Teachers Comments On Students' Progress

125 Positive Report Card Remarks And Teachers Comments On Students’ Progress

Teaching is a great profession, which some rather refer to as a ‘calling’. Teachers, just like parents, are a very important part of a child’s life, having a great influence on their perception of themselves and life in general.

Teachers’ comments on students’ progress refer to written or verbal feedback provided by educators to evaluate and communicate students’ academic performance, behavior, and overall development. These comments are typically included in report cards, progress reports, or communicated directly to students and their parents during parent-teacher conferences.

Report cards, which are written by these teachers, provide parents with vital information about the progress of their children in the activities carried out at school. The short remarks for students come in various formats, and usually include the report of teachers comments on students’ progress.

Typically, the teachers comments on students’ progress under his/her care are about individual students’ strengths that should be encouraged and weaknesses that the student should improve upon.

Writing unique and definite comments on the students’ progress on their report cards often takes a level of effort. This is because writing only negative comments can discourage both the students and their parents.

Here are over 125 report card comments for kindergarten, preschool, grade, or college. This article will help teachers construct thoughtful comments on students’ progress at school, irrespective of student’s level.

Positive Comments For Students Performance

1. It has been a wonderful time knowing ____these past months. He is a kind and respectful student. He takes great care in carrying out practical work, projects, and assignments.

2. ____ has shown much improvement this year. She is better in math, writing, and comprehension. She has also overcome some of her shy attitudes and didn’t find class presentations hectic.

3. ____is a very energetic student. She has a great enthusiasm for learning new things. She is also very creative and puts a lot of effort into her assignments. More so, she is respectful and polite.

4. It has been a pleasure getting to know your daughter. She has a positive disposition towards everything that is done in class. She is always cheerful and ready to learn.

5. ____ is a very nice student. He is always eager to participate in all class activities. He is in a good relationship with his classmates and is also doing very well across all subjects.

6. Perry is a perfect example of a little gentleman. He has won the admiration of his classmates with his beautiful character. He is also doing very well in his schoolwork and is among the top 5 students in class.

7. I am impressed with the effort ___ puts into her school work. She asks questions in class when necessary and is always attentive. She did very well in reading, comprehension, and writing.

8. Kelly did quite a good job throughout the session. He fared well in his subjects. But next term we would work on improving his vocabulary and also in math.

9. Your son is very enthusiastic about learning. He is very interested in arts and painting. Thankfully, he also does well in math and science.

10. ____ had done wonderfully well this year. She is a lot more organized than in her previous classes. She pays close attention to her work and her grades have also greatly improved.

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Distance Learning Report Card Comments For Online Classes

The digitalization of the 21st century has had an influence on many things in human life including schools. Online classes are well incorporated into the academic world, and this has led to some changes in every aspect of the school day, with report cards being no exception.

Writing report card comments for online classes needs a little bit of attention, and we are here to help you with 20 of such comments!

1. When given online learning assignments, your child does thorough and detailed work in completing them. We hope he keeps up the good work.

2. Many students find the shift from physical classes to online classes a difficult one. But for Emmy, it was quite an easy one. He sure had a great academic year.

3. While your ward was able to cope with the demands of online learning, he seems to be distracted at times while on an assignment or project. We hope this improves in the coming year.

4. Your child had it difficult at the beginning with participation in online activities, but later on, he showed good progress and has become better and more engaging.

5. Beginning online classes this year seemed a smooth ride for _____. However, he finds it difficult in keeping up with assignment deadlines.

6. Being an introverted student, online classes have helped him overcome some shy nature by participating in the online discussion forums and he has contributed a great deal to the classes.

7. Your child needed little or no assistance to properly make use of the technology to engage in the online classes. That is highly commendable.

8. During the online classes, individual and group assignments were duly engaged in and carried out by James. He showed great enthusiasm in the entire process.

9. ______did a really great job during the online classes as he found it easy to navigate through the computer. He even assisted in putting some of his classmates through the process.

10. While your child was able to properly do individual assignments, he was reluctant to participate in group discussions and activities. Hopefully, this would be improved.

11. Despite the distractions faced with taking classes online, your child was able to keep focused and did not get carried away with those distractions while online.

12. Your child was enthusiastic about the online classes. He just needs some improvements on carrying out proper researches online and keeping to deadlines.

13. I would summarize your child’s work as excellent. He did all his online assignments, participated in all activities including group discussions both online and offline and met all the deadlines for submission.

14. Similar to my previous comment on the last session’s report card during offline lessons, your child finds it difficult to concentrate, easily gets distracted, and easily loses focus even during online classes.

15. It is always a relief having a child, like yours, in my class. She is very proactive and easily adapted to the changes this New Year. I hope she continues in this.

16. Your child has a good start and was able to transition with ease from physical to online classes but she still needs to participate more in forum discussions.

17. _____had a very good start this academic year. I was thrilled by how much she coped with the online classes. Seems you had exposed her quite early to the computer. Kudos.

18. The year was filled with online learning assignments and activities. Your child did quite a great work by being prompt in submitting each assignment when due.

19. The change from offline classes to online classes was unexpected. As such, many students had a hard time adjusting. _____did quite well though. He was able to cross the hurdles on time and settled in well for the year.

20. Your child responded positively to the transition from on-site to online classes and was responsible for all assignments, homework, and project.

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One Word Remarks For Students

Remarks for students are usually part of their report cards and show parents how their child is progressing in school. It is usually a form of feedback to help parents/guardians understand where their children/ward should be helped or encouraged.

Teachers’ comments on students’ progress can be summarized into one-word remarks. These can be positive words, words about discipline, academic, health, negative words, encouraging words, and so on. Below are some examples to get you started.

Encouraging words: Satisfactory, Improving, Amazing, Brilliant, Well done, Awesome, Outstanding, Perfect.

Discipline/ Character: Well-behaved, Polite, Receptive, Argumentative, Disrespectful, Confident, Bold, Pessimistic, Indifferent, Distracted, Obstinate, Considerate.

Poor Effort: Reluctant, Unmotivated, Inconsistent, Slow, Unsatisfactory.

Good Effort: Industrious, Motivated, Persistent, Thorough, Attentive.

Inspiring Remarks For Weak Students : Teachers Comments On Students’ Progress And Performance


So as not to sound discouraging, it is usually a tough time finding the right words to use when writing a remark for a weak student. This is because the comment or remark is not meant to discourage but to encourage the students and spur them up to do more.

Teachers should, therefore, be careful when writing reports for weak students as the aim of the comment may not be actualized.

The aim is not to buttress only the weakness of the student, but to offer help to improve the situation. This will challenge the child to aim to do better. Teachers comments on students’ progress for weak students should therefore be written carefully.

Below are sample comments for students performance that will guide you in writing encouraging remarks for weak students.

1. Your son has been struggling with remembering what he did previously. Revising the day’s work at home may be beneficial in improving his memory.

2. Your child would do better in his academics if he gets more focused. He seems to be easily distracted and inattentive.

3. Joseph has repeatedly been the last in class in math for three terms consecutively. I believe he is not a dull student and has the potentials of making it. He may need additional lessons to enable him to improve.

4. _____ does well in science but has consistently been having trouble with some concepts in literature. Having her read novels a lot will help her in these areas.

5. Your son’s writing ability is of concern as it is markedly below the standard for his class. I believe he can improve if he puts in more effort at home.

6. ____ is missing out on group activities. He dreads coming to give the weekly presentations on his homework to the class due to stage fright. This has affected his grades in some subject areas. He should be encouraged to socialize more with his peer group.

7. Stella has a very good imagination. She is very creative at telling stories. But she has trouble putting her thoughts down because she is below average in writing.

8. ____ struggles with solving problems in math. I believe that if he gives more time to his assignments and projects, he will do much better.

9. Your child is not getting most of his answers right in comprehension passages. He needs to learn not to be hasty, and take time to recheck his work before submitting it. Otherwise, he is a bright student.

10. _____ is very interested in science and puts in some effort too. But he finds it difficult to understand the basic concepts that he needs to build on.

11. Your daughter is quite a brilliant student. She is above average in all her subjects except math. I believe she will benefit from practicing math at home.

12. ____does not put as much effort as she should into her school work. Her assignments are often left undone, and as such, are affecting her overall grades.

13. Your son’s reading and writing abilities are significantly below what is required for his grade level. You should also endeavor to help him at home as we do our best here.

14. ____ is very reserved and does not like to participate in group activities, discussions, or projects. This has affected his grades in some subject areas. He should be encouraged to initiate and engage in discussions with people.

15. _____ often comes to school with attempting or completing his/her homework. This is quite disturbing. He should be encouraged to do his homework before going to bed.

16. Your daughter is a brilliant pupil. She does well in storytelling and discussions. But she is not doing well in other subjects that involve writing and calculations because she is easily distracted.

17. Gabriel finds it difficult to keep being focused on whatever he is doing. This is hugely responsible for his low grades in this term’s work.

18. Your child has got into trouble too many times these past months. He is very rude and disrespectful to teachers and his classmates. He has gotten into a fight more than thrice. We hope you talk to him and enforce some discipline too.

19. _____ needs to work on her reading skills. She is naturally a fast talker and she seems to rush through her reading and not have enough time to pronounce each word properly, not to talk of understanding what she’s reading.

20. Kalyn needs a lot of assistance to help her with her school work. She is a very slow learner and she is lagging in many of her subjects.

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End Of Year Report Card Comments Examples


Report card comments at the end of an academic year or session is usually a summary of what the student has achieved, and improvement to be made. Writing these comments may not be counted by most teachers as one of the joys of teaching, as it seems like extra work.

Putting together teachers’ comments on students’ progress at the end of the year should be given careful attention by the teacher. These comments, while being sincere and truthful, should also be written with kind words.

This means that while highlighting the weakness of a child, the areas the child did well should not be left out.

We have put together several end-of-year report card comments that will be of great assistance to teachers while writing that of their students.

1. It has been an interesting year being your kid’s teacher. John is a very outstanding student and has improved greatly in his school work. I wish you the best of luck in the year ahead.

2. Jane worked very hard and made much progress this year. She became outstanding in math even science, subjects with which she struggled previously. She was also well-behaved in class.

3. ____ is a bright student. He shows some enthusiasm for learning. But his academics had a setback this year due to continuous incomplete and undone assignments. I would like you also to look into that this coming year.

4. Your child has made noticeable academic achievements in all areas of academic and extra-curricular activities. Enjoy the holidays and I hope to see you next year.

5. ____ would benefit greatly from holiday lessons. This will help him go overall he has been taught this year and make him more grounded and ready for the next year.

6. Sam is a very respectful and cheerful child. I would surely miss the smile on his face as he greets me every morning. Have a wonderful holiday.

7. Joel has done a lot for himself this year. He has built up so much confidence and is able to stand in front of the class and give his presentations without fear. He has also improved in other subject areas.

8. ____ is an obedient child. He follows classroom rules and regulations and is diligent in all he does. He is a good role model to his peers. He is also doing fine in his school work. I wish him greater feats in his new grade.

9. ____ is an active student. But she is lagging in her spelling and pronunciations. It would be of great help if you encourage her to read a book aloud to your hearing during the holidays.

10. Dean has a positive attitude to school work. He is mostly self-motivated and does his classwork and assignments without much supervision.

11. ____ is no doubt a bright student. But he is too playful and does not concentrate in class. This has led to his poor grades this school year. I hope he improves next year.

12. I enjoyed being ____ teacher this year. She is always bubbling and full of life. She has been very useful in coordinating her classmates in carrying out group projects.

13. Your child is an exceptional student. He is excellent at all his subjects including math, science, drawing, and group projects. He is a role model to his classmates. I was so proud to be his teacher. I hope he keeps this up.

14. _____ is an intelligent student and I believe he can succeed on whatever he puts his mind to. He just needs to be more focused and attentive to things. I believe he’d still do well.

15. Stanley is an extroverted boy. However, he needs to learn when to be quiet when necessary. He talks a lot and disturbs others around him. Apart from this, he is above average in his school work.

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Final And Positive Report Card Comments


Commenting about students’ progress and how they fared during the year is an important part of their report card. This is usually perceived by teachers to be a difficult task, as they have to write the comments for each student.

We have helped you put together final and positive report card comments that will be of help to teachers during the end of the year.

1. ____ did a good job this year. He engaged positively in all classroom activities. He was also very polite and respectful to his classmates and other teachers.

2. Your child has proven himself to be a courteous and kind student. He is loved by all his classmates and other teachers. He is also obedient to classroom instructions.

3. _____ had many achievements in school. Her team won the school prize for a science project. She also topped her class in most subjects. In addition, she won the class teachers prize for most outstanding student

4. ____ has shown remarkable growth this year. She even passed the expectations set for her. It was a rewarding year.

5. ____ is a very outspoken student. She has put this talent to use by becoming part of the debate club. She won the award for the second-best speaker in the final inter-school debate this year.

6. Kate is always well-behaved in class. She is also a very good listener and actively follows through all her classes.

7. _____ made us proud. She is consistently improving in the areas she has difficulty with last year. Her scores have gone up. She has also been part of extra-curricular activities.

8. ____ has such a positive attitude to work which has endeared him to most of his peers. He won the best student prize award for literature and arts in the entire school.

9. Raphael made no mistake in joining the writing and publishing team. He is excellent at putting his thoughts and feelings into words. He will surely make a great writer.

10. _____ is a public speaker in the making. She is very bold and articulate when talking. She should be encouraged to join the debate club in the coming academic year.

11. ____ has been able to overcome her shy nature and was able to participate in group discussions and even made a presentation on behalf of her group to the entire class.

12. Your child has made noticeable academic achievements in all areas of academic and extra-curricular activities. I wish her the best as she begins senior high school.

13. It was a great time working with _____. I enjoyed being her teacher. She has a very welcoming attitude and a great disposition.

14. _____ is a very polite and cheerful child. I would surely miss the smile on his face as he greets me every morning. He is also doing very well in his school work.

15. ____ has greatly improved. He is no doubt rounding off as a better student. He engaged actively in all classroom activities and the effect of this is seen in his grades.

16. It is with great delight that I bring the year to a close with these comments. I enjoyed every part of being your child’s teacher. She is so warm and welcoming. She also did very well in her school work.

17. I am satisfied with _____ achievements. He did so much better than the previous year. I hope even as he climbs to the next grade, he will even do better. Do well to assist him during the holidays.

18. If excellence was a word, ______ would be the definition of it. He was top of his class and had the highest scores for math and science in the entire school. I was proud to be his teacher. Many kudos to you too.

19. _____ won the class teacher’s prize for the most outstanding student for the year. She aced all her subjects excellently well. We wish her all the best in her endeavors.

20. Ben brought the entire class to the limelight by his outstanding success in the quiz between junior classes hosted by the school. I was very proud to be his teacher. We all sure enjoyed the year.

In conclusion, teachers’ comment on students’ progress is a crucial part of their report cards. The teacher must give great care, with much thoughtfulness, in giving remarks for both the good and weak students.

This is because a negative comment that is not constructively written can make a student become discouraged. Succinctly, the strengths and weaknesses of the students should be equally highlighted and areas of the students’ progress that needs improvement should be emphasized.

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