How To Respond When Someone Compliments You Too Much

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A compliment is an expression of one’s likeness or appreciation for something or somebody. People compliment a lot of things as long as it appeals to them. However, some people also take compliments to an extreme when they see what they appreciate or like, and then due to their deep love for it, they compliment more than necessary.

When you are a recipient of such a compliment that appears quite overboard, how then should you respond? In this write-up, we are going to look at how to respond when someone compliments you too much. It might be at the office, at a social gathering, through a text message, or any other means or avenue.

Either way, you will know how to respond when someone compliments you too much by the time you have read through this write-up.

How To Respond When Someone Compliments You Too Much (Politely)

You have at one point or the other been at the receiving end of compliments, right? It usually feels good when one is being complimented for something especially when it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice. However, have you also been at the receiving end of an excessive compliment? I guess not so much.

When we are being complimented too much, sometimes it can get us dumbfounded and we might find it difficult to give a polite response. That is the reason why in this write-up, we decided to come up with how to respond when someone compliments you too much (politely). We know it will help you.

#1. Smile at them

A simple facial expression like smiling conveys a lot more than a thousand words without a smile. When someone compliments you too much, and you still want to be polite in your response to them, then, the first thing to do before communicating anything verbally, is smile. It helps to put you in the right mood to respond politely.

#2. Say thank you.

Saying thank you to their compliment is a polite way of responding to their unrealistic compliments. Even when you know that compliment has some element of truth but it’s just way overboard, saying thank you is a good way of responding politely.

#3. Comment briefly on their compliment.

When you receive a compliment from someone and you are to respond politely, one of the things you should do is comment on their compliment. Let the person know that you value his/her opinion and you are glad they took out their time to give you that compliment.

#4. Give credit to others that deserve to be complimented but were not present.

When you receive a more than necessary compliment from someone, and you want to respond politely, it will be good when you give credit to others that were not recognized by the compliment.

For example, someone might look at a job they think you did all by yourself not knowing that it took the diligent efforts and contribution of another colleague. To respond politely, therefore, you should give credit to those other people that helped you to achieve that feat.

#5. Stay polite and humble.

In all, when you are responding politely to a compliment that is too much, maintaining an attitude of politeness and humility cannot be overemphasized. Even though you might say all the necessary words of appreciation, if you don’t maintain a polite and humble attitude in your response, it will amount to nothing.

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Nice Reply To A Comment

When we are recipients of comments either on social media or at work or wherever we might find ourselves, good manners often require us to reply to these comments. Moreover, when it is a positive comment, we are bound to give a nice reply in return.

Are you looking for a nice reply to a comment? Look no further. You are at the right place! In this write-up, we have arranged a list of several nice replies to a comment that you can make use of and use appropriately when the occasion demands.

1. Thanks for your kind observation. I am very grateful.

2. I appreciate your honest and clever opinion. Thanks [person’s name].

3. Thank you very much, [person’s name].

4. Thank you so much. This is one of the things I also admire you for.

5. It feels good to be honored this way. Thank you so much.

6. I sincerely appreciate your feedback. Thanks, friends.

7. [person’s name], thank you so much for your comment.

8. Thank you very much for your nice comment. It didn’t come easy.

9. I’m touched by your kind consideration. Thank you so much.

10. Thank you so much for your nice comment.

11. Your voice in this matter means a lot to me. Thank you very much.

12. I am thrilled at your expression on this work. Thanks very much.

13. I am delighted that you love the piece of art. Thank you.

14. It has always been my pleasure to serve humanity in this way. Thank you very much.

15. I am so happy to know that it impacted you. Thanks.

16. Thank you for your nice contribution and comments.

17. Thank you so much. I feel fulfilled knowing that lives are being touched universally.

18. Thank you for your contributions too. You made it happen.

19. Thank you [person’s name] for taking out time to give your feedback.

20. I am very much humbled by your comment [person’s name]. Thank you so much.

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How To Say Thanks When Someone Appreciates Your Work

Has your efforts at work, school, office, business, or wherever just been appreciated and you don’t know how to say thanks? Well, you are not alone in the dilemma. Usually, when people appreciate the work we have done whether a piece of art, a beautiful, well-designed dress, an invention, or an innovation, courtesy expects us to say thanks to them.

What you have done has impressed them and forced out a most sincere appreciation for the work you have done. Therefore, it is expected that you also say thanks to them for appreciating you. After all, some others saw your work but refused to appreciate it.

Therefore, in this write-up, we will look at how to say thanks when someone appreciates your work.

#1. Express your appreciation facially

Before going into what to say when you want to say thank you to someone that appreciated your work, the first thing you should take note of is your facial expression. Take out the time to show it on your face that you appreciate their compliment. It might be to a boss, a mentor, a colleague, or even a friend. Loosen up a bit on your facial expression and smile. Let your facial outlook show that you are indeed delighted to receive a compliment about your work.

#2. Verbally show your regard for their compliment.

When your work is being appreciated, you should communicate verbally from your heart your appreciation for that compliment. Sometimes, you don’t have to make it so long but you could just keep it brief and straight-to-the-point especially when it is coming from a senior colleague or a boss. You can consider the following:

• Thank you Sir/Ma. I am honored to receive this compliment from you.

• I appreciate this acknowledgment of my work. It means a lot to me. Thank you Sir/Ma.

• Thank you Sir for your positive feedback and comment on the project.

#3. Mention others who contributed to the glamour of the work.

Most of the time when we receive a compliment for the work we’ve done, we deep down feel that we shouldn’t receive the whole praise for the work because of others who put in their efforts and skills to the success of the work. Thus, when someone appreciates your work, you should be honest enough to let them know that others contributed their quota to making that work effective. For example, you could say:

• I couldn’t have achieved this without the help of so-and-so.

• I can’t take the whole credit for this. [Person’s name] contributed immensely to the success of this project.

• I appreciate your compliment Sir but so-and-so was the brain behind everything. I wish you could let him know how much you liked the work. It will make his day.

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How To Respond To A Compliment Text

Compliments are what we say from time to time to people as a way of expressing our delight, praise, or respect for them or what they have done for us or others. People express these thanks in various ways and through various means such as the use of text messages.

When they do this, it is expected that you send a reply in return to thank them for their compliment(s). However, you might be puzzled as to how to respond to a compliment text and that is why we have decided in this write-up to examine just how to respond to a compliment text. This will ensure that when next you receive a compliment text, you will know just how to respond to it.

#1. Say thanks

Before going further to tell them more about the compliment and how it means a lot to you, the first thing to say is thanks.

• Thank you.

• Thank you, friend.

• Thank you, [person’s name].

#2. Mention how the compliment has affected you.

No doubt when you receive a compliment from someone, it can just be the one thing that makes you put on a smile throughout the whole day. Therefore, when you are responding to a compliment text, you should let the sender know just how their compliment has affected you positively. Take a cue from the following:

• You just made my day.

• You are the reason behind my big smile right now.

• It feels so good hearing this from you right now.

• I am riding on cloud nine as I read your compliment.

• You’re making my head swell with your compliment.

#3. Return a compliment to the person.

Sometimes, the person giving the compliment might also have something you can also compliment about them. Thus, in responding to their compliment text, you should also mention that thing you like about them and compliment them about it. For example:

• That’s sweet of you. I also enjoyed [such-and such] from you.

• I appreciate you. I must also commend your pedagogical skills. They are one of the best I’ve ever seen.

• Thanks. I liked [this-and that] during your performance too.

• Thanks, friend. Your presentation skill is one of the things I admire about you and I can boldly say I learned a lot from it.

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How Do You Thank Someone For A Compliment

A common language that the whole of humanity understands despite our widely variant cultures and tongues, is the language of appreciation. When we appreciate others for what they do and also when they compliment us, we are building bonds of love.

When you receive the gift of a compliment from someone, it is required that you thank them for it. Though they might not ask for it, it is one of the laws of courtesy and appreciation that you should not break.

How do you thank someone for a compliment then? This is what we are going to consider in this write-up and we hope that you will put it to good use such that when you receive a compliment from someone, you know just how to thank them for it.

#1. Express your appreciation for the compliment

You can consider the following examples:

• Thanks, [person’s name].

• I am so glad to know that the outreach program was a success. Thanks for the feedback.

• Thanks for taking the time to comment on my performance. I appreciate it.

• Thank you for your feedback regarding our service. It was a great pleasure serving you.

• I am so happy to hear that the device I gave you was very useful.

• Thank you for your thoughtfulness on the matter.

• I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. It touches me.

#2. Give a brief comment on the compliment you just received

For example:

• It’s good to know that you were enlightened at the event.

• We’re glad to know that our workers are doing the best they can.

Cute Replies To Compliments

Compliments are what we receive from time to time in our lives and when we receive a compliment from people, it is expected that we reply to those compliments. Sometimes, we want to go out of our way when we receive a fantastic compliment from others to give them give a cute reply but we just lack the words.

This write-up comes to your rescue if you have been looking for cute replies to compliments but have been short of the words to use. We have arranged a list of cute replies to compliments that you can choose from and use as they are or better still, modify them to suit your taste.

1. Awwn. That is so lovely of you. Thanks for liking my work.

2. Thank you so much, dear. I so much appreciate this.

3. I am elated. Thank you very much.

4. I feel like I am on cloud nine at the moment. Thanks for your thoughtful compliment.

5. I am so pleased to hear that from you. Thanks so much, dear.

6. Thank you so much [person’s name]. That’s so thoughtful of you.

7. Thank you so much, my dear.

8. Thank you. That’s sweet of you.

9. Thank you very much. That means a lot to me.

10. Thanks so much. I’m pretty certain people are puzzled as to the reason behind my big smile right now.

11. You just made my day. Thanks very much.

12. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

13. I appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks.

Replies To Compliments On Instagram

This is the advent of social media and information technology and with several social media platforms, Instagram stands out unique when compared to others. Usually, it is used mainly to share videos and other graphic content with several users connected around the globe.

As you share your content and other users know it, you will get some likes and comments on the platform that causes you to know that your work is valuable and meaningful. When you receive a compliment on Instagram, you should take out the time to reply to those compliments. By doing so, you are building a strong network with your followers.

In this write-up, we have arranged a list of replies to compliments on Instagram that you can make use of as and when necessary.

1. Thanks [person’s name].

2. Thanks. I so much appreciate that.

3. I am very much impressed. Thanks.

4. Thanks a lot, [person’s name].

5. That’s what I like about you – your honesty. Thanks.

6. That’s great!

7. I’m impressed. Thanks.

8. Thanks so much. I appreciate your observation.

9. You just made my day. Thanks, guys!

10. That’s lovely of you to say. Thanks.

11. Thanks. I couldn’t have achieved this feat without your help.

12. Thanks. I appreciate that!

13. Thanks for the feedback.

14. I couldn’t have achieved this without the help of my colleagues. Thanks.

15. Thank you, everyone.

16. I appreciate your constructive criticisms.

17. Thank you a whole lot friends.

18. My pleasure.

19. This means a lot to me. Thank you [person’s name].

20. Thank you for your opinion.

How To Reply When Someone Compliments Your Look

As humans, we can appreciate the beauty in things and people. Marketers know this open secret and maximize it to the fullest. Even when the product they are marketing has not so much value, they make sure that the packaging material is very attractive because they know we get attracted by the appearance of things.

More so, we also know when people look very good facially, bodily or in their outfit and sometimes, we are blown away by such beauty and elegance. In those moments, we can decide to approach them and openly compliment their look.

If you have been a recipient of such compliments, you would sometimes just be red-faced and short of words to reply to them. This is normal. However, you can also reply to them which is why in this write-up, we will be looking at how to reply when someone compliments your look.

#1. Smile.

C’mon! Your looks have just been complimented by someone and then you’re frowning? No way! When someone compliments your looks, they must have taken note of you and compared you with so many other faces they’ve seen and somehow feel that it is one of the best things they’ve ever seen.

Therefore, you cannot reply to that compliment with a frown on your face. Before saying anything verbally, you should communicate it with the right facial expression – a smile!

#2. Tell them ‘thank you’.

As simple and short as this is, it speaks volumes. You can just say ‘thank you’ to them when they compliment your looks and you might also decide to add a few words of appreciation such as:

• Thank you. I appreciate that.

• I am thrilled. Thanks.

• Thank you, [person’s name].

#3. Return compliments to the natural or artificial source of your looks.

A person’s admirable facial appearance can be either natural, from their parents, or artificial, from cosmetics. Thus, when you look good as a person and someone compliments it, they might be seeing you either in your natural appearance or when you have applied some cosmetics. Either way, you should reply by giving credit to the source of your looks. This way, you do not seem like a pompous person to the giver of the compliment. Consider the following examples:

• Thanks. I take after my mother/father/grandmother etc.

• Thanks. The makeup artist did a fantastic job.

How To Respond To A Compliment Humbly

When we receive a compliment from others sometimes due to the outstanding work we have done, it is not a time to feel pompous and haughty and respond in such a manner. It is the time to take a mindful reflection and respond humbly.

Yes, we put in the effort and the hard work doing all it takes to achieve that feat but we still need to be humble and compose ourselves when we are responding to a compliment on the fantastic work we have done. It is not so easy but we can still get it done.

In this write-up, we are going to look at how to respond to a compliment humbly and we hope that you will apply them in your life’s events.

#1. Express your thanks verbally.

Whenever you receive a compliment from people, it is not the time to keep mute and not give a reply. To some people, it might mean that you are not humble and therefore, you don’t see them as worthy of a reply. Thus, when someone compliments you, respond verbally by saying thank you.

#2. Keep on a smile and a right body posture.

When you are being complimented by others, if you are going to respond humbly, you should have a smile on your face, the right body posture such as a slight bow of the head, and also maintain eye contact. Avoid using a body posture that shows you are uninterested such as the crossing of your arms and not maintaining eye contact or looking elsewhere as it depicts the opposite of humility.

#3. Return honor to whom it is due when replying to the compliment

One clear mark of humility when responding to a compliment is when you can deny yourself of praise that is meant for another person that was given to you. Sometimes, the person(s) giving the compliment might not have the full details of what they are complimenting and so, they might accord all the praise to you not knowing that other people were involved in that noble feat.

Therefore, to respond humbly, you will mention the names of others who were involved in that praise-worthy feat and let the giver of the compliment know just how much they contributed to the success of what they are seeing.

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