Short Tribute To A Great Person

50 Samples of Emotional And Short Tribute To A Great Person / Leader / Icon Who Passed Away

Tribute is the best way to show your respect, admiration, or gratitude to someone you feel is so important to you in life.

Why some tribute could be an organized event like dinner in honor of a person, it is majorly done in honor of people who are dead, especially people we feel had lived an exceptional life.

While your tribute needs to be very rich and concise, you don’t need to make them unnecessarily long and that is why I have kept these tributes short in the list of short tribute to a great person here.

With these short tribute to a great person, you will be able to send some of the best tributes to people you feel are very important in your life.

Short Tribute To A Great Person Who Passed Away

If you have been looking for the best tribute to write in honor of a great person in your life who just passed away, this list of short tribute to a great person will supply the best inspiration you need.

You can take one of two out of the exhaustive list of short tritbute to a great person who passed away and dedicate it to that special great person who passed away in honor and respect for them.

1. Death is painful; however, death taking a precious jewel like you is more painful. You are a man with a good heart who cared so much about friends and family. You contributed to the development of every single person you met on your path and you never seized to be an inspiration to all. Thank you for living a great and fulfilled life. Adieu, sir.

2. You are greatness personified. Your contribution to community development is first-class. You made everybody happy; you mentored a good number of us into greatness. You were not the only great one; you made all of us great too. Thank you for a life well spent.

3. You are without a doubt a great personality; you are intelligent, discerning, attentive, and full of knowledge. You show so much compassion and display a lot of humility so much that every one of us seeks to emulate you. Your loving memory will ever remain a monument in our hearts. Good night.

4. I have never met a great personality like you. The memories of the good time we shared will forever remain a treasure. You are a man with a great heart of service, you get things done easily and sacrifice a lot for others. Thank you for a life well lived.

5. You are without doubt the most discerning, attentive, and knowledgeable man I have met. Full of compassion and humility, you represent the kind of person I love to be. With a contagious smile and infectious laugh, you put yourself into all you do. You lived a fulfilled life.

6. I have never met a great leader like you who is patient, loving, and eager to help always. Your love for knowledge inspired me to get more education and developed myself. Having to write a tribute to you today is painful but at the same time, it allows me to further celebrate you even in death.

7. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them. You were born great and also went ahead to achieve more greatness. You have shown every one of us what true greatness means. Thank you for a life well spent.

8. You thought me almost all I know today. Meeting you in college has my teacher changed my life. You taught me great life lessons like honesty, hardwork, respect for others, and confidence to mention but a few. Having to write this at your demise makes me so nervous. Thank you for impacting my life so much. I will never forget sir.

9. Life without you around to guide, coach, instruct and provide stability again will be quite challenging for me. You have been a great leader and I draw inspiration from you all the time. Thank you for a life well spent.

10. The memory of the righteous is blessed. You may be gone but your memory is always with us. You left a good and great imprint in our hearts with your kindness, love, and sacrifice. Thank you for a life well spent.

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Tribute Message To An Icon

1. My whole life changed the day I benefited from your philanthropic gestures. Through you giving back to society my dream of becoming a lecturer was realized. You may be dead now but your goodness changed my life. Thank you for living a great life. Rest well.

2. Growing up with you was the best moment of my life, you thought me almost everything I know. Your determination to succeed and make others succeed was very contagious. They made me all I am today. Your life was well spent, and your influence on us will forever remain.

3. You change my life when I felt all was gone. You helped me practically with everything in my life. It hurt that I have to write a tribute to you when you are gone. Your life was well spent. Thank you.

4. Thank you for being the kind of man you were. Your greatness challenged me to be all I am today. You taught me patience, process, and hard work. Rest on my dear hero.

5. You lived as my hero. every time I come around, you always attend to me. You are a great mentor and friend. Thank you for all you did for me. Rest on sir.

6. It is difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that you are gone. You practically reproduce your life in me. Thank you for always encouraging and challenging me to do more. Rest on.

7. You lived beyond human. Your thoughts were always revolutionary. Only a few know you were born to see beyond now. Thank you for all the encouragement, my role model. Goodbye.

8. You may be gone but you have left a great legacy for us. You mentored us and sowed in us the seed of great. Thank you for your sacrificial life. Rest in peace.

9. Death is sudden and final but you lived beyond yourself. You have invested in a lot of us and changed our lives. Thank you for all you for us. Rest on.

10. I remembered the day my mum was sick to death and we had a problem paying her hospital bills. You stepped in and paid for everything. I still have a mother today because of your kind gestures. You are a hero. You lived your life for others. Rest on sir.

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Sample Tribute To A Great Man

Writing a tribute in honor of a great man is not something that can be approached casually, which is the reason a sample may be needed.

Below is some sample tribute to a great man, which will help you compose the best short tribute to a great person you love and admire so much.

1. Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate the legendary life of Mr. (mention the name).

My name is Daniel (mention your name), I am a Friend of Mr. (mention name) whose life and the impact we are celebrating today. I had been friends with him for 20 years and we have practically done almost everything together. (Introduction)

(mention the name) live a good life, he has invested his life into many people. He is a coach to many, a philanthropist, and a distinguished businessman. I feel so privileged to stand here talking about his great achievement as a tribute to him. (Body)

Thank you everybody for joining us to celebrate this legend today. (Conclusion).

2. I want to especially appreciate everyone for coming to celebrate the achievement and impact of Mr. (mention his name)

My name is Kathryn (mention your name) I am a cousin of Dr. (mention the name) who is much deserving of this great tribute in his honor. (Introduction).

I can remember when we were growing up, Dr (his name) has always shown his desire to live a life worthy of emulation so I am not so surprised that many are gathering here today in celebration of his greatness. He is a man who seeks the happiness of others, is very sacrificial, and has given a lot to the service of his community and environs. He is worthy of emulation in every respect of good works and service to humanity.

Thank you for coming to celebrate this legend today. (Conclusion).

3. Hello everyone, thank you for coming to celebrate the life and great achievement of my dear uncle Mr. (mention name).

I am David Jackson by name (mention your name), Mr. (mention his name) is my beloved uncle whom I respect so much and his life and achievement have brought me much inspiration to pursue my goals and aspirations in life. Standing here today to give this tribute in honor of him is a privilege I hold so dearly.


My uncle is an epitome of greatness, he obtained first-class honor in Mathematics from one of the prestigious universities in the country. He went on to lecture at the same university where he has raised many students like him and has been a role model to them. I learn diligence, dedication, attention to detail, and other great values of life from him. My uncle’s impact on the life of the less privileged in society has gone to give them great hope and desire to live. He is a very great man indeed.

I want to appreciate everyone for coming to celebrate this great legend today. Thank you. (conclusion).

4. My name is Benny Johnson; I want to appreciate this opportunity to write this tribute to Mr. (Mention name).

He has been a great motivation and encouragement to me for a long time. I have learned a lot from him ranging from good character to great values like honesty, diligence, hard work and so much. His impact on education, the world of business, and community development show how great his life has changed many. Thank you so much sir for living so great and impactful life.

5. Great people are not just great; they have gone to work so hard to become great. I celebrate your dedication to the right standard of life and commitment to the moral value which had resulted in a fulfilled life for you and many more you have influenced with your life.

Thank you so much for living such a good life. You are a great example to us all.

6. Greatness is not only in building monuments and leaving great empire behind; your life was the great monument and great empire that are not physical to many now at your passing. Thank you for living such an impactful life. Rest on great hero.

7. No day has passed with me being consumed with the thought of you. You live a life worthy of emulation; you loved everybody around you and invested heavily into them. Thank you for living such a sacrificial life. Rest on, Sir.

8. It is so difficult for me to write this tribute in honor of you. You lived a life of sacrifice by helping others build their own lives. You are a great inspiration to us all. Adieu, Sir.

9. Thank you for all you do for me and the children. You will forever live in our hearts. You are great father and a leader to all. Goodnight.

10. I am glad to write this tribute in your honor, a great man who is an embodiment of love and generosity. You changed my life when you adopted me at a very tender age. You gave me all that was needed to succeed. Thank you so much, Sir. Rest well.

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Sample Tribute Message For The Dead

Losing a person to the cold hand of death is not easy; talk more of writing a tribute in honor and respect for such a person.

To make the job easier for you I have written here some sample tribute message for the dead that will deliver the job.

Just take one of two and dedicate it to that special person in your life who has passed on and also share with others who may need the same.

1. You lived an honorable life; you loved your family and all around you. You were always radiant with joy and so much happiness. It is so painful I have to say good night to such a beautiful soul like you. Rest in peace.

2. You lived life so effortlessly; you had a great positive influence on people around you. At home and at work you are always booming with positive attitudes. Thank you for living an exemplary life. Rest on sir.

3. I remember how gentle, humble and quiet you are. For you, life is without so much agitation. Your achievements are so numeral to count. Thank you for leaving a good legacy for us and the generation to come. Rest gently in the arms of the savior.

4. If anyone ever lived a good life, you are that person. You are kind, loving, gracious, and simple. Nobody comes around you without being impacted positively. Thanks to your strong and influential personality. Continue to rest in peace.

5. You bought happiness, joy, and laughter to all you met; you will forever be missed by everyone. Thank you for living well.

6. Thank you for living such a beautiful life, your love and happiness will forever remain in our hearts. Rest on.

7. I can still remember the memories of our childhood, and how loving, caring and good-hearted you are. You are the one who always wants to get the job done. You love to laugh and smile always. Thank you for living a good life. Good night.

8. You made the world brighter and better for everyone who comes around you. You are a giver and a lover. You never want to take advantage of anybody. We love you so much. Keep on resting well.

9. Thank you for all you do for me and the children. You will forever live in our hearts.

10. When we were growing up, you told me you will live well, and that was what you did. You make sure you had a positive impact on everyone you met. You loved everyone, you helped many around you. Thank you for leaving such a beautiful life. You will forever be in our hearts.

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Funeral Quotes For A Good Man

1. In 1960, you helped my crumbling business. I didn’t go into bankruptcy because of your kind gestures. Thank you for living such an impactful life. Rest in peace.

2. Such a loving soul you are. You are caring, loving, and graceful. You always contribute positively to the life of all you met and I am a living witness. I will forever miss you.

3. You are a good person in every sense of it. Your foundation established to give good education to the poor changed my life and gave me hope. Thank you for a life well spent. Rest in peace.

4. You will always remain in our hearts. Though we can’t see you around, your impact on our hearts remains intact. Thank you for living such a good life.

5. It is difficult for me to say goodbye to such a beauty as you. Which should I mention, your kindness or your loving heart, the numerous positive contributions to my life or career? You are just the angel sent from God. Rest on.

6. When you were alive, it was so difficult for me to believe you are human because you are always above board. You are so caring, loving, and at the same time disciple and daring. You lived well. Thank you so much for your impact on my life.

7. You are dead because death is inevitable if not, there is no reason for a great soul like you to exit the earth. As a friend, you were always there for me. You loved with all your heart and you are very loyal. Thank you for living such a good life.

8. It is quite painful to say goodbye not because you going far away but because you are no more. All the great memories we shared will forever be treasured in my heart. Rest in peace.

9. I am very sad because I will not see you again but at the same time, I feel joy in my heart because you lived a good life. Rest on friend.

10. Your happiness and love will forever remain in our hearts. Thank you for the good memory you created. Rest well.

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