thinking of you on the anniversary of a death

[2024] Remembrance And Thinking Of You On The Anniversary Of A Death Of A Loved One

An anniversary of a loved one’s passing is never easy. It has the power to reawaken long-forgotten memories and reopen old hurts.

On days like anniversaries, the sorrow is frequently at its most raw and visceral. It never truly goes away. However, while for some people this is a day that triggers unwelcome pain, for others it is an opportunity to honor someone’s life.

And if appropriate, you might want to send a thinking of you on the anniversary of a death message to the family or friends of the deceased loved one.

Just like the message says, you are letting them know you’re thinking of them and are available for them.

Try some of these thinking of you on the anniversary of a death of a loved one samples below if you’re unsure of what to write in a death anniversary message for a card or what to say to someone on the anniversary of a loved one’s loss.

You can find the most heartfelt thinking of you on the anniversary of a death sayings to express your sympathy or wonderful wording ideas for remembering and celebrating the anniversary of losing a key person.

Thinking Of You On The Anniversary Of A Death

Anniversaries that mark the passing of a loved one can be difficult. Acknowledging these anniversaries by offering words of comfort on the anniversary of a death or providing remembrance messages to mark the death anniversary are simple ways to provide support to loved ones.

If you know someone who just lost a loved one today, waste no time in sending any of these thinking of you on the anniversary of a death messages:

1. I can’t forget when I first met (mention deceased name). He/she was incredibly kind to me. It hurt to know (mention deceased name) is gone. Sending you loads of love and strength.

2. May the support and presence of family and friends comfort you. You are in my prayers. Be strong!

3. I’m sending many hugs to you today. I know you’re still mourning (mention the deceased name). I’ll prepare today’s lunch if you let me.

4. Accept my deepest condolences on this difficult anniversary. I wish you abundant peace. Fill your mind with happy memories.

5. I pray for you all today. Be comforted in knowing that (mention deceased name) soul is guarding you guys. (mention decesased name) was a special person and left an unfillable void.

6. I don’t know of a more perfect woman like (mention deceased name). You’re lucky she’s your mum and I’m super lucky to have met her. I’m always thinking of you.

7. My family is keeping (mention deceased name) spirit within our thoughts today. We are remembering those funny moments we made together.

Tribute On Death Anniversary Of A Loved One

1. You’ve always told us to live, and you lived indeed. Life was a fulfillment for you. We only celebrate the wonderful times and we continue to laugh at your memories.

2. I remember you and laugh hard because you cracked the funniest jokes. You always said I shouldn’t take life seriously. Your spirit was always happy until you slept.

3. You were my heroine, so resourceful and courageous. You made it obvious you loved me, and though you’re gone, I know you still love me.

4. You were the potent force behind me. I couldn’t fall because you backed me up. Thank you for standing with me till I was strong enough to do so.

5. Your presence eased our burden and solved many problems. You were there in the good and bad times. Although you left without me, I pray your afterlife is a peaceful one.

6. You’ve always been a part of me, and now you’ve taken a part of me too. You were such a charismatic person. Sleep well dear one!

7. You were always curious and fearless. You were able to take big leaps. No wonder you made many achievements in your lifetime.

Remembering Someone On Their Death Anniversary

1. It’s a year since (mention deceased name). passing. Please know I have you in my mind and heart at this time. I often think of you. I wish you strength and peace

2. While nothing can bring you back who you’ve lost, do know we’re remembering (mention deceased name). today. He/she was a loving and wonderful person and we’re blessed to have met him/her.

3. Today marks the day (mention deceased name). died. And I know you hurt as much as I do. Life seems duller without (mention deceased name). You and your family are in my thoughts. I love you!

4. Although (mention deceased name). would scoff at the idea of being sent messages on his/her death anniversary, please know you live in my heart. I’ll come around to toast you to his/her honor while watching the sky go black with you.

5. Since midnight, many sweet memories of (mention deceased name). flooded my mind. This world feels empty without him/her. I’m eager for when we’ll reunite.

6. (mention deceased name). was an impactful person. he/she was the reason I could live again. He /she is sorely missed. You’re all in my thoughts.

7. Today we baked (mention deceased name). best dish to honor him/her. We adore you and we promise to remember (mention deceased name). for who he/she was and what he/she represented.

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Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes

When someone dies, it’s often a time of immense sadness.

Death anniversary presents a special time to remember your loved ones by sending them death anniversary prayer quotes (for others, as a mourner, and to the dead). While writing the quotes, use special words and phrases that you know they would have liked to hear at this event. Tell them how much they will be missed by family and friends.

So we got you covered with these I am thinking of you on the anniversary of a death of a loved one

1. I know God is listening to and watching you. I pray he blesses you with lots of comfort at this time.

2. I pray the lord God gives the souls of your children solace and peaceful rest through Christ Jesus on this day.

3. I pray he/she is welcomed into heaven where there’s no mourning, weeping, or pain.

4. I pray every day and every night that God gives your soil rest as you dwell in his paradise.

5. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m a call aware to moan and cry. I’m on your side, and I’m sure ___ is protecting you.

6. I pray God shows compassion on the soul of ___. I pray God cocoons you in his warmth.

7. I look to the heavens, grin and laugh sometimes. I think I see you in the clouds. While I mourn, others are rejoicing at seeing you on the other side.

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Death Anniversary Quotes For Uncle / Aunt

What do you say on the day you lose an uncle? Given your state of grief, finding the right words can be challenging.

But with any of these death anniversary quotes for uncle / Aunt, you can convey your ideas and sentiments without using excessive language.

1. Your gleaming eyes, bright smile, and lovely soul will forever be within me because you were such a rare gem of a person we were honored to love. We deeply feel your loss. Your absence will be forever felt.

2. Fate took you away in a rude manner. Still, you remain imprinted in us. We talk about you, share memories and remember your jokes.

3. If only tears could make a stairway to heaven, I would run all the way and bring you back.

4. Losing you my dear uncle, has caged me in misery and agony. But my suffering is nothing compared to your freedom. You are loved.

5. Can we ever be prepared to tell a loved one goodbye? My heart is heavy because I lost a second father today. Still, I chose to celebrate the man you were. Rest in peace uncle.

6. Time is shorter than we think. If only there was more time, we would have gone for that fishing trip you promised.

7. Your death was untimely and unfair. It’s still shocking we’ll never see again. May your soul be reposed.

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Wife / Husband Death Anniversary Quotes

Losing a husband or wife can produce excruciating emotional pain for a partner. These wife/husband death anniversary quotes can relieve your grief as you relive memories of the moments you both shared. Find solace as you remember all your wife/husband was to you with these quotes:

1. You were and still are my shining light. Your love radiates through my bones even now.

2. Though you’re no longer with me, I think of you all the time. I still feel deeply connected to you.

3. Today is not some reminder of losing you, it’s a reminder of the love we had and the memories we created are real.

4. Our bond goes beyond any grave and this has helped me to live without the physical presence of my beloved.

5. I hope we reunite soon, so we can share many anniversaries in Heaven.

6. Your heart is forever with me; I’ll never leave it behind. I go everywhere with it, so what I do is done by you through me.

7. On this anniversary of your loss, I can only toast to a true hero.

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Tribute In Honor Of My Late Father

Children often wish to honor their fathers who have passed away, and other people do as well.

They want to show the world how appreciative and respectful of the man who fathered them.

Here are some in honor of my late father words to begin with:

1. My heart aches every time I think you’re gone. They lied when they said time heals all wounds. This wound is still as fresh as when I felt you take your last breath. You were too young to die. Dad, know that I miss you so much.

2. There’s an emptiness in my soil since you’re gone. You were my biggest supporter. The one who encouraged me to live largely. Your impact was too great for me. I wish you were able to overcome your sickness, but I know you’re much better where you are. I love you, dad!

3. Despite our tussles, you were the best father I would ever have. You were our family’s cover and we felt naked when we lost you. I pray your soul is blessed and rests in perfect peace.

4. The pinpricks of pain that Wells up in my chest and the tears that gush out without restraint explain how deep my love runs for you. I’m still missing you.

5. My brother and I had someone to call a father. You made sure we got everything we needed and you would check up on us from time to time. They say you’re watching us. Keep protecting us from up there.

6. I remember when you held my hand as you took me to school on the first day. I was terrified, but you told me you’ll always be with me and that gave me the courage to get in. Even though you’re no longer with me, I still remember those encouraging words and forge on in life. Thank you, dad.

7. It’s unbelievable you’re gone. There was no heads-up. I wish I didn’t leave you then. I wish I could hug you tight and perhaps, never let you go. But I want you to have peace. Know that I love you, dad.

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Death Anniversary Prayer For Mother

Having to remember the death of a beloved mother can be agonizing. We tend to get distressed when replaying those memories you both shared. Still, it’s a day you show your reverence to the amazing mother she has been.

This is also the perfect time to show care to her soul and express these pent-up feelings. Here are some examples of death anniversary prayer for mother:

1. Your love and care were what kept us as a family together. In return, I pray that Almighty God gives you peace. You deserve to be in heaven.

2. I look back to those times you were present and tears stream down my face without restraint. You are an invaluable part of my life. Losing you was a tragedy to me. I pray God keeps you fresh in my heart.

3. I’ve finally come to accept your loss. So I pray God keeps you in the fanciest and most beautiful part of heaven. Amen!

4. I thank God for blessing me with a mother like you. I pray God heals my heartache.

5. Lord, we are here today to pray for the death anniversary of mum. We’re grateful to you for blessing us with her. Be with her as she’s moved on from this world.

6. We appreciated you for life. We’re glad for our mother who has lived a long, happy, and fulfilling life. It was a wonderful time we spent with her. Let those who mourn her be comforted with the memories they shared with her.

7. Today Lord, I remember the woman you made my mum. Her smiles and laughter are unforgettable. The songs she sang to me when I was little are still reverberating through my head. And the unexpected pain of losing her. Thank you, God, for her life.

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