Missing A Sister Who Died

[2024] Remembrance Quotes When Missing A Sister Who Died

Losing a sister is one of the most suffocating experiences.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to breathe or even comprehend what’s happening around you.

The loss of a sister knocks you completely off your feet and suddenly life pales in comparison.

Then you are hit with a deep feeling of loss. You miss her more than you ever imagined.

Missing a sister who died shows how close or deep your bond was.

You will find yourself reminiscing on the times you both spent together.

When missing a sister who died, you probably want to write a tribute, or pen a personal letter to her to express how you feel.

If you need ideas on how to craft an emotional message for your sister, here are some missing a sister who died samples to get ideas from.

Tribute Quotes When Missing A Sister Who Died

If you need something positive to honor your late sister whom you love and miss dearly, you’re welcome. Here are some tribute quotes when missing a sister who died to uplift your spirit:

1. My sister is a song playing repeatedly in my soul. She brings happiness and comfort to my heart through her melodies. Sometimes, I forget the lyrics but the tune holds fast to me.

2. Dear sister, if I got a rose for every thought I had of you, I would be walking in my rose garden for life.

3. It doesn’t matter how many years pass, I’ll still need you always sister.

4. Sister, you only left us with the most remarkable memories. Your love remains my guide, and though you can’t be here, I know you still walk by my side.

5. A sister’s love is always present. Loving a sister is a deep sorrow the heart barely bears. Still, her essence, wisdom, and goodness form the blanket of love surrounding me.

6. I never truly knew what “I miss you” was, until I looked for you and you were nowhere to be found.

7. Anytime I miss you, I remember how blessed I am to have you as my sister. I’ll never trade that for all the silver in the universe.

8. Sisters never die. They only care for the homes in the sky. They make the sun gleam brighter in the day, and polish the stars at night. They tend to the silvery beams of the moon and ensure the heavenly home is set for their loved ones.

9. Not even time can snatch the memories I’ve built with you. I now understand why you always wanted me to be strong. You wanted me to be strong so I could handle losing you. I miss you, sister.

10. A sister is your lifelong buddy. She’ll be there for you, no matter what. Sometimes we fight, but that’s fine. We remain sisters for eternity. I love you my sister, and I’ll love you more now that you’re gone.

11. You said we’ll grow old together. And we did. You were the first to notice my gray hairs with joy.

12. You were the first person I’ll share everything with. Now, who will be the recipient of all my juicy chats? I wonder how people without sisters survive.

13. A sister’s life is the most fascinating present; she is the friend the spirit needs and the wheel that spins life’s true meaning.

14. Grief comes in two phases. The first is a deep sense of loss. The second is the rebirth of a better life.

15. Somehow, sorrow and love come together. It’s hard to have one separated from the other. What I choose to do is to love my sister, to love this world she lived in, and embrace her lifestyle with a daring spirit.

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Farewell Message To A Sister Who Passed Away

If you feel stumped about saying goodbye to your late sister, make use of any one farewell message to a sister who passed away messages listed below that helps you express yourself the most.

1. The consolation I have in saying farewell is the hope we’ll meet again to say hello.

2. I’m clueless about sharing goodbye. I didn’t even think I would say goodbye to you first. There’s not going to be another sister like you. I’ll miss you a lot. I miss everything special and unique about you. Thank you for being my lifeline.

3. Earlier on, I couldn’t say goodbye properly. Know that you’re adored by our kids. Your pictures are my most precious assets. Farewell, my dearest sister.

4. Saying farewell to you is tough; sometimes the words refuse to come out but that’s because I know saying farewell feels like a lifetime.

5. I’ll say goodbye, not because I want to, but because saying goodbye is a different yet sad way of telling you how much I love you.

6. I know everything will be fine again, as long as I keep all my memories with you. Goodbye, my sweet sister. May you be embraced up there.

7. I never thought I would have to say goodbye to you. Sometimes, I hold my head high, blink the tears away and say farewell.

8. It’s sad to know that the baby I helped mum raise is no more. I taught you your first alphabet, and I taught you how to dress among many other things. You were more important than I realized and I’m horrified I won’t get to share that with you. With sadness, I bid farewell to a sweet soul.

9. You were my soul twin. I’m still trying to figure out life now that you’re gone. I hope you remain in bliss wherever you are.

10. I know you’re enjoying paradise. I’m comforted by the thought of you guarding us against evil. Goodbye, my lovely sister.

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Tribute To A Sister Who Died Of Cancer

Writing a tribute to a sister who died of cancer can be emotional and difficult for you. But you can use your emotions to create powerful messages for her. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. You remained strong and vibrant when the illness entered its last stages. I admire your resolve to let this sickness weigh you down. We miss you a lot but appreciate your memories. Love you, sister.

2. My lovely sister, no more doctors, no more hospitals, no more drips. Now you’re happy and healthier. You’re our angel. We love you for life.

3. You had a happy and cheerful personality. You can easily make friends wherever you go. You are missed.

4. Even though you knew you couldn’t win this battle, you still show bravery. You chose to have everyone surround you. We watched you take your final breath and the peace that came upon your face. It still feels as if you’re with us. Our love for you will never die. From your sister.

5. Hi sister, you fought with your might against that breast cancer. I hope you’re enjoying the victory of your fight up there.

6. Sister, you always had people complimenting you, but you had no idea why. When I asked, you would say you were being yourself. You gracefully handled the cancer challenge. We’ll always carry you in our hearts.

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In Loving Memory Of My Sister

If you’ll be reading about your sister’s life at a funeral or you want to remember something fond about your late sister, add one or two of these in loving memory of my sister messages to show your deep love for her:

1. We hardly said goodbye when you were alive, we can’t say goodbye. Because no matter where you are, you have a place in my being.

2. I may not be able to see you anymore, but I call you in my heart every day. You are missed.

3. You were the fearless one. Now fly with the angels to your true freedom. Thank you for being an inspiration. Rest now among the most righteous ones. Your final words still ring in my ears ‘see you in heaven. Well, I hope you’re having a swell time there.

4. We share an unbreakable bond sister. Your love was a blessing. Just know that the thought of you is the reason I live each day.

5. God must have needed more angels, and that is why he called you here. I know heaven is more beautiful because you are there.

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Tribute To My Sister Who Passed Away

If you’re out of ideas to craft a beautiful tribute for the loss of your sister, use any of these touching tribute to my sister who passed away samples. You can use it as it or personalize it by changing some words.

1. You transformed my life in more ways than one. I experienced many great things because you were there. Despite your absence, your legacy will flourish in my heart and mind.

2. You are the sister every sibling needs. You brought strength and happiness. You refused to let me go my own way whenever you knew I was heading for destruction. I’ll keep you close to my soul.

3. You were our biggest role model. You showed me I could live a full and rich life across all aspects. I relied on your examples and they never failed. Keep resting on, sister.

4. Thank you for being the best sister I could ever ask for. I appreciate everything you did to protect and defend me from the world. I am grateful for everything. I love you and I miss you.

5. You were my biggest inspiration sister. You’ve always shown up when I needed you most. Childhood days were rough, but you still displayed care and friendliness. We became stronger together. I’m so glad I learned having people like you was what mattered the most.

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My Sister Died And I Miss Her

Your sister is the tie to your family bond. When you lose her, you’re going to miss her too much because she understands the history and the bond you both share.

When you experience nostalgia over your sister, don’t bottle it in. First acknowledge the thought of “My sister died and I miss her”, then proceed to write down whatever you miss about her. I’ve listed some templates to help you.

1. I’m honored I got to have spent childhood with you. You’re fun, crazy, beautiful, and super smart. You hold my heart no matter what. I badly miss you. Still, I’m convinced you’re at peace.

2. My most exciting thoughts were shared with you. You were more than a sister. You were my mother and confidant. I’ll relive the sun adventures and naughty games we played. I miss you, sister

3. I crave to hear you laugh again. I’ll miss the stories you tell me and those bland jokes you’re fond of cracking. All our joyful moments will be remembered every day. Be at peace.

4. It’s been tough dealing with losing you, sister. I hope you miss.me.as much as I miss you. You remain in my heart.

5. You forever remain my dearest sister. Know that you’re sorely missed. I hope you’re thinking of me up there too.

6. We always have the most insightful conversations. I left better than I came to you. Now when I miss your voice, I remember those times and let them comfort my heart.

7. I know you’re with me, sister. Still, I can’t get over the throbbing ache of missing you. I know you look down on us from up there, know that you mean a lot to me and I’ll never forget you.

8. I talk about you to everyone I come across. You are missed a lot sometimes, it seems you’re so close yet so far away, yet you love lives in my heart.

9. You were such a joy to be around. Now home feels gloomy without you. Thank you for the loads of laughter you brought to me. I miss and cherish you.

10. I love you, sister. You were everything to me, my friend, adviser, mother, and partner for good. Losing you created a void in my soul. Live on sister.

Goodbye Letter To A Sister Who Died

A great way to grieve over your late sister is to write a letter. When penning a letter, you imagine yourself in a direct conversation with her.

This approach is great for emotional release and healing. Depending on your feelings, your letter may be long or short.

With the ideas provided below, start penning a sweet goodbye letter to a sister who died to share your feelings.

1. Dear sister,

It’s been a couple of days since you died, and I’ve been in deep thought about you all that time.

Thinking of you makes me cry, but I still think about you because I don’t want you to be a forgotten memory.

Remembering all the things you did fills me with nostalgia and pain.

I wish you a safe trip to the afterlife.

With love,

(Your name)

2. Dear sister,

I feel disappointed that all my respect and prayers failed. Right now, the family feels numb and we’re in a critical state.

I write so you can feel the love I have for you, but more so I can heal.

There’s plenty of crying and sometimes, all we can do is just cry. I know you’re sad seeing our condition, but I believe we’ll be better soon.

My regards,

(Your name)

3. To my lovely sister,

My heart is a splintered glass. The news of your death is unbelievable. You can only imagine I wish I never heard about this.

I’m finding it hard to think. You used to cover up for me before dad and mom. You protected me from the bullies at school. Who will be my cover?

I feel losing you is unfair. But I pray the Almighty is keeping your soul. My heart is yours.

With tears,

(Your name)

4. Dear sister,

I wish I never picked up that call. That way, I’ll never have heard that horrible news about you. I can’t even process this.

Why would this even happen to you? I feel disappointed.

This is a shock to know my biggest supporter is no longer with me. But the only thing I can do is pray your soul is at peace.

From your little sister,

(Your name)

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