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115 Heartfelt Words to Say Thank You and Appreciation Notes, Quotes, SMS

Thank you for getting in here! Here are pool of messages to make a choice of your desired words to say thank you and appreciation.

Whether for a cup of coffee or a congratulatory card, people deserve to be appreciated. Sending words of appreciation is not limited to when we receive big favor, the little kind gesture deserves to be appreciated too.

Saying thank you has been an integral part of our culture. Over the ages, children in different parts of the world have been imbibed with this value of appreciating people for either their help, kind gestures, compliments, advice, gifts, etc.

These Children are taught words to say thank you and appreciation quotes as they grow to improve their relationship with their friends and family. Unfortunately, these young lads only see it as a norm rather than a necessity. They only see the ceremonious part of this and fail to see the much help that appreciation can render to us when relating to people.

Appreciation is not for the ceremony, words to say thank you and appreciation quotes send a lot of messages to the recipient. When you are grateful to a person, saying ‘thank you, is one of the sweetest ways you can let the person know.

Appreciation is one of the ways to get through to people’s hearts and make them more fond of you. As we get further into this write-up, you will get to know the importance of appreciation in our relationships. You will also access over 150 appreciation messages for the different relationships in your life. This will spice up your relationships and make them better.

Just keep in mind that it is paramount to express your gratitude and always serve your thanks without hesitation. As it plays a vital role in strengthening your relationship with that person. A relationship where there is no appreciation always tends to suffer as one party’s sincere efforts always get neglected by the other one. Therefore, keep appreciating people, it never costs you a thing.

To help you express your heart of gratitude, we have taken out time to compile a collection of over 150 thank you messages and quotes for the different people in your life. So all you have to do is to copy the message, personalize it (if you want to), and send it to that special person. Do this and see how the person would grin from ear to ear as he/she reads.

Appreciation Messages To Loved Ones

Appreciation messages like the ones below can be of great help in various situations. You can use these as words to say thank you and appreciation quotes in different circumstances and for different people like friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and a whole lot more.

Don’t hesitate to say it to people as this may be the only nice thing they might hear that day. These messages include the following;

1. Some species of special people deserve much more than a thank you line you. You are unique. Thank you for everything.

2. From the depths of my heart, I render my gratitude. I appreciate you.

3. Your love for me has always manifested in so much care and attention. Thank you so much.

4. You are always thoughtful once it has to do with me. I don’t take this for granted. Thank you!

5. You are so kind and you grow kinder by the day. Thanks a bunch.

6. For all your goodness to me. This is the least I could do. Thanks a ton.

7. At every time that I needed help, you were always there to lend a hand. Your shoulders have always dried my tears. Thank you for being there for me.

8. For the advice and support. I appreciate you. Thank you for being instrumental in my success.

9. I never asked for a gift, yet you didn’t just send a gift, you sent a breathtaking one. Thank you for being such an amazing person.

10. My weekend at your house was awesome. Your family ensured I was comfortable. You made sure I had fun. I enjoyed myself. Thank you very much.

11. What an amazing friend you are. You are always ready to put a smile on my face. I appreciate what you do for me. Thank you, friend.

12. Every time I am around you, I get so much value. Your words of wisdom always shine a light on my path. Thank you for increasing my knowledge.

13. Thank you for turning up for my birthday. I appreciate your presence.

14. For all the times you stood by me and weathered the storm. I am grateful. Thank you, dear friend.

15. Good people like you are rare. I must be very lucky to have met you. Thank you for your immense help.

16. Dear doctor, thank you for taking proper care of me. Your kindness and warm heart aided my quick recovery. I appreciate you.

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Short Appreciation Quotes / Words of Appreciation

words to say thank you and appreciation

When you need to keep it simple and straight-to-the-point, here are short appreciation quotes and messages to express your thankfulness to those who matter and really deserve it.

17. A simple note of thank you, cannot repay your show of love

18. For always being thoughtful of me, Thank you.

19. “Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help.”

20. I appreciate what you have for me, where you are with me, and who you are to me.

21. I have learned to enjoy every of your little kindness because they make up the big moment of my life.

22. I appreciate your determination in showing me I can do it! Thank you for your perseverance, support, and love!

23. If the world had more people like you it would be a better place. You do make a difference.

24. Life is worth living because you have always been there for me. Thank you for always staying by me.

25. Your contribution has helped me and brought me this far. I am sincerely grateful.

26. No word or combination of quotes can accurately express my love and appreciation for you. I can’t imagine my world without you.

Words of Appreciation for Friends

Words of appreciation for friends are very necessary to keep the relationship going smoothly. Believe it or not, everyone wants their kind gestures to be appreciated. If you have any friend who is always concerned about your happiness, you’ve got a bar of gold to treasure. Show that you truly value them with some words of appreciation for those friends.

This will lift their spirits and make them want to do more for you. The following carefully crafted words to say thank you and appreciation messages can get them smiling.

27. Whenever I have a bit of a situation, my first resolve is always to call you. This is because you have been a great source of strength to me. Thank you, friend.

28. Just as you have always stood by me, I will also stand by you dear great friend. You are an awesome person.

29. When we first met, I knew I just found the missing piece in my life. Thank you for sticking around, buddy.

30. You always encourage me to exceed limits. You always bring out the better side of me. You have been my motivation. Thank you, friend.

31. With you in my life, I have laughed louder and tried out new things. You are that light that shines in my darkness. My priceless gem. I value you, dear friend.

32. With you, everything looks more beautiful. Life in itself becomes more interesting. This is because of your kind heart. Thank you for being a kind-hearted friend.

33. Friendship is not always perfect. The rain and sun will come. There will be times of trouble. But, true friendship is marked by who weathered the storm and stood out stronger together. That must be us. We have stood the test of time all because of your capacity. I love you, friend.

34. When people ask me to tell my success story, all I can always say is you. You are my success. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today if not for your instructions and encouragement.

35. All through the journey, you have never treated me like a burden. You made me your responsibility. I am so grateful.

36. Good, bad, or worse, I want you to be by my side friend. We will always be out stronger and better. You are the one for me.

37. You are such a kind friend. After so many years together. I still find your kindness overwhelming. I love you, friend.

38. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am. However, I still have to let you know that I am greatly grateful. Thank you for being an amazing friend.

39. When people say I am so wise, I always tell them that I am not self-made. Being in your wonderful company has increased my knowledge. Thank you for being a person of value.

40. You are the only person that I have seen with a bottomless heart. You are an amazing friend.

41. I can’t decipher which is tighter between my undersized jeans and our friendship. Buddy, our friendship will last for a lifetime.

42. Friends like you make life worth living. I am lucky to have met you. thank you, friend.

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I Appreciate You Quotes for Him or Her

I appreciate your quotes for him or her crafted in romantic words that can bring lots of happiness in your everyday life with your lover. Thank your partner for loving you, for staying with you, for supporting you. Learn to appreciate his /her big or little efforts to put a smile on your face.

These feelings of gratitude in your heart expressed with the right romantic words to say thank you and send some appreciation quotes would not only increase the love you have for each other but would also skyrocket the trust between the both of you.

So, are you looking for ways to grow the love between you and your partner? Then pick one of these thank you messages below and grace your lover’s day. And don’t stop at one. Make this post a treasure box where you can always come to pick romantic messages to show how grateful you are for such a love received from your spouse.

43. For everything you have done for me, I say thanks a million times. Good hearts like you deserve the best and you will always have the best. Thank you, love.

44. When you kiss me with those warm lips, it feels like time stops. I always want to be in your arms baby. Thank you for being part of my life.

45. My knight in shiny armor, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for being part of my life

46. I always ask myself, who did I save in my past life to deserve you? Although I might never be able to answer this, one thing is for sure, with you I am a very lucky woman.

47. Oh my God, I must have diabetes because you are too sweet. Thank you for being amazing.

48. My life is so exciting because you are part of it. Thank you for making me complete. I love you, dear.

49. Life would have been boring without you. You have grace for making everything work around you. You are my shining star.

50. I can’t repay all you have done for me in a lifetime. Thanks love.

51. Who says God doesn’t answer prayers. He heard my prayers and gave you to me. You are all that I have ever wanted. I cherish you with my heart.

52. For always ensuring my safety, I say thank you. My heart belongs to you alone.

53. If there was another life, I would choose you over and over again. You are the light of my life. Thank you for being great.

54. Your presence has brought unending smiles to my face. You feel my heart with so much love and I still can’t get enough. I love you so much.

55. Dear amazing girlfriend, I wouldn’t trade you for anything. You are priceless.

56. My support system, my pillar, thank you for erasing every form of sorrow, pain, and shame from my life. I love you, darling.

57. If I am asked to repay each of your kind acts with a kiss, I would be missing you for eternity. Thank you, my heart.

58. Sweet darling, thank you for taking all the trouble to get me the gift. Thank you for sending it over. I appreciate your gift, it’s awesome. Thank you, my love.

59. Even when I am wrong, you always correct me most meekly and gently. I love the way you love me. Thank you, darling boyfriend.

60. When you offend me, you apologize. When I offend you, you still apologize. You are that loving. Thank you for loving me this much.

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Words to Say Thank You to My Family Members

words to say thank you and appreciation

Saying thank you to my family is one habit I do not ever wish to stop. You don’t wait till special occasions before you appreciate the people that have always supported you.

People make this mistake of appreciating everyone in their life except their family. Note this, your family does not owe you to take care of you. No, they don’t. Being on the lookout for you is an act of love and not because they owe you to do so. For this, you have to appreciate every one of their efforts to ensure that you are in good shape.

Appreciate them for checking up on you. Thank them for wishing you a happy birthday. Be grateful to them for celebrating your big day. Make them feel good for looking out for you. “Thank you” is both a free and priceless asset. It won’t cost you a dime to pick up your cell phone and send over any of these appreciation messages to them. Rather, it will strengthen your bond with them and make them want to take care of you more.

Below are words to say thank you and appreciation quotes that are indispensable whenever you want to thank your family.

61. Your care, support, and love have brought me this far. I am happy to be part of this family.

62. Best families, they say, always got each other’s back. I am privileged to be part of the best family. I love you.

63. People do ask me “how do you pull through such hard times without a scratch?” I always smile and tell them.” That’s what happens when you have the most amazing family in the world “. I love you all.

64. I don’t know what I would have been in life if I was not part of this family. Your care, generosity, and strong mind have brought me this far. Thank you so much.

65. Although I am not married, I am so sure I would have a happy family because you all have shown me what a family should be. you are amazing.

66. You are my family, you are my best friends, you are my counselor, you are my therapist, you are my teacher, you are everything to me. Thank you so much

67. When the going gets tough, I remember that you are somewhere praying for my success and that alone strengthens me to do more. You are my motivation.

68. Both in times of joy and sorrow, you are always solidly behind me. I am lucky to have a family like you. I am so grateful.

69. Without the support of my wonderful family, I would have never amounted to something. Thank God I am part of you.

70. You are a priceless gift, a rare gem. You fill my heart with love, peace, and joy. Thank you for being my family.

71. If you weren’t there, I would have been swallowed by the storm. You are my will to live. Thank you for being there for me.

72. Every day, I mention you in prayers. You are much more than anyone could ask for. You are blessed.

73. Every time I want to count your good deeds for me, I always end up in tears because they are innumerable. Thank you so much.

74. Over the years, you have made so many sacrifices for me. If given the chance, you would also give up your lives for me. Thank you for loving me.

75. You are my miracle. You are my pride. Over and over again I would choose you as my family and I would do so without regret.

76. The years were not excellent, the journey was not so smooth. But through the rugged years, I turned out to be a fine child because you won’t stop leading me right. You are all that I have. Thank you for being my family.

Words of Appreciation for Parents (Dad and Mom) / Guardians

Bear in mind, words of appreciation for parents are not to be reserved for special days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the likes of it. No! These are words you say to your parents at all times. Sending your ‘thank you so much’ messages, on those special days looks more like a ceremony than an appreciation.

Rather, sending them these appreciation texts at random times makes them realize just how much you think of them and just how much you appreciate them.

There are just so many things to appreciate them for. Thank them for how well they raised you. Appreciate them for their love. Show your gratitude for their care. Thank them for being patient with you as you grow older. Thank them for supporting you in your dreams and aspirations.

Thank them for everything they have sacrificed to see you comfortable. There are just so many things to thank your parents for. You can never exhaust thoughtful words to say thank you and appreciate them because they deserve it all.

As you go through the following thank you messages, I am sure you would find the right message that would convey your Appreciation to your parents.

77. Dear mom and dad, thank you so much for all the troubles you went through to make me a better person. I Recognize them and I don’t make light of them. You will surely reap the fruits of your labor.

78. I won’t stop until I reach the top. This is because I have parents like you

79. In every struggle, you always hugged me, comforted me, and assure me, saying ” this one will pass too”. I am standing tall today because you always came through for me. Thank you so much, Dad and mom.

80. Dear Mom and Dad, you never looked away from me. You wrapped up my silliness with your sweet love. I love you.

81. Whenever people compliment my person, I smile because I know I don’t deserve the praises. This is because you made it all possible. Thank you, mom.

82. When everyone gave up on me, you stood by me. You gave me a reason to keep pushing. You are the best dad. I love you.

83. Dear mom and dad, as much as I may not enjoy your nags. I trust you and I trust that you mean the best for me. Thank you for the corrections.

84. Whatever I am or may become, I don’t credit it to any college. I know that it was not the college but you that led me to the right choices. I love you, mom and dad.

85. I am the luckiest child on planet earth to have parents like you. You are amazing. You are awesome. You are my strength. Thank you for being my backbone.

86. Life is like a cakewalk to me because I have you to guide me every step of the way. Thank you, dear parents.

87. I have the best gifts that life can ever give to anyone. It’s mom and Dad. You are the best

88. Dad, you are my greatest Hero. Mom, you are my greatest inspiration. Thank you both for being there for me.

89. When I was younger, I thought your naggings and shouting were to make my days hard, but now I know they were for the best. You were just on the lookout for me. Thanks, dearest.

90. Even when I thought you would give up on me, you kept believing in me. Even when I stopped believing in myself, you never gave up on me. You are the world’s best parents. Thank you so much.

91. Age doesn’t matter, generation is not my concern. All I know is that you are and will forever remain my best friends. Thank you, mom and Dad.

92. My little successes, my small milestones, my big achievements, you have always celebrated all of them with the same happy spirit. You have always motivated me to believe in myself and never to give up. I am where I am today because of you. I love you, mom and Dad.

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Appreciation Messages to Boss / Positive Comments for Your Boss

words to say thank you and appreciation

Sending an Appreciation message to your boss is very important to your office experience. Your boss indeed pays for the services you render to him, but you can also make the office more conducive for your work by appreciating your boss from time to time.

Words to say thank you and appreciation quotes don’t just show your boss that you recognize his hard work, it also lets him know that you value him. When you make a constant practice of sending thank you messages to your boss, he will realize that you enjoy working with him and you don’t feel like you are under pressure.

These thank you messages can be sent on special days such as his birthday or any other day special to him. You can also send it on random days. There is never a wrong time to send Thank you notes.

Below are some messages that can convey your heart of gratitude to your superior at the office.

93. Thank you boss for your guidance all these years. When I came looking for a job, I had no previous working experience or credits to my account. Yet, you took me in and trained me to the capable hands that I am now. Thank you so much boss, I am grateful.

94. Only a few awesome bosses would celebrate their employees’ successes. You are one of that few bosses. Thank you for the anniversary wishes, I appreciate it.

95. Thank you boss for giving me those difficult tasks to bring out the best in me. I didn’t know I could handle that enormous project but I decided to believe in myself as you believe in me. Thank you so much, sir.

96. Thank you boss for being so kind. The amount of knowledge and exposure that I have received in these few years of working with you has been awesome. You introduced me to people of your caliber, giving me better opportunities to strive in the future. Thank you, sir.

97. Your recommendations have been instrumental to my recent contracts. Thank you boss for trusting me that much. I am highly indebted to you and will pay you one day. Thank you, boss.

98. Boss, you are the best of the best bosses. Your great organizational skills have kept our team on the top chart of the company. We are so happy and delighted to work with you anytime, any day. Thank you, boss

99. Thank you for having an amazing personality, sir. With you, work has been more fun than stress. You know how to make the environment conducive for everyone and still produce maximum results. We are lucky to have you.

100. Dear boss, thank you for appreciating me with other team members on the recent project. I feel very motivated to do more. I promise to always make you proud. Thank you, sir.

101. Boss, I appreciate you. I am happy that you are pleased with my work. This way, I don’t feel like I wasted the extra hours. Thank you, boss.

102. Working with you is a dream come through. I love the way you address me and other team members with trust. Thank you for always correcting and instructing us to produce the best results. We love you, sir.

103. Have I told you that you are the best? Yes, you are. I am happy that I became a part of your team during the last reorganization. Since then, I have excelled and produced more results under your supervision. Thank you, sir.

104. I have been smiling at my promotion letter since last week. I can’t believe you said all those nice things about me. I appreciate the kind gesture and promise to make you more proud by being more efficient. Thank you, sir.

105. Thank you boss for giving me pointers while I was preparing for the presentation. You made out time from your busy schedule to help me create the best presentation ever and it was a success because of your involvement. Thank you, sir.

106. Boss, thank you for being a role model to me. I know I will make a very good boss tomorrow because I have served under you. Thank you, sir.

107. You have an amazing personality and you are good at what you do. You know just how to close very favorable deals with clients with so much ease. I am happy to learn these things from you. Thank you, Sir.

108. Of all the bosses I have worked with, you come off as the best. You know just how to maximize your employees in good working condition and also allow them to spend some time with their family. I love your way.

109. Boss of all bosses, full of wisdom and understanding; thank you for the 2 years that I have worked under you. I will surely be a great man because I have worked under a professional like you. Thank you for the opportunity, sir. I don’t make light of it.

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Thank You Message for Colleagues When Leaving

Thank you message for colleagues when leaving is necessary to express your thanks for all the awesome times you have spent together. This will help you maintain a cordial relationship with them even after you have left the place. These things are so important because the world is a small village and you do not know who will need the others to help tomorrow. So, please do not damage that relationship.

Just a text with the right words of gratitude is enough to preserve that relationship and keep both of you on good terms with each other. Below are some words of appreciation that you can send or text to your colleague when leaving.

101. Your type is rare. You always had a way to make us sail safely through the rough times. Thank you so much.

102. Ever since I joined this company, your support has always come through for me. Whenever something comes up in the company, you are always the first person I will call because I trust you to give the best admonitions. Thank you for being not just a colleague, but a friend.

103. With your counsel, my projects always turned out fine. As I am leaving, I am sure I will still call you up for more instructions. Thank you for being the best.

104. You have been so much more of a friend to me. Your love, care, and supports are stuff I would never joke about. Thank you for always being there for me.

105. Even if I don’t miss you, I would surely miss your smart mind that is always filled with ideas and solutions for all circumstances. I learned diligence at work from you. Thank you for being amazing.

106. Even when I made mistakes that cost our team a lot of fortune you guys never got angry. Rather. you took me and taught me all I needed to know and how to avoid those mistakes. I am happy I spent my time with you guys as a team. I pray fate brings us together again. I love you all.

107. Working with someone as sweet and smart as you were so much fun. I regret having to leave but this is a milestone in my life that I cannot neglect. But just know that I will always treasure the times we spent together in my heart. I love you.

108. Your smile has always lit up the place every day. I enjoyed every single day I spent by your side. You are special to me. Thank you so much.

109. You were such a big support to me throughout my time in the office. You always covered for me when I wasn’t around and never saw it as a burden. Thank you for being so kind.

110. This company is not just the name it bears, it is men and women like you that never withdraw their support when needed. You guys are the backbone of this company and you are my backbone too. Thank you so much.

111. You were understanding, supportive, and all I could ever ask for. Even as I leave, I pray to meet people like you in my new office. Thank you so much.

112. I am not just leaving colleagues, I am also leaving good friends. You were a very big part of my life all this while. I would miss your jokes, complaints, and sometimes annoying habits, bye.

113. Coming to the office was always fun for me, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over to tell you about all that happened during my weekend. You were my companion. Thank you so much.

114. For being that super amazing friend and colleague “thank you so much”. Please don’t leave the company just as I am leaving, it will be a huge loss to them because you are a great asset. I wish to see more people like you. You are simply the best.

115. I have worked with so many companies and teams, but of them all, I know you are the best team. I have never seen a group so coordinated, so peaceful, so understanding and so caring. You were not just my team, you were my family at work. Thank you for allowing me to experience that. I appreciate you.

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Now that you have access to words to say thank you and appreciation quotes for the different relationships in your life. I hope you will act better now. I hope you will learn to offer your appreciation to people for the tiniest bit of kindness extended to you.

Brighten people’s day with your appreciation; make them feel loved, make them feel wanted, make them feel relevant. It doesn’t cost much to bring happiness to our space, and we can make a great change by appreciating people. Share the love abroad.

Thank you!

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