Prayer For The Sick Family Member

Short Powerful Prayer For The Sick Family Member With 90 Inspirational Get Well Messages and Quotes

Sometimes, when loved ones are suffering from the intense pain of sicknesses or diseases, we’d wish we could give up all that we possess to ensure they are doing fine. However, one of the best things you can do for them is to offer prayer for the sick family member, as prayer is known to turn impossible situations around.

Actually, praying for the sick family member should be one of the first things to do whenever a loved one is sick. Prayers offered at those times can bring comfort and reassurance of quick recovery to such a family member.

The Holy Scripture also affirms that the prayer of faith shall heal the sick (James 5:15).

Strengthen your family members through prayers; it’s a sure thing that works better, sometimes, than the best drug that might be administered.

So, we’ve prepared several intercessory prayer for a sick person, and lots of inspirational messages for a sick person in the hospital. So that, after you might have rendered prayer for the sick family member, you could also send them inspirational get well messages.

Healing Prayer For The Sick Family Members And Loved Ones

Many have lost their loved ones due to over-dependence on man’s relief system. Choose to go supernatural by administering prayers for the sick family member. It’s potent than you could ever imagine.

The will of God is for us to be in good health. Praying for your sick dear ones permits God’s will to be established in their lives. Through Powerful prayer for the sick family members and loved ones, you invite and invoke God’s power on them for miraculous healing and quick recovery.

Short Intercessory Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for (mention name)’s life. Thank you because you have kept him/her till now in your mercy and by your power. If not for your power, this situation would have become worse. I thank you for your goodwill.

Heavenly Father, you are a father of love that desires that your children stay in good health. I pray for the speedy healing of my dear……… (Mention the person’s name). In your miraculous power we trust, show yourself as a faithful God.

(Mention the person’s name), you are not permitted to go through sickness, because he has taken away all your pains and sickness and by his stripes, you were healed.

I pray that an end comes to every infirmity, disease, sicknesses, and pain in your body in Jesus’ name. Your recovery is amazing because the power of God shall be manifested upon you. from now on, you are strong and healthy.

Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayer. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

1. I may not be able to comprehend your pain right now; however, my desire is that, may you experience quick relief.

2. I know this pain is too much for you. I pray that the great physician will step into your case now and bring about miraculous healing on your body.

3. I want to assure you that you are leaving the hospital very soon. Perfect health is yours in Jesus’ name.

4. Hello dear, trust your health is improving. I pray for all-around peace and restoration of your health.

5. Don’t worry, God is very closer than you may think. Refuse to be depressed. Instead, be joyful because you’re getting well soon.

6. Dearest, I am missing your charming smile. Get well soon dear, we can’t wait to have you back.

7. I noticed your fearful look at the hospital. Don’t worry dear, you will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord.

8. You are always in my heart. I am committed to praying for you. I want to assure you that you are leaving that place soon, strong and healthy.

9. Everyone is anticipating your return. God is at work, dear. Your healing will happen suddenly and completely.

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Recovery Prayers For The Sick And Dying

Prayers For The Sick And Dying

Prayer is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. It is a sure weapon to correct abnormalities. Don’t just watch pitifully as a sick person lie and almost dying. Engaging in these intercessory prayers for the sick and dying will revive their soul and restore strength to their body.

No matter what you are passing through, prioritize prayer in your journey. Below is an intercessory prayer for the sick family members.

Short intercessory Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, according to your word, in Jeremiah 36:6, that says, “Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth. Lord, bring health to the body of ….. (mention name) completely and make him/her whole from every sickness.

Although the doctors are giving up and becoming hopeless, never the less, I trust in your creative power that revitalizes. You’re the one who made organs in the body, I pray that you recreate these failing organs through your miraculous power and creative abilities.

Concerning this disease, we depend on you for healing and quick recovery. Do what only you can do, and let there be amazing testimonies.

This, I believe you can do, and I thank you in the anticipation of your divine intervention. Thank you, dear, Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Short Prayer For Healing And Recovery For A Family Member

10. Sweetheart, You’re winning this battle. I pray that health is restored unto your spirit, soul, and body.

11. Cheer up! There is no reason to worry. I know that all will be well and all will go well with you.

12. Get well soon sister, I pray that you will be delivered from this sickness.

13. Seriously desiring your quick recovery, Sweetie. Peace and joy will fill your distressing heart and you will enjoy sound health and happiness again.

14. I can’t wait to hear your lovely jokes. Get well soon. I pray that every cell, tissue, and organ of your body come alive again in Jesus’ name.

15. Hello brother, have faith in God. My prayer is that your health be restored speedily and the Lord will remove this pain of sickness.

16. I’m really lonely without you. I pray that the Lord will stand by you, give you strength, heal your body and peace like a river will flood your heart.

17. I’m glad you are feeling better. May the Lord be your strength during this down moment.

18. Hello dude. Don’t give up on this sickness. I declare that you are delivered completely from every manipulation of the enemy in your health in Jesus’ name. You’re coming out strong and happy.

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Healing Prayers For A Loved One

Times of illness can be a very distressing moment to the sick person and their loved ones. The best and most times the only option you have at those periods is to offer healing prayers for the sick family member.

This kind of period is also a desperate period, getting the right words to pray for your loved one can be a herculean task because of how much we feel for them.

Nevertheless, prayer is essential and it should be done by faith. So, we prepared a short powerful prayer that you can mutter to God on their behalf, and send Inspirational Get Well Messages to encourage them.

Words of Prayer for Sick Person

Dear Lord, you said in your word that anything I ask in your name, you will do. In Jesus’ name, I ask for the complete healing of my dearest that is in agony.

I believe in your word that promises us healing, and I believe in the fact that you’re faithful and loving, always wanting the best for us. Therefore, I believe that my loved one is miraculously recovering from this sickness.

Thank you, Jesus, for paying the price for the healing of my loved ones. Right now I claim my loved one’s healing. No more affliction and pain in his/her body in Jesus’ name. Amen.

19. Darling, your absence is felt so much. The Lord will restore your health speedily.

20. I missed your companionship, so much that I’m losing sleep. May you experience sudden and complete healing in Jesus’ name.

21. I am tired of this boring life. and I know you’re tired of lying on that sickbed. I pray for your healing and strength. Be strong and get well.

22. Sweetie, ensure you follow all the instructions the doctor gave you. I’m certain that you will get well very soon.

23. Your absence is killing me. Please get well quickly. Take care, dear.

24. I can’t wait for you to come home. I pray for you that you are victorious over this illness. You will conquer and overcome it in Jesus’ name.

25. Get well soon, dear. You’re always on my heart. I love you.

26. I can’t wait to have you in my arms again. I wish you a quick recovery. I’m missing you so much.

27. Dear, don’t worry, Jesus is at work. He will set you free from the bondage of sickness, and you’ll begin to enjoy divine health.

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Prayers For Sick Father In Hospital

Prayers For Sick Father In Hospital

Restoration of the body comes through prayers because, by the power of prayer, the supernatural will superimpose the natural.

To initiate the rejuvenation of your dad’s body, we’ve prepared for you these prayers for sick father in hospital; or whoever may be sick, simply by faith, offer this prayer for the sick family member.

At whatever level of sickness, you can change the narrative of any member of your family if you can engage in powerful intercessory prayer for the sick family member. Don’t leave your family to chance. Watch over every one of them on your knee and ensure they are in good health through prayers of faith.

Short Intercession for your Dad

Dear Lord, I pray for my father that is in pain, please send your angels to minister healing to him now in the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, you specialize in doing the impossible, I pray concerning this sickness that the doctors are clueless about, reveal your healing power now over my father in Jesus’ name.

Please, Lord, bring him back to his feet, strong, healthy, and happy. In Jesus’ name.

28. Life is hard without you daddy, may the Lord bring health to your body and nourishment to your bone. Get well soon, daddy.

29. You’re winning this battle. Every medical proceeding will go smoothly in Jesus’ name. Amen.

30. Take heart dad, the Lord will give the medical professionals wisdom and teach their hands to work perfectly. You’re coming out of the theater, stronger.

31. Dad, I missed your kisses and hugs. I pray that God will give you a speedy recovery from this illness.

32. My heart is always with you, dad. May you enjoy your closeness with God than ever before, even at this period. Keep believing. I know God will not disappoint you now.

33. It breaks my heart to see you go through this pain. I want to assure you that you will not die. Just keep your hope alive.

34. I can’t wait to play with you again, dad. Get well soon. I pray that the Lord will give you a sound mind and a healthy body.

35. Take heart, dad. The peace of God that passed all understanding will rule your heart and bring strength to your body. The entire family is seriously missing you.

36. I am eagerly waiting to have you back at home. My prayer is that you will receive the strength of the Lord, both in your heart and in your body.

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Healing Prayers For My Husband

When wives rise to pray for their husbands, great miracles always happen.

God delights in answering prayers. He will therefore not turn deaf ears to prayer for the sick family member or loved ones. These are a few healing and strength prayers to offer for your sick husband.

Prayer For Your Husband

Heavenly Father I surrender my husband’s health to you. I’m not in control. Be in charge of him.

Let him enjoy divine health. Father, I pray that you help my husband overcome this period, he will not lose in this battle. Both his body and soul shall be revived once again.

Thank you because you answer prayers. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

37. Dear, I can’t imagine the pain you are going through, I pray for your fastest healing and recovery. Missing you.

38. May God’s hand come upon you to drive out every form of sickness from your body. Be healed in Jesus’ name. Amen!

39. We miss you so much, darling. I pray that you will experience the miraculous healing of God.

40. My husband is of a strong spirit. I drive out every form of weariness that is setting into your soul. You’re coming out of the hospital healthy and strong again.

41. I am missing your sweet-smelling breathe, my love. I pray that every part of your body and mind function perfectly in Jesus’ name. Can’t wait to have you back at home, soonest.

42. Dear, remember that I promised to take care of you for the rest of my life. I am praying for you, you will be well soon.

43. Your health is so precious to me. I’m wishing you a fast recovery. May your heart be strengthened at this period.

44. I am missing your sweet talks and pranks. Get well soon, dear. My prayer is that you are getting back to your feet again.

45. It is so hard to see my love in this pain. You sure don’t deserve this. May the Lord give you quick relief.

46. Every moment without you is very frustrating. Get well soon, honey. I pray for the strength of God for you.

47. Everything feels dull without my sweetheart. I pray that God will stretch forth his healing hands to you and restore your health.

48. I know you’re having pain in your body. My heart is aching too. My prayer is that you will experience revitalization and refreshing in your body.

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Get Well Soon Prayer For Mother

It is always disheartening to know that a member of the family is sick, most especially if it is the mother of the house; everyone feels the vacuum.

It is, therefore, important to set time aside and offer these get well soon prayers for mothers. It works faster than medicine, most times.

Endeavor to show your mum that you care for her by sending these thoughtfully prepared prayer messages for the sick.

Intercession for Mom

Lord Jesus, I ask for the forgiveness of any sin that might be bringing this affliction to my mum’s body. Have mercy on her, oh Lord.

Lord, I pray that my mother is strengthened. Her health springs forth once again, and she knows peace, in place of this pain, in Jesus’ name.

49. Mum, hearing that you are sick brought so much pain to my heart. I pray for a quick recovery. Coming home to see you soon.

50. We miss your special delicacy mummy. We can’t wait to receive you back home. Your health is perfected in Jesus’ name. Amen.

51. You are an amazing person that doesn’t deserve this pain. Keep faith mummy, you will soon unite with the family again. Love you.

52. Mummy, you are my joy, sickness has robbed me of this joy for some time now. I am praying for you, mum. You’re getting well soon.

53. Nothing can be compared to good health. I wish you good health and complete liberty from this sickness, mum.

54. Mom, everyone at home is feeling your absence. Don’t be weighed down, you are getting well soon, to join the family. We love you.

55. During this period, I want you to know, mom, that God is closer to you than you could imagine. He loves you so much and He’ll bring you back home strong and healthy.

56. I can’t bear the pain you are going through. I can only imagine. Keep trusting God; he will bring you out of this sickness.

57. Dearest mum, I wish to be by your side during this period, please be strong and fight to win this battle.

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Wishing You A Speedy Recovery

Periods of sickness are not pleasurable moments. The experience can be devastating. What a sick person needs urgently is to get well. A simple message of “Wishing you a speedy recovery”, can inspire anyone to keep faith even on a sickbed.

Endeavor to always offer prayers for sick Family members, and don’t forget to always send your wishes for a speedy recovery.

Praying for sick person’s speedy recovery

As I lay my hands on you, you will recover because the word says we shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

I pray for you and every member of the family, nobody will die young because he said he will satisfy you with long life and show you his salvation.

I, therefore, declare healing upon your body. May your cells, tissues, organ, and system receive the life of God and be restored for optimum functioning in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Thank you, Dear Lord, because we shall testify of your faithfulness to answer prayer and healing power in times of sicknesses. Amen.

55. Dear, I was so sad when I heard that you are sick, hope you are getting better. May you experience a quick recovery.

56. We have missed you so much since you left the house, may you be strong enough to come back to your feet, speedily.

57. Sometimes, we may not know why we go through some pains, I want you to know that God cares so much about you and your health is important to him. You’ll be strong.

58. May the strong arm of the Lord bring you healing and perfect everything wrong in your body system. Take heart dear.

59. Sickness cannot steal the happiness that we share. I want you to know that I care about you and wish you reunite with the family soon.

60. Hello dear, your presence has created gloominess at home, please keep staying strong. I’m wishing you a quick recovery.

61. I want to assure you that you are leaving the hospital soon, please don’t be hopeless, God’s help is coming for you soon.

62. You have overcome many battles in life, fight hard to overcome this sickness, you are coming out strong my dear.

63. You are so dear to my heart and your health means so much to me. I’m fervently praying for your quick recovery. I’ll be coming to see you again, soon.

Healing Prayers For My Sister or Sister In Law

Healing Prayers For My Sister or Sister In Law

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer, especially intercession, when you stand in the gap for your sister, or loved ones.

Everyone deserves a healthy and safe life. Your sick sisters too can enjoy the wholesomeness and healthy life, if you’ll be committed to praying for her.

Prayer for a sick sister

Concerning my loved ones, I pray that every generational sickness and genetic health challenge comes to an end in Jesus’ name.

The bible says, “He sent his word and healed them”; right now, I pray that you are healed perfectly according to the word of God.

64. Hello darling sis, I hope you get well soon. The almighty God will strengthen every part of your body that is weak. Get well soon, my dear sister.

65. I’m missing you, sweet sis. My thought periodically comes to you. I pray that your health spring forth quickly.

66. It gladdens my heart when I learned you are responding to treatment. Don’t worry, you are joining the rest of the family soon.

67. We have missed your contagious smile dear, sister. I pray the angels of the Lord will minister healing to you. Get well quickly.

68. I pray that every infirmity that is afflicting you is removed in Jesus’ name. Don’t worry, dear. God is there with you.

69. Dear sister, the Lord will show you great mercy and you shall experience a quick recovery. Stay strong, darling sister.

70. As you lay on the sickbed, I pray that the healing power of God will work through your body and deliver you from every illness in Jesus’ name. Amen.

71. May your faith be strengthened through these trying times and may you experience abundant peace that only the Holy Spirit gives.

72. Amazing sister, I wish you a fast recovery. May the blood of Jesus work wonders and complete healing is your body.

Inspirational Get Well Messages

During trying times when the family is afflicted emotionally and physically, words of prayer and encouragement are major factors that will keep the family strong and going.

Words of prayer for the sick family members will energize them and reassure them of a quick recovery.

The period of sickness requires a lot of care, love, and prayers. Inspirational get well soon messages will lift the spirit of your dear ones.

Prayer for the sick

You have been redeemed from the cause of the law, I pray for you that every form of sickness in your body disappears right now in Jesus’ name. At this period, I ask for strength for you and grace not to give up on life. Your feeble body is strengthened in Jesus’ name.

73. My best wishes for you is swift recovery, I pray this sickness disappears quickly into the thin air.

74. You are a courageous fellow, may the good Lord help and strengthen you to overcome this problem.

75. Everyone is so bored because of your absence, please get well soon and display your talent once again.

76. Those surgeries can be a hard experience. Have enough rest dear. Be sure that we are always there for you.

77. May you enjoy more of your years in good health and abundant blessings. Get well quickly.

78. You are indeed a strong person. I will visit you soon. Before then, continue to be strong.

79. This pain is too much for an amazing fellow like you. May the balm of Gilead bring healing to you.

80. I understand that this time may be hard, please cooperate with the medical professionals for the best outcome.

81. I was so sorry when I heard about your illness. My prayers have been directed to you since then. Wishing you a quick recovery.

The period of sickness is a very delicate period that needs the presence of caring and loving people, who can encourage and pray for the sick person throughout the period. Having such people around is indeed a great blessing.

Endeavor to change the narratives of loved ones by engaging in prayers that change the impossible situation and also moves mountains. Be a blessing to someone today by standing in the gap for them. You can expect a divine intervention with prayer for the sick family member.

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