Remembering Dad On His Death Anniversary

[2024] Remembering Dad On His Death Anniversary

Remembering a dad on his death anniversary often comes with a nostalgic feeling. There are times when we seem to have gotten over their demise and remembering them doesn’t come with so much pain. However, in other instances, the wound is still quite fresh and each time we remember, our eyes well up with fresh tears.

When the death anniversary of a father comes, we remember what they lived for, the legacies they left behind and the lives they touched while they were yet alive. When we remember them, we often express just how much we miss them.

You can read through the list we’ve compiled in this write-up that talks about remembering dad on his death anniversary. May your heart be comforted.

Remembering Dad On His Death Anniversary

1. [x] years have passed but the impact you left on the world still is being felt now. Dad, you lived such an impactful life and we are still benefiting from the life you lived. We miss you.

2. You always encouraged me to strive for more and live up to my potential. I miss you so much, dad.

3. Dad, you were my hero and a strong influence in my life. I miss you so much. Keep resting in the bosom of Jesus.

4. I cannot forget the sacrifices you made to ensure I had a good education. You were willing to let go of your last penny to make sure I wasn’t disadvantaged in learning. I am so glad your efforts paid off. I appreciate this dad. Rest on.

5. You taught me to be diligent and hardworking. Even when I tended to be lazy naturally, you directed me on the right path. I miss you so much, dad.

Remembrance Message For My Late Dad

There are several ways to express yourself in form of a message when you remember your late dad. In this write-up, we have arranged a list of remembrance messages for my late dad that might resonate with just how you will write a message about him.

1. You were the best dad I could have ever wished for. I miss you so much.

2. Dear dad, you were a source of inspiration and support to me and my siblings. No matter where I may go, I will always remember you. I miss you, dad.

3. You might no longer be with us physically but I want you to know that you are forever in our hearts. You cannot be forgotten. Rest on, dad.

4. You taught us what it is to be disciplined. You showed us the importance of being focused on our goals and dreams. Now, that they have come to reality, you are not here to see it. We miss you so much, dad.

5. I wish you did not leave so soon. But God understands and He knows the best for us. We all miss you on this other side.

1 Year Death Anniversary Quotes For Dad

Death anniversaries are usually not a pleasant experience as nobody likes the thought of death though it is very necessary. During such moments, we remember the deceased for what they have done while they were yet alive. When it is just a year since they died, it is usually fresh and we tend to remember a lot of things they lived for.

Quotes can also speak volumes about them. Is it a year already since you lost your dad and you’re looking for quotes to express yourself during the anniversary?

We have arranged in this write-up a list of 1 year death anniversary quotes for dad in this write-up that you can use. May God comfort your heart and give you His peace.

1. ‘We will still need our dads no matter how old we are. Time cannot change their relationship with us.’

2. ‘Thank you dad for believing in me. I have grown to be the person I always dreamed of. Thank you so much.’

3. ‘Exactly one year now since you passed away to the other side. There has not been a day that I didn’t think about you. Your words of wisdom still resound in my ears. Rest on, dad. Till we meet again.’

4. ‘While you were still alive, I never realized the wisdom behind the counsels you were giving me. It is only now after you have gone, that I now see how invaluable they are. I always live by them now and my life keeps shining. Thank you, dad. I miss you.’

5. ‘Even though you are not physically here with us any longer, your legacies still live on in our hearts. Rest on, dad. We all miss you.’

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2nd Death Anniversary Quotes For Father

Here is a list of 2nd death anniversary quotes for father which you can make use of on this special occasion. May your heart be comforted.

1. ‘Two years have gone since you passed away. You were more than a father to me. You were my best friend and confidant. I miss you a lot.’

2. ’These past years have been very sad for me, dad. You gave me the best memories but it is now painful that you are now a memory. You are so greatly missed.’

3. ‘Dad, wherever you are, you are gone but you will never be forgotten.’ – Conrad Hall.

4. ‘Today is your second anniversary, dad. I am grateful for your teachings in life that keep moving me forward in life’s journey. I miss you, dad.’

5. ‘I miss you. I wish I could get to hug you one last time then, I would hold you tight and not let go. Rest on dad.’

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Father Death Anniversary Prayer Quotes

When we remember the death of a dear relative such as a father on their death anniversary, we are challenged by how they lived their lives (either in a good way or otherwise).

Because of the feeling of pain and grief that comes with the death of a father, it is advisable to unburden our needs and concerns before God as He alone understands just how we feel and can heal our wounded hearts.

Such prayers revolve around a lot of things and can be as brief as possible. In this write-up, we have brought together father death anniversary prayer quotes which you can pray and as well share with others during your father’s death anniversary.

1. Dear Lord, since my father passed away, I have been trying to hold on but it hasn’t been easy. I pray for your strength at this time, to be strong for my younger siblings in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear Lord, it has been [x] years since daddy passed away. Thank you for sustaining us till this time. I pray that your presence will continually abide with us and see us through in Jesus’ name.

3. Dear Lord, in this feeling of absence of a father, please be present as the father of the fatherless. Let me know and experience your love and care. I pray this in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Lord, we have just lost a pillar of strength and support. We pray you to be merciful unto us and uphold us with your everlasting arms in Jesus’ name.

5. Lord, my heart is fearful and troubled about tomorrow. I bring my worries and anxieties to you. Please calm my troubled mind and let your reassuring presence guide me through these days in Jesus’ name.

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One Year Ago Today I Lost My Dad Quotes

In this write-up, we have arranged a list of one year ago today I lost my dad quotes that speak about remembering one’s dad.

1. ‘I have put faith in time as a healer but it has failed to heal me of the pain of your demise. It’s exactly one year since you left dad, but the void you left is still palpable. I miss you.’

2. ‘Today makes it exactly one year since you left without saying goodbye. I know you are in a better place resting after your labor here on earth. I miss you, dad.’

3. ‘One year has gone by since you passed away but to me, it’s just like a few days. Thank you dad for showing me the way of eternal life before you left. It is my most prized possession. Keep resting in the bosom of Jesus.’

4. ‘365 days have passed since your demise. It has taught me practically as you always told me, that this world is transient and we should live to please God while we are still breathing. Rest on dad.’

5. ‘You were a father like no other. After one year since your demise, I cannot but thank God for blessing me with such a gift in the form of you. Rest on, dad. Till we meet again.’

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5 Years Since You Passed Away Dad

Time is not always a healer of wounds. Sometimes we feel that the passage of time will help heal some internal wounds we have but as we’ve noticed, it is not always so. This experience is especially true when we experience the demise of a dad.

5 years after he passed away, the pain is still there and time has failed to heal it. At such a time, when we remember his demise, we tend to express ourselves verbally or in a written form that says ‘it’s been 5 years since you passed away dad…’ and describe just how much we miss them or how much we are grateful for the life they lived.

In this write-up, we have compiled some messages surrounding this theme – ‘it’s been 5 years since you passed away dad’ and we pray your hearts to be comforted.

1. 5 years have gone by since you bade us goodbye and yet it seems like yesterday. It is because your legacy still lives on even after you are no more with us physically. We miss you.

2. These past 5 years have not been very easy for us as we have tried to move without you being here but it has not been so smooth. We know you are in a better place now but we miss you so much.

3. Dad, you lived fully such that 5 years after your demise, your works still live on. Thank God for a life well spent. Till we meet again.

4. You have left behind a legacy of good works that speaks volumes even after 5 years have gone by since your demise. Well done Sir! Till we meet again.

5. You were a loving and jovial father and never took out your bad moments on us. It’s been 5 years already since your demise but it looks like 5 days. Dad, we miss you.

Death Anniversary Prayer For My Father

A father serves as a pillar, provider, leader, defender and so on at home. Thus, when he passes away, the feeling can be very painful and disheartening.

Death anniversaries for fathers are often marked and it is usually a time of reflection for most people as to the way they lived. During such events, emotions tend to fly in different directions and the only way to overcome them is through prayers.

You can read through the list of death anniversary prayers for my father that we have arranged in this write-up which you can pray when marking your father’s death anniversary.

May the Almighty God comfort your hearts and grant you His everlasting peace.

1. Dear heavenly Father, you see my troubled heart as I think about the death of my father. On this memorial day of his, I pray that you grant me the strength and courage to see me through the rest of my life. I pray in Jesus’ name.

2. Thank you dear Lord for being a refuge for me in times of storm. Right now, I am very perplexed about the loss of my Father and I come to you as my refuge and fortress. Keep me safe till this storm passes by in Jesus’ name.

3. O God, my strength, in Thee do I trust at this trying time. Take the fear away from my heart and grant me your strength in Jesus’ name.

4. Dear Lord, I look to you at this turbulent time filled with fears within and without since the demise of my father. I pray that your peace will guide and succor my heart through Jesus Christ. [Amen].

5. O God, I am weak but you are strong. Please strengthen me and give me the fortitude to carry on at this difficult time in Jesus’ name.

Missing Dad Quotes From Daughter/Son

When a parent passes away, the children no matter how young or grown up they are will miss them. This is because parents form a very thick bond between themselves and their children that nothing can separate. As a proverb rightly says that ‘blood is thicker than water.’

When a dad passes away, the feeling of his demise by his daughter or son is usually very painful and grievous. When such feelings come, his daughter or son will express just how much they miss their dad.

Missing dad quotes from daughter/son come in handy as it helps to express just how much you miss him as a daughter/son.

In this write-up, we have arranged a list of missing dad quotes from daughter/son that you can make use of to express how much you miss your dad. You can use them as they are or add your specific expression(s) to tell just how much you miss him.

May your heart be comforted.

1. ‘It’s been [x] years since you left us, dad. You were such a kind and understanding father. I miss you so much.’

2. ‘Your demise was unprecedented and left a void in my heart. But I am only rejoicing because I know you are in a better place now. Rest on, dad.’

3. ‘You were my hero and model. I always looked up to you for inspiration and guidance. It pains me that you are gone now but I know we will meet again in heaven.’

4. ‘I miss you so much it hurts. Rest on dad.’

5. ‘Dad, the pain of losing you is immeasurable. How I wish you could just hold me once again in your arms. I so much miss you.’

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