40 Thank You For Your Condolences And Prayers Messages

Thank You For Your Condolences And Prayers

Having people who can stand by you in days of adversity is therapeutic. They encourage, assure you, and go as far as praying with and for you.

Some would go as far as providing food, money, flowers, and support for the funeral. These sects of people should be appreciated.

To do that, without racking your head, we have provided you with this collection of thank you for your sympathy and kindness messages; which could be funeral thank you notes for money/food and flowers, or thank you notes after funeral to coworkers, colleagues, friends or family members.

So, for whoever it may concern, we’ve got you completely covered to show your sincere appreciation with the right wordings.

Thank You For Your Condolences And Prayers

In this section, you’d find thank you for your condolences and prayers messages, select according to your choice.

1. Thanks for the comfort and support after the accident. You really stood by me and I’m grateful to you for not leaving me in my vulnerable state. Thank you so much.

2. May evil be far from you and your household. Thank you for the condolences and prayers, I appreciate your kindness towards my family. You’re indeed a good person.

3. It’s been a while since I lost my Mom and whenever I think of the incident, I remember how you faithfully prayed for me and consoled me. Thank you for your prayers and support. I’m grateful.

4. This is a message to express my gratitude for standing by me during the incident. Thanks for the comforting words and prayers. Thanks for being of help. Your efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

5. Good people are hard to find, you’re one of the few I found and would never let go. Thank you for sympathizing with me and praying for my strength. I appreciate.

6. I pray that you’ll know no sorrow. You’re benevolent, you just had that ability to share my feelings and you stayed and prayed for me. Thank you for your labor.

7. I have come to notice how altruistic you are and I can boldly say anywhere that you are indeed unselfish and regardful of others. Thank you for your condolences and prayers. You’re a true one.

8. Your words and prayers lifted my bereaved mood. I’m glad you were mindful of me at that moment because the words and prayers were on time. Thank you so much.

9. May you not have any cause to mourn, thanks for the comforting words and prayers, they were like honey. It lifted my spirit and comforted me. Thank you for the care.

10. I’d choose you over and over again as my partner, you stood by me after the accident that almost took my life, although it left me with some scars, you stood by me and prayed for me, reassuring me that all will be well. Indeed all is well and I’m just grateful for the gift you. Thanks for the condolences and prayers.

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Thank You For Your Sympathy And Kindness

To have people sympathize with us in our low estate can be comforting. And for those who gave emotional support, these thank you for your sympathy and kindness quotes, will help you communicate how grateful you are

1. Thank you for your availability, prayers, and condolences. I really do appreciate you.

2. Hello, I just want to tell you how much better I am now after the incident. Thanks for the sympathy and show of kindness. You’re the best! May you be happy always.

3. Thank you for making me view life from a different lens. You strongly stood by me and comforted me with your words. I am very grateful for your support.

4. For me, even when I was becoming a shadow of myself and slipping away into misery, you encouraged me and provided a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for your time and love. I’m grateful.

5. I’d lost all hopes after the death of the one I cherished most. I was losing control but when you showed up, you didn’t hesitate to remind me of who I am and God’s will for me. What can I do to show I am really grateful than to say I am. Thank you.

6. You reassured me and comforted me. I do not take any of this for granted. Thank you for your time, prayers, and condolences.

7. You wouldn’t give up when the doctors gave their reports, you fervently prayed and comforted me. You were my saving grace sent from God. Thank you so much, also for your kindness.

8. In the middle of the heartache, your show of love during this trying time for my family gave us a ray of hope and comfort. We are grateful for all you did. Be blessed.

9. My quick recovery was possible because somebody like you was around me in my darkest time. I’ll forever cherish you for your support and kindness.

10. I am speechless. You’re a friend indeed. Thank you for standing by me through this moment of my life.

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Thank You Notes After Funeral To Coworkers / Colleagues

There are colleagues who think they are not under any obligation to rally around us when things go sour. They believe anything out of the office should be kept out of the office.

In that case, if you have a colleague who stood by you during a loved one funeral, it would be thoughtful of you to send them your appreciation. A short and simple message like “ thank you for your condolences and prayers ”, will mean a lot to send your gratitude.

Make a choice of what expresses your heart from any of these Thank You Notes After Funeral To Coworkers, colleagues, or boss; for their comforting words and deeds.

1. Hi guys, Thank you all for standing by me. You proved to be great colleagues. I am grateful.

2. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for your condolences and prayers. They had a comforting effect on me. Thank you very much. Friends, you’re the best.

3. You guys made sure I was not feeling lonely as I walk through the valley of life. Your show of love is comforting. Thank you.

4. Thanks for the early morning messages. Thanks for not abandoning me. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m happy to have you as coworkers. Thank you.

5. Hi friend, you’re truly a blessing to me and I can’t help but wonder how I got myself a friend like you. You’re a gift from God to me and I’m glad you’re a part of me. Thank you for all you did.

6. You’re the best colleague in the world. I couldn’t have asked for another. Your selflessness is amazing. Thank you for your words of encouragement, and thank you for your wishes. Thank you very much.

7. Hey guys, I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. I hope to repay your kindness and love in the future. You mean a lot to me, thank you for all you did and contributed to the funeral. They went a long way.

8. Good day Boss, this is my show of appreciation for your support and kindness during the burial ceremony. I cannot thank you enough.

9. As much as my heart was heavy, your kindness towards me in this trying time was too good to be unnoticed. Thank you for standing by to comfort and encourage the family.

10. I want you to know that I am feeling much better now. You went out of your way to make me see the sad scenario differently. Your show of love is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Funeral Thank You Notes For Money / Food And Flowers

While it may be enough to tell some, “thank you for your condolences and prayers”, others deserved a more specific appreciation note, message or card wordings.

In this section is funeral thank you notes for food, money, and flowers provided, which made the funeral easier and more colorful.

1. You’re a vessel used by God to always bless me and I’m grateful to God for your presence in my life. Thank you so much for your contribution to the burial.

2. You appear to be much closer although you’re far away. Distance couldn’t stand your love for me! Thanks for all the money sent. It helped to take care of lots of burial expenses. You’re Indeed a blessing.

3. Thank you for sending such a beautiful flower for the burial. We are so grateful.

4. I still couldn’t get over how you were able to bring me food for such a long time during the burial arrangement. You made many things easier to do. I am so grateful.

5. Although my heart was burdened, you relieved me of so much stress. Providing the food for the burial ceremony saved me from a lot of stress. Thank you so much. As a family, we do appreciate your kindness.

6. So thoughtful of you to have provided the flower for the burial. We actually forgot to get one. Thank you for adding color to the burial ceremony.

7. This is to register our appreciation as a family for the money given towards the burial ceremony, which helped to take care of some expenses. We couldn’t thank you enough.

8. We never knew we would have so much attending the burial ceremony, the food you brought saved us from a shortage of food. Thank you. We are so grateful to you.

9. I am sorry that some of the food you brought for me was wasted, as I couldn’t eat due to a heavy heart. I want you to know that I appreciate your effort and support.

10. You’re a man like an angel. Thank you for the money, food, and flower. We cant appreciate you more.