Emotional Tribute To A Mother Who Passed Away

60 Deep Emotional Tribute To A Mother Who Passed Away

Whether biological or anyone who stood in the position of a mother, the death of a mother is one of the most painful losses anyone can experience. From me to you, I want to say, accept my condolences.

This emotional tribute to a mother who passed away will help give the best of a heartfelt and warm tribute to your mother in honor of her.

1. Mom, thank you for your love, care, kindness, and patience. You lived your entire life serving humanity, how I wish I could still have you much around but you have gone to the grave beyond. I will continue to miss you, my model.

2. Mom, why did you leave at a time like this? What about all our discussions, you promised to be there on my wedding day and I promised you will celebrate your 70th birthday with us in our brand new house but you didn’t wait for all these. I will miss you, dear mother.

3. Dear mom, the day you left us was the darkest day of my life. You are a super mother, so loving, caring, and very sacrificial. I will miss you so much. Thank you for living well for us.

4. Dear mother, you are a great model, you stood out among so many women. You were always dear to your children. You taught me to love, respect and service. I am all I am today because you chose to be an exceptional mother.

5. Darling mother, what a great jewel you are. You lived for all of us, especially for me. Even in your pain and difficult times you always make sure we are very comfortable. Thank you for all you do for me. I will forever miss you.

6. Mummy was a beautiful, wonderful, and amazing woman, she lived an inspirational life.

7. Mummy was brilliant, dazzling, passionate, and lovingly funny. She was the description of strength, determination, and character. All her children will miss her.

8. Mummy, you were the true picture of motherhood. You raise all your children in the way of the Lord. You taught us character, love, hard work, and respect for all. We have been able to achieve much today because of your selfless service. Thank you so much.

9. Mummy was a mother in a million. She was so caring, loving, and good. Mummy taught us values and make sure we did the right thing in everything. She was not only good to her children but also to the people around her. I will greatly miss you, darling mother.

10. Darling mother why did you have to leave at this crucial time. You were my model, my standard, and my source of courage. You were always there at every important junction of my life. I can’t imagine how life will be without you being here. I love you so much, mum.

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Tribute To Mother From Daughter For Funeral

Daughters usually have a peculiar affinity for their mothers. Losing such a special person to death can be traumatic. This is why we have carefully written these tribute to mother from daughter for funeral. Kindly take heart.

Hopefully that this collection of emotional tribute to a mother who passed away, would help you put words together to make the last wishes for her.

1. Dear mother, if I have the power I will bring you back to life. When you left, I felt a part of me was lost. You were my model, my source, and my strength and inspiration. I pray your soul finds eternal rest. Thank you for living a good life.

2. Dear mother, I miss you every day, there was no single moment that pass that your thought of passing didn’t hurt my heart. I pray my heart heals as the days go on. I love you dearly.

3. Dear mother, since the day of your passing, there was not a single day I don’t shed tears because I miss you so much and I am yet to come to terms with your passing.

4. Every single day since your passing has been very difficult. I find myself very lonely; I missed our moments together, your gifts, and your advice. You were not only my mother you were my friend.

5. I thought by this time I will be strong enough to accept fate and not be so hurt by your thought of passing but I still miss you so much dear mother. I wish you are still here with me.

6. Since your passing mom, I still sneak into your room in the middle of the night on behalf of you are still alive and maybe your passing was a dream. But mum, you are no more here, you are gone and that hurt so much.

7. The other day I was faced with a dilemma, I had to take a major decision within a short time, then I felt your absence much more, I know a word from you would have helped me a great deal. Mummy, I will you so much.

8. I thought by now I will feel better but dear mum, I still miss you so much. I wish you are still here with us.

9. Dear mum, your life was well lived, you saw beauty in everything in life. You were always happy and full of optimism. Adie mama.

10. Mummy, your life was well spent you impacted everyone you met. Thank you for living such a good life. Goodnight mama.

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Short Emotional Tribute To A Woman Who Passed Away

We all have a special woman in our lives. Perhaps you just lost that special woman around you and you need to write a good tribute in her honor.

This tribute to a great woman who passed away will help you send the best tribute to that special woman you love dearly.

1. What a great woman who a great woman you are. You lived with so many at heart. You helped many to find joy and purpose. You were exceptional. Thank you for living such a good life.

2. Thank you for living such an exemplary life. You had a great impact on many of us. You taught us how to love, help and sacrifice. You were never selfish as a woman. Thank you so much.

3. I am glad to write this tribute to you, a great woman who is an embodiment of love and generosity. You changed my life when you adopted me at a very tender age. You gave me all that is needed to succeed. Thank you so much ma. Rest well.

4. My school mother, you have to depart this sinful world after your battle with cancer. It is a great privilege for me to be by your bedside when you quietly left this world. You are a model to us all, an epitome of love, generosity, and compassion. Your 35years teaching career left a great imprint on a very good number of us. Thank you for living such an impactful life. Rest on.

5. What a heroine you are. You lived selflessly. You gave to the poor and many because of your kind gestures were able to afford a life. It is so sad that you have to leave us now but your great memories of love and kindness are ever with us.

6. Yesterday we lost a great gem, a woman of value and virtue, an epitome of beauty and strength. You left quietly as you come into this world. Though you have left us your impact on us will never be forgotten.

7. Diana, you breathed your last yesterday evening. As if you know will be passing on, you waited till your families were all around you and you left quietly. You are a woman with so much strength; you were very authentic, loving, generous, and very kind. Thank you for a life well spent. Goodnight.

8. I feel so nervous having to write this tribute at your passing. What a gracious woman you are both in life and death. I remembered our time in high school, and how loving, caring, and honest you are. You love justice and you fought for the course of the disadvantage. Though your passing is very painful it is a great joy to celebrate the good life you lived. Thank you.

9. Dr. Smith, you are the pride of womanhood, what a great woman you are, you were a mother to everyone who comes around you because you have a heart full of kindness. Your passing is a great shock to us all but you lived a good life worthy of emulation. Continue to rest ma.

10. I have many people who have made an impact in my life but yours was exceptional. You took me from a lowly background and help me become the great man I am today. Your kindness and generosity are exceptional. Rest on my heroine.

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Christian Tribute To A Mother Who Passed Away

Losing a mother is a great loss and a very difficult one. Mothers are special treasures in their children’s lives and it could be very emotionally draining trying to compose a tribute for your mother.

These collections of Christian tribute to a mother who passed away are specially composed to help you make the job easier.

1. What a wonderful mother you were. You lived like the women of old with so much impact on the younger women. You were a loving wife and a very caring mother. Rest in the bosom of your lord and savior Jesus Christ.

2. Sweet Mother, I wish you are still very much here with us. You are the epitome of love and care. You put all your life into the service of the kingdom of God. Scores of lives were changed and transformed through your prayers and counsel. I am so proud of you.

3. The memory of the righteous is blessed. Mum, you have left for us a great legacy of righteousness, holiness, and forthrightness. We are very thankful for a life well lived. We shall meet to part no more.

4. Mummy, I am very sure you are resting now at the bosom of the Lord your God. You are a woman of faith, grace, and love. You sang praises to God even to your last, moments on earth. Live on, mummy.

5. Dear mother, you fought so hard to stay alive but I am very sure you are better placed there than here. We shall continue your great heritage of faith and love over here. Till we meet at the feet of the Lord, rest on great mother.

6. Wonderful mum, I know the angels are standing with an ovation to welcome you home now. You lived for God throughout your stay here on this side of heaven. Thank you for living behind such a rich heritage of faith. Thanks.

7. Mummy, nobody is gathering here today to mourn you but to celebrate your life and the great legacy of faith you left behind. You were a champion who stood on the side of God even when others refused to stand with you. May your soul continue to rest at the bosom of the Lord.

8. Mummy, you didn’t die, you only transited into glory. You had always made it known to us that you will soon be with your Lord. Thank you for living for God and His people.

9. Mum, you may be gone but you are still dearly in our hearts. You lived for God and People. You loved everyone around you with the love of God. You are truly a woman of faith because you demonstrated it on many grounds. Thank you for living such a beautiful life.

10. On the resurrection morning, we shall meet at the feet of the Lord and Savior, where there shall be more pain, sickness, or death. I miss you mum but I know you are better placed over there.

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Tribute To A Godly Woman Who Passed Away

Godly women are special beings. They are a mother to many. They have an aura that is difficult to forget even after they might have passed away a long time ago. To honor such women, here are some samples of emotional tribute to a mother who passed away.

Pay them the last respect with these funeral quotes that are carefully coined for women of this caliber.

1. Mom, you are a notable Christian leader with a proven track record of walking with God. You were a leader to many who deeply love and appreciate you. You will greatly be missed.

2. To mourn your death is not as important as celebrating your life which was full of service to God and humanity. You were known as a dutiful woman of God who gave her all to God. You inspire many into loving God and having a quality relationship with him. You will be greatly missed, dear mother.

3. Dear mum, you lived on purpose. Being careless was never your way. You loved God; you served Him and also encourage others to do so. Thank you for living such a good life.

4. Dear mum, may your lovely soul be blessed as you ascend to heaven. We are so proud of the good life you lived and the good path you left for us. You an example of a believer in all good works. Continue to rest with Christ.

5. Mum, it is very painful to have lost you into the cold hands of death, but we are greatly comforted by the scriptures because you are now better placed. We shall meet again at the resurrection morning.

6. I have missed feelings writing this tribute to you mum. I feel great pain because I will not be able to fellowship with your caring and lovely spirit but at the same time, I believe you are being gloriously welcome by the angels of God into your great rewards. You will forever remain in my heart.

7. I will not be tempted to express sorry and grief at your departure mummy, the scripture already asked us never too sorry like them that have no hope. I know you are having a great time in your mention in heaven now because that was the hope you lived for every single day here on earth.

8. Great mother, I missed you so much. Though I know you are better off in heaven but I still feel I need you more here now. Thank you for living such a good life worthy of emulation.

9. There is time for everything. There was a time you have you here with us, now you are no more because you have returned to your lord and savior. I will forever miss you, mum.

10. Mummy thought it very hard to say good night but I have great comfort in the fact that you are now in heaven having a great time with the angels of God. I will greatly miss you.

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