Thank You Message From Teacher To Parents

[2024] Short Heartfelt Thank You Message From Teacher To Parents For Support

When a child is entrusted into the hands of a teacher by their parents, it is always a great responsibility for him or her. However, teachers still take pride in the fact that parents have confidence in their abilities to educate their children.

To show how grateful they are for this trust, they would want to express it in their truest self by sending warm thank you message from teacher to parents. While some may find it easy to express their hearts in words, others might not just be able to find the right words to put together.

We have therefore compiled a list of heartfelt thank you message from teacher to parents which you can use and can also release the fountain of your heart in expressing your gratitude.

Short Thank You Message From Teacher To Parents

1. Dear parents, where do I start to begin appreciating your efforts in raising these children? I believe words are inadequate to do so. Thank you for your support.

2. A child left to himself can’t go far. However, it gladdens my heart to know that these children have you as their parents because you have kept and constantly keep them on their toes. Thanks a lot.

3. My heart bubbles with joy for your contribution to the total welfare and soundness of your child. I am very pleased with what you are doing and also for giving me the opportunity to contribute to his/her life.

4. Dear parent, I am thrilled each time I hear [student name] tell me ‘My mom helped with that’. It is so heartwarming and saturating. Keep up the good work, Ma/Sir.

5. Every time I remember the supportive role you played in establishing my career as a teacher, my heart keeps thanking and thanking you. Really, I have been blessed to meet with you.

6. Dear parents, you have no idea how much your help at home means to me. It has eased the burden of my work in the classroom. Thanks very much.

7. I don’t quite know where to start in appreciating you enough but this is a start. I want to thank you for all the help you’ve rendered and you keep rendering.

8. For all that you do both big and small, privately and publicly in bringing up these children asides from our input as their teachers, I want to say ‘THANK YOU.’

9. Dear parents, working with you during this academic session has been one of the best things that ever happened to me in my entire teaching career. Your input at home was very succinct and yielded the expected result. Thanks a million.

10. Hitherto in this academic year, I have never in my life been happier. You have been very instrumental in the sound education of these students. Thank you and may you live long to reap the fruits of your labor over them.

11. Dear parent, I am very grateful for your warm and kind support. You have given me a gift I cannot repay. Thank you.

12. Thank you for every sacrifice you make and keep making to ensure your children succeed in life. You will surely reap the rewards of your labor.

13. Thank you for being so helpful throughout the term. Despite your busy work schedule, you were available when the occasion demanded your presence. Thanks a big lot.

14. Thank you our dear parents for being so wonderful and supportive to my students this year. I really appreciate all that you do for them. God bless you.

15. Thank you for sending in your feedback through the school forms for parents. I am so glad that parents like you pay very close attention to their children’s education.

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Thank You Message For Parents From School

As the head or proprietor of a school, what would your school be without the students and where would the students be without their parents? Firstly, they were brought into the world by their parents who also decided for them which school to be in.

Thus, you would need to send an appreciation message to these parents either in the middle of the session or at the end of it. Sending a thank you message for parents from school plays a vital role as it gives these parents feedback on where they invest their resources.

However, you wouldn’t also want to get it all wrong while trying to show your gratitude to them. This has made us gather this list of thank you message from teacher to parents just for you so that parents who receive them, can have the right impression about the schools they send their kids to.

1. Thank you our dear parents for your unwavering trust in us to educate your children. We promise not to let you down as you keep your child/ren with us.

2. Dear parents, we as an educational institution are privileged to be able to play a major role in the education of your children. We sincerely appreciate this and promise to deliver.

3. Thank you dear parents for the value you place on the quality of your children’s education. We assure you that in this school, your children will receive the quality education you so much desire.

4. Dear parents, we appreciate how far you’ve partnered with us in the education of your children. We want to assure you that it can only get better and implore you to continue with us on this journey.

5. Our dear parents, we sincerely appreciate your promptness in paying the tuition fees for your children. Because of your promptness, we have been able to upgrade our educational facilities and your children can now enjoy them.

6. Thank you our dear parents for your passion for making sure your children attain their full potential by giving us the responsibility of educating them for a bright future. We really appreciate this and promise not to let you down.

7. Dear parent, I appreciate the trust and confidence you’ve displayed in us to have us as the foundation for your child’s education. We assure you that you will not regret this decision that you have made.

8. Our dearest parents, we assure you that the set of teachers and facilities we have in this school will ensure that your child receives the best education s/he can ever get. Thank you for choosing us.

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Thank You Note To Parents From Teacher For Support

Teachers, as equipped and talented as they are to carry out their pedagogical duties, know deep within them that parents play a vital role in crowning their efforts. It is not uncommon to see teachers send a thank you message from teacher to Parents for their support in educating their children.

We know you would want to send one to a parent for their unrelenting support in making your efforts on their children worthwhile and that is why we have arranged for you these thank you note to parents from teachers for support.

We are sure parents will feel elated as they read this thank you note you send to them.

1. I appreciate all that you do for your children to ensure they are successful. You have supported me and made my work in the classroom easier. Thanks a lot.

2. Dear parents, I cannot but commend your efforts in ensuring your children don’t feel abandoned. Your presence at the last open day meant a lot to both me and the children. I appreciate this.

3. Thank you for your support in the raising of your child. Your presence at the last concert, despite your busy schedule, is very commendable and appreciated.

4. Without parents like you, I wonder if children will ever be able to discover their God-given gifts and abilities but you have been very helpful in helping them mine their repository of talents and gifts. Thanks for your support.

5. Thank you for always being there for your child. It is comforting to have parents that love their child as much as you do. Thanks for being a pillar and support.

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Thank You Note To Parents For Support From School

A thank you message from teacher or school to parents, is usually a way of letting parents know that the school values their decision in entrusting the education of their wards in their hands and also for their support in raising those children.

Writing such thank you note, therefore, shouldn’t be done carelessly or without paying much attention to what you’re including in the thank you note because if well written, it has the potential to make parents want to keep sending their children to your school.

This write-up contains a list of these thank you note to parents for support from school that you can make use of as and when due.

1. Our dear parents, we can’t but appreciate you for your belief in us and support of our vision and mission regarding the education of your children. We really appreciate this and will fulfill your expectations by God’s grace.

2. Dear parents, thank you for your unrelenting support of us. We have been able to go this far only because you were cooperative and supportive. We thank you.

3. When we needed to upgrade the school’s library, we thought it would be very difficult to raise adequate funds within the time frame but you as parents made it look so easy by giving your support financially to this noble cause. We really appreciate your support Sirs and Mas.

4. Beyond the education of your children which you committed to our hands, it gladdens us to know that you are also putting in the effort at home to commensurate with what we are doing. May your labor not be in vain.

5. Dear parents, as this term comes to an end, we send this as a token of our gratitude for your support in making this term successful. We look forward to more support from you in the coming years. Thank you.

6. What we have been able to achieve thus far as an educational body cannot and wouldn’t have happened without your support. We thank you and wish you well in all your endeavors.

7. Thank you dear parents for your support financially and in every other aspect throughout this session.

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Thank You My Dear Students Quotes

The role of a teacher to students under his tutelage is multifaceted. Beyond instructing the students in their subject(s) or course(s), sometimes, they also serve as mentors or counselors to them.

As a teacher, telling your students to thank you when they do something praiseworthy, raises their sense of self-worth and endears you more to them.

So, in this compilation of thank you message from teacher to parents, we thought it needful to include appreciation messages to the students for their corporation and good conduct.

You can make use of these thank you my dear students quotes when the occasion calls for it.

1. Dear students, it’s been an amazing session with you all. Even though you all have different personalities just as your faces are different, I must say that I really enjoyed the time we had together learning. Have a happy holiday!

2. Thank you, my dear students. You all have great potential to make this world a better place. I am really happy to have been your teacher all through this time and I look forward to hearing great things about you in the future.

3. Thank you all my dear students. One tree does not and cannot make a forest. We all have had a great time learning from one another. Thanks for your cooperation. I look forward to seeing you all next session.

4. I never dreamed that my students would come to my house on weekend to celebrate my birthday with me. It is a memory I will always treasure. Thank you all.

5. Throughout these years of being your teacher, I am so grateful to be a part of your life. I have learned a lot from you and I feel so fulfilled. Thank you so much.

6. Your set of students has been the best performing set I’ve ever taught since I started teaching this course. You are a brilliant set of students. Thanks for making teaching easy and enjoyable.

7. The cooperation I have received from you has been exceptional and has made my teaching you easy and stress-free. I am so glad for your cooperation.

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Thank You Note From Teacher To Student For Gift

When we hear about being given a gift, usually, we see it in the light of the giver being higher in status than the receiver. For instance, parents to children, leaders to followers, etc. Nevertheless, it also happens the other way around.

When presented with a gift, no matter the status of the giver, it is always expected to say a ‘THANK YOU’ after receiving it. As a teacher, do not be surprised that your students can be very thoughtful to present you with a gift, and when they do, how do you respond? By saying ‘THANK YOU’ of course!

However, beyond saying it verbally, you can also send a thank you note. Below is a list of thank you notes from teacher to student for gift that you can select from and use in appreciating your student(s) when they present you with a gift.

1. I am elated by reason of the thoughtful gift you gave me at the end of the term. What a brilliant mind you have! Thank you very much.

2. Dear [student name], being a teacher of a bright student is enough joy for me. How about when that bright student yet goes further to present her teacher with a thoughtful gift! I appreciate it very much.

3. On seeing the beautiful tie you bought for me, I couldn’t help but marvel at your thoughtfulness. I appreciate it so much. Just know that whenever I look really good in it, you made it happen. Thanks a lot!

4. I have received gifts from lots of people but rarely do I receive a gift from my students. By giving me this gift, you are the only one in your class who did so and you should be proud of that. Thanks a whole lot [student name].

5. Sometimes, the quality of a gift doesn’t lie in its quality or quantity but in the heart of the giver. Your gift means a whole lot to me as it’s coming from one of my students. Thanks very much.

6. I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of your gift. It was almost as if you knew just what I needed at the time. I really appreciate your kind gesture. Enjoy the holidays.

7. I love my gift. It was very thoughtful of you and your family to get me something I will use every day. I wish you a happy holiday.

8. Such a gift coming from my student. I am humbled and full of gratitude for your kind generosity. You are a bright student and your thoughtfulness doesn’t come as a surprise. Thank you.

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