Happy birthday to someone with a big heart

111 Thoughtful Happy Birthday To Someone With A Big Heart That You Love and Admire

Last updated May. 20th, 2022

Do you want to send amazing and unique birthday wishes to someone with a big heart, who could be friends, siblings, or spouses, on the occasion of their birthday? Search no longer, I’m here for you!

It’s almost certain that there are people you always want to appreciate all the things they have done for you and for how much they have impacted your life for good. You often wish to celebrate them on days very special to them, especially on their birthday, but you don’t just know what to write to that special person with a big heart that you love so much.

Don’t worry. To create the best ease for you, I have compiled some inspiring sweet happy birthday messages that you could make use of, which I’m sure your special ones, would love.

Just let me help you with words to express how you feel, about that amazing partner.

Among these Happy Birthday messages to someone with a Big Heart are warm birthday wishes, simple birthday wishes to a best friend, impressive birthday wishes for your fiancé, happy birthday prayer messages, among others.

I also went on to compile a list of birthday wishes for someone you admire and some other inspiring happy birthday messages to someone with a big heart. Doesn’t that sound nice?!

So, on that loved one’s birthday occasion, surprise them with any of these sweet happy birthday messages and see how appreciative they will be. Now what? Here is a list of sweet happy birthday to someone with a big heart

This collection is all for you, get ready to make use of them, and make someone feel exceptional today.

Simple Happy Birthday To Someone With A Big Heart

A happy birthday to someone with a big heart could go as far, and even farther than most wildfire could go. Once in a lifetime, we come across super fellows who express great love to us, and celebrating with them on days very precious to them is a plus.

Surprise someone today; send any of these simple birthday wishes quotes to them.

1. Thanks for choosing to always help me through the storm. Do have an enjoyable experience today. Happy birthday

2. I was urgently in need of accommodation and you gave me a space in your heart. Thanks for your hospitality. Happy birthday. Eat, drink, and party!

3. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. It’s my prayer for you on this day, that the peace of God will be upon you, all the days of your life. Thanks for being there at all times. Happy birthday

4. I thought I had no one who cared until you came. Happy birthday, to a special one.

5. I was in the wilderness of life and my compass was lost. There was no one I could talk to, but then, God sent you to me. Thanks for choosing to come. Thanks for choosing to help me make my journey easier. And today is a great one to felicitate with you. Wishing you an outstanding happy birthday.

6. Birthday wishes! I hope this will be the beginning of an awesome year ahead. Enjoy your day to the fullest!

7. Many times, I wonder how someone could be so charming, extraordinary, loving, caring…like you. Then I remembered, you’re not ordinary. You’re an Angel in human form! Happy birthday to you, treasured one.

8. Happy birthday to the world’s smartest fella. You’ve always been a kind man.

9. For being that exceptional fellow, I wish you nothing but all-round peace on this glorious day of yours. Happy birthday.

10. I needed to write the names of those who are unique, kind, awesome gorgeous, excellent, loving, and guess what? Your name appeared on all the lists. Are you surprised? Don’t be. You mean even more than that. Happy birthday. Enjoy the day, it’s all yours!

11. As your journey takes a new phase today, may your ears always hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it, whenever your turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left” (Is 30:21). May your life, not be, without Divine direction. Happy birthday, cutie.

12. I wondered why the bell rang, early today. I wondered why the breeze was much more refreshing. I wondered why I felt really at peace. I wondered why lots of ‘why’s came to mind. Then I remembered that’s all this happened because it’s a special day for a special fellow. It’s your birthday. Happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday to The Most Kind Hearted Person I Know

Happy Birthday to Someone With a Big Heart

Everyone wishes to be celebrated, so sending warm birthday wishes to someone you care about is one true way of extending your love to them, and showing them how much you care.

Select from this list of thoughtful birthday wishes to say Happy Birthday to Someone with a Big Heart and make them smile today which is their special day.

13. It’s your birthday today. Permit me to remind you of this: you’re unique, you’re an exuberance of excellence, you’re amazing… knowing you, is worth more than knowing a thousand. Happy birthday!

14. No bird soars like the eagle, and may you soar like one. Great strength is released into you. Happy birthday to the most kind hearted person I know.

15. Bliss and bloom; peace and joy; fruitfulness and prosperity; success and enlargement are what I wish you today. Happy birthday to someone with a golden heart.

16. You’re one in a billion – powerful beyond measure, and I felicitate with you on this occasion of your birthday. Happy birthday to the kindest and purest soul!

17. It’s said that it’s possible to still be lonely amidst thousands of people. But having you by my side is worth more than having a thousand. Great birthday wishes to you. Hurray!

18. Be glad! For this is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice in it and let those who hate you be really pained. I wish you victory in all areas. Happy birthday. Enjoy many happy returns.

19. And I will pray the Father and He’ll give you another Helper that He may abide with you forever (JH.14:16). May the Lord send helpers to you on this day and beyond. Happy birthday, to a wonderful person.

20. May you receive the surprises that come with a charming birthday. Happy birthday to the most selfless person I know.

21. May your days on earth be lovely. May you live long to eat the fruit of your labor. May the universe work in your favor and may you have a great story to tell. Happy birthday.

22. My wish to you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be happy, and be in good health. Enjoy a glorious year ahead. Happy birthday to the nicest person I know.

23. It’s a new phase of life. I wish you better achievement, good life, peaceful living, and an end, worth, thanking God for. Happy birthday, beautiful.

24. Joseph got a coat of many colors, just one. My wish for you is that you get many coats of many amazing colors, which would brighten up your life and make you smile more. Wishing you the very best on this occasion of your birthday.

25. Birthdays are a kind of charm; an enchantment that makes even the celebrant feel the happiness of the season. May you experience the happiness of this season. Happy birthday.

26. Fill the atmosphere with your birthday glitters. It’s a special day indeed.

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Keep Smiling Birthday Wishes

It’s a special person’s day, and that’s a great reason to ensure the fellow gets the best impression with some thoughtful birthday wishes. A sweet happy birthday message from you could get that person smiling all through the day irrespective of what might be happening. And guess what? that’s what these ‘keep smiling birthday wishes’ would do.

27. No temptation or challenge has overtaken you, but that which is common to man. So, know that what you’re passing through won’t last forever. You need to be happy, as your happiness means a lot to me. Cheer up, friend. It’s your birthday! Bruise the head of haters with your smile.

28. On your birthday and beyond, may you have reasons to laugh and laugh more. Eat, drink, and enjoy!

29. Take a trip around the sun, and don’t forget to visit the moon. It’s your birthday, today!

30. Keep smiling; it makes you look good. Keep celebrating; it makes me feel good. Happy birthday. Celebrate to the brim!

31. Even though some folks don’t want you happy, you need to prove to them that they can’t do anything to stop your joy from flowing, not even on this special day of yours. Keep smiling, baby. You own the day!

32. Dance like there are no odds; your happiness means more to me than even the most priceless jewel. Don’t limit your joy. Just keep smiling, especially on this occasion of your birthday. Happy birthday, dearest. Let the smile roll!

33. If I begin to recount how sweet you are, I wouldn’t be able to do any other thing for the next three days, because I’ll still be talking about the awesome dude celebrating his birthday today. Enjoy your day to the full.

34. All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose (Rom. 8:28). May all things continually work for your good in Jesus’ name. Wishing you a blissful happy birthday.

35. Many happy returns! Your birthday brings a better result than even the most worthy ROI. You’re worth more than rubies.

36. Let go of the past years. Hold on to the promises of the new year – for they are amazing and glorious. Happy birthday, friend.

37. There’s time for everything: a time to celebrate and a time to be celebrated. And the tides have turned to your side, as you’re the reason for today’s celebration. Keep smiling, lovely. Happy birthday.

38. Wishing you more fulfilling years, as you grow older today. May you be comforted and have things to always thank God for.

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Impressive Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday to Someone With a Big Heart
Happy Birthday Wishes for girlfriend

What does your birthday mean to you? An occasion of cutting a cake, going out for shopping, picnic, or what? What does your fiancé’s birthday mean to you? Don’t know yet?! Well, to appreciate that wonderful girlfriend, here are some impressive messages you could send.

These impressive birthday wishes for girlfriend will make her love and appreciate you more. In doubt? Try any of them.

39. Happy birthday, pretty. May your years be as beautiful as you are. You’re such a beautiful heart. I love you and I’ll always do. Enjoy your day!

40. Remembered those times we walked through the lawn alone, in the cool of the evening? Then, I should have said this, but I felt a day would come and I’m going to say how I feel. And oh yes, today’s the day! You may not know how you make me feel, but I know I don’t usually feel all right when I’m not with you. Happy birthday, sweet.

41. To the woman who’s agreed to take care of me and my kids, and even nurse them to greatness. I celebrate your birthday with you. Have a lovely day.

42. You’re endowed with all the attributes a man would ever wish for, in a lady. You’re beautiful inside out, and you’ve never stopped showing how amazing you are. Many more cakes to cut, a rare gem.

43. When I look at the sky, I see many stars. But you know what? Your star stood out, not because it’s the biggest, but because as little as it is, it shone brightest. Happy birthday to my superstar.

44. I stayed up all night thinking of how amazing it is to have my name mentioned on your lips…you’re just super duper awesome. Happy birthday, my superwoman.

45. Words may have always failed me to express how much I appreciate you. But today, I wish to tell you that, “You’re beautiful beyond imagination. You’re exceptional. You’re a solution to the world’s problems. You’re amazing. You’re a rare gem. Above all, you’re my no 1. Thanks for always showing me how much you care.” Thanks for standing by me. I wish you a splendiferous happy birthday.

46. To my fiercest supporter, my love, my woman, my soul mate, my partner; happy birthday, darling. Keep recounting joyful memories

47. It was recounted that women made Solomon and Samson fall, but you are that woman like Esther, who has saved me, from the hands of the wicked Haman of this world. Thanks, sweet. Wishing you a happy birthday.

48. Who would have thought there could be a human as exceptional as you?. You’re one of those I am privilege to meet, and the best I am opportune to have. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul.

49. Today is the day the Lord has made and I wish that you rejoice evermore in it. Count your blessing and name then one after the other, because it’s your birthday. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

50. Each day, I thank God for two major things: that He created me, and that He created you to be a part of my life’s journey. Thanks, awesome dude. Break a leg, it’s your birthday

51. I really do not know the right adjective to use to qualify a beautiful fellow like you. Your beauty – in and out– is sure beyond what I could express. But then, I haven’t forgotten it’s your birthday. It’s going to be great!

52. To the woman who has always stood by me, and has promised to always be there – come rain, come sunshine–, I wish you a happy birthday, encapsulated with great experiences and wonderful testimonies.

53. Blessed are you among women. Happy birthday, love.

54. Living without you is like having a cylinder with no gas content in it – it’s useless! But with you, my life has received the value it has. So, I wish you a Happy birthday today and many happy returns.

55. Words can’t really express how much I feel knowing that I’ll be spending the rest of my life with you. My heart rejoices that you’re plus-one today. Happy birthday, darling.

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Cutest Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy Birthday to Someone With a Big Heart

Knowing who you want to spend the rest of your life with, may either bring you Joy or agitation. But doesn’t it feel really nice to have to spend the rest of one’s life with someone that really cares? Yes, it does.

And you know what? birthdays are one of such occasions where you could appreciate those kinds of people in your life with a big heart.

Tell your love to your partner by sending him some happy birthday to someone with a big heart. He deserved to get the cutest birthday wishes for boyfriend.

The entire list of heartfelt birthday wishes for him is here for you to make use of. Select your choices and leave your fiancée inspired – or rather impressed.

56. Happy birthday to my one and only lovey-dovey partner. You mean a lot to me, dear. Enjoy the sweetness of the day.

57. Coming through as an awesome partner is sure worth appreciating you for. Thanks for all you do. Happy birthday.

58. You man my life like a guard mans a vault. Thanks for showing me how precious I am. Happy birthday, babe.

59. To the one who accepted my imperfection and made me know how blessed I am, wishing you a glorious birthday and greater achievement in all you do.

60. Some men are good; some better, while others are said to be the best. But sadly, you don’t belong to any of those categories. To me, you belong to that category called BETTER THAN THE BEST. Happy birthday, an amazing partner.

61. Being with you gives me a sense of fulfillment, and boldness to take the giant step towards succeeding. I am happy you’re mine. Happy birthday, love.

62. Think you’re growing young? No! We’re both growing old together, that we may joyfully eat the fruit of our labor. Happy birthday, sweetest! Eat, Drink, and Merry.

63. Every moment spent with you is such that I’m always thanking God for. I’ll forever be grateful for the gift of a person like you. Happy birthday, sweet one. May you experience an amazing turn-around as you step into a new year.

64. Coming this far with you is one of the greatest stories I’ll forever tell. Although it’s been rough and tough, you still stayed, not minding the wavering of the storm or the darkness of the sky. You’re indeed my hero, my bestie, my specially special person. Happy birthday, mine.

65. So many times when I look at you, I see beyond the man. I see the Jesus-incarnate. Do well to enjoy your day. Happy birthday.

66. Ask me who the world’s best thief is, and I’ll point at you. You stole my heart! Wishing you the best, today, as you celebrate. May this new year bring you fabulous experiences.

67. Your presence in my life caused a great turning point for me. I wish to say thank you. Do have a fulfilling day. Happy birthday, darling.

68. A new year comes with great and fulfilling promises. I pray that this new year of yours be filled with re-countable encounters. May your joy be full and may every good thing you wish for, come your way. Happy birthday, my only one.

69. In my next life, one of my prayers would be that God should bring a man like you, my way again. I don’t know about others, but you’re just too awe-inspiring. Happy birthday, to the world’s best.

70. I met my father recently and he said he’s been making plans to arrest a particular thief. I asked him what thief that could be. He said the thief that stole his daughter’s heart. Unknown to him, the thief is plus one today. Happy birthday, dear. Thanks for taking care of my heart. (Smiles)

71. Even if the light on the candle dies, the love you’ve shown to me will always remain as the flame in my heart. And today, I wish to say thank you for all you have done and to wish you a happy birthday with the beginning of better experiences.

Birthday Wishes for Someone You Admire

People with big hearts are admirable.

Sweet happy birthday messages could be sent to someone you very much admire. There are people like that. You just love everything about them – their lifestyle, courage, strength, among others.

Oftentimes, you even wish to be like them. So, how about you get across some birthday wishes for someone you admire so much. It doesn’t really have to be complex. Just a simple birthday wishes for respected person could do the job. And here are a few amongst our collection of happy birthday to someone with a big heart.

72. Christ died for my sins, but you sacrificed your time for me. Thanks for not giving up on me. I wish you a happy birthday today. Your intense greatness has sure rubbed off on me. Enjoy your day to the full.

73. Bells are ringing; birds are singing; universe and nature are working, just to ensure you have a memorable birthday. Isn’t that amazing?! Happy birthday, adorable.

74. Truth is, you really do not know how much I appreciate your presence in my life. It’s a privilege I won’t take for granted. You’re just so sweet. Happy birthday

75. When you look forward and you look backward, and it seems no one cares for you, just remember my name because I do really care. Enjoy your day till it reaches the brim. Happy birthday.

76. You know what? your birthday means a lot to me. Your birthday spreads goodness; it lights up the lives of those around. Your birthday makes for the best days hurray! Happy birthday to a special person.

77. Right now my only preoccupation is thoughts about you. Hope that angels have delivered all the blessing to you… smiles! Happy birthday.

78. Harmony, peace, and progress are a little in the list of things I wish for you on the gracious occasion of your birthday. Happy birthday.

79. Climb the highest mountain and feel the exhilaration of victory, even as you celebrate an addition to a great life. Happy birthday.

80. What more can I say than to say thank you to God, for giving us a gem like you. You’re indeed a person whose life is worth emulating. Happy birthday.

81. Today’s world (insert name ) day. Have a blissful experience. You’re cherished and celebrated.

82. You’re charming, talented, strong, and gorgeous. I thank God He brought us this close. Happy birthday.

83. No other person deserves to share this day with you. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday!

Touching Birthday Message To A Sister

Happy Birthday to Someone With a Big Heart

Sisters are one of the sweetest fellows you could ever wish to get, and doing your best to get a touching birthday message to a sister, on her birthday is one true way of expressing how blessed you are to have had such.

Not sure what birthday wish to send? Worry less! With these sweet heart touching lines for sister you could express your undying love to your sister.

84. Happy birthday to a beautiful and amazing sister You have been a great sister and a wonderful friend. Cheers!

85. Even though a mother may forget her suckling child, the lord’s promise is that He’ll not forget you. On this great birthday occasion of yours, may you not be forgotten by your helpers in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday, Sis.

86. Thanks for always allowing yourself to be MAD – Making a difference, in my life. Happy birthday, sweet sister.

87. I was wondering why my heart was constantly skipping beats all this while. I was almost scared till I remembered that a princess is being celebrated today. And guess who that princess is. It’s you of course! Celebrate more. Happy birthday, adorable sister.

88. I couldn’t have wished to have a sibling, but GOD knew what He was doing. He knew I would be needing someone as sweet as you are; and so, He gave you specially to me, as a sister. I’m really glad you came. Happy birthday, do enjoy your day.

89. It’s a great honor that the best and most gorgeous lady in the world is my sister. Happy birthday, sis. You’re loved, cherished and highly honored.

90. Happy birthday, loveliest. May your path continually be lit by God’s light, and may your strength be renewed continually. Eat, drink, and make merry.

91. One of my boast to my friends, is that, “Don’t you wish your sister was cute like mine?” Happy birthday, cute sister. May all your heart desires become beautiful realities.

92. To my sweet sixteen, my gist partner, my look-alike; I’m wishing you a glorious birthday and many happy returns.

93. Years ago, a beautiful angel was lowered down on earth, through the womb of an amazing woman. And today, that beautiful angel is a year older. Guess… That beautiful angel is you! Happy birthday, beautiful sister. I love you.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Some friends can’t just be done away with.

It’s your bestie’s birthday and you need to make him or her have an awesome feel? Here are some thoughtful and inspiring, though simple birthday wishes for best friend, that you could use to make that friend feel blessed for having you.

We all have that friend that makes us feel exceptional. So, how about you sending a sweet happy birthday wish to that best friend of yours, just to communicate how sweet they are.

94. May God bless you abundantly. May your days be without pains and regret. May you flourish on all sides and may you experience glorious things on this special day of yours.

95. Time in, time out, people go in and come out of our lives. But not minding the situation, true friends often stick to you closer than a vein could. Happy birthday, bestie.

96. Just for the sake of your birthday, permit me to say that you’re an exclusively amazing best friend. Make sure you make the best of today. Happy birthday.

97. Having you in my life journey is a story I’ll recount to my children’s children. If I’m to put it in a book, in summary, here’s what I will write: “If you come across someone as sweet as this friend of mine in your life journey, hold them down tight; don’t let them go because it’s really hard to get someone that’s as sweet as they are.” Happy birthday to a friend with a big heart.

98. Your presence comes with radiancy, and today, I celebrate the uniqueness in you, dear friend. Happy birthday.

99. Just as a drop of water can make a mighty ocean, a true friend makes one fulfilled at all times. And yea, you’re that true friend. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy birthday!

100. I met you as a person, we became friends; built intimacy, and now, we’re without a bridge to tear us apart. I celebrate this day with you. Have beautiful experiences!

101. A friend who’s true; a friend like you is all I need to be good. Happy birthday!

102. When the book of my life will be written, if it’s a ten-chapter book, I will take out 4 chapters recounting how sweet a friend you are to me. Happy birthday, beautiful one.

103. A special day for a special friend; the best day for a best friend. A birthday wish for a special best friend. I wish you the very best of all you desire in life.

104. Just look at you, look at the way you are. Can’t you see that you’re extraordinary? What a beautiful heart you have. Happy birthday, amazing fellow.

105. On every occasion of your birthday, I get to remember how much you mean to me, best friend. May this birthday mark the beginning of better experiences and awesome testimonies in your life. Have a blast!

106. I am continually amazed at how smart, strong, courageous, and confident my best friend is. Happy birthday, beautiful. Take more grounds.

107. You’re a friend like a moon; one who lights our way when all other lights go out. You have a heart of gold. Happy birthday, bestie.

108. It’s true that twenty children won’t play together for twenty years. But you’re one of those whose name would forever be written on the tablet of my heart. Do have a fulfilling day. Happy birthday.

109. I’ve racked my brain trying to put words together, but no word can actually express how amazing you are to me. I wish you a more enviable life from now on as you celebrate another birthday. Enjoy!

110. As you celebrate a wonderful birthday today, one word to describe you – amazing. One prayer for you – greatness. One piece of advice for you – continue. I celebrate you greatly.


There you have it! Over a hundred birthday quotes, prayers, blessings, and wishes for that special person with a great heart. With these thoughtful birthday wishes, and happy birthday prayer messages, make your choice, create the impression and pass the message just as you want it.

A splendid Happy Birthday to Someone with a Big Heart that you really care for, has been made easy. Simply copy and paste, then push the send button to get them across in no time.

I’m sure that one of these Happy Birthday to Someone with a Big Heart, has been helpful; kindly state the number you prefer most in the comment section.


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