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Does My Crush Dream About Me And Likes Me Too ? Find Out With These Quiz

Having someone you secretly crush on is a common experience for many people. The crush maybe someone you see every day, probably at school or place of work; or someone you rarely see, or even someone you’ve never seen at all (this may sound weird, but yeah, it happens).

You’re almost constantly thinking about and admiring that crush whenever you see him/her, and before you know it, you may start dreaming about them. You’re so involved in your crush and may want to ask, does my crush dream about me too? Does he/she also like me?

Does My Crush Dream About Me And Likes Me Too?

Seeing your crush in your dream is one thing, and the reality of things may be another thing. So you should get cleared by asking yourself, “does my crush dream about me”?

More so, what does it mean when you dream about your crush in your house or in wherever, doing whatever together? Does it mean you’re meant to be together, or what could be the meaning of this dream?

If you’re a guy, you’re probably asking, does my crush dream about me when i dream about her ? How to make my crush dream about me too and etc.

Get answers to all you need to know about this topic, as you read on….


Does My Crush Dream About Me Quiz

Yes, sometimes, taking a quiz might help to reveal some questions bordering us, and this one is not an exemption.

It’s important that you are very sincere as you take this 1-10 question quiz, to find out if your crush is dreaming about you, and likes you just like you do.

1. How often do you guys see?

A. Very often

B. Always

C. Not at all

2. Have you ever caught him/ her staring at you?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I feel he/she does

3. Are you in a group/class together?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes ago

4. Does he/she hang out with any other opposite gender regularly?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Not sure

5. Whenever you are together, does he/she touches you for any reason?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No.

6. Has the person ever asked you for assistant?

A. He/she often ask for assistance

B. Occasionally

C. Never asked for assistance

7. Has anyone told you your crush likes you or talks about you?

A. Yes

B. Not yet

C. I wish

8. When you dream about your crush, the dream is always

A. Romantic

B. Saddening

C. Meaningless

9. Have you ever dreamt of your crush hugging or kissing you?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, once

C. No. I wish

10. Does your dream usually come to pass?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, but not always

C. No, only a very few

Result: If your answer is mostly the option A, then your crush is most likely dreaming about you.

However, it must be emphasized that you cannot be 100% sure until you ask her out or become closer with him or her.

Read on, to find answer to your question, does my crush dream about me?


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush More Than Once?

The atmosphere and timing seem just perfect. You have it all planned out. You’ve finally put yourself together to tell your crush about how you feel about them.

You go ahead to do tell them, and you are pleasantly surprised that they feel the same way about you too. Just as you’re about celebrating the reciprocated feelings…. Boom! You wake up alone in bed.

It happens once, and you shake it off. But just when you thought “Oh, that dream may probably be a coincidence” or “Maybe I dreamt about my crush last night because I saw them yesterday after a long while”, or even “It’s probably because I spent my whole day fantasizing about my crush”; then you dream about them again, and again.

Does the above illustration sound familiar? Not to worry, you are not alone. You may be wondering why all of these dreams and you’re asking yourself, “does my crush dream about me too, or is it just me?

It is quite common for one to have dreams and sleep-time fantasies about their love interests. But what does it mean when you dream about your crush more than once?

When you dream about your crush more than once, it most likely means that thoughts about your crush are on top of your mind. It means you are really into that person, and that’s what is filling up your mind.

Dreams, many times, are a representation of the subconscious mind. Truth is, we tend to dream about what’s on our minds the most. It cuts across different aspects of our life, not just the romance part. You have probably encountered something similar earlier.

Take, for example, you are very busy preparing for an exam or presentation, or you are so excited about a journey you’d be going on in a few days. The tendency of seeing yourself writing the exam, giving that presentation, and embarking on that journey (or something around these), is very high.

Dreaming about your crush is normal, that is the way the human mind works. As some quotes may put it simply, “your nighttime is an extension of the day’s activities.”

If your crush is always on your mind, you will likely dream about them. It actually makes sense to dream about someone or something you have been thinking of all day long.

Now, if these dreams come repeatedly, it might be a sign for you to go ahead and express your feeling to your crush. Reality may not play out exactly what your dreams were about. But, there is no harm in trying.

Going specific, you may have further questions in your mind such as, “what does it mean when you dream about your crush liking you?” If you dream that the person you have a crush on also likes you, chances are that your crush also has feelings for you. The person may or may not know if you also have a crush on them.

If you dream about your crush liking you, it is a good dream, and chances are that something might work out between you both later. But don’t get your hopes too high though, it is still a dream.

Dreaming about your crush liking you may give you the extra boost you need to approach them. So, if you have been hesitant about approaching him/her to express your feelings, having such a dream may just be the signal to go ahead.

Another question you may ask about dreams relating to your dream about your crush could be “what does it mean when you dream about your crush hugging you or kissing you?” This is a more intimate dream. It could come from your desires. It means that your desire for your crush has saturated your mind.

Dreams like these are often a good sign, and your desires may play out in reality shortly. Hugging and kissing your crush in the dream could mean that you are in need of love, affection, comfort, warmth, and assurance from your crush or others close to you.

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How To Know If My Crush Is Thinking About Me And Loves Me Too

How To Know If My Crush Is Thinking About Me And Loves Me

Having a crush on someone is a nice feeling. I mean, a mere thought of the person sends butterflies into your tummy or makes your heart beat faster. You’ve even caught yourself severally smiling when you think about or come in contact with the person.

As said earlier, it is a beautiful romantic feeling to have a crush on someone. But this feeling can only last if the person also likes you too.

If you have a crush on someone, you may be disturbed about knowing if the person also likes you, which is perfectly normal. Those feelings can only last if your crush also feels the same way about you. So, you may want to know if your crush is also thinking about you and loves you.

Actually, you may be able to tell if your crush is thinking about you and loves you by paying attention to some things about them. Watch how they act around you, and you just might be able to tell. Here are some of them:

1. They Look for Ways to be Around You

One way to know if your crush is thinking about you and likes you too is if they try to come up with reasons to be around you.

For instance, they would like to join a study or workgroup you’re in if you’re both in the same school or work in the same place. They just want to be around you as much as they can.

2. Their Body Language Changes Around You

Depending on the temperament of the person, they can be shy or bold when talking with you. If your crush seems nervous and avoids eye contact when talking with you, he/she probably likes you but is shy.

Their nervousness is usually because they are careful and want to give you a good impression of themselves to you. Others may be very excited about being around you. Either way, it shows that the person also has feelings for you.

3. They Want to Know About Your Relationship Status

If your crush likes you too, they would usually ask some intimate questions. These questions may seem funny because especially if both of you barely know each other.

They would ask questions like “are you in a relationship?” or “what do you like in a guy/lady that you would want to be in a relationship with?” They usually want to know stuff about your relationship life so they can know if they have a chance with you or not.

4. They Follow You on Social Media

If your crush also likes you and has feelings for you, they would likely follow you on all your social media accounts just to learn more about you.

Some may just follow you or send friend requests without communicating with you, while others may like, comment and tag you on your every post. It is a way of trying to make you also notice them.

5. They Communicate With You Very Often

Someone who has a crush on you also will want to hear from you at every given opportunity. They will call or send texts often throughout the day just to check up on you and know what you’re doing.

If your crush is always excited to share their latest happenings with you, and keep you updated on things around them without you asking, they probably like you a lot too.

Another communication tip to know if your crush is thinking about you and loves you too is if they respond to your messages either on social media or texts. If you chat up your crush and they habitually delay in response, or their responses are dry, they might not be interested in you.

On the contrary, if they are quick to respond to you, or show some eagerness while chatting with you, it may also be a good sign. Don’t be overexcited though, some people are just naturally courteous and polite.

6. They Ask for Some Private Details About You

If your crush likes you, you may notice that they would want to know a lot about you. Notice if they ask you questions about your personality, likes and dislikes, family, and things like that.

This is usually because they want to know as much as they can about you. If they feel comfortable with what they hear, they may just be waiting for an opportunity to express their feelings to you.

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What To Do If My Crush Doesn’t Like Me

What To Do If My Crush Doesn’t Like Me

It could get really hard trying to get over this. It is painful when love and feelings are not reciprocated.

I mean, you have had a crush on someone. They occupy your thoughts most of your waking moments. You guys have probably been getting along for some time now. You chat with each other, maybe you’ve hung out together a few times, and you felt they probably also had some feelings for you too.

Then, you decided to make a move and let them know how you feel about them. You summon the courage to do so, only to be replied with a negative answer such as “Oh, I just think of you as a good friend, and I wouldn’t want to go into a relationship with you.” it could be a worse answer given like they don’t even like you at all.

Either way, it hurts a lot when you discover that your feelings are not mutual. It is usually a low point for many people. Here are some tips for you when you discover that your crush does not like you.

1. Do Not Force It

The first thing you should know is that you cannot force someone to like you. Love comes naturally or can be built over time but you cannot force anyone to have feelings for you.

When you know this fact, you would not overwork yourself trying to change his/her mind. Don’t make the mistake of changing your personality, values, and worth just to fit into what you believe your crush would like.

It is like trying to force your feet to fit into a dress or shirt way smaller than your size. Doing that would only bring you discomfort. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the dress or shirt is not nice; it’s just that they are not your size.

2 . Do Not Take It Personal

Facing rejection is a hard thing to deal with, no doubt, but you have to take things easy with yourself. There is a tendency for you to feel that there is something “wrong” with you when you get a “No” from your crush. So, don’t let the situation rid you of your self–esteem.

3. Do Not Let the Rejection Define You

Don’t see yourself as a failure simply because your offer of a relationship was turned down. That your crush doesn’t like you should not in any way affect your self-worth.

As stated earlier, it never means you’re not a great person. Whatever their reasons may be, it should not change the definition of who you are.

The fact is, everyone, cannot like you, and if you are honest, you may not also like everyone around you enough to go into a relationship with them. So it is safe to say that you could probably be on the other side of the fence someday.

4. Give Yourself Time

Yes, you would need more time for yourself now to help you get through this. It would not be mentally and physically healthy to lock yourself up mourning.

Yes, you may feel like being left alone to think or even cry, and that’s okay for a while. But it shouldn’t be for long. Look for healthy ways to keep yourself busy and take your mind off the disappointment.

Engage in healthy activities you enjoy doing such as reading, talking a walk, writing, listening to good music, and the like. If you have a trusted friend to talk to, you can do so. Talking things out with a good friend may bring you some relief. In all, be strong.

5. Finally, You Have To Move On

Things like this happen, but you shouldn’t get stuck there. Avoid what will make it difficult for you to move on, such as constantly checking them up on social media, calling, and texting them.

This doesn’t mean you should be impolite to them online or offline, but creating a healthy gap would be necessary for you to move on. If need be, you could hide or delete the messages you’ve exchanged earlier if that will make you nostalgic.

There is no need to keep holding on to the fact that your crush didn’t accept you. The beauty of a relationship is being with someone that will love you too, and it is only when you move on and get along with others that this can become a reality.

It is good you know that an experience like this is not peculiar to you. Things happen for a reason. It may take some time to get over it, but you would be fine.

Look at everything that happens with a positive mind. Take time to reflect, and when you feel you’ve healed, you can open up to loving again. The best is always yet to come.

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Why I Am Obsessed With Someone I Barely Know

Why I Am Obsessed With Someone I Barely Know

As weird as it sounds, it happens! Did you just meet someone and you can barely take your mind off them? I mean, it may literally be the first time ever you’ve met this person and their thoughts immediately feel your mind.

You may feel that it is strange, right? But it does happen. There are many factors that could contribute to your feeling of obsession, and this article will give you answers to why you are obsessed with someone you barely know. Keep reading!

1. Loneliness: This is one of the first areas to probe yourself when you are suddenly obsessed with someone that you do not even know. Loneliness can create such a void in you that you would likely want to jump into liking someone that would fill that void.

2. You Are Attracted to Their Personality Traits: The reason you may be obsessed with someone you barely know could be that you find that person’s attitudes very attractive. Their smile, laughter, gait, accent, and the likes are those that you admire so much.

You might be thinking about them because they seem so rare, and they got your attention by merely setting your eyes on them. They may have the charisma that you desire and it makes you crush on them almost immediately

3. You Need a Distraction: When you get attached to someone that you barely know, it may be a way of handling some “crisis” you may be going through. For some, they may be unhappy in their present relationship, others may be going through a rough time in their business or career.

For anyone in these categories, it is normal to desire having someone or something to escape the negative realities they are facing. So, fantasizing about someone as a distraction may be a reason why you are obsessed with someone you barely know.

4. You Are Afraid of Losing Something Good: You may be obsessed with someone you barely know because you do not want to lose the possibility of something good happening. You imagine yourself with this person in a beautiful relationship. The fear can lead to an obsession with that person.

Obsessions are not healthy. Many times, the things we are obsessed with may not turn out the way we want them. But, at that point when you’re obsessed, you may not think and see clearly some danger signs.

So, if you are obsessed with someone because you are scared of losing them, know that your own happiness should be of priority and shouldn’t be tied to anyone.

5. You Fell In Love With Them At First Sight: Another reason why you might feel obsessed with someone you barely know is that when you met them, you felt an instant connection.

You felt like you’ve known this person before, or you just feel a kind of special bond with them when in reality, you do not even know them at all. This makes them fill your heart and you can’t stop thinking about them.

This kind of obsession is quite tricky because it could make it difficult for you to think properly about what you really feel about this person. You would not be sure if you really like them as a person or you are just following what you feel about them.

It would be good and safe to slow down a bit, withdraw yourself from the person as much as you can, and think things through. This is necessary so that things do not get out of control and you are able to think things through properly before taking any actions.

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I hope this article has been of great help to you. I bet you have found answers to the question of “does my crush dream about me?” and other questions bothering your mind about your crush.

You have also known what it means when you dream about your crush, and what to do if you discover your crush does not like you. Applying these tips will surely bring about positive changes. Thanks for engagaing!

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