Emotional tribute to my late husband

[2024] Farewell And Emotional Tribute To My Late Husband Who Passed Away

We’ve got you covered with a collection of emotional tribute to my late husband.

A husband is usually a pillar, a provider, a leader, an adviser, a confidant and lots more to his wife and children at home.

As a wife, she looks up to him for strength and support as she fulfills her responsibility at home and as much as she would like to have him around continually, it is not always so. The cold hands of death can come knocking at any time and leave her emotionally broken.

The loss of a husband is usually not a pleasant experience for any wife. As women are very emotional, when they want to express just how much they miss their husbands, it is not uncommon to have them write an emotional tribute to their late husbands.

As a wife who has just lost her husband to the cold hands of death, are you seeking emotional tributes to my late husband to express just how precious your husband was to you? We sympathize with you in your loss and have arranged a list of such tributes in this write-up. May God comfort your heart and grant you the fortitude to bear the loss.

Emotional Tribute To My Late Husband

1. I never regret the day I said ‘Yes’ to you. You brought sunshine and laughter into my life. You were always there for me and our children. I miss you badly.

2. You were a strong pillar of support for us all at home. You worked tirelessly day and night just to ensure we were comfortable and had the necessities of life. Dear [mention his name], I can’t still believe I won’t be seeing you again but I know you are in a better place now. Till we meet again. Your loving wife, [your name].

3. You were a role model to me and our children. You were our knight in shining armour. You always took care of us even when you needed care for yourself. You were selfless and loving to a fault. How painful is it to know that you left at such a time like this! I love you but God loves you more. Rest on, sweetheart.

4. I have been blessed to be the only wife of such a great and God-fearing man like you. Even when friends and family were against your getting married to me, you still went on knowing that God led you to me. My dear husband, I want you to know that you will always be in my heart. You made me know what it means to be happy. Till we meet again.

5. You were a wonderful, understanding and supportive husband. At times when I didn’t know what to do and considered giving up, you were there to rekindle hope in me and make me continue. I cannot be more grateful to God for blessing me with such a husband as you. Rest on sweetheart.

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Farewell Message To My Late Husband

1. From the day we met till this day when I must say goodbye, you have given me a thousand reasons to be grateful to God. I can’t imagine getting married to someone other than you. I love you and I miss you dearly.

2. My loving husband, thank you for loving me. Thank you for being supportive of my goals and dreams. Thank you for lending a listening ear. Thank you for bearing with my excesses. Thank you for making memories of yourself pleasant and memorable. I miss you so much, darling. Goodbye.

3. You did not just say in words that ‘I love you’ but you showed it with your life. Even if you never said it, every action of yours bellowed loudly those sweet words. I love you too honey. Rest on till we meet again.

4. You were the light of the home. I and the children alike all looked forward to being at home because we had a jovial husband and father like you. You made our home an ideal home. I cannot bear the thought that you are no more there to lighten up the home when it is all tensed up but I know you are now in a better place. Rest on sweetheart.

5. You were never antagonistic to my success and rising in life rather, you gave me all the needed support even at the detriment of your own goals and pursuits. But God never let you down. He raised helpers to also lift you. Thank you for being very supportive. I miss you. Goodbye, till we meet in eternity.

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Missing My Husband Who Died Quotes

Sometimes we do not know the full value of things until we lose them. A wife may take her husband for granted until the day she loses him and only then will she begin to realize the full worth of her husband that has passed away.

Although not all wives take their husbands for granted, the demise of a husband to a wife brings a feeling of pain and grief noting how emotionally-wired women are. She begins to miss him for all he was to her and their children.

We know just how painful it is to miss your husband who died and have arranged this list of missing my husband who died quotes for you. You are not alone in this grief and other women like you have found comfort in these quotes. May God comfort your heart and grant you the fortitude to carry on in life.

1.“It is not how long but how well he lived that matters.”

2. “To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.” – Thomas Campbell

3. “You will always be in my heart until we meet again in heaven.”

4. “I miss you every second of every minute, every minute of every hour, every hour of every day.” — Shanece

5. “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” — Mahatma Gandhi

6. “In my heart, you occupy a space nobody and nothing else can fill. I love you and miss you so much.”

7. “I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you.” — Anonymous

8. “You daily remind me of what it means to be loved sacrificially. I miss you so much, honey.”

9. “Each time the pain of your demise comes, I am reminded of the greater joy you have now resting in paradise. Till we meet again.”

10. “You may be physically absent from me but the legacy you left behind yet lives on even in your absence. I miss you dearly.”

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Tribute To Someone Special Who Passed Away

We all have people we hold special in our hearts in life due to widely varied reasons from person to person. Nevertheless, no matter the role they play in our lives that makes them special to us when we hear of their passing away, it can be likened to our world shattering apart.

We might even be asking the question as to why they died at that time even when we know their time on earth is already over. It just bears further witness to their uniqueness to us.

As part of our respect and love for them, we would want to write tributes to them for others to know just how special they were to us before they passed away. For some, the task is not cumbersome however others might find it an uphill task writing a tribute to someone special who passed away.

For these people, we understand just how you feel and that is why we have compiled a list of tributes to someone special who passed away in this write-up.We know you will find them useful.

1. [Person’s name] was a gentle and God-fearing man. His demeanor even in ugly situations was highly admirable. We will miss him so much.

2. You lived such a life worthy of emulation. You were a model and example to us all. You were willing to give all it takes to ensure others succeed like you did. You will be missed.

3. You demonstrated what pure and undefiled love is through your lifestyle. You are greatly missed.

4. I cannot come to fully grasp the fact that you are no more in this world. You were such an inspiration to the young minds that encountered you. You are greatly missed.

5. So-and-so was blessed with a gift with which to serve humanity. He made sure he was always available to help others with this special gift of his. He will always be in our hearts.

6. The world has just lost a rare gem. A model of character and excellence. You will always be in our hearts.

7. Dear [title and name of person], you may be out of sight but not out of our minds. You will forever be in our hearts for the role you played in making us united as a family.

8. Dear [name of person], the pleasant memories you left behind will never fade away. They remain evergreen in our minds. Till we meet again.

9. You were an epitome of a leader par excellence. You were able to lead and guide your team to achieving great feats in your lifetime. You will be greatly missed.

10. To a mentor like no other. I am going to miss you greatly for the indelible marks you left in my life that has shaped me into who I am today and much more.

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