I love you, buddy.

2. Friday is a day to finish your goals for the week. It is a day to celebrate that which you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the week. – Byron Pulsifer.

3. Thank God it’s Friday. After work is fun; so have a splendid weekend with your loved ones and enjoy every bit of it. It’s your day.

4. Feel the excitement and happiness Friday brings and be thankful to God because it is Friday. So, my dear, chill and have fun.

5. Thank God it’s Friday, so loosen up and forget being serious. Have a tremendous weekend as it’s starting today.

6. Thank God it’s Friday and the weekend begins, so no more early morning traffic. Have a splendid day.

7. It’s another Friday and it’s gonna be mind-blowing because the weekend is here. I can’t wait to see another Friday.

8. Thank God it’s Friday. Ignore the tough times you encountered during the week and have a tremendous weekend, it is well with you.

9. It’s Friday may you accomplish the goals you set out for yourself at the beginning of the week and may you enjoy the works of your hand.

10. Oh! It’s Friday again. Share the Love that was missing during the week. In a worthy moment of peace and bliss. – S. O’Sade

11. Have a gracious Friday and be thankful to God for being there for you. Have a refreshing weekend.

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Friday Blessings And Prayers

Send Friday blessings and prayers to the people you love and cherish and wish the best for. Bless them with these words of prayers.

Bless your loved ones with Friday blessings and prayers and they will sure send you the testimony of God’s Grace in their lives.

1. May you be blessed with the dew of heaven and may your heart desires be granted. Wishing you a wonderful day.

2. I pray for you that your day be blessed and may you be favored. You are loved and graced. God bless you. Have a blissful weekend.

3. Say Amen as I pray for you. It shall be well with you. Your endeavors are blessed. Your heart desires are granted and you will Excel. Have a prosperous weekend. Amen.

4. I pray, men shall rise to help you. You shall be visited by Angels and God Himself. Your expectations shall be met.

5. You are blessed with the sure mercies of David. You will triumph and Excel. Whatever challenges that rise up for you from Monday till Thursday, this Friday it shall not prosper.

6. This Friday showers of blessing shall fall on you and you shall be blessed and helped by anyone who set their eyes on you. It is well with you.

7. As you have desired in your heart may your wishes be granted. Have a blessed Friday and a memorable weekend. May you receive help from various quarters.

8. Your prayers shall be answered and doors shall be opened unto you. Your loved ones shall call you blessed and the peace of God will not depart from you.

9. The blessing of the Almighty shall rest upon you and your expectations shall not be cut short. In going out and coming in you are blessed, Amen.

10. Every evil on your way, the Lord will clear away. The Lord bless you with long life. Have a beautiful Friday, my dear friend.

11. I declare bountiful joy for you this Friday and the overflow of blessings shall be yours. Be blessed above the expectations of men and this day shall bring you beautiful surprises.

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Have A Blessed Friday And Weekend

Send messages to your friends and family by wishing them to have a blessed Friday and weekend. With these messages, you are sending words of prayers to them. After all, everyone loves prayer.

It could also be that timely message that you send to them that will be a turning point. So with this message be rest assured that you are a blessing to them.

Check these out:

1. May you be blessed today and may that blessing extend to your weekend and also toll over to the next week. Have a great day.

2. May the blessing of the Lord be with you and may the Lord crown all your efforts from the beginning of the week till today. Have a blessed Friday and weekend.

3. As the Lord answered the prayers of Hannah, may your long-standing prayers be answered. Have a splendid Friday and weekend.

4. The doors of mercy shall be open unto you. As you have labored, may you find rest this Friday and throughout the weekend. Have a blessed Friday and weekend.

5. May you receive double for every loss and honor for every shame. So don’t worry about anything, because victory is yours. Have a Blessed Friday and weekend.

6. Every stumbling block is removed and every rough path is smoothened. I bless you with the blessings of heaven. Have a blessed Friday and weekend.

7. The Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord turn His face towards you and give you peace. Amen.

8. May the favor of the Lord be upon you and your family. May His countenance be upon you and give you peace, Amen.

9. I bless you with the blessing of God and His light shall shine upon you wherever you go. You will reap your hard labor with favor.

10. Today is the last working day of the week, may you find rest and peace with God and men; and may your weekend be full of blissful moments and Thanksgiving.

11. Have a blessed Friday and a weekend full of the supernatural flow of mercy and grace. May you record great news and testimony by the coming week. Amen.

Funny Friday Motivational Quotes

It is not hard to know the day with a low working rate and that is because everyone invests their energy in spending their weekend with their families and loved ones.

So, having some funny Friday motivational quotes can keep your day going till the end of your working day and give you vibes for the well-anticipated weekend.

Here are some funny Friday motivational quotes for you.

1. It’s time to take a turn. Employers are at their happiest on Mondays. Employees are at their happiest on Fridays. Enjoy your weekend while it lasts!

2. Your weekend bonus is meant for weekend enjoyment or what do you think? Have fun buddy and be wise, Monday is waiting for you.

3. Good morning friend, news flash – it’s Friday for fun, freedom, fire. Isn’t it funny and fabulous how every ‘F’ fits well with Friday? Have fun, my dear.

4. It is always difficult to keep Fridays confined within themselves that’s because they intend to spill over.

5. Here comes Friday, a day to say bye to workloads and a day to show your ginger and swag. See you later in the evening, pal.

6. I am Friday and funny. I am here to relieve you of the stress you have been through during the week. Tell yourself “I am fine to be with”.

7. Good morning dearie, Friday brings a blessing and that is to make you have a fantastical and fabulously lit weekend so have a great day today.

8. Good morning and welcome to the happiest working day of the week darling. Show them you shine and that can’t be taken away from you and when you get promoted don’t forget you promised to take me on vacation.

9. Have a Fantastic and Fabulous Friday with fire from within to see you through as you enter the weekend buddy. Don’t stop smiling.

10. Happy Friday my dear, immediately it’s sunset, set out to enjoy yourself and freshen up and step out afresh on Monday.

11. Happy splendid Friday to you sweetie, have fun and enjoy your little time at work. Let Friday be blessed to have you because it was created for fun for you.

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