Overall Performance Summary Comments

Overall Performance Summary Comments [ 150 Manager or Supervisors Comments For Employee Appraisal ]

A performance review also called a “performance appraisal” or “performance evaluation,” is an assessment where managers or supervisors review an employee’s work performance.

During the review, a manager or supervisor identifies the employee’s strengths and weaknesses sets goals, and offers overall performance summary comments for future performance.

Many organizations conduct reviews annually while others have them quarterly, monthly, or even weekly.

But what is special about performance reviews?

Performance reviews are important moments to give feedback to employees on their current performance while making organization expectations clear.

There, the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees and teams as a whole are re-emphasized for better productivity and professionalism.

Additionally, the performance review allows for appropriate allocation of promotions or pay raises; explanation of individual and organizational goals; and goal-setting.

A wholesome appraisal process will consist of both positive and negative overall performance summary comments.

Therefore, it should be understood that an appraisal is more than a program where you have to find faults or only praise someone.

Instead, conduct feedback that gives employees an overall understanding of where they can improve and excel.

Furthermore, conduct your reviews in a regular and timely fashion.

So, to save you time, we got you covered with several samples of constructive performance appraisal.

Now, read and get inspired by these 150 overall performance summary comments and nail your next appraisal review.

Professional Overall Performance Summary Comments

Conducting performance reviews can be tricky, especially for managers.

Sometimes there’s a vast difference between what they say and what they want to convey.

To improve this, it’s important that employers practice the art of delivering constructive professional overall performance summary comments. Here are some ideas to begin with:

1. He helped the company gain $_______ this month by identifying financial leakages in each department.

2. She has consistently failed to abide by the policies and procedures of this company in the past three projects.

3. She increased the customer satisfaction rate by 70%.

4. He has created a system where different departments communicate seamlessly thus reducing the stress of walking from one department to another.

5. His quality of work has become the standard for his colleagues.

6. He works hard whether he feels motivated or not.

7. She is quick to acknowledge the progress and effort of other team members.

8. He is fair and just in her dealings with others.

9. She is honest and always admits when she knows little or nothing about something.

10. She takes time to create, improve and sustain valuable and positive relationships.

11. He tends to work excellently with a number of people involved, but he slacks off when he’s to work with fewer than two people.

12. She is professional in her delivery but fails to offer support and guidance to her colleagues.

Negative Comments:

13. She is slow in decision making and this causes her to perform lower than her colleagues.

14. He rudely interrupts others and loudly makes his points known.

15. She has almost zero tolerance and patience for her coworkers.

16. She is complacent in her current position and shies away from personal development.

17. He cannot be depended on to help others and would rather watch his workmates struggle.

18. His workplace is often messed up with food leftovers and personal effects.

19. He leaves work hours before the designated time, and without informing his superiors

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Overall Comments On Goal Achievement

Setting and achieving goals is essential to preserving each employee’s performance.

The goal of the performance review should be to reinforce your workers’ accountability to your company while also enhancing their performance.

1. She creates an inspiring atmosphere that encourages productivity and speed

2. She increased her lead generation from 15 per week to 30 per week in three months.

3. He shows great organization by recording all customer calls and reviewing them daily for patterns.

4. He requests feedback on his job to know the opinions of others, any area of weakness, and where he needs to improve.

5. She demonstrates a strong ambition to complete the targets laid out for her by her supervisor.

6. He stays accountable to his goals by informing his teammates of his work progress.

7. She keeps up with benchmarks using an efficient planning system.

8. She keeps up with the recommended hours of annual staff training.

9. He exceeded the years target by ________.

10. Production has been amplified by ___% since she restructured the operations.

Negative Comments:

11. You have issues with prioritization and often allocate too much time to less important projects while allocating less time to more important projects.

12. He makes a lot of excuses and blames others when he fails to reach his targets.

13. Has wrong risk calculation. She invested company funds in high-risk investments that resulted in a huge company loss.

14. She sets goals that are too simple and not challenging enough for her current position.

15. He tends to substitute difficult tasks for less-tasking ones.

16. He works on his personal goals during work hours and ignores his professional targets.

17. He hardly passes his work to his teammates for their inspection and review.

18. Her defect rate has increased by __% compared to her peers.

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Performance Review Phrases

Know that the phrases you use in a performance review impact its overall effectiveness.

An effective review should discuss an employee’s strengths and areas of improvement in a way that is constructive and motivating.

Depending on what skills or goals you’re evaluating, here is a list of common performance review phrases you can select from to evaluate your employees or team member:

1. Puts into action all the instructions given for a task.

2. Shows empathy when relating to colleagues and seeks to understand them.

3. Can be trusted with sensitive and confidential information/tasks.

4. Sticks to the stipulated time for lunch breaks and has never exceeded it.

5. Comes to work physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the day’s work.

6. Possesses superb writing and verbal skills which have been effectively deployed to provide accurate information.

7. Quick reply to emails that demand follow-ups or calls requesting clarifications.

8. Communicates with the right person when there is a disorder in any aspect of the workplace.

9. Ensures high sanitation and proper organization of all the workplaces in the company.

10. Pays rapt attention to what others say before responding instead of jumping to conclusions.

Negative Comments:

11. Spends too much time philandering and gossiping about bosses and coworkers rather than working.

12. Uses company Wi-Fi to download content unrelated to work.

13. Unwilling to volunteer or even host company events and outdoor projects.

14. Keeps knowledge to oneself and would rather see colleagues fail instead of supporting them.

15. Spends too much time on off-site tasks that are distracting him/her from on-site tasks.

16. Gets easily confused when new plans are introduced into an ongoing project.

17. Too much in hurry mode, constantly hurries to finish a task, and ends up making too many mistakes.

18. Good at setting goals but fails at creating actionable plans to accomplish them.

19. Fails to follow company’s policy regarding dress code.

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Job Knowledge Performance Review Phrases

Employees’ proven job-relevant knowledge and vital skills, such as work practices, rules, resources, procedures, technical information, legislation, customer service, and the work’s relevance to the organization’s goal, are evaluated.

Managers and supervisors can get valuable insight into how people view the demands of their employment and the value of fulfilling those tasks.

To reduce carelessness and laxity, every employee must clearly grasp how their duties fit into the wider organization. Here are some fitting job knowledge performance review phrases to use during employee evaluations:

1. Respects everyone’s time by being early to meetings and conferences

2. Has not deviated from company attendance policy in years.

3. Has a cheerful attitude notwithstanding the situation.

4. Can be depended on to meet up with a schedule.

5. Embodies and encourages trust among colleagues at work.

6. Easily handles different customer objections under different circumstances

7. Easily connects with coworkers and bosses.

8. Highly proactive and confident by initiating well-calculated and successful projects.

9. Seeks the comfort and convenience of the clients.

Negative Comments:

10. Often exceeds the number of days given for leave or vacation.

11. Flairs up easily when offered constructive criticism or suggestions.

12. Easily get disorganized when confronted with a challenge.

13. Is easy to provoke with non-related work issues.

14. Produces inconsistent task results which constantly need reviewing.

15. Shows insensitivity to the feelings of co-workers and junior staff.

16. Needs to work on foreign languages to enable seamless communication with foreign clients.

17. Hardly documents relevant information; relies too much on the brain.

18. Needs to learn how to use theoretical knowledge to make sound decisions.

19. Spends too much time in his head on the pretext of critical thinking.

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Manager Performance Review Examples

It might be challenging to get through performance reviews for each and every one of your direct reports.

You also strive to be as considerate as you can while clearly describing what your employees contribute to the table.

Be rest assured that after reading these manager performance review examples, you’ll have fresh ideas and a thorough grasp of how to structure your review comments.

1. He constantly seeks better ways to resolve internal organizational conflict.

2. She effectively fulfills Her responsibilities without supervision.

3. She is friendly and open to helping others in different departments.

4. Her presence has increased our company’s staff retention rate by 80%.

5. He created an effective development plan that skyrocketed the productivity of his department by 200%.

6. She is timely in her communications with her team members. He has helped his co-workers complete two advanced courses before the appraisal.

7. She helped her team align with the company’s leadership goal by providing a written agenda for company meetings.

8. He is skilled at delegating tasks to team members with the right strength and abilities to deliver spectacular results.

9. She encourages her colleagues to think critically and creatively to come up with solutions to their problems.

10. She has a high amount of energy and commitment which are consistent and predictable.

11. He is consistently reliable even when it’s inconvenient for him.

12. He treats everyone with a sense of justice irrespective of age, gender, race, and economic status.

13. She steers clear of gossip and comments within the office.

14. He shows decisiveness when making decisions even under pressure.

Negative Comments:

15. He despises being corrected and hardly follows instructions to detail.

16. He imposes his position on his junior colleagues, taking advantage of them.

17. He often exceeds the monthly office budget and is unaccountable with office resources.

18. She is incapable of making sound decisions that meet the goals of the project.

19. He demands accountability from others but shows none himself.

20. She is racist in her comments and disposition towards colleagues and juniors.

Job Knowledge Appraisal Comments

The knowledge, experience, and abilities of your employees are crucial to their success on the job and demand special consideration during the performance appraisal process.

While you might be tempted to evaluate your employees solely on the basis of the amount of information they have accumulated, what’s more, important is how they have applied what they know to enhance the profitability of your company.

Here are some job knowledge appraisal comments to get you started:

1. You saved Task A from failing when you proposed the new approach that has increased our baseline and expanded our income sources.

2. You are rigid in your approach to long-term issues regarding our customer’s problems.

3. You easily translate theoretical knowledge into more relatable and practical solutions.

4. You are slack on opportunities that will expand your skills and qualifications.

5. You creatively apply your expertise to foresee the challenges that would have sabotaged the deal.

6. Your skillset is not sufficient for the responsibilities of the new position.

7. You possess in-depth knowledge of this company’s policies and unique selling point (USP).

8. You need to set goals that align with your level of skill and talent.

9. You have built expertise in skills and knowledge that do not benefit this company and the position you are in.

10. You are increasingly improving the quality of your work based on your job knowledge.

11. You have repetitively shown you are an expert in your field by highlighting loopholes we tend to ignore and providing viable solutions for them.

12. You are innovative in your approach to improving the processes and procedures of how our departments work.

13. You repetitively ask questions regarding the responsibilities aligned with your position so you can successfully execute your work.

14. You are indiscreet about our clients’ information, and this has breached the trust they had in us.

15. You have a unique and effective way of dealing with difficult clients.

16. You tend to resort to guilt-tripping when your excesses are mentioned.

17. You can deal with simple customer service problems; yet, you are inflexible when a complex problem pops up.

Quality Of Work Performance Review Phrases

You want staff members who do high-caliber work and get along well with coworkers.

Employees that uphold the law and go above and beyond the call of duty support the success of your business.

Below are some quality of work performance review phrases to explain to your staff where they excel and where they might need to improve:

1. Every time he’s given a job, he goes the extra mile and ensures he delivers an exceptional quality of work.

2. He offers high-quality service to the satisfaction of our customers.

3. She ensures she checks her work and corrects every grammatical error before submitting it. I never have to correct any mistake.

4. He asks many questions to get clarity on the project so he can achieve the right results from his first attempt.

5. He does not complete his portion of tasks and expects his teammates to complete them for him.

6. She constantly exceeds the sales targets thus providing us a wide profit margin bimonthly.

7. He is quick to adapt to new responsibilities assigned to him, plus, he hardly questions the task even if it’s not within his job description.

8. She is a great communicator. She always makes sure she reaches out to every team member for the proper execution of the job.

9. He is a hard worker. He never assumes he knows what he’s doing and is not afraid to ask questions when he’s in doubt. That’s why he submits accurate work.

10. Because of her proven history of high-quality work, her teammates seek her advice and in turn, they produce outstanding work.

11. He has an incredible team spirit and can relate to others for the excellent execution of tasks.

12. She finishes her tasks before the deadline and asks others how she can aid the company, even if she has to assist others with their tasks.

13. He is ready to make adjustments where necessary, even if he is near the completion of a project so he can produce a top-notch job.

14. She cannot handle multiple projects at once. Some projects suffer more in her hands.

15. Vendors and customers have accused him of insincerity and unfaithfulness.

16. She is shifty in the decisions she makes and the proposals she offers.

17. He creates multiple options to solve problems when in the middle of a crisis.

18. She tends to show irritation when a customer asks questions, and this has caused some friction.

Negative Performance Review Examples

One of the least exciting aspects of your job you probably don’t look forward to is writing performance reviews. Even worse is when you are to write negative reviews.

Even though no one enjoys delivering bad news, it’s an essential step in an employee’s growth and development. In fact, it is proven that the effective delivery of negative reviews is beneficial in improving performance.

So, if you need help writing a review that includes unfavorable criticism, utilize this list of negative performance review examples as a resource:

1. She is overconfident in her ability and that blinds her from making accurate decisions regarding her work.

2. He often resumes work 3 hours after the starting time. He needs to work on his time management skills.

3. She speaks in a condescending tone when addressing her colleagues and superiors.

4. He needs to expand his vocabulary because he uses swear words when explaining things.

5. She does not contribute to group meetings or even team discussions. She needs to learn how to voice her opinions.

6. She tends to keep vital information to herself when working with others on a group task.

7. He struggles to understand the responsibilities associated with his new role. He has an air of negativity and that is affecting the morale of his team.

8. She does not communicate in clear concise language and is too technical in her explanations.

9. He is behind on current trends and developments taking place within the industry.

10. She finds it difficult to separate her intimate life from her professional life, and this is affecting her relationship with her colleagues and the output of her work.

11. He needs to learn emotional intelligence as he constantly displays emotional outbursts in tough situations.

12. She is unprofessional and uncouth in her relations with customers.

13. He uses work hours to either browse social media sites or play games using his phone or laptop.

14. She is unable to focus long enough to complete a project. She is easily distracted by the movement or chatter of a colleague.

15. He is too competitive; he needs to learn how to collaborate with others.

16. She easily dismisses the suggestions offered by her colleagues and her superiors.

17. He creates too many barriers which discourage his workmates from reaching him.

18. She sets unrealistic expectations for others and this has caused conflict in her team.

19. He shows discomfort and annoyance when there’s a slight awkwardness.

20. She has a habit of creating problems but refuses to stay to solve them.


Nobody enjoys being evaluated. Fortunately, appraisals are a crucial part of the workforce.

Why? Since their performance will be assessed, remarks from the overall performance assessment will perhaps be published.

The majority of employees may feel uneasy since many of them worry about receiving a negative performance evaluation, even if they may have worked hard for the firm all year.

An employee might gain clarity about their activities by having their performance regularly reviewed and evaluated. It will also point them in the direction of where they need improvement. Effective appraisal reviews, in other words, can enhance an employee’s performance and advance them.

I hope you found this article helpful? If you have applied any of these tips, do send a chat in the comment section.

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