short inspirational quotes for young adults

Short Inspirational Quotes For Young Adults : 100 Motivation for Teenagers (Girls/Boys)

Here is a compilation of the nicest short inspirational quotes for young adults that will help them get motivated and inspired to reach out for their goals without getting distracted or hindered by peer pressure.

Young adult / Teenagers are peculiar in their way. This could be because of the several transformations they are going through both biologically and psychologically. They, therefore, need to be guided and mentored correctly to come out the best.

Are you a parent, guardian, counselor, or leader of a community of teenagers? If you are, I’m glad you take up the responsibility to see the teenagers under your care be the best they can be in life. These teenage quotes and sayings will help you get your teenagers to be focused and disciplined enough to walk the right path of life.

More so, this compilation was made, knowing that some well-meaning teens too would get in here. So whoever you are, here are some thoughtful motivations for teenagers to reach out for the sky and fly high above.

Success is never by accident. Life has to be lived intentionally. Every successful man once decided to be who they were meant to be despite whatever their environment suggested to them. They were determined to reach their goal, and they never allowed negative influences to limit their dreams.

These inspirational quotes for teenagers are not just ‘motivational quotes’ that give goosebumps; they are quotes based on practical life principles.

Short Inspirational Quotes For Young Adults

Teenage Quotes And Sayings About Life

Teenage Quotes and sayings about life often feature motivating and soul-lifting messages to help young adults get through life.

Most times, things don’t usually go the way they want them to go. Things get bad for teenagers too, and it can get into them. Perhaps they couldn’t get admission into the college of their choice, or they’re finding it so difficult to lose weight as desired. Sometimes, it could even be because their parents are in debt, or getting a divorce.

You can get your teen boy or girl motivated by helping them to think of all the beautiful things they have and how much you love them! Below are some positive quotes for teens that would completely eradicate every form of negativity! And keep them burning to fulfill their dreams.

1. There is nothing that can deter the courage of a determined soul! Giving up is never an option.

2. As long as you can imagine it, you can do it! Go for it!

3. Always look at the beautiful and smart person in front of the mirror each day before you step out. Always have this mindset with you, that you are special because you are.

4. At the beginning of each day make a vow to be successful, and you would be marveled at how things would turn out to be a success!

5. Think positively. Irrespective of the negativity around, never stop loving yourself.

6. Beauty comes from within! Eat right for a healthy body. Be optimistic for a healthy soul and a fulfilling life.

7. Education, they say is the key. Application I would say is life. Endeavor to always put into use every good knowledge you acquire.

8. Good grades might not determine your success in life, but it is a great foundation you need to become whatever you want to be.

9. The pain that results from coming from a broken home is devastating, but never allow this to break you! You can change the story if you’ll not allow yourself to be beaten by it.

10. Good looks are good, but a beautiful personality is the right measure of beauty.

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Word of Wisdom for Teenage Girls

It’s very understandable that as a parent, guardian, or counselor, you’re constantly thinking about what your teenage boy or girl will turn out to be in life. That’s fine; you’re being a responsible fellow. Everyone, except teens, knows that that stage can have a lasting impact on their entire life.

These teenage quotes and sayings about life are a necessity for your teenage girls. The most vulnerable time for our girls is during their teens. So, we can’t but add this word of wisdom for teenage girls, to guide, instruct and mold them to becoming the best they can be.

1. Always have a mental image of the kind of woman you want to be.

Let this drive you, push you, inspire you, and guide you. Soon you would find yourself living your reality!

2. It’s normal to go through various temptations, the problem lies when you yield to it.

3. Aspire to reach for the top. It’s never crowded.

4. Your attitude towards everything you go through in life will either make you less of yourself or make you stronger!

5. Feelings are just like smoke. They come in strongly and fade away with time. Always remember this anytime you feel like doing something ridiculous!

6. Good Self -esteem means staying strong and holding on to the positive side of you. Never allow yourself to be emotionally bullied.

7. You don’t show how remorseful you’re by crying and feeling sorry for yourself, but by getting rid of its effect on you and moving forward!

8. The journey is where your strength is being tested; this is where you’re molded and equipped. And that is the reward! You’ve come a long way don’t give up now.

9. Not every good feeling leads to good actions. Feelings are fickle. They cannot be trusted, always.

10. A strong and mature lady strives to build and encourage others. Never look down on anyone. Treat them like you would love to be treated.

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Motivation for Teenagers

Kids begin their journey into adulthood from age 13 upwards. And, it can be annoying seeing your teenagers losing concentration gradually. You don’t have to beat yourself up, you just have to be patient with them, and strengthen the bond of communication with your teens.

This could be a result of peer pressure, depression, loss of loved ones, distractions, unhealthy sexual activities, and relationship issues, etc.

These teenage quotes, sayings about life, and motivations for teenagers would bring them around, helping them to walk the right path that guarantees a fulfilling life!

1. You’re allowed to make mistakes; you’re permitted to cry and also entitled to scream. But letting go is not an option.

2. Your journey to healing from depression begins when you make an irrevocable decision to always be happy.

3. You attract a guy that respects you only when you respect yourself first, by dressing decently and upholding your sexual values.

4. Be real with yourself. Being genuine is worth more than a fake life; for congruence is not a respectable nature.

5. It takes a firm resolve of a determined soul to grow up and become who you are.

6. Thinking of committing suicide is not the way out of that pain, but keeping at heart the faces and good memories of our family, genuine friends, and loved ones.

7. Amidst severe emotional trauma, losing your sexual values can be justified because your focus is clouded with pain, not who you truly are. Hold on, these too shall pass.

8. I understand it’s difficult to move on when you know someone won’t be in the next phase, but the journey must continue. They would also want that.

9. Now and forevermore I want you to know that we’re always here for you and we love and care about you.

10. Relationships work in two ways, make sure your partner is bringing out the best in you, and you’re contributing your quota!

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Inspirational Quotes for Boys

Teenagers are prone to so many negative vibes in the world and pressures that are associated with being a teenager such as peer pressure, bullies, drinking, smoking, and the feeling of being unaccepted or valued in society. Let these quotes help them position themselves properly for the right attitude towards life.

And if you’re a teenager scouting out for inspirational quotes, these teenage quotes, and sayings about life, will keep you motivated towards achieving your goals and keeping your dreams alive.

1. Winning doesn’t always mean being foremost. Winning means you’re living your life a better version than yesterday.

2. Nothing is impossible. All you need is a positive mindset; a mental image of what you want to achieve, and a determined spirit to not stop until it’s done.

3. You just started. Don’t be sacred. You can’t use up ideation. The more you use, the more you have.

4. Do not let the behavior of others destroy who you are. You are unique. You are a new breed in your class.

5. As you grow up, you’re going to be loved by friends and so many; but always remember, no one can love you more than you do.

6. Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: my son let every decision you make be guided with the end in mind.

7. Be careful of those you associate with. Choose your friends wisely, and follow peace with all men.

8. Someone else would trade the whole world to get the life you are taking for granted! Be grateful and move!

9. Actions, they say are louder than words; so get to work and quit talking!

10. Remember, a minute from now is the future you were waiting for. Always let everything counts! So that you won’t have a better yesterday!

Encouraging Words for A Teenage Girl

Raising a teenage girl could be quite tough. Suddenly they’re conscious of their body image, what they put on, their relationship with the opposite sex, shouting you out and you begin to wonder what caused the sudden shift in their behavior.

This can make any parent, guardian, or counselor worry because you’re fully aware that we’re in a world full of opportunities as well as dangers. You know very well that, though your teenage girl wants to exploit life, but she’s too inexperienced to pick the good from the many bad around.

Well, you can’t always shut her in. With these encouraging words for a teenage girl, you can infuse her with some wisdom needed to scale through, even when you’ll not be there.

1. It is vital to have a positive belief in yourself. This would guide you to choose right and mold you into becoming what you were meant to be.

2. Your past does not determine your future. But be wise, so that your today would not harm your future.

3. You’re gorgeous, perfect, strong, smart, industrious, and perfect! Nevertheless, you can still make mistakes; but when you do, don’t be too hard on yourself!

4. Let the attributes and character you admire in anyone, encourage you instead of making you feel jealous.

5. Never compare yourself with anyone! Because you’re unique!

6. Seek value, not attention. It prevails. It pays!

7. You aren’t worthless, just because somebody doesn’t recognize your value. Gold can be kept in the trash if given to a blind man.

8. A negative attitude is similar to a punctured tire. You can’t make progress until you change it!

9. You’re not ugly, neither are you stupid nor broken. Don’t allow the world to make you into something that isn’t you!

10. Do you know one of the biggest signs of abusive relationships? It is when you are being silenced!

Inspirational Quotes for Teenage Son

It doesn’t take long for babies to become adults. Your boy is now grown; (at least he believes he’s now grown), but you wouldn’t stop seeing him like he was to you 12 or sixteen years ago. Well, he’s growing, and the best you can start doing to help him is to equip him with the wisdom needed for life’s journey.

By using any of these teenage quotes and sayings about life / inspirational quotes for a teenage son, you would inspire your son to live a responsible life, irrespective of the pressures around him, and also learn to stand when situations aren’t encouraging.

1. I remembered the day I heard the best sound ever! It was the day you called me dad! Keep making me proud son.

2. As I look at your face, I see a better version of myself. I see courage, stability, resilience, and passion for life. Don’t let these things die, instead, nurture them continually.

3. There is no limit to what you can achieve in life, my dear son. Always remember this, and nothing will be able to stop you.

4. Being consistent and dedicated to living a life that is worth emulating, would take you farther in life.

5. There is no embarrassment in doing what you have to do to meet your needs, but remember a good name is better than riches.

6. You’ve been a great son, so I’m sure you would be an outstanding father!

7. We all go through diverse temptations but our resisting spirit differs. Therefore, son, identify your weakness and set boundaries!

8. My sons, forget not my words, incline your heart unto wisdom and live uprightly.

9. My boy, do not allow striving, hatred, rage, or negativity to rule your life. For the end is full of pain, regrets, and destruction.

10. Always know for sure that to be victorious on earth, you have to be willing to fail, be tough, and dream big.

Quotes to Inspire A Teenage Girl

Our society has set a standard for our teenage girls that are detrimental to their overall well-being. 80% of our teenage girls are dissatisfied with their body image. The way your teenage girl sees her body affects every other area of her life!

Antagonistic body image is also attributed to mood disorders, lower self-esteem, relationship problems, depression, poor diet, and lack of inspiration to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Having a positive feeling about herself would give her all the inspiration she needs to live her dreams, overcome every obstacle and live in God’s will for her life. Every teen parent needs to go through these teenage quotes and sayings about life in other to inspire their teens.

1. Perhaps you don’t have an idea of how gorgeous you are. If I must tell you; you are beautiful!

2. A pretty face without intelligence is like salt in the rain, a total waste. A teenager who isn’t adding value to her life but sees her beauty as an asset for an exhibition is not wise.

3. Beauty is not enough. Walk in purpose intentionally. Get busy. Build a future for yourself. Success is genderless. Let go of distractions!

4. Never let anyone talk down on you! Neither should you allow anyone to intimidate or devalue you.

5. My princess, always remember that you have a beautiful soul, decorated with a gorgeous body.

6. Your body deserves to be cherished and treated with so much love and respect, because it’s a gift, and carries an amazing being which you’re!

7. It’s not about working on your body; but, about being okay, proud, and content with who you’re all ready!

8. How you feel about yourself; and your abilities, strength, courage, and virtue outweigh your physical structure.

9. How exactly would you feel standing in front of the mirror and be wowed by what you see, being grateful to God for making you so unique and beautiful.

10. Do not give anyone the power to define you. Their opinion should not dictate how valuable you think you are. What you think about yourself is what matters most.

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Scriptural /Inspirational Teenager’s Quotes And Sayings

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their craftiness 1corin 3:19. In a world where everything goes; the scriptures as been replaced with worldly inspirations, which has led many teenagers into error and regrets.

When you need to know more about a product you just got, you turn to its manual because no one can give you perfect information about it as the manufacturer. So, we are turning to God, who is the manufacturer, and getting inspiration from the manual, the Bible.

Every teenage girl/boy needs inspiration from the scriptures to live a Godly, happy, fulfilling, and blessed life.

We are glad you found us; these teenage quotes and sayings about life, in form of scriptural/inspirational quotes and sayings, would not only transform your teenagers but would also reveal Christ who is our wisdom!

1. Jealousy is one of the results of our ignorance and uniqueness in Christ’s abilities and strength.

2. Behind every successful woman is God! I rejoice with you for being such a big success!

3. You know what? just go and do it! Take that big step, build on that great idea, write that book, and get out of that ungodly relationship. For, He lives in you.

4. Take criticism seriously by weighing it with what God says concerning you and if it’s not in one accord, let it roll right off you!

5. At any point in time you feel unmotivated, remember whose daughter you are, a child of God.

6. Your emotions don’t recognize common sense, therefore don’t let it lead you. Let God’s word oversee the affairs of your life.

7. Everyone may be feeling tempted, but not everyone is falling for temptation.

8. What you should listen to is the word of God not what goes on around you! 1thess4: 3.

10. A time would come for you to choose a wife, I want you to always remember that in addition to beauty, and intellectual strength, a woman that fears the Lord rocks!

11. You are a light to the world. So make sure to lead your friends in the right direction that they may see God and glorify your Father which lives inside of you.

12. You really can’t love anyone else until you love God first.

13. There would be moments in life when no words will bring the solace you need, but I assure you if you look into your heart and within the goodness and the sacrifice of Christ, you would find comfort.

14. God has invested so much in you. Do not devalue yourself by compromise and insensitive lifestyle.

15. Boys are just asking for physical intimacy, you have a choice, know your worth, be patient and prayerful.

16. My son, receive the strength to subdue every form of negativity from your peers with confidence along with the wisdom of God to guide you daily.

17. I wish you adventure as you journey, listen to the spirit of God and let Him order your steps. Always remember I love you.

18. You merit the good friendship, the union, the relationship, and the respect because you’re one with God.

19. God created you in his very own image and likeness! Your body is perfect! And it’s not meant to be abused by you or anyone else.

20. We know the world is full of so much evil. Nevertheless, if society must be better, it must begin with you. But when you allow humanity to decide what is good for you instead of God it leaves you susceptible.

21. I know the crowd might be daunting, and the feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, and also the fear of not being accepted can be overwhelming, but, I hope you know that your heavenly Father is watching over you.

22. I know that this is a very tough decision for you to make and I respect that. I can only guide you but I want you to ask yourself “what will Jesus do?”

23. Victory is not how high you have claimed, but how you make a positive difference to the world which can only be achieved through faith in Jesus.

24. Sulking doesn’t change things! Start planning, spread out your wings, dream big, be bold, and intentional.

25. Life itself isn’t the most amazing fairy tale. But I assure you, it can only get better in Christ.

26. Beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord shall be praised.

27. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things, 1corinth 13:11. You’re now an adult, my dear I encourage you to be strong and live right.

28. Yes, I get it, you’ve erred and you feel so bad about it. But, you mustn’t let that weigh you down. For a righteous man may fall seven times, he’ll rise up again! Prov 24:16. Rise!

29. I don’t know what exactly is going on in your life right now, but I want you to know that in Christ there is peace, in the world its tribulation: but be of good cheer; Jesus has overcome the world and so do you! John 16:33.

30. When life throws its challenges, encourage yourself in the Lord. David needed to, so you should too.

31. We don’t have to always do the thinking and planning, I know you are so worried about our financial status, yes we would keep working but, I want you to learn to cast all your care upon him; for he cares for you. 1pet 5:7.

32. It’s your first day in college and I can see you’re scared and you don’t know what to expect, I want you to meditate on Isaiah 41:10. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. Momma loves you.

33. It may look like almost everyone doesn’t want to hang out with you because you always chose to do the right thing, hereby not yielding to peer pressure, I’m proud of you! Remember if God is for us, who can be against us? Rom 8:31.

34. Irrespective of what is happening right now, I just want you to know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.

35. A quick reminder, you’re wonderfully and fearfully made by God. You’re created in his image. Isn’t that beautiful? Don’t let anyone look down on you or tell you what you’re not. Psalm 139: 13 &14. You’re beautiful, my dear.

36. Be so engaged with God that you don’t have time for the devil and his tricks.

37. I understand how you’re feeling, my dear. Always remember that weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalm 30:5.

38. If you want to live a Joyful life, submit completely to all of God’s will for you. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

40. Life is like a man going on a journey. To keep moving, you need energy. Don’t ever let go of Jesus Christ, for he is the only strength that can keep you going!

We believe you found these teenage quotes and sayings about life not only useful but also inspiring for your teenagers. Life has a way of dealing with our teenagers, especially with the recent happenings on the internet, but God kept us as their parents, counselors, and guidance to nurture, mold and guide them so that they won’t fall into error. You’re doing a great job!

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