Thank You For Praying For Me

110 Thank You For Praying For Me Quotes / Messages

Showing appreciation at all times builds strong relationships. Here you’d find a lot of thank you messages that would come in handy for you as it would be meeting your needs.

We should always appreciate every effort, of our loved ones, down to the minute things. I believe some people fit into this category, deserving to be thanked. More so, thanking people for their thoughts and prayers isn’t far-fetched and should therefore not be something we lack.

Do you wish to send a message or quotes of gratitude to people or you’re looking for thank you for your thoughts and prayers quotes for some of your well-deserving friends, colleagues, and bosses? Search no more.

In this piece, you’d find various of how to thank someone for praying for you , including thankful messages and quotes for your prayers and thoughts.

Thank You For Your Thoughts And Prayers During This Difficult Time

No one prays for difficult times; we all want everything to keep being rosy. However, when these difficult times come, do you find it less painful or heartbreaking? How we feel at such a time, will be largely dependent on the people around us.

Here are some thank you for your thoughts and prayers during these difficult times messages for people who stood by you for support and encouragement.

1. You’ve been of great help in this difficult time. Thank you for staying true to my family and me.

2. You’re the best thing that ever happened to my family and me. You stood firmly by us praying day and night. Your kind-heartedness helped in relieving our pains during the difficult season. We felt God’s love through you.

3. Thanks for all the intercession in my lowest moment. Your words encouraged me and strengthened me. Thanks for not giving up on me. You’re a true friend in times of adversity.

4. I pray that the Lord bless you beyond measures. Thanks for being a support system through thick and thin. May the Lord reward your labor of love. Thank you so much.

5. When I think of you, I’m always short of words and filled with gratitude in my heart. A friend like you is so rare to find and I’m grateful to God for having you in my life. You never for once left in my difficult time. I appreciate you.

6. I was going through a lot and gave you negative attitude, yet you prayed for me and kept checking on me wishing me a happy ending. Here we are, the happy ending is here. Thank you so much friend. You’ll never know sorrow.

7. Blood is thicker than water, they say, but I found a friend who cares just like a blood. You’re a friend-turned-blood. I’m grateful for your support and prayers in the difficult time, you stood firmly praying and encouraging me. You’re the best.

8. When some people stood against me and fought me, you stood with me and helped me with no string attached. You selflessly attended to me by praying with me. I am grateful.

9. You came through for me when I felt like that was the end for me, you reassured me and interceded for me. Thank you for your priestly obligations. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you.

10. In the good times, you were there. In the bad times, you made yourself very much available. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for me during that season. I was tremendously blessed. Thank you a million times.

11. Prayers are powerful. The prayer of a loved one is effectual. Thanks for praying for me. I can never take your prayers for granted. You’re a blessing to me.

12. You’ve greatly contributed to my life. I scaled through the recent misfortune because you were there interceding for me, and all thanks to God for the victory.

13. When I was hit with weakness during the tragedic incident that befell my family, you came to strengthen me. You reassured me of God’s promises and prayed with me. Thank you very much for yielding to God.

14. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts during this difficult moment of my life. Without you, It might not end glorious this way. I am so grateful.

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Thank You For Your Prayers During My Illness

Many people are nonchalant . Having people who go out of their way to see you better and living well is hard to find.

Those who stood by you and pray for your needs to be appreciated. Express your deepest gratitude to friends and family who stood by you during your illness with these appreciation messages.

Go through the thank you messages in this section and select the one that puts your thoughts in words.

1. Thanks for having sleepless nights just to see me get better during my illness. I’m really grateful.

2. I appreciate your kind gesture towards me whilst on the sickbed. Thanks for going out of your way just for my welfare. Thank you for your prayers during my illness

,they wrought wonders.

3. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me during my stay in the hospital. You never got tired of praying for my healing. Thank you. May God bless you.

4. It looked like I wasn’t going to recover from the illness but here I am, hail and hearty. Thank you for encouraging me and trusting God with me. Two heads are indeed better than one.

5. Honey, I’m grateful I made the right choice to marry you. You’ve been everything to me and I’m grateful to God. Thank you for standing by me when I fell ill at the expense of your Job. You’re indeed the one for me. Thank you, love.

6. When there was no one to encourage me and help me, you showed up. You took care of everything including my bills, you stayed with me in the ward for days praying for me and strengthening my faith. Thank you so much, my dear friend.

7. I’ve come to a conclusion that your love and kindness cannot be compared to any. You’re a friend like no other. Thank you for your prayers during my illness.

8. I can never trade you for anything, you mean a lot to me as much as I do to you. Thanks for the sacrifices when I was ill. Also, thank you for your prayers during my illness.

9. I respect you a lot and celebrate Grace in your life. You’re so strong and kind. When I was ill, nothing delights me more than having you around because I know you’re always here for business, the business of praying and reassuring me. I’m indeed thankful. God bless you.

10. Thanks for not losing hope even when I felt all hopes were dashed. Thanks for coming through in the place of prayer. I appreciate your support while I was sick.

11. You’ve been a great help and you’re always on time. I’m glad to have a friend like you. I felt your prayers strongly on the sickbed. Thank you.

12. I’ll always remember that I have someone like you who prays for me. thank you for your prayers during my illness . Thank you and God bless you.

13. You surprised me when I fell ill. I reached out to you and you had to cancel your appointments just to be with me and pray for me. Your kind is rare. Thank you so much for everything.

14. Your thoughts for me are of good and not of evil. Your intentions are so pure. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for praying for my healing.

15. You’re one of the best things that happened to me. I acknowledge your love for me. I can’t quantify your kindness towards me even when I was ill. You prayed with me and never stopped praying for me. I am grateful.

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Thank You For Your Prayers Messages

The prayer of a righteous man avails much says the Holy Book. You would then agree with me that the prayer of people that are happy with you, plays a major role in your life and all that pertains to you.

It is therefore, thoughtful of you to always express your gratitude for the gift of these people in your life. Such people deserves any of this collection of thank you for your thoughts and prayers quotes.

So, here, you’d find a list of thank you for your prayer messages. Do well to select according to your choice and show your appreciation without delay.

1. I want to thank you for your prayers. Thanks for laboring over me.

2. You’re a different friend, a praying friend. It is your love for me, you’re always so keen on seeing me succeed. Thank you for all you do.

3. I’ve grown to be a better version of myself ever since you came into my life. Meeting you wasn’t a coincidence at all. Thanks for the prayers. It really helped. I love you eternally.

4. Thank you for always praying for me, and wanting me to be the best I can be. I can never stop thanking God for meeting you.

5. Thank you darling for your concern over me. Thanks for interceding for me. You’re a warrior. I appreciate your kindness.

6. I’m so glad I met an intercessor like you years back. You’ve been great to my family and me. Your selflessness amazes me each passing day. Thank you so much for staying.

7. I love how you pray about everything. Your consistency is amazing. I love you and I want to thank you for loving me so much. In spite of my flaws, you never stopped praying and caring for me. I’ll never stop loving you. Thank you so much for everything.

Thank You For Praying For Me

8. You’re a wonderful person, every wish and prayer for me would never be taken for granted. I’ll gladly receive future prayers with happiness and thanks. I’m happy and grateful to God for you.

9. You’re one of the few I could call at odd hours to pray with me and you’ve never disappointed me. I bless God for you. You’ll be blessed in folds as you bless people. Thank you.

10. You go out of your way to see me resourceful and impactful. Your prayers paved way for me. Thanks for allowing God to use you for me.

11. I’m thankful for your help, thanks for always entreating God on my behalf. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

12. You’re an impactful person. You’re fervent in prayer. Thank you for praying for me and sharpening me just as iron sharpens the other.

13. Thanks for those petitions on my behalf in the place of prayer. They really went a long way. Thanks for standing by me and praying for me.

14. May you find favor always in God and man’s presence. Thanks for loving beyond words! Your prayers worked wonders. Never stop praying for me. God bless you.

15. It is obvious that you want the best for me and have my interest at heart. Thank you for praying for me and for the positive thought you have for me.

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Thank You Everyone For Your Well Wishes And Kind Words

There are people in our lives who wish the best. They try as much as possible to shower us with kind words. Their words are always impactful and inspiring. We should never undermine the effect of these people in our lives. They deserve appreciation too.

Below is a list of messages to say thank you everyone for your well wishes and kind words.

1. I want to use this medium to thank you all for your good deeds and labor over me. Thank you for the good wishes and kind words. I’m grateful.

2. Your kind words and well wishes worked magic in my life. I’m grateful for the gift of you all. God bless you in return.

3. I can imagine having none of you in my life. It is with great joy in my heart that I’m sending this message. Thank you for the kind words and well wishes.

4. God bless you for your good wishes and kind-heartedness towards my family and me. We’re grateful.

5. You’ve blessed me times without numbers and I want to say I’m grateful. God bless you tremendously for the wishes and kind words.

6. This message is to express my gratitude for your good wishes. My story can never be told without your names being mentioned. You all are God-sent.

7. Countless times, you’ve all spoken in my favor and wished me well. I can’t thank you guys enough.

8. Thank you for your good wishes and works, the heavenly Father sees them and you’ll greatly be rewarded by Him.

9. I want to thank you all for the kind and thoughtful words. Thank you so much for wishing me well. God bless you all.

10. Thank you, everyone, you all are the real package and definition of well-wishers. Thanks for loving me.

11. I bless the day I met you guys and I love you so much, trust me I do not take anyone for a joke.

12. I’m blessed to have known you all, thanks for being so good to my family, and I wish us good.

13. This message is from the depth of my heart, it’s with sincerity of heart that I’m sending this. Thank you so much for the kind and comforting words.

14. I can never stop loving anyone of you, you’ve proven to be good people having my best interest at heart! Thanks for the wishes.

15. Thanks, everyone for the kind words, knowing you was a privilege and I’m grateful I never missed it.

16. Every time I think of the people who stood by me and wished me well, your names never cease to pop up. I’ve never stopped blessing the Almighty for the gift of you all.

17. I want to appreciate everyone for the kind words and well wishes, they had an impact. Thank you very much.

18. Thanks, everyone, your thoughts for me were good and all you ever did was wish me well. Thank you all for the kind words. Your rewards await you.

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Heartfelt Thank You For Your Thoughts And Prayers Quotes

Having good people around you who think so highly of you and wish you nothing but the best, is a privilege that must not be taken for granted.

Sending heartfelt thank you for your thoughts and prayers quotes to those who stood for you in time of need goes a long way. It is a way of showing how grateful you are genuinely for their thoughts and prayers when you needed it most.

Below are nice thank you for your prayers and thoughts quotes for well-wishers. Make a pick of what suits describes your feelings perfectly.

1. I’m sending this message with so much gratitude for all you’ve done for my family and I. I’ll never stop blessing the Almighty for the gift of you. I am grateful.

2. What more can I say? Is it your consistency in praying for me and standing by me? Or your good thoughts towards me? I’m so overwhelmed by your love. Thank you!

3. If there’s anything I’d always appreciate this season, it’s your thoughts and prayers for me. I don’t want to ever lose you, you’ve become a part of me that wants nothing but my happiness. Thank you so much, friend.

4. I’m so grateful to God for giving me a woman like you. You’ve never for once stopped praying for me.

5. When I think of how helpful you’ve been to me I lose count. I’m glad to have someone like you.

6. I’ve come to realize how much lucky I am, to have met someone like you. I’m so blessed to have known you. Thanks so much for the prayers. I love you.

7. Dearly beloved, I could never ask for a companion than this. You’ve proven to be a man who cares so much about the well-being of everyone around you. You’re selfless and I’m glad to be you’re a recipient of this. God bless you.

8. Dear friend, you’re a gift from God to me, and I do not take you for granted. Thanks for the prayers; they’re always on time. God will continually bless you.

9. Hello girlfriend, you’re truly a friend. You’ve stuck closer than a brother. Your desire for me is that of good. Thanks for the words of encouragement and prayers.

10. With genuineness of heart, I want to thank you for your concern and help. You’ve been so faithful in standing in for me and publicly expressing your trust in me. Once again, thank you.

11. I’m always glad to hear from you because I know I’d be blessed. Despite the distance, you never cease to wish me well and pray for me. I’m grateful.

12. I deeply appreciate your efforts over me. Thanks for grooming me in the right way and praying for everyone of us.

13. I long to always hear from you. Talking on the phone with you is one of the best moments I cherish, because they’re soothing and calming and that’s because you speak life as you’ve received from God. Praying with you is wonderful and refreshing. I love you.

14. Every moment with you is a life-changing one. You’re a gift from God. Your prayers and support play a role in my life.

15. Thanks for all the reassurance and prayers. You’re a good friend and I’m grateful to have you in my life. Thank you, again and again.

Research has shown that being thankful is beneficial to health, it could induce a sense of relaxation thereby boosting the immune system.

Being thankful is a positive feeling of emotion hence its benefits. It is strongly associated with happiness and thus improving one’s health as psychology has proven.

I believe we are now aware of the benefits attached to being thankful, it is a two-way benefit. A thank you for your thoughts and prayers quotes or messages, sent to loved ones occasionally would do. Be thankful and express your gratitude always.

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