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50 Amazing Appreciation Message For Birthday Wishes With Prayer To Friends, And Family

First thing first, I’d like to say happy birthday to you, most probably in arrears.

I guess you need this appreciation message for birthday wishes with prayer to appreciate your friends, colleagues, family members, and all well-wishers who came in with gifts, cards, and messages to celebrate you on your birthday. That’s thoughtful of you.

I knew you could be so busy with the planning of the birthday celebration, so I thought to put this together as my way of supporting and celebrating you on your special day. So, feel free to scroll up and down and make your choice of any of these appreciation message for birthday wishes with prayer for friends, family, and well-wishers.

I think it will also be a good idea to copy and paste any of these thank you messages on any of your social media handles or status. So that those on your WhatsApp list, Facebook friends, and Instagram / Twitter followers can also feel how appreciative you are for how much love and honor they bestowed on you. Here are great ways to say thank you everyone for your lovely wishes and blessings.

Appreciation Message For Birthday Wishes With Prayer

1. Thank you, friends, for showering all the love on me. May you be showered with an abundance of God’s grace, favor, and blessings. I love you all.

2. I felt so much like a celebrity. I wish I could send a gift to everyone who celebrated me on my birthday just to show that I appreciate your kind gestures. I pray that God would bless you beyond your expectations.

3. This is my show of appreciation to friends and family for the warm wishes and gifts sent to make my birthday memorable. May heaven reward you richly.

4. I am so grateful for the lovely people who graced my birthday party with their presence. On your day of celebration, may you be highly celebrated.

5. The wishes came in almost without stop; the gift came in beyond expectation and the love received was jaw-dropping. Thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me. May God bless you abundantly.

6. Thank you all for such heartwarming wishes sent to make my birthday special. I am so grateful. May the Lord bless you with special testimonies in return. Amen.

7. Your birthday wishes touched my heart especially. I think I won’t forget it in a jiffy. Thank you for inspiring me with those motivational words. I feel so blessed. May you never lack the inspiration to forge ahead in life.

8. From a special fellow like you, the birthday wishes I got mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day special. May the universe move in your favor.

9. I received many wonderful birthday messages from several wonderful people, both far and near. I feel so elated reading through your cards and wishes. I owe you all. May you find joy and gladness every day of your life.

10. The words of your wishes and birthday blessings bring so much joy to my heart. Thank you for making my day beautiful and memorable. I love you all. blessings!

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Thank You Messages for Friends On My Birthday

A birthday wouldn’t be memorable without the presence, gifts, and wishes of loved ones. They make the day so special as they join in the celebration of our birth. We knew you’ll need these thank you messages for friends on my birthday messages to show your sincere appreciation for their warm wishes.

A number of them are appreciation message for birthday wishes with prayer, so you too can send them your wishes.

1. To all my wonderful friends and well-wishers, I want to say a big THANK YOU, for your gifts and wishes on my birthday. Much love!

2. Thank you for all the surprises, gifts, and love showered on me on my special day. I was actually WOWed by your show of love.

3. I couldn’t believe I’m blessed with such a number of lovely people. Thank you for the birthday wishes, messages, prayers, and, gifts. You guys are wonderful!

4. It was a happy birthday celebration; however, your wonderful birthday wishes made it a memorable one. You touched my heart with your sweet and prayerful messages. Thank you!

5. Every part of the birthday celebration was filled with fun, your wishes, gifts, and prayer sealed it with unforgettable memories. Thank you for celebrating with me.

6. I had a touch of what it feels like to be a celebrity. In fact, I’m yet to recover from the feeling. Thank you all for celebrating with me on my birthday.

7. I think I should campaign to be the president, with the number of people that celebrated my birthday, I should win! Thank you all for taking out time to send your wishes and gifts.

8. The birthday party part was awesome. The most wonderful part was how you celebrated me in words and in kind. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

9. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and show of love. I love you all.

10. You made this birthday the best I have had ever. Yes, you did. Thank you for all you do.

Thank You Everyone For Your Lovely Wishes And Blessings

Yeah, after your day, if all you can send to friends and family who celebrated you is, thank you everyone for your lovely wishes and blessings, then you’ve done well.

1. It was a wonderful birthday celebration, not because we had a wonderful party, but because I have wonderful people, like you, to celebrate with me. I want to say “Thank you”!

2. Deep from my heart, I want to appreciate everyone who contributed to making my B’day a great one. Thank you!

3. I intended to have this year’s birthday on low-key, you guys came and blew it all up. Thank you for the surprises.

4. I was thrilled by your gifts and wowed by your wishes. You made the birthday way bigger than I planned it. I feel so honored and celebrated. Thank you.

5. I feel so elated by your heartwarming birthday messages, heartfelt wishes, hearty prayers, and all kinds of amazing gifts. Thank you!

6. Hey friend, thank you for your warm and heartfelt congratulations and wishes sent on my birthday. I do really appreciate them. Thank you for being a friend at all times.

7. For the kind words, funny messages, prayer SMS, and fantastic gifts, I want to say thank you. You made the birthday a great one.

8. The birthday food finished, the drinks were exhausted, and the music stopped eventually, but your wishes and kind words will always remain with me. Thank you for celebrating with me on my birthday.

9. Maybe my next birthday would be greater, but your love, cares, and celebration made this the best of all my birthday. I’m so proud of you. Thank you.

10. Your gifts, messages, prayers, and presence made all the difference. This is my heartfelt thank you for attending my birthday party.

Thank You All For The Birthday Wishes And Prayers

1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and prayers. I am so grateful!

2. You all made my day a memorable one. I say amen to all your prayers and wishes. I felt so great reading through the wording of your beautiful birthday cards sent to me.

3. What else could I have asked for than to be remembered and celebrated by beautiful people like you. Thank you for the thought-provoking birthday wishes and prayers. I love you all.

4. You made me wish that my birthday is every day of the year. I felt every single word of prayers made from beautiful hearts like yours. I want to let you know that I do not take them for granted. Thank you.

5. Birthday gifts are great, but birthday prayers are significant. I was flabbergasted by your anointed prayers and blessings on the occasion of my birthday. Thank you so much for your prayers and blessings.

6. I wish I could thank you enough for those prayers and wishes sent for my birthday. I just want you to know that they blessed my heart so much. May God reward you gracefully.

7. Without friends and loved ones like you, a birthday would be without a sweet savor. Thank you for making my birthday so special. Thank you for the sweet wishes and prayerful messages. I feel so blessed.

8. If all I can keep with me is the manifestation of the prayerful wishes, then, I have gotten enough for this birthday to keep me going through my entire life. I appreciate everyone for their powerful wishes, prayers, and warm wishes.

9. For the next year, I do not need to pray anymore. If I keep saying amen to each of your prayers, I’ll be fine for the next 365 days. Thank you all for showing so much love and care.

10. Everyone loves gifts and everyone needs prayers. I am so grateful for the birthday gifts and I am saying thank you for the many prayers showered on me. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and prayers.

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