120 Samples of Nice Things To Say About Someone Personality, Look or Appearance To Make Them Smile

Nice Things To Say About Someone Personality

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones. They have the ability to strengthen and motivate. They keep you going even when you don’t seem like it. Pleasant word pacifies and brings peace.

We all desire nice things to be said of us. Therefore, we too should have nice things to say about someone personality. Believe it or not, we want people to compliment one thing or the other, be it an attitude for instance an attitude towards work, talent, creativity, personalities, about us.

Words could elevate one spirit or sadden it. Words could be marring or constructive.

Are you In search of nice things to say about someone’s personality ?. Look no further, here’s a list of some nice things to say to that fellow, to keep him or her blushing.

One Word Compliments For Him Or Her | Short Positive Things To Say To Someone

Sometimes, the perfect compliment can be given through one word. Such word may be used as a words to compliment a girl on her look, good words to praise someone, sweet compliments for him or her and best compliment for a girl/ boy on her photo on whatsapp status or instalgram.

These beautiful compliments could be used for a colleague, boss, co-worker or other students. One thing is certain, any of these words could stick with them till you never can tell.

1. Georgeous

2. Breath-taking

3. Fantastic

4. Inexplicable

5. Lovely

6. Impeccable

7. Stunning

8. Astonishing

9. Amazing

10. Golden

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Deep Meaningful Compliments

These are the kind of compliments that have a lasting effect and impression on someone. This are nice things to say about someone personality that inspires one to do better.

Deep meaningful compliments, as it implies, have a deep meaning that makes absolute sense, affecting the recipient. I’m sure you’ve got a few people who deserve these compliments.

Below are some deep compliments, go through them and select the ones that express your mind.

1. You made my life so beautiful. Yeah, I no longer want to keep this to myself, hence this message. You are amazing and have contributed so much to my growth. I’m really glad I met you.

2. Thanks for being a role model to me and others even without you knowing. You shaped me into what I am today and I can only say a prayer that the Lord will keep you forever. Amen!

3. In my lowest moment you’ve proven to be a supporting system and I remember all you said. It was no fluke meeting you. I’m grateful.

4. Many times I’d believe the lies that ‘you I’ll never measure up”; but you convinced me that I can be whatever I want to be. I’m not there yet, but I’m close. Thanks a bunch.

5. I’ll never forget the beautiful memories. I look forward to Good times together in the future.

6. Thanks for being a true friend that sticks closer than a brother. You’re a friend indeed. I love you!

7. You’re one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m grateful for your gift of you.

8. I don’t mind standing on the mountain and shouting at the top of my voice just to say I love you for being that friend who cares. Thank you for your concern.

9. I can boldly say our meeting was divinely planned and orchestrated. Thanks for staying. I’m grateful, love!

10. Just like the droplets of rain on one’s body, I get thrilled when thinking of how wonderful you’ve been to me. I’m short of words! Never forget how much I cherish you.

11. You mean so much to me and I’m rest assured that you know! You’ve been a shoulder to lean on and I’m grateful for the gift of you. I can’t thank you enough.

12. My love for you has no limit, it is without boundaries. You deserve all the best because you are the best!.

13. I have nothing else to say other than this- ‘you are sweet and wonderful, thanks for always putting a smile on my face.

14. You always make a huge impact wherever you find yourself. I’m different and better, with you in my life.

15. My world needs you now and always. Don’t you ever think of leaving. I trust and love you.

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Words To Compliment A Girl On Her Look and Beauty

Words To Compliment A Girl On Her Look and Beauty

Girls love their looks being complimented and that’s why you see them caring so much about how they look that they tend to put extra effort as regards their appearance.

They love to look attractive every time. though, sometimes, not for anyone, it could just be to or themselves.

Words could be used in appreciating or motivating and lots more, although their functionality varies. You’d find below pleasant and nice words to compliment a girl on her look.

Make a girl smile today, with any of these nice things to say about someone personality and beauty.

1. I love how beautiful your nose sits pretty on your face. You’re always charming.

2. You’ve got such a nice dentition. It compliments your smile. Don’t forget to smile today.

3. Hey girl, your beauty is mesmerizing. Oh, I’m in awe of you, baby.

4. You look so gorgeous in this nice gown! I can boldly say nobody rocks it better, love.

5. Everything looks beautiful on you. Every color suits you. You’re indeed pretty, dear.

6. You smell nice. You take my breath away.

7. Gosh, I’m so happy meeting you today. My day is already made with your appealing look, so lovely.

8. Your presence alone melts my heart. You’re all shades of beauty. You’re beautiful to the core. You’re beautifully and wonderfully made.

9. You’re an epitome of beauty and this isn’t to flatter you! I know you know that too!

10. There’s something so special about how you look. I can doubtless say you have skin like milk.

11. Your skin looks so healthy, you’re always glowing. You do so effortlessly.

12. You have such a very unique voice, it is pleasant to the ears. I love it and yea, not to forget, you look like your voice. So beautiful.

13. Amazing is an understatement, you’re amazingly pretty. Your dazzling look amazes me every time and I just can’t get enough of it.

14. You’re so stunning and elegant. I love everything about you darling. You look really good.

15. Others may think you’re beautiful but I know you are! Take a look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Beautiful in its entirety.

16. Hi pretty princess, you’re beyond pretty, my dear. I can’t even take my eyes off you!.

17. You’re always good-looking and alluring, never to be caught unfresh.

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Sweet Compliments For Him (Husband or Boyfriend)

Sweet Compliments For Him

You’d agree with me that not just ladies love compliments, guys love to be appreciated too.

They love being showered with love even if they don’t act it. Do you want to compliment your man and you can’t think of the perfect words? You’d find some emotional sweet compliments for him in this section.

1. You have the best facial features any man can have. I’m glad to have you for myself. I’m never leaving.

2. I so much love the tiny huskiness that comes with your voice and tone. It always has this sweet effect on me.

3. You smell really good. I want to always sniff in your fragrance. I love you, baby.

4. You’re always smiling, you have the brightest eyes I know of. You’re indeed charming, you sweep me off my feet.

5. I must confess that you have a well-carved face that it stuck to my memory. I can never take you off my mind.

6. You speak so charmingly and tenderly. I love your baritone voice.

7. You’ve got a nice height, the right one at that, Stout and handsome.

8. You’re so handsome, you make my heart melt like a wax.

9. The thought of you makes me drool, you’re so handsome.

10. I love your resilience, ever determined to succeed. Greatness lies in you, my love.

11. You’re goal-oriented and vision-driven. One of the things I love about you.

12. I love the feel of your skin, hairy and clean. You’re well-mannered.

13. You make me feel loved and safe around you. I don’t want to ever stop feeling like that. I love you, my Man.

14. You’re always looking so attractive with that nice well-trimmed beards of yours.

15. You’re so intelligent and smart! That alone attracts me to you always.

16. Creativity runs in your vein. You’re never out of ideas. I’m confident I have someone I can always run to when I’m out of ideas. You compliment me, sweetheart.

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Nice Things To Say About Someone’s Personality Paragraph

The truth is everyone wants to hear sweet and nice things said about them and not the other way around. So, take it upon yourself to say some nice things about someone personality and appearance with any of these paragraphs.

Below is the list of messages nice things to say about someone personality and look. You can go through and make the perfect pick.

1. Thanks for challenging me, I genuinely appreciate that because it had a ripple effect on me. I’m a better version of who I used to be. All thanks to you!

2. I desire to be like you, lighting up faces wherever I find myself.

3. What a wonderful and awesome creature you are! You’re so exceptional at what you do!

4. Hi love, I just can’t help but say this, ‘You are a gift to so many lives, never stop being one’. You’re extraordinary and I love you.

5. You have such a contagious beautiful smile. There’s a way you ease off people’s stress with your warming smile. So beautiful.

6. Seest a man diligent in His business? he’ll stand before people of high caliber. That is who you are, dear. You’re diligent, and committed to whatsoever your hands find doing.

7. I love the attitude you have towards things that want to be an encumbrance on your path to hinder you. You never back down rather you fight back always. This is amazing. Yea you are amazing!.

8. Your drive amazes me. You keep pushing till you achieve what you want. I must confess that I love your spirit.

9. The aura that comes with your presence in a gathering is beautiful and admirable. It is so distinctive and characterized to you alone. Indeed you are special!.

10. I love how you majestically walk with confidence. You’ve never been caught cowering in any circumstance.

11. You have a very unique voice, such that I can decipher any time anywhere even when I’m half awake. Uniqueness runs in your vein.

12. Has anyone ever mentioned how adorable you are? Definitely!, you’d have been getting so many compliments. It’s not flattery, it’s the truth dear. I admire you.

13. You are an embodiment of strength and character. You are amazing!

14. You’d only find a few people in authority and high positions who are humble. You are one of the few.

15. You dress and act smartly, always composed yet very kind and Charming. To me, you’re the perfect you that you can ever be!

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Words To Compliment A Girl On Her Looks And Character

You should always make your girl feel special. Words of affirmation are a love language and so many people love to hear them, especially girls.

To always win over a girl’s heart or have your girl’s heart always dot on her and shower her with sweet words.

If you don’t have the right words to make her feel special, here are some words you could send. Do that right away and make her day.

1. You’re so beautiful! Your beauty can enchant anyone. Oh my, permit me to call you a charming queen.

2. When I think of you in my darkest times, your face pops and lifts my soul. Thanks for being special and caring. I love you!

3. You have beautiful long hair and I love to always feel its texture. Your hair is made for you complimenting your beautiful face. You’re so beautiful.

4. Your body cologne announces your presence even when you’re no longer in the room. That’s how strong it is and I love it.

5. Hey Charming, you wear your smile so beautifully, and it is captivating! Never stop smiling!

6. I feel safe and at peace in your arms, you are my peace darling and I’m glad you’re mine. I love you now and forever!

7. When I’m with you, I’m confident I can stand against all odds! You give that special feeling! I love you to the moon and back

8. Darling, you mean so much to me and I don’t mind crossing the hottest desert for your sake. Words can’t quantify how special you are to me!

9. Thinking of your warmth alone sends a shiver through my spine. I love you eternally.

10. Your sincerity and accountability make me want to spend a lifetime with you. You are everything to me, love.

11. I love you now and always. I need you by my side forever.

12. Honey, you comfort and light up my heart. You’re a masterpiece. I love you and bless God for this great orchestration.

13. I decided to love you a long time ago. I’m glad I made the right decision. I’ll never regret loving you.

14. I’ll choose you over and over again no matter what comes my way. We’d jump the hurdles and cross the ocean together. You are my soulmate.

15. You are my most cherished treasure and I’m never letting you go. You’ll be right here with me forever.

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How To Compliment A Beautiful Girl Picture On Whatsaap Or Instagram

Words when communicated virtually can be misattributed because of lack of tone and this is a block in communication. Well, even with that, there are ways to express yourself without being misunderstood.

Take for instance complimenting on a beautiful girl’s picture on WhatsApp or Instagram without sounding flirty or like a pervert, how would you go about that? You just have to be simple and mindful of your words; sieving then well and steering clear of offensive words.

Have you been seeing pictures of that beautiful girl that are always breathtaking and you’d wished you could compliment, but you find it difficult for lack of words of fear of being misunderstood? Worry no more, you’d find some amazing and nice things to say about someone personality and beautiful picture.

They are selected words to compliment a girl on her looks and of course, maybe the best compliment for a girl on her photo.

1. If looking beautiful was a crime, you’d be charged with a felony! You’ll be so guilty and highly charged because you’re so beautiful!

2. Wow, this beautiful creature in this picture dazzles so much that I couldn’t help but turn away to keep my eyes and mind for another picture to be posted by you. This is beautiful, look how sweet you are standing out with a load of cuteness.

3. See you looking all sleek and beautiful as always! I’m sure you’d never grow tired of knowing how beautiful you are, sweetheart.

4. I used to think men don’t blush, but your pictures proved me wrong. I can feel my face burning each time I see your pictures. You’re so endowed and beautiful.

5. You look great every time with that unique complexion. I love to check your handle because I’m certain I’d be blessed by your beautiful pictures.

6. Wow! just wow! I’m short of words right now! This is beautiful. Oh no, you’re really beautiful.

7. Keep the glow, baby. You rock that dresses so beautifully! Glow, love!

8. You look so pretty in this picture, I can’t even think of a sweet word any longer. You are indeed beautiful.

9. Oh my, what a big smile you’ve got in this picture, not just big but sweet and beautiful! You’re a woman of so much pulchritude.

10. I’m not even surprised anymore about how beautiful you always look. I’ve concluded that it is your genetic makeup.

11. Your beauty draws attention like a bird drawn by nectar. I can only say that I’m always mesmerized every time I behold your face in a picture.

12. How do you manage to look very pretty every time and with little or no effort? Have you been told how effortlessly you do that?

13. You look so simple yet classy and elegant. I love your sense of fashion, baby.

14. Holla beautiful, hope you don’t mind me saying your beauty is no match? it Is irresistible.

15. This picture is on fleek. You’re a beauty to behold.

16. You look so flawless and perfectly beautiful. That’s who you are! Your beauty is topnotch.

17. You’ve got a very nice facial expression. It reveals your beauty. You’re Beautifully made. Don’t believe anything otherwise.

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More Compliment Examples For Friends

Giving that friend of yours nice compliments, can be all that he or she needed for a productive day. so, here are compliment examples for friends, to make them grin from ear to ear. Any of these short messages are nice things to say about someone personality.

1. You’re a kind and amazing friend. Your kind of personality is a type to desire.

2. You’re ever bold and daring in any situation. Keep it up. You inspire me.

3. Hello, the unique one. You’re so special and that makes you different. I’m glad we met.

4. Who is a person of substance and worth? The person reading this is! You’re always unlocking the potential of people around you. I love you.

5. Disciplined yet loving. You’re all shades of an amazing person. Keep being you!

6. I could write your name in the soil but the rain would wash it off, so I’ll rather imprint it on my heart where it’ll forever remain without forgetting you! You are so important to me.

7. Do you know why you’re amazing? I’ll tell you. You tend to remain calm in all situations, that’s a talent!

8. I love how charismatic you are; making all heads turn when you step into a place. Oh my, you’re so sweet.

9. It amazes me how you act unfazed and unmoved by what others think or say of you. This is indeed awesome.

10. I’ve heard a lot about you and many of these words said makes me realize how much impact you have on our lives. Keep it up.

11. Everything that makes you up inspires me, and whenever I’m faced with one challenge or another, your name pops in my head; first, because I know how well you handle such situations.

12. I count myself lucky to have crossed paths with you. You’re so lovely and outstanding.

13. Sweetheart, I’m so proud of you and cannot help but speak about you, at any opportunity I get, because you’re just super-duper amazing.

14. It is your honesty and uprightness for me. You’re never the type to compromise.

15. You’re so kind and your type is rare. I’m not blind to how much effort you make in seeing people achieve their goals.

Words have just two kinds of effects on the recipient, they could bring smiles to one’s face or embitter one. Always have nice things to say about someone personality or look, so you can give them that ‘aha’ feeling.

We’re just a work in perfection. Depression is real, be mindful of your words because after they’re said, it’s going to have a huge impact.

Finally, choose your words carefully when expressing your feelings or complimenting someone to avoid misconception when you mean no harm.

Never forget to always be a source of inspiration! Always be inspired too!