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80 Appreciation Message After Wedding From Bride And Groom To Friends And Family

The wedding day is the special day when the bride and the groom thrilled and feel the happiest in their world. However, having friends and families both near and far coming to celebrate this special day with them with special gifts make this day glamorous and spectacular; creating unforgettable memories in the hearts of the bride and groom.

As such, after friends and families have braced the wedding ceremony with their esteemed presence and gifts; there is a need to especially thank them and send appreciation messages to them as a show of appreciation from the bride and groom.

Appreciation message after wedding go a long way in the heart of those that attended the wedding ceremony as a show of your appreciation and as a value for their contribution to the success of the wedding.

So we got you some inspirational and appreciative wedding thank you messages as a new bride and groom that you want to send or incorporate into your wedding card? Here is a list of appreciation message after wedding from bride and groom, to friends and family members.

Appreciation Message After Wedding From Bride And Groom

If you’re thinking of sending a wedding thank you card messages or notes to friends and family to say thank you for coming to our Wedding. Check the following appreciation message after wedding may resonate with your family and friends.

1. Having you around us during our holy matrimony cannot be bought with money because your presence meant so much to us. Thank you for being around and a part of our success.

2. Our wedding could not have been awesome without having personalities like you. Thank you for your love.

3. Thank you for making it to our nuptial mass. We could not have had a sweet ceremony without you.

4. It meant more than we can show, having you seated at our marriage ceremony. Thank you for being a part of our celebration.

5. Your presence at our wedding ceremony made the wedding more special to us. Thank you for everything.

6. Thank you for your help and dedication towards making our big day special.

7. We cannot thank you enough for all your assistance in making our marriage celebration great. Thank you.

8. Your friends and families’ presence at our wedding made our day memorable. Thank you for being a part of our success.

9. We cannot pay you back in money for all you did before and during our wedding. Thank you.

10. It means a lot to have you at our wedding witnessing our new journey of love, thank you for being there.

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To Our Family And Friends Wedding Thank You Notes

It was amazing to be the center of focus on your wedding day, and it would be great to let the wedding attendees know that you do not take their presence for granted.

This is important because you never can tell what they went through to be a part of your great day.

1. Thank you for traveling such a long distance to celebrate our wedding with us. My wife and I, with our parents, appreciate your presence and feel so honored to have you in our lives.

2. We so much thank you for celebrating our marriage with us. We are greatly honored to have such a great friendship with you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

3. Put the name of the person), thank you for your incredibly generous wedding gifts. Your gift will go towards redecorating our new home. We are so happy you were able to still make it despite your busy schedule. Thank you.

4. Thank you for every role you played at our matrimony and for paying details to attention. We were much thrilled with how everything turned out. God bless you.

5. I want to seize this opportunity to express our appreciation for all you did for us on our wedding day. I love working with you and happily serve as a reference to your future client.

6. (names of the person), thank you so much for making our wedding day memorable, we can imagine how much work went into everything you did, but we know it turned out perfect .for that, we are eternally grateful.

7. Thank you for making it to our beginning and brightening things up. We are so happy we have got to work with you and had nothing but a positive experience throughout the process.

8. I want to say thank you to our family and friends. We love you all so much and we are so happy you got to be by our side as we consummated our marriage. Your presence on our special day means so much to us.

9. Thank you for the unique present; my wife and I love it and we appreciate you for celebrating our marriage with us.

10. I want to say thank you to our beloved friends and families; we would not be more grateful for having you all attend our holy wedlock. You mean the world to us and we feel so lucky to have such incredible support from you.

11. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so meaningful: it wouldn’t have been so special without you being there with us.

12. Thank you for celebrating our marriage with us. Your presence meant the world to us.

13. We can’t tell you how much it meant to us to see you at our wedding, we truly appreciate it.

14. A million thanks for gracing our holy matrimony. Thank you for witnessing our vows and for been a part of our special day. Your presence is the most beautiful gift for us. Thank you.

15. Dad and Mum, Our wedding day will not be that successful without your support, love, and presence. Allow us to thank you guys as well as your whole family for being a part of our big event. Thank you.

16. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so memorable. It could not have been so special without you being there for us.

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Thanks Message For Attending Marriage

Thank You For Attending Our Wedding Messages

One of the major parts of any wedding ceremony is the people present. Hence, a need to send a thank you message to those that attended the wedding. Here are the lists of messages you can send

You surely cannot forget those who came out to show their love, support and brought you presents as a symbol of their goodwill wishes as you start your marital journey.

1. Thank you for attending our union, your gifts and presence were highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

2. Words alone cannot show our gratitude to thank you for attending our wedding ceremony. We don’t underestimate your presence, God bless you.

3. What can we do to repay you? My wife and I promise to be there on any occasion of yours. Thank you for attending our marriage ceremony.

4. You rocked my espousal with your presence ….thank you for attending my wedding.

5. Your care, Love, and support that graced our holy wedlock cannot be taken for granted, thank you for attending our wedding.

6. Thank you for your being there when we needed you the most. Your presence at our wedding contributed to our huge success. Thank you for attending.

7. Our marriage ceremony will not be a successful one if you had not attended. Thanks for bracing us with your presence.

8. Forever shall we be indebted to you. Thanks for your support towards our wedding.

9. May God’s favor and presence be with you and your family. Your contribution to our Holy matrimony goes a long way. Thanks for attending.

10. If we have called you and you had not come, no policeman will arrest you. But in all, thank you for making it to our wedding.

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Thoughtful Wording For Thank You Cards

Wording For Thank You Cards

Thank you messages printed on cards are profound ways of showing gratitude to sponsors, friends, and family who had stood up to fill and brace the wedding ceremony.

After the wedding is done and dusted, it is thoughtful to send a thank you card for the gifts sent or presented by families and friends, cash, or any other support to make it a success.

And you do not need to rack your brain for befitting wordings for thank you cards; Below is a list of words you can use.

1. Dear (name of guest). Thank you for your unquantifiable support of our wedding. We look forward to seeing you in few months after the honeymoon. Stay blessed, much love (couple’s name)

2. Thank you for your awesome presence and beautiful gift. We are grateful.

3. Nothing amazing would come out of a party with empty chairs. Thank you for making it to our wedding. We are glad and grateful.

4. Thank you (insert the name) for celebrating our holy wedlock with us and for your ever cherished presence.

5 We couldn’t have had such a glorious event without you. You’re a big reason why our wedding was so special.

6. Thank you for your help and dedication to our new beginning. We cherish it.

Wedding Thank You Messages From Bride And Groom

Sending appreciation message after wedding to friends and families who had left their various businesses and activities to celebrate with you on your wedding day, is an important part of the wedding ceremony that must not be taken for granted.

The success of every wedding is not only dependent on the couple but also reliant on a lot of factors such as love, commitment, and support shown by friends, families, and well-wishers.

It is therefore important to recognize the effort and commitment of all that made the ceremony a successful one and the numerous messages sent to congratulate you. It serves as a form of encouragement to them to do more in future times.

Below are loads of wedding thank you messages from the bride and groom

1. With a huge sense of appreciation, we say thank you for making it to our union and those that weren’t able to make it, knowing that your love is more than enough and satisfying.

2. Your presence and activities at our wedding were significant and magnificent. You made sure all things are in place according to plan as you acted as if your life depended on it. thank you for all you did.

3. I appreciate you (name) for being an active pillar making sure that I am joyfully married today. I pray that you shall always celebrate and may good things never pass you by. Thank you

4. We are thankful to all who were present during our marriage ceremony.Thanks for witnessing an open show of our love.

5. Our wedding day was colorful and glamorous. You made it an awesome moment when I set my eyes on you. How great you were looking, I thank you for coming.

6. Thousands of words cannot give a full expression of the smile you kept on my face sighting you at my holy wedlock. May God bless you and give you all the best. I appreciate you for coming.

7. My wife and I are indebted to you for your presence at our wedding. That alone made our wedding more beautiful. How can we repay you for all your help and support? You made it happen and we appreciate it, thanks.

8. We were greatly favored by God and men such as you for the unification of our love affair. Your showing up alone is precious to us and wouldn’t be forgotten for life.

9. My wife and I deem it fit to reach out to all that attended our nuptial mass. We say a massive thank you.

10. With no one on the seat at the reception, our wedding would have been boring. Thank you for making our dreams come through in an interesting way.

11. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, thank you for being at the inception of this with us.

12. As we walked down the aisle, we noticed a lot of beautiful faces smiling and genuinely happy for us. I want you all to know that you are cherished and appreciated for coming.

13. Your coming to our wedding celebration lit our hearts; we never had expected the massive level of positive vibes that flowed throughout the event. Thank you for adding light to the occasion.

14. (Name), as we celebrate love today through the establishment of marriage, may a grand celebration like this never cease to exist in your life.

15. The testimonies, gifts, and love received from you made it superb. They mean a whole lot to us as newly wedded. Thank you for coming.

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Wedding Appreciation Message To Friends For Gifts And Presence

It is a priority after the thrilling excitement of your wedding day, taking time to send thank you messages to friends and colleagues who do not only make it to your wedding but in their love and support has given you gifts to begin your new home.

Below are awesome sweet ways to say thank you for the wedding gift and for your presence.

1. You doubled and lifted our happiness for sure with the gifts you gave us at our wedding, as such, I thank you so much. May the Lord increase you.

2. (Name) , I am very thrilled and amazed by our presence, support and the magnificent gift you gave us to celebrate our love and beginning. Thank you so much, we appreciate you.

3. You have given us a tangible gift and it does go a long way in our hearts, we appreciate you for coming and making the day memorable.

4. I tried to wave at you upon seeing you at our wedding but you were so engrossed with making things go well as planned. Your gifts to us are very precious. Thank you so much for everything.

5. (Name), you are such a darling for blessing us with such a gift. We appreciate it.

6. A thousand words would not be enough to show how much we appreciate you and the gift you gave us on our big day. Thank you, God bless you.

7. I am the luckiest in the world to have you as my friend. Thank you for the amazing gift you gave us to celebrate our solemnization, you’re a darling.

8. Your wedding gift is a treasure– irreplaceable. Thank you, friend.

9. (Name of the person), your presence at our nuptial mass was such an honor. It pleases me so much, and your gift was the most delightful of our wedding. Thank you so much.

10. Having to be creative to creatively carve out a suitable gift for us was a mind-blowing one for us. Thank you so much and God bless you.

11. A wedding ceremony will only last for a day, but a gift gives a lasting memory. Thank you, so much for your presence and such an awesome gift.

12. I have always known myself to be blessed with great friends. Thank you for that expensive gift you presented to honor us.

13. Your wedding gift is not a special one to us because of its price tag. It is special because it was given by a very special friend whose presence is ever known in my life.

14. We are grateful for the monetary gift you gave us at our wedding. God bless you.

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Thank You Message For Wedding Principal Sponsors / Supporters

Thank You Messages For Sponsors

Sponsors are generous individuals who love to extend their generosity or act of kindness for the benefit of many who are inept in carrying out certain responsibilities as a form of help.

Many events like weddings have been successful because numerous sponsors or at least a sponsor has deemed it fit to support in finance or kind to couples who are getting married. After receiving such support, it is very important that you appreciate the generous contribution your sponsor(s) have made in your lives and wedding.

A sense of appreciation to them shows that you are grateful for what they have done. Here is a list of thank you messages for sponsors.

1. Thank you for your heart of generosity and act of kindness towards supporting the success and celebration of our marriage. Thank you and God bless you.

2. Allow me to express my thanksgiving to you for deciding to sponsor our wedding and helped us in making our wedding a successful and remarkable one. We indeed treasure this act and are forever grateful. Thank you.

3. Words will fail me in multiple folds to say a big thank you for supporting us with money and for your active participation in our coming together as one. We give you all the credit. Thank you.

4. Sponsoring is an act of giving differently and perhaps does not serve a different purpose. Thank you for making us your candidate for sponsorship.

5. Thank you for taking out time in knowing our vision and ability to make your mind to support us for our wedding. We owe it a great deal. Thank you so much.

6. Thank you for sponsoring us. We are grateful and we will ever be grateful. Once again, thank you.

7. Thank you for sponsoring our wedding. Thank you for settling our bills. God bless you.

8. Your support has brought a huge amount of help to our aid and we are saying thank you for all you do.

9. It requires every bit of energy for a sponsor to do thus far for us as a couple. Thank you for sponsoring and for being part of our new and beautiful beginning.

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