What To Say To An Ex Who Hurt You

100 Samples Of What To Say To An Ex Who Hurt You | Expressing Yourself To Him Or Her

People often claim that love is a beautiful thing, but this only holds if you fall in love with the right person, at the right moment, and for the right reasons. And the moment you fall in love with them, they become precious to you and a part of you.

But occasionally, despite your expectations, a relationship turns out to be going oppositely from where it should.

When this happens, your heart is left with an irreparable scar, and you can’t help but look for what to say to an ex who hurt you.

No matter who makes the decision to end a relationship and whether or not you know it’s for the best, breaking up is difficult.

I understand how you must feel if you are the one who has been hurt the most.

I mean, it really aches.

Knowing what to say to an ex who hurt you can be helpful. Perhaps you want a little payback, or perhaps you just need some closure to help you move on.

In either case, finding the correct things to say might help you move on and hasten your recovery.

Listed below are some greater examples to guide you on what to say to an ex who hurt you. Use as many as you want.

What To Say To An Ex Who Hurt You

It’s never simple to put your sentiments into words, especially when you’re hurt. Check out the following messages if you’re unsure of what to say to an ex who hurt you.

1. You went out of your way to show that I didn’t matter to you. My heart is already tired from loving you because it hurts so bad every time.

2. The one time I decided to let love in became the worst decision of my life. I hope hurting me makes you happy.

3. You made me feel worthless. You smashed my heart against the rocks. But I only have to pick up the broken pieces.

4. There’s just one problem I have- loving too intensely. This is the reason for my constant heartbreaks.

5. It’s shocking how I thought that the one person I thought the world of would be the reason behind my deepest hurt.

6. If you could feel the hurt that blooms within me, you’ll be too ashamed to face me.

7. I deserve happiness. I deserve someone who will love me and be faithful to me. I tried making you happy, but my reward was hurt.

8. It didn’t take a minute for me to submit everything to you, but you ruined our love in seconds.

9. It hurts to think that the one who made me laugh many times caused this huge frown today. I hope you had fun playing with my fragile heart.

10. My heart is in a sore place right now. Your betrayal is like a shard of glass punching my heart. I bleed in pain, but there’s no healing balm.

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Message To Your Ex Boyfriend Who Hurt You

You can let out all the unpleasant emotions and experiences that have been pent up inside your heart by sending these messages to your ex boyfriend who hurt you.

You will feel a great sense of relief and inner calm once you have sent these messages.

1. Thank you for helping me realize I deserve better. Yes, it took the heartbreak you gave me, and nights of tears to come to this conclusion. I hope we never see each other again.

2. It looked as if we were good together. If anyone had told me you would hurt me this bad, I would have lashed out at them. But I have learned my lessons and my biggest wounds would eventually become scarred.

3. I have finally learned to love myself. I have learned to care for myself, and I applaud you for hurting me so I can realize how special I am. Thanks to you, I have learned to prioritize myself over a man.

4. Many times, I questioned my self-esteem. I asked myself what I did wrong. But that was wrong. I now understand you only have to exist because hurt can come from anywhere.

5. You did a lot of damage to me. But I have become stronger because of it. Now I know what I want, what I don’t need, and what hurts me. Thank you for this eye-opening experience.

6. I can’t believe I let you wrap a toxic net around me. Your mask of protection and goodness fooled me, and I am pained for being deceived. But you cease to hold relevance in my heart anymore. Don’t bother replying.

7. I am writing this message mostly to remind myself never to be at the mercy of anyone emotionally again. I am purging myself off you and your existence. I do hope that you get yourself healed so you would not put another innocent woman into the same mess you left me. I don’t need your response to this message.

8. My eyes have opened to the understanding that you enjoyed hurting me. I was blinded by my love for you that I couldn’t see the emotional monster you were. Thank God I’m finally free. May our paths continue to be parallel.

9. You destroyed me with your emotional weakness. You would complain about me and degrade me however you can. You made me feel that I wasn’t good enough. Well, newsflash, I’ve never felt better than I do since I left you. Good riddance!

10. I spent most of our time trying to please you. I sought your validation like the air in my nostrils. You took advantage of my insecurities and preyed on me like an animal. I’m happy for Jason who ripped me out of your clutches or I would have withered like an autumn tree preparing for winter.

11. This message is probably the strangest thing you have seen all day. But I promise not to reproach and insult you at all. Instead, accept my heartfelt gratitude. Yes, you read right!

12. Thank you for lying to me. Thank you for showing me what I was truly worth to you. And thank you for doing nothing when our relationship was falling apart. I asked for your support in fighting for this relationship but you held back like you didn’t care. Thank you for making me realize what we had was gone.

13. When you promised you won’t hurt me, I believe you without a doubt. Now I realize those were false promises. Thank you for showing me your true colors.

14. Sometimes, I pretend I’m not hurt. I act like I don’t care, that I’m unfazed about the entire situation. But deep within, I hurt badly.

15. My biggest mistake was loving you way more than myself. You capitalized on that to hurt me.

16. Can you tell me where I defaulted? Because the only thing I ever did was love you the way you wanted. But that didn’t move you one bit. You chose to hurt me instead.

17. What I want most is to rip my heart out so I can never love again. The pain is almost killing me. You’ve really hurt me.

18. I’d never experienced this kind of hurt until we met. You seem to specialize in hurting your loved one. Or maybe you never truly loved me.

19. What came over you? We had a commitment but you broke my trust. You delighted in betraying me repeatedly. This is unfair.

20. Right now I feel numb. To hate you is hard, but somewhere, hurt remains.

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Emotional Message To Your Ex Girlfriend

If you’re still feeling an emotional connection to your ex, send her a note of love and let her know what’s on your mind.

By using emotional words, you can express your hidden emotion to her and let her know how you feel.

Use any of the examples below to help you write an emotional message to your ex girlfriend:

1. When we were still dating, I felt on top of the world. When you touched me, I felt invincible. It’s hard to let you go. My world feels incomplete. I wish we could restart our relationship. I miss the way we were.

2. It’s hard to express how much I love you in a text. You filled my heart with lots of love. Our relationship meant the world to me until it happened. I’m sorry!

3. I miss having you. My story feels incomplete without you. you can still move on, but please, don’t forget about me. I love you.

4. I shouldn’t be writing to you but I can’t help it. I still want to know you have me in your heart. I wish I could pour out all the thoughts in my heart. But I’ll have to end it here so I won’t say something to piss you off

5. I strongly believed in our love. I believe we could move anything as long as we love each other. But I was wrong, or rather, my feelings were wrong.

6. I could tell you that I love you a gazillion times but it will still feel insufficient. I hate the fact that we’re apart. I hate what happened to us.

7. Indeed, we are no longer together, but the emotions we shared cannot be ripped apart like that. I deeply wish we can be together for life but life happens.

8. I know our relationship is over but I cannot leave the memories behind. They comfort me when I feel lonely. Know that I still love you

9. If I’m given the chance to make the choice again, I’ll get back to you. We had a golden past, but I miss you in my present.

10. It’s none of our fault that our relationship ended the way it did. So let’s stay apart and forget what we had. But my heart still craves you for some strange reason.

11. My life has been losing its color since you stepped out of it. I regret hurting you there. I hope you can forgive me.

12. Tell me what to do so I can forget you. Instead, the more I try to get you out of my head, the more my heart yearns for you.

13. It is true indeed that the importance of a thing is out felt when it is lost. I still pin for you.

14. This may surprise or even shock you, but I miss all of you.

15. I don’t know how I stayed this long without you. Maybe because I was feeding off the pain. But somehow, I still miss your face.

16. You left without saying goodbye. Was I worth so little to you? The worth thing is that I can’t get you out of my head.

17. I can’t be strong anymore. I wish you were here with me. I can still perceive your feminine perfume. Let me know if we can still talk.

18. Our breakup was a painful one. I didn’t expect it either, but we needed it. You still matter to me.

19. We had a healthy relationship until you let your ex come in. Couldn’t you have set the right boundaries or at least told me about it? Despite that, I still adore you.

20. It’s better to love you from a distance than to have you nonexistent in this world. You’re still important to me.

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Message To Your Ex Boyfriend That You Still Love

Through breakups, your paths may separate, but your hearts frequently don’t. What is worth fighting for, therefore, if not your love?

Therefore, if you miss your ex or believe that continuing your former relationship is worthwhile, go for it!

You may be wondering how to tell your ex that you still care for them. Don’t worry; we’ve created some excellent messages and paragraphs to win your ex-partner or ex-girlfriend back.

With available options, waste no time in sending a message to your ex boyfriend that you still love and win him back in no time!

1. The tears keep falling, and my heart keeps hurting but I still want you to be here to wipe them off. If only you could come back and love me again.

2. I’m not seeking friendship with you. I want us to restart our relationship. Take me into your arms and tell me your love never died.

3. We may have ended our relationship but know that the love that stays in my heart for you can never end. I love you.

4. You may have shattered my dreams but I’ll achieve yours. Though we’re both imperfect, I promise to still love you.

5. No matter how hard I try, I simply can’t get over you. You have snuggled yourself deep into my heart. I miss you.

6. Our relationship may not have been ideal but you meant the world to me. Could we try to be lovers again?

7. At first, I thought I needed help to move on, but what I truly wanted was to have you back. My heart still pins for you.

8. Though our breakup hurt a lot, it gave me joy as well. It showed me that I truly loved you and my heart was only yours.

9. I have hope that you’ll come back into my life. That you’ll tell me it was a mistake. That you’ll never let me go again.

10. We each swore off each other, but I could see the love in your eyes. I know that you’ll break your promise soon.

11. You may have stayed away from me but my love for you keeps me going. You may not be here with me, but I miss you with all of my being. You have probably moved on but I’m stuck with the pain of our separation.

12. No matter how many times you say it’s over, my poor heart will continue to expand to love you. I have grown too attached to you to let you go.

13. I can’t pretend anymore that it was fine. I’m tired of this strained friendship with you. I want you back into my life.

14. Life felt like a fairytale with you by my side. Your presence chased away my chills. Now I feel cold again, but you’re the only one that can make me come alive again.

15. We were so crazy about each other. All that love can’t vanish so quickly. I know it’s still there somewhere if we both try.

16. I really don’t want you away from me, because you are my biggest love.

17. It’s hard to let another in when my heart has reserved itself for you. I’m still available if you’re interested.

18. They say if you can let someone out of your head, it’s because they’re thinking of you. You are stuck in my mind.

19. The days feel like an eternity. Please don’t let me suffer anymore. I know you want me back. I’ll wait for you.

20. Life seems to have taken a pause. You are part of my existence. I still love you.

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Emotional Message To Your Ex Boyfriend

What kind of words can you still say to your ex-boyfriend who you still love?

When you truly love someone, it can be quite difficult to let the wonderful memories fade. The wonderful, pleasant memories will probably linger in your mind for months. It’s typically a sign that you still adore him if this notion keeps coming to mind.

Now don’t let those thoughts get to waste. Bask in that euphoria to send an emotional message to your ex boyfriend:

1. No matter how I force my heart to forget you, it keeps bringing back all the love I had for you. My heart keeps beating for you despite our distance.

2. Since we separated, something has been happening for a while now. I keep dreaming about you. I miss you dearly.

3. You left without telling me how to remove you from my heart. You didn’t tell me how to dry my tears. I miss you more every time I think of you.

4. Every time I think of our fun times, I wish you were back in my life. It doesn’t matter if I’ve moved on, I still think of you.

5. My deepest yearning is to be with your life. I wish I could hug you and stroke your beard. I wish I could look past the hurts again.

6. My heart is in a battle. On one hand, it wants to pull away, but on the other, it wants you back. I’m in a dilemma.

7. I miss all the times we spent. I miss your tender touch and funny jokes. The memories of you make me feel empty.

8. Sometimes I think you’re close by, that I can hear your voice but I guess I’ve gotten too used to you.

9. I will always treasure the projects we did together and the battles we triumphed. You’ve blessed me even though you’re not here.

10. Since you pushed me away from you, my life has been like a valley. I will keep struggling until you come to catch me.

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How To Tell Your Ex You Still Love Him Paragraphs

You must be missing your ex-boyfriend because you are here.

Sending her a heartfelt “I miss you” message will let her know how you’re feeling. And by doing this, you may be able to rekindle the love you once had for her because you want her to understand your actual emotions.

If you don’t know how to go about it, these are how to tell your ex you still love him paragraphs to help you.

1. I wait the whole day thinking you will call at least once. My nights are sleepless on the thoughts that another woman will have you. You brought peace into my life, but since you left my peace left with you. Please calm me down again.

2. You’re not my boyfriend anymore, but you’re still the man I love. And I’ll never stop loving you. Come and be mine again.

3. Each day began with your texts and ended with your pictures. I still crave your love. Just call me one more time.

4. Life seems empty without you. Still, you’re the man I want to spend forever with. I know true love because you came into my life. Give me another chance.

5. It’s hard to imagine you’re not here with me. It’s tough to survive each day. I miss your handsomeness.

6. I love you even more than when we were together. I hope we can have another shot.

7. When you touched my hand that day, I knew we were made for each other. Life may have ripped us apart but I know that in the dead recesses of your heart, I’m your soulmate, just as you are mine.

8. It may be rough right now, but I’m willing to be your princess if you will have me.

9. A part of me was with you when we parted. You are the only one who can complete me. We deserve a second chance, don’t we?

10. You made my heart race. You embodied safety. My thoughts are full of you.

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How To Make Your Ex Laugh Over Text

Here are some ideas on how to make your ex laugh over text you might say to your ex in various settings to pique his/her interest and encourage further openness:

1. I attempted to send a joke via email but I sent it to the defunct one.

2. Since you left, I’m unemployed. Any job for me?

3. Sorry, my jaw dropped when sneaking at your pics again.

4. I love you the same way I love my pina colada

5. It’s hard to decide if I want you back or food. Can I have both?

6. You’re under arrest for breaking my heart. You have no right to defend yourself.

7. For one last time, let’s have that magical dinner where you’ll tell me the three magic words- “Bills on me”

8. I am still trying to beat your candy crush score.

9. You’re like asthma. You truly took my breath away. Can I get it back?

10. Want to vent over your favorite tortillas and juice? We may just be able to clear out stuffy hearts.

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