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60 Positive And Negative Short Remarks For Students’ Performance And Report Card Comments

The only way a parent would know if their child(ren) is making progress or not is through the comments of a teacher on their report card. Through your remarks as a teacher, a parent can measure the progress of their children and take appropriate action(s).

In this write-up, we have taken out the time to arrange a list of short remarks for students’ performance and report cards that can guide you in your comments on your student’s report card. We know you will find them useful.

Short Remarks For Students

1. [Student name] has made considerable progress in [subject name] this term. He should maintain this in the next term as well.

2. She relies heavily on others to support her with class assignments rather than making attempts herself.

3. [Student name] needs to devote more time to personal study so he can perform well in his tests.

4. [Student name] has been an exceptional student this term. I hope he will maintain this next term.

5. [Student name] is very diligent in doing her assignments and exams well. I am very proud of her.

6. [Student name] is very smart but he seems to lack the motivation to put in the required effort expected of him.

7. He has worked very hard this year and I am proud of his achievements.

8. [Student name] is a very bright student but he needs to work on his character. He needs to learn to be polite to his teachers and colleagues.

9. She has a very good mental ability but needs to be more serious in her studies and less playful.

10. [Student name] has an amazing sense of humor but needs to know when to draw the line.

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Short Remarks For Students’ Performance

Congratulations! It’s the end of the session! You have been diligent in teaching your students but you also know you must comment on their performance. You may have the following questions going through your mind right now – How do I write it? How do I keep my comment short and yet factual?

Well, we have answered these questions and many others about writing short remarks for students’ performance in this write-up so you don’t have to worry a bit.

So sit back, relax and calmly go through this list. You are free to use them as they are or modify them to suit how you would write a short remark for your student’s performance.

1. [Student’s name] is an exceptional student. I am happy to be his teacher.

2. [Student name] is one of the best students I ever taught.

3. Excellent result! Keep it up!

4. [Student name] has performed quite exceptionally above his peers this term.

5. He is very analytical and creative in solving problems.

6. He has worked very hard this year and I am proud of his achievements.

7. Such a wonderful result! Keep it up!

8. A fantastic performance! Keep blazing the trail [student name].

9. You are a brilliant boy. The sky is your limit.

10. Outstanding result! I am very proud of your achievement.

11. Bravo! You are one of the students that inspire me to be a better teacher. Keep it up!

12. Well done [student name]! I believe you will maintain this record next term as well. Keep it up!

13. Such an outstanding performance! We are proud of you. Keep it up!

14. You are doing exceptionally well. Do not relent in your efforts. Keep working hard. The sky is your limit.

15. I am impressed with your performance. Keep the flag flying [student name].

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Remarks For Kindergarten Students

Education is in phases and that is why people of all age groups have their peculiar classes. Parents are interested in a bright future for their children and that is why they would start them up when they are still very young in kindergarten classes.

Even though they are still very young, they can learn in several ways at this early stage of their lives. Parents believe that kindergarten teachers would be able to employ the right methods in teaching their wards.

Thus, when the educational session comes to an end, parents look with eagerness at their wards’ report cards to check the remarks from teachers about their wards.

We know how difficult it may seem writing remarks for kindergarten studentsand that is why in this write-up, we have decided to assist you by arranging a list of remarks for kindergarten students. We know you will find them very relevant and useful.

1. He is very attentive and loves being in school.

2. He is having difficulty identifying numbers and letters. I will advise that you download the necessary apps to help him practice more.

3. Her writing skills have improved quite well compared to her last evaluation.

4.She is improving her mathematical skills. Great job!

5. He can carry out basic calculations like addition and subtraction required at his level.

6. He has made progress in recognizing numbers but is still finding difficulty identifying some letters of the English alphabet.

7. He is very creative and has a very good imagination. I have enjoyed his artistic paintings.

8. He is very eager to learn and can learn things quickly too. Good for him!

9. He is a very intelligent boy and enjoys participating in small group lessons.

10. He is very respectful and obedient to instructions given in class.

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Preschool Report Card Comments Examples

Writing a report card comment as a teacher is quite a demanding task especially when you have to take into consideration every child whom you have the privilege of instructing. More so, when it is preschool.

Writing a preschool report card comment, however, is not difficult as you may think. It just requires you to take into cognizance certain attributes and traits and comment on them as they apply to each of those students. Some of those characteristics and traits include behavior, willingness to learn, communication skills, performance in tests and exams and so on.

You can go through the list of preschool report card comments examples we have arranged in this write-up to see how to write a preschool report card comment.

1. He can master his emotions appropriately and cooperates well with other students.

2. He has a very good attitude. He consistently observes all the rules of the classroom.

3. He is very inquisitive and remains an active learner throughout the day.

4. He is very sociable and makes friends quickly in the classroom.

5. He can communicate his views plainly to everyone.

6. He is having trouble grasping basic math concepts. It will be helpful if you take a few minutes each day to help review these concepts and help with his homework.

7. He needs to work on his listening skills. He misses out on vital information that is being communicated in the classroom.

8. She does not participate actively in class activities. I feel you should help develop her self-confidence.

9. [Student name] has been a very friendly student. He enjoys working and playing with his classmates.

10. [Child’s name] has to work on his behavior. He keeps driving his friends away from him with his attitude.

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Short Remarks For Report Card

If there is anything vital in any endeavor that we are committing ourselves to, it is feedback. A patient wants to know just how much s/he is responding to treatment. An investor wants to know just how much gain his beneficiaries are making from his investment.

In the same vein, parents would want to know how well their children are doing at school and they can know this by checking the remarks written by their teachers.

They want to know if they are doing well in school, are well-behaved or are having trouble understanding a subject and so on. With all these questions in the mind of parents, it is expected that a teacher’s remark should be able to answer them.

More so, parents don’t expect teachers to write a whole page before expressing just how much their children are doing at school. In other words, the remarks should be brief, concise and straight to the point.

This write-up contains a list of short remarks for report cards that you can use as a teacher in commenting on your student’s performance at the end of a session / academic year.

1. [Student name] needs to take his assignments more seriously. His grades could have been much better than this.

2. [Student name] demonstrates a good understanding of mathematical concepts.

3. He has been very exceptional this term. I hope he will maintain this attitude come next term.

4. He is very confident in expressing his ideas to teachers and students alike.

5. [Student name] is very playful. He needs to know why he is in school.

6. [Student name] contributes actively to class discussions and group projects.

7. She has an innate ability for leadership. She will make a good leader.

8. She has a positive attitude towards school and is very eager to learn.

9. She turns in her class assignments promptly and is well done too.

10. He needs to listen more and talk less.

11. [Student name] can lead her class if only she puts in more diligence in her study.

12. He needs to be calmer to improve the quality of his work.

13. He has consistently made progress in [subject name]. I believe he can apply the same strategy to other subjects where he is lagging too.

14. [Student name] needs to be more studious to improve her performance in her tests and exams.

15. He needs to develop the right attitude towards learning.

Report Card Comments For Students With Special Needs

Usually, a teacher is trained to be able to pass on knowledge to his students. However, not all students are the same. There are some students with special needs and thus, they require teachers who have been specially trained for that purpose to be able to instruct them.

As a teacher that teaches students with special needs, the task can be quite cumbersome and demanding but it is definitely worth the effort as some of these students have risen to become great people in life.

Just as the average teacher will comment on their student’s performance, so a teacher teaching students with special needs will also have to comment on their performance. However, you must bear in mind that the yardstick with which you would measure the progress of a normal student will be quite different from the yardstick you would use to measure the progress of students with special needs.

In this write-up, we have arranged a list of report card comments for students with special needs that you can make use of as and when due.

1. He is improving tremendously in his speech and communication ability.

2. He has made considerable progress in [subject name] this term. I am proud of his achievements.

3. I like the fact that [child’s name] keeps working hard to be the best. I’m happy to see his efforts paying off.

4. [Child’s name] is no longer withdrawn. He now finds it easy to relate efficiently with his classmates.

5. He has improved significantly in [subject name] but needs to pay more attention to [subject name].

6. She has been able to build some degree of self-confidence. That is a major achievement for her.

7. His analytical and reasoning skills have taken a good turn. I am so happy for him.

8. Her test scores have continued to decline. I suggest that she devotes extra hours to studying daily.

9. Your performance is commendable. Keep putting in the hard work.

10. [Child’s name] has been very hardworking this term. If he continues with this attitude, he is sure to record much more progress than this.

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