You Are Blessed Quotes For Him / Her

100 Inspiring Words of Encouragement for Her / Him to Start the Day Positively

For you to be here, finding out words of encouragement for her, you are certainly part of those great men who always want to make their woman happy, and I cheer you for that. And even if you’re a lady, hoping to encourage another woman, you’re such a beautiful soul.

We know that building a very healthy relationship requires intentional effort. I mean, no good relationship grows by mistakes. So I believe that your search for this would probably be to get tips to make your woman or man happy and encouraged.

Words, they say, are power. And trust me, you need that power in growing a beautiful relationship. Yes, you need positive and beautiful words to tell your partner.

Now, whether you are trying to encourage, motivate, appreciate or reassure your man / woman of your love, you need words, and not just words, but messages (words that send information across); and positive ones at that.

The good news is this, In this post: “Words of encouragement for her”, we would be giving you some ’you are an amazing woman quotes’ that you can send across over text or say to her hearing.

Also, for you awesome lady reading this post, I would like you to know that some of the messages here, when necessarily adjusted, can be used as words of encouragement for a man you love, to give them that amazing feeling of happiness.

In other words, you’ve found the right place because we’ve got you covered.

Now, whether you are courting or already married, read through gently to find the perfect message for your partner that would keep them going and help you to express your pure love to them through text messages.

In other to help you find your perfect words more quickly I would be discussing this post in various subheadings to capture your different ideal information along with your true emotion which you want to pass to your partner in your message.

Daily Encouragement Message for Her

As humans, it’s normal to experience times when we are down and it seems things are not falling into place. At this point, we need our loved ones to help us keep going forward.

As a partner to your lover, I understand that feeling of wanting to be the first person to be there for her. Just so you know, a reminder of your love to your spouse as well as their worth is a great way to encourage them. It helps them remember that they are special and also that they are important to you and hence, you would be there for them.

That said, we would be giving you some of the nicest words of encouragement for her so that she can always be sure you are always with her, cherish her and that she is not alone.

1. Even if the sun was to rise from the west and the world was to turn upside down, you would still find me loving you because you are one in a million and no one can replace you in my heart. Good morning, love.

2. I just wanted to tell you, my dear wife, that you would go far in your career, and in all your endeavor you will excel. Your husband is rooting for you. Enjoy your day.

3. Your smile during the turbulent storm means a lot to me. Your peace, even in the temptest wind is my priority. Never cave in, my dear. You’ll scale through it all. I see you winning today.

4. I know you are passionate about what you do and I’m proud to see you becoming better and emerging as the best. Keep thriving, dear. I am sure you will get there. It’s another great day.

5. You are a kind and intelligent woman, and I know you would do great things; despite what is happening now. Keep moving, never give up. Have a great day.

6. It’s a beautiful day! Keep pushing forward my love. I will always be right here for you, loving and cheering you on. In just a matter of time, we will smile again.

7. I would never stop loving you, and I will always place you as my most priced jewel. I want you to know that you are valued and inestimable, my dearest. Good morning.

8. Yes, you are not perfect, but I do not see your mistakes and imperfection; because everything about you makes me complete and whole. Together, we would reach the finish line. You’re the perfect match for me.

9. My (write your partner’s nickname) you are the only one I have felt this way for, even your faintest smile makes my heart melt. You are the only one I would ever love like this. Your faith has helped me to get here. It’s time to keep yours alive.

10. Darling, you are strong; keep being strong. Over and over again I will choose you to be my wife, even in the next life, you would still be my choice. I love you, darling.

11. Gold can be bought as well as silver and diamond. But you, my love, are priceless, as well as my love for you. Keep your faith on. Never give up on your dreams. Have a wonderful day ahead.

12. I am glad when I see you smiling and happy. When you laugh my joy gets to the maximum. Even your slightest blush makes my heart flutter. Darling, I want to see you happy, always.

13. Immediately the priest pronounced you one with me, I flushed with pride, knowing that being one with you made me the luckiest man on earth. You are beautiful in and out my princess. So I know you would do beautiful things, no matter whatever might be going on right now.

14. You have been the best I can imagine for a wife, and for you to build so great a home I know you are exceptional. You are great. Dear, don’t let anyone talk you down. You are a treasure.

15. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise than the fact that you are awesome. I look up to you as my sunshine and you are nothing less, but rather more. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

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Motivational Quotes for Her / Him

words of encouragement for

Yes, you probably know that everyone needs motivation at one time or the other. You know to keep alive our vision even as we thrive onwards to success. And for you to be reading this post am sure you know too well that your wife is not exempted despite been the superwoman that she is.

Allow me to say you are a great husband to be here finding a way to motivate your wife through words of encouragement for her. As usual, I am here to help you through that journey!

Let me tell you this, to inspire a person to keep thriving, you have to make that person know he or she can achieve that dream. That he or she has to know that they are qualified and worthy to dream of what they want. One good way to do this is to remind that person of their worth and value.

This would upraise their spirit and brace their heart to stand strong and keep fighting forward.

Let her smile again with these words of encouragement for her. Get her back on her feet and make her feel special because she is.

1. I am not afraid of the future ahead, having you: a strong woman by my side is a constant reminder that I would never face any problem alone. You have the strength of a battalion army.

2. I cheer you on my, (write your partner’s nickname). You are the best and would always be the best.

3. Who is this beautiful and gorgeous-looking woman? My wife! My star and my sunshine. Keep shining your light, my dear.

4. You are a great woman no doubt and I know you would do great things.

5. Don’t give up dear, you are almost there. I see you doing great things.

6. Smile, love. Victory is with you. You’ve never been a failure to me. I love the way you made each of your downfalls a fertilizer to your growth. I admire you, my love.

7. You are that different unique woman that creates difference, and right from the time I meet you, I have watched you impact lives positively. Keep spreading positive vibes, my love.

8. That you are mine is an echo that gives me joy even in my darkest moments. I need you to know that you cannot be limited, except by your mind. Keep going, you’re meant for the top.

9. Trust me to keep my vow to love you forever because I can’t help falling in love with you over and over again. You are a gift as well as my inspiration.

10. You beat the roses to a contest of beauty and gained mastery even in positivity. You’ve always been a great inspiration, continue to be, my love.

11. Keep shining brightly as the light that you are, and never fail to be your best. You can be sure that I’ll be there for you, always.

12. Did I tell you that you mean the world to me? Well, you do! To tell you the truth this world would be missing a gem without you in it. You are one bright wife. Keep being bright.

13. I rejoice at the thought of having you by my side forever. You are that treasure the world is looking for. Let it be known to you, that you are unstoppable.

14. I am rooting for you babe, keep doing the amazing thing that you do.

15. I searched for the biggest reason why I love you so much and no better reason suits me than the fact that you are you. I love your wholeness, (write your partners name)

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Proud of My Husband /Proud of My Wife Quotes

The problem of insecurity has been a great cause of the fall of so many beautiful relationships. It’s either the problem of not being good enough or the feeling of fear that one day you might get tired of each other or one thing or the other.

Nonetheless, it’s an understatement to say insecurity is bad for any relationship because it is not just bad but it can be the doom of a relationship if overlooked or not taken proper care of. While the problem of insecurity is best solved by sincere action, the effect of words cannot also be overlooked.

It is therefore important as a man/woman who is ready to put in the right amount of intentional effort to send ‘proud of my wife quotes’ to your partner. This helps to assure your wife/husband that you are content and proud of him/her. Therefore show that you value your spouse with any of this collection of uplifting words of encouragement.

1. Perhaps you are my reward of an angel I hosted in my past life, only God knows. I just can’t help but wonder what good I did to deserve a pearl, like you. I love you, darling.

2. When it dawned on me that you are now mine forever, my pride grew greater than a man who wins a lottery, you are my crown.

3. Words have failed to explain my love for you, and loss of words, but I just want you to remember that I love you and that am lucky to have you.

4. I love you my sweet, stay strong and beautiful for me, you are my pride.

5. Even in my next life, I would still choose to love you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You’re my hero.

6. You are my sunshine; my one and only. My heart remains for you and you alone. Let this keep you going, every day.

7. They say love is life. Truly your love for me brought life to me, and I would forever be grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful treasure. I am so proud of you, dear.

8. That I am a blessed man today is because of you. You’ve always been there to love, guide, and cherish me. I bless the day I met you. I’m glad you said yes.

9. I need you to know that I appreciate all that you do. Countless times I ask myself what I can do to tell you how much I appreciate you. All the same dear, I just want you to know that you are a champion. You are a gem and a priceless jewel. You are my greatest value.

10. Your behavior, your character, and your manner of handling even the toughest situations are exquisite and worthy of emulation. For this, and many more I respect you so much. I am happy you are the mother of my children.

11. You are a great wife and I am happy I married you. Marring you has been my best decision ever, thank you love for all the love you give.

12. Everything just seem beautiful whenever I am with you because in you lies the true definition of beauty and virtue.

13. Your character, composure, charisma, and your whole being are at the best range. You, my dear, are the epitome of beauty and grandeur.

14. You are soft, meek, loveable, and gentle. It’s impossible not to fall in love with you. I am sure many men would die to be in my shoe of being your husband. Thanks for making me the luckiest man on earth by choosing to love me.

15. Honey with you in my world, you make everything so beautiful. I am proud that you are my wife.

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Sweet Words to Make Her Happy

words of encouragement for

The female folks are known to love compliments. Therefore your woman needs those sweet words to make her happy and keep her blushing. And for you pretty babe reading this post you should know, that men also blush. Funny right? But true! So you can as well use these sweet messages for him to make him smile, for your man of course with the necessary adjustments. So let’s go make your special one blush from your sweet words.

1. The roses lose beauty at your blush, you, my dear is an endowment of beauty.

2.I know I would win any heart race because loving you through these years, had kept my heart racing at every thought of you.

3. I lived my life hoping I would meet a jewel-like you someday and now that I have met you I can’t take my eyes or heart off you. Thanks for coming into my life.

4. Babe, you make my heart beat butuntu buntutu. You just smiled right? I know, that was my aim. I cherish you, my love. Please keep smiling for me.

5. I don’t know why I love everything about you; your smile, your laughter, and even your frowning face. Funny right? But true! I love you (put your partner’s name) you are cute and adorable.

6. Can anyone tell me why I can’t seem to take my eyes off you. Every day by day my love for you grows bigger. I fear my heart would explode from loving you more each day, my star.

7. Sweetie, you are my most prized possession and I would give my world just to have you. Because you, my darling make the most beautiful world I have ever see.

8. I bless the day I met you, my princess. You are royalty.

9. I would never get tired of saying it over and over again, I love you (put your partner’s name).

10. You took my heart. Yet I am still alive because of how well you guided mine and also gave me yours. You have my love honey. You are my woman; my everyday crush.

11. I choose to love you, and it would always be you. Nothing else feels beautiful than showering you with so much love and seeing you happy.

12. I love you from the depth of my heart, God can witness that.

13. I am touched by your every action towards me, knowing that you do them all with love. I am not a perfect husband and I do not expect you to be a perfect wife. I love you always even in your imperfections.

14. Full perfection became boring the moment I started loving you. Because your perfections and imperfections entwined with mine made us the perfect match.

15. My love for you; flows extensively as the river. It’s been you who I love and it would always be you.

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Inspiring and Romantic Words for My Wife / Husband

words of encouragement for

Well, in a union, romance is essential. Yes, very essential. And for you to be here you likely know the importance of romance. You know that romance has its special way of sending love signals. Though the taste of romance differs from person to person the whole essence still boils down to gaining love attractions by sending signals. These signals could either be by our words or actions.

Still, on the power of words of encouragement for him or her, this section has well-crafted romantic words for my wife or husband. Of course, you are left with the freedom of sending this message to whoever you choose to; either to a girlfriend, or your boyfriend. The most important thing, is sending some romantic words over text to your lover.

1. Your smile is sweet and your laughter sweeter, I would rather watch you all day than go to the movies.

2. To say, ‘I love you’ is an understatement of how I truly feel, and the vastness of the great beyond is only an inch of my love for you.

3. First you got my missing rib then you stole my heart, but magically you complete me. Tell me how you do it, my love.

4. My heart somersaults with joy each time I hear you say, “I love you”. Was it the way you said it or the fact that I couldn’t imagine that an angel had fallen in love with me despite all my imperfections?

5. Love was re-defined each time you looked me in the eye and said ” (write your name) I love you”.

6. When you pecked me, I blushed and when you kissed me I couldn’t help but give a full smile; but then you hugged me, and laughter came busting. I can’t help it because everything about you, brings me Joy.

7. They told me not to fall in love because most things that fall get broken. But with you, I fell and fell in love with no fear because you were always there to catch me in your arms and make me whole. Thank you for the beautiful love you emit.

8. Till my life ends, I will love you. And over again I tell you that my heart belongs only to you.

9. I put you first in my heart, even as I toil daily because you are worth every sacrifice I do to make you happy.

10. You are my destiny. I can’t bear the thought of being with someone else rather than you.

11. As your knight and shining amour, I have sworn an oath to myself and loud enough to anyone who cares to listen, to always love, cherish and respect you. I am blessed indeed to have you as my Princess.

12. The love of my life, you are my one true love. You mean a whole lot to me. I love you.

13. The only time I know I have chosen to be greedy was when you made me your only big love. Ever since then, I have wanted every part of you. You smile your laughter, your hugs your kisses, and every part that makes you. I wanted to walk everywhere with you, wake up to see you, and see you before I sleep and even in my dreams. I love you my sunlight. I love you (write your partner’s name).

14. Sweetest, you showered and bathed me with your love. Now, I feel like I am spoiled by your love, yet you never ceased to love me. I love you too, darling.

15. Missing you for an hour or a day feels like forever. I have gotten so used to having you around that I know my world would be incomplete without you.

16. (Write your partner name repeatedly) my heart keeps yelling for you. You are the only one this heart beats for.

17. Honey, stay by my side always. I don’t know what I would do without you.

18. My heart beats for you. My whole being has been entwined with yours. I am yours and you are mine. And I’ll always love you wholeheartedly, my love.

19. You boggled into my being, stole my heart, and still choose to give me yours. You cared and pampered my heart and I will always love you for that.

20. I feel so happy just by the simple thought of coming home into your sweet and warm embrace. I want you to be mine even in my next life.

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You Are an Amazing Woman Quotes / Messages

You are an amazing woman quotes help to relay that message to your wife, girlfriend, or everyday crush. With any of these quotes, let your darling know that you see her as an exceptional woman.

1. The mother of my children, my love. From being my adorable princess you became my beautiful queen. I love you, sweetheart.

2. You are in my head, my dreams, and my heart. You are my world, dear.

3. You make my heart race and took all my aches. You are my jewel that keeps me well.

4. You are rare, unique, and special. You are my gem and I won’t trade you for silver nor gold.

5. I have traveled far and near my love, yet my eyes couldn’t find anything as beautiful as you are. You are awesome my lady, my treasure.

6. When it seems no one cares and nobody believes or nobody even knows me, I remember you, your smile, and your words of confidence that you never fail to whisper to me. I suddenly felt like the world is under my feet. Thanks for loving me.

7. We are married, but it’s fun dating you over and over again. You are fun to be with and I couldn’t get enough of you.

8. I think I am so addicted to you. My love for you is undying and never-ending. Thank you for being such an amazing woman.

9. Like I ate a bull, my love, you make me full, and yet I could never get enough of you. I love you endlessly, darling.

10. You have a beautiful heart and a loving soul. Thank you for always placing me and our children as your number one priority. You are a great woman.

11. You have always been there to catch me when I fall, and you have helped to raise me to where I am now. I would forever be grateful to you my dear wife. You are incredible.

12. I would never trade you for the world because you are my world and I must say that my world is beautiful.

13. You are my love and you are incredible. You understand me so well that I wonder how you do it. You are the best one for me.

14. You are heavens made for me. You’re my perfect match. You’ve got the cutest and sweetest smile I have seen. Everything about you makes me love you more.

15. Actually, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I am blessed to be your husband. Thank you for coming into my life.

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Wife Appreciation Quotes from Loving Husband

words of encouragement for

As corny as it may sound, it is a true saying that when you thank someone earnestly for what they have done, he or she feels good to do more. So is it in marriage, we know the basic duty of a woman is paramount, coupled with the expectation of the 20th century where a woman has also added the responsibility of earning a living. This has added a great deal to the long duty list of every wife.

Showering praises on your wife and at the same time outlining her exquisite worth would be a tremendous way to show you appreciate her.

Below are sweet messages to show your appreciation to your wife.

1. When I count my blessings, I put you above number one because you are more than a blessing to me.

2. You are my princess, yet my queen. You are my baby, yet my mother. You are all that matters to me.

3. The Cupid arrow didn’t strike me rather it kisses me. Loving you made everything in my world seem so pain-free. Thanks for loving me.

4. My First Lady, allow me to love you with each passing second because you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

5. Thanks for being the mother of my children, and the love of my life. I appreciate all that you do, my love.

6. Thanks my love for coming into my life, you are a blessing to me.

7. God taught me to love and gave you as a gift to me. I cherish you.

8. You have been there at my painful moments you have always been there to lend me a raising hand. With all sincerity, permit me to love you forever.

9. My First Lady, you are second to none. The most beautiful woman I have ever met. Thank you for loving me.

10. Since I choose to start a family with you, I never felt I left anything behind. You have been a mother, a sister, a friend, and also my love. I just wanted to say thank you for always being there for me.

11. Thanks for being you, (write your partner’s name). I love you and always will. You are the best.

12. Thank you for being the happy, cheerful wife you have always being. Because of you, I am a happy man.

13. You have always being a strong woman, you have been my backbone, always supporting and being there for me. Thank you.

14. I appreciate all the times you spent on your knees praying for me. I do not take for granted all the times you posed as a shoulder I could cry on. Thank you for the times you stayed calm and listened to all my pains, worries, and even my naughty fears. I just wanted to say that I am grateful. Thank you.

15. You have contributed immensely to me being a happy man, one way or the other you always find a place in most of my happy memories. Thank you my love for being the best wife in the world.

After reading this, I am sure you must have been fascinated and thrilled. So go make your woman a happy woman. Put a smile on her face and sway her into blushing.

I am happy if I have been of help. I have done my part; please do your part of making your woman/ man feel beautiful and encouraged again, with these words of encouragement for her/him. Mind you, we all need to be constantly encouraged, so you might want to bookmark this, so it can always be at your reach to encourage him/her consistently; and your relationship would be better for it.

I love to hear from my readers; kindly drop a comment in the box below.

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