3 hidden signs a man is falling in love with you

33 Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You And Wants to Marry You

Love is a beautiful thing and having someone who is dying to have you is a great thing. A woman loves it when a man falls in love with her. As a Lady, you might be finding it difficult to understand the 3 hidden signs a man is falling in love with you because men are good at hiding their emotions.

You will agree with me that men can be difficult to read at times! Some are elusive and verbose. Some are straightforward and silent. Others are extroverted, taciturn, gruff, and more. The point is, men tend to hide their feelings. That’s why you have to read in between the lines and pay attention to the signs he gives. These signs are sometimes more crucial than what he’s saying.

Agreed, men appear focus and undistracted, however, they also fall flat in love. This is because love is powerful, and can make anyone feel vulnerable. Love goes beyond surface attraction to a deeper level. But it could be very difficult to know the hidden signs that a man is in love with you, because, they’re raised to be tough and ignore their emotions, which can cause them to suppress and find it hard to express their feelings.

Both men and women fall in love, but researches revealed that men fall in love more than women do. When a man is truly falling in love with you, he will become so free with you and wants to be with you.

We’ve put forward 3 hidden signs that a man is in love with you. Once you understand these signs to know he loves you, you will be able to confirm if he feels the same way about you or not.

Here are the incredible signs he wants to marry you, although there may be exemptions.

3 Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You Helplessly

1. You’re his priority

Oh yes, you read that right; priority!

Everybody has something they do; work, school, or other commitments. When a man is falling in love with you, he will make spending time a priority with you, no matter his tight schedule. Even if he’s in a bad mood and avoiding other people, he will surely make time for you and that might light him up.

This doesn’t mean that he can’t have other things outside of you, instead, he carved out time for you. You’re not an afterthought or a backup plan.

When he’s falling in love, everything is likely to become about you. He can’t stop thinking and talking about you and would love to spend time with you than doing anything else.

2. He will always be available

Dose he takes any risk for you? Going the extra mile to get that thing done for you? If yes, this is one of the signs he’s falling in love with you.

Generally, men are risk-takers but the risk is beyond the normal when a man begins to moves mountains for you. You see, when he’s in love, he becomes selfless. Men don’t go out of their way to help you just from the kindness of their hearts; they do it because it makes them feel good about themselves.

Here’s an example to explain it more. When doing what you could not do by yourself, need a piece of advice, a ride, some helping hands, or just a shoulder to cry on, he’ll find a way of getting to you and make sure that everything is okay.

He can go as far as running some errands for you even when it’s not convenient, buying you something that you can’t afford but need, and It does not matter what you need, if you call him, he will come to you.

This shows that he is willing to be vulnerable to you and to sacrifice something to be with you.

3. He gazes into your eyes and smile

Have you ever noticed he stares and smiles at you frequently? Well, the eyes truly are a window to the soul and could be one of the major 3 hidden signs a man is falling in love with you. Eye contact of a man in love is different from that of a man who is merely interested in the cup of coffee you’re holding.

When he could not help himself but gazed at you and not feeling shy rather smile and tells you sweet words like “you look beautiful” is a sign he’s falling for you. The look is not of lust (although he will certainly feel that as well!). Instead, it’s marked by a certain level of amazement, serenity, and inner peace.

It’s a look reserved only for you. His eyes give clear indications of someone’s feelings for you. He can’t help but try to take you in with his eyes, and the fact that you are noticing this, makes him stare at you the more.

5 Odd Signs That He Loves You

3 hidden signs a man is falling in love with you

Have you spent nights cuddling your pillows and thinking about that guy and wondering if you are on his mind too? It might be difficult to notice that odd sign that’s why it’s called odd. Let’s take you through a journey on how to know he loves you even when he behaves strangely.

Apart from the aforementioned 3 hidden signs, a man is falling in love with you, there are also 5 odds signs that he loves and wants you. It requires a level of sensitivity on your part to be able to determine his love. This is simply because, generally, men are not conditioned to be expressive about their feelings and also find it difficult to convey matters of the heart.

The good news is, no matter how hard it may seem, they still give some odd signs that they love. Even the most introverted and shyest of guys give off certain signals to make it obvious that they are helplessly in love.

1. He’s More Distant Than Usual

This might sound surprising and you’re wondering how could he love me and distance himself. Well, this might be because he wants to watch you from far or might be because of fear of commitment. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have incredibly strong feelings for you. He may just be afraid of letting you know how he feels at first.

2. Sometimes He Gets Nervous Around You

This is also an odd sign that he loves you, and this is not common to men alone; ladies to experiences this. Perhaps you’ve experienced it too.

He might seem a little shy or nervous around you anytime you both meet, but as time go on after the two of you have spent a lot of time together he’ll stop getting shy. The reason this happens is that maybe he’s nervous to express his feelings.

All he needs is to make him feel super comfortable and if you are realizing it’s beyond normal, reassure him by letting him know he can tell you anything.

Do you think that’s odd? Well, that’s why it’s one of the odd signs he’s in love with you.

3. He won’t take advantage of you

Yeah. Real men don’t take advantage of ladies; they love genuinely unconditionally.

It’s very possible; a man that loves you won’t come because wants to have sex with you and dump you. This is because he wants something serious and wants to make you feel special.

4. He Wants Your Attention

A man that loves you will want your attention. He starts by asking your opinion about a particular thing and what you think he can do.

Men generally believe they can make something done by themselves. So, when he just called you to help him with something he can do by himself, is an odd sign he loves and cherishes you so much.

5. He Adjusts His Life and Habits

Both genders are guilty of adjusting habits, friends, and so on when seeing someone they love. When a guy loves and values you, he’ll make some changes and do anything to keep you close to him. He’ll adjust his plan to include you, and change some of his habits just to make you happy. A man will make a space for you if he thinks you’re worth having.

Although, this can be mirrored by an insincere lover too, that doesn’t eliminate it as a sign of genuine love.

3 Undeniable Signs He’s Seriously In Love with You

Men are wonderful being that women sometimes may find it difficult to believe if they truly love them.

When a man falls in love, it can affect him deeply. He wants to care for you, protect and make you happy no matter what it might cost him. And these goals tend to rise above many of the other priorities in his life. This is an undeniable sign he’s seriously in love with you.

Love can seize a guy’s psyche and lead him by his heart instead of by his head. When the love is reciprocated he drives him to become the best version of him.

Some men think that they need to always appear strong, tough, and tend to hide their feelings but no matter what, you will find these undeniable signs he’s seriously in love with you, trust me.

One of the undeniable signs a man is falling in love with you is when his plans include yours and he’s willing to accept your imperfections and continue building the relationship.

1. He wants to be with you

If your man wants to spend all of his spare time with you, whether meeting you one-on-one or through social media, it’s an undeniable sign that he’s seriously in love with you. He will make an effort to continuously stay in touch with you and get updates about you.

No matter his tight schedule, spending time with you comes with ease. That’s when he’ll be making silly excuses just to spend some time with you, and then you can be sure that he likes you.

A guy who is in love with you will never get tired of your company and he’ll be happy the times were the two of you get to hang out. He doesn’t want to rush anything and just prefers being with you all night or all day even when tiredness is written over him.

He’s the one wanting to reach out to you asking to hang out and let him make the moves as well so it’s not just you all the time. He never has a reason to leave or end his time together quickly.

2. You are introduced to his circle

Don’t joke with this point. Men can be very proud, and thereby always wanting to show their circle a new achievement they are proud of. If he introduces you to his friend, proudly, you can be sure you just got an added point.

Have you met his friends that know everything about you? What you love to eat, your hobbies, when you go to sleep, what’s your favorite color. The funniest part is, you might not know all his friends but they all know you, and knows you very well. At times, his friends will be teasing him about his love life in your presence. All these are good signs that he loves you and he’s so proud of you.

3. Your thoughts and opinions matter to him

Ladies, when a guy is seriously in love with you, everything you say matters to him. He’ll always want to consult you to know your view about everything that worries or troubles him. When you notice that he always run to you for advice about an issue, it is an undeniable sign he’s seriously in love with you. Your opinions are matter to him.

Even if your options are different, he won’t mind but purposely listen to you and value what you have to give.

You may also notice that your jokes make him laugh even if no one considers it funny.

4 Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You

3 hidden signs a man is falling in love with you

Obviously, this blog post is more than just the 3 hidden signs a man is falling in love with you; it’s a collection of all you need to read his mind and confirm that he’s in love with you and wants you for himself.

A man may be head over heels for you and you will not even know, because men can be secretive and emotional talks are not their thing like the women. But a great woman with understanding like you can read the hands on the wall, what do I mean?

Women are unique beings that are champions in emotions. They can analyze the body language and read between the lines. The guy might not say it out but his action will show it to you that he is slowly falling for you.

Pay much attention to how someone treats you than what they say. Anybody can say they love you, but attitude won’t lie. If someone says they treasure and cherish you, but their actions show otherwise, trust their attitude. Here are some 4 signs that he is slowly falling for you.

1. He Gets Jealous and Overprotective When He sees You Around Other Guys

A level of jealousy is healthy. Sometimes, men find it difficult to control it. A man who loves you will go out of his way to defend you around other guys.

Have you ever noticed his action when you two are in public? If he loves you, even in a large group, he might interrupt your conversations with other guys and go out of his way to make sure he is closer to you, this sounds wired. But not all men do this after all they don’t want to be overly dominant.

You might say your guy doesn’t do this and does that mean he is not slowly falling for you? The answer is NO. He’s jealous of you and he might not ask you why you were talking to guys. But his actions will speak louder than his words. And the funniest thing is that he might not even realize it. Jealousy can be that funny.

2. His Eyes Said It All

The second sign I want to discuss here is how he stares at you. While watching a movie together, all his attention is fixed on you and adoring your uniqueness, and you might be wondering what’s going on. It’s nothing to be scared of, just know the man is falling harder.

His stares are magical and you can feel his eyes on you when you are not even looking in his direction. The stare will not be the same as the other guys who just want to have a drink with you. Instead, it’s intense and full of love, excitement, tenderness, and passion. He’ll make you feel cozy, comfortable, and loved just by his stare.

3. He Respects You

True love is not only about candlelight dinners and strolls at dusk. It also involves mutual respect and is one of the main signs of any healthy relationship.

A man that doesn’t respect your boundary and pokes nose into everything you do; who you talk to, relate with, did not deserve you.

Don’t get me wrong, a man that loves you will be jealous of you but will not control you and deprive you of your privacy. Respect is very important in a relationship as love and trust are.

You will know he respect you when he treats you more than the way he treats his male friends. You are unique to him. Respecting and adoring you is just a reflection of how highly he thinks of you.

4. He Calls and Messages You Often

Those calls and messages before and after bedtime, lovely texts during work hours and just checking on calls, are signs that he has slowly fallen for you. He just can’t take you off his mind and wants to hear your voice. A man that loves you will give you everything that it takes to be with you.

Those joke and funny pictures he sends to you is a way of showing he’s thinking about you and want you to feel the love from within. There is an emotional bond formed when seeing those romantic messages and pictures to keep the relationship alive.

6 signs he has completely fallen for you

If you want to be sure he has fallen completely for you, here are 6 major dominant signs he has helplessly fallen for you.

1. He speaks your love language often and intentionally

Ladies note this; when a guy speaks your love language frequently, it is a sign he has completely fallen for you. All he wants is to make you happy and feel comfortable.

If you’re the one that loves receiving gifts, he brings one to you even before you ask. Or if your love language is quality time, Words of affirmation, or whatever the love language, he’ll always find a way to express it to show he loves you.

2. He protects and cares for you

Have you ever noticed that there’s not a single moment when you are in the middle of a problem and he will not appear as a knight in the shining armor? This is part of the sign he has completely falling for you. Protection from someone who truly cares about you feels different.

Trust me, he’ll stand by you to make sure you are good and not hurt by people or anything. And there’s no feeling better than the one you enjoy when you know someone has your back.

Someone in love will care about your feelings and your well-being, show empathy, and have your back, even if it means taking a risk for you.

3. He includes you in his future

When he tries to highlight the commonality between the two of you and he wants to know more about your future, it’s an indicator that he has fallen for you and is ready to take the relationship to the next level. A man that loves you will be using “we” when discussing with you. That’s a big sign he’s thinking of marrying you in the future.

Men don’t make a lot of plans for the future that they say out loud, so if he’s asking you what is your plan for next week, next month, and next year or asking if you’re changing location. This is just his way of letting you know that you both are very compatible and can think about a future together.

4. He gives you maximum attention

Quality time without pressing the phone is the best bond you can ask for. This may sound cliché, but trust me, this is the real deal.

If the man is off the screen and just insists on talking to you, spending time with you, talking- face to face, gal, he truly loves you! He will give you all the attention and remember everything you talked about, your birthday, important meetings and special days are not missed either. This is just a way of showing you he has fallen for you and get over you.

Also, if you two are with other people, his attention will be drawn towards you which is a sign; because nobody wants to waste their time with someone that’s not important to them.

5. He notices you

When he always compliments your new look, new hair, and new dress without you telling him, girl, you’re one of his priorities! A man that loves you will appreciate, commend you, and always comes up with genuine compliments from his heart.

He will always notice you; the way you walk, the look on your face when you’re amazed, confused, tired, how you laugh and say certain words, and even love your silly attitude. Sometimes, mimic you and finds it funny, not weird like everyone else.

He does not flatter you, he just can’t stop himself from communicating all the things that make you unique.

6. He keeps to his words

This is a key factor you’ve got to put in your left hand, so you don’t give it out during a hand-shake.

A man who fails to keeps to his words might not be a great partner for you. But if he always shows up before the time, keeps to his promises, sticks to what he says, and has never said anything he doesn’t mean, is a man that loves you.

If your guy gives you what I mentioned above, I can guarantee you he has fallen for you and he deserves a place in your heart.

7 Signs He Wants To Reconnect With You

3 hidden signs a man is falling in love with you

Breakups are a very painful thing to experience. And then certain things will not go back to normal. When a relationship ends, you might not expect to hear from your ex again. But if it’s the other way around, here are some signs he can’t get you off his mind and wants to reconnect with you.

1. He’s trying to know you again

Calls or messages from your ex are not a big deal and it doesn’t mean he wants to automatically get back to you. He might just be checking on as a friend. But when the calls and texts are beyond normal; imagine him calling to know if you have taken your lunch, dropping a message before and after bedtime, at work, or call to know your plans for the weekend, these can be significant signs that he wants to reconnect to you.

2. He Shares His Life with You

When he started opening up about his life, how he has grown and changed, what issue you had that leads to broke up, and wants you to know things are different now are spotlight he’s trying to reconnect.

3. He Reminds You of The Past Memories

This sign is easy to read when he keeps bringing up all those cute memories, dates, and those hilarious moments. It might be his way of dropping hints that he wants to reconnect and can’t get over the memories of those days.

4. He Pretends That He Needs Your Help

Please note that all these signs are not to be assumed at, just because he asked for help, but a clue that he might want you back.

Imagine him asking you to help him get something done at his place or ask to follow him to the store. This indicates that he’s missing you and still wants you.

5. He’s Happy To Give a Helping Hand

There’s nothing wrong when he gives a helping hand but did you notice the vibes? Very high or low? If he’s hoping to reconnect, you’ll likely notice a pattern that he wants you back. Before you make any sudden moves, however, assess what it would mean to date him again.

6. He Tags You Often On Social Media

This sign is so obvious when he begins to tags you on Facebook and other media platforms. Even if it was a picture from that vacation or date you took together, he might write romantic content just to catch your attention. It’s a feeling he hasn’t stopped thinking about you ever since you two broke up and would like to get back together again.

7. He’ll Let You Know He’s Not In A Relationship

Sometimes when a relationship ends, we get to take some bold steps and think about what matters most. And that moment, he might realize what he had with you, and reach out to see whether he can reconnect.

Ultimately, this post is all about helping you to decipher and confirm that a man has you in a special place in his heart.

However, it is worth mentioning again, that fake love is called fake simply because it has the ability to mirror the signs of genuine, unconditional love.

So, from the 3 hidden signs a man is falling in love with you, to the 7 signs he wants to reconnect back with you, any of these can be faked. Meaning, you still have to protect yourself until you’re sure over time, that his show of love is genuine.

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