Happy Born Day Wishes

50 Sweetest Happy Born Day Wishes, Prayers and Messages

I assume you already know happy born day meaning, Yes, it’s another way of saying happy birthday, which is gradually becoming more popular. Just as born could mean birth, born day is just the variant of birthday.

So, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or your partner, here is our compilation of the best happy born day wishes.

This is a compilation of what to say on someone’s birthday, and several sweet ways to say happy birthday to a special person, and make them feel special.

You’ll certainly find these unique birthday wishes and messages useful; to send your wishes and congratulations just the way you want it.

Happy Born Day Wishes And Sms

1. Although last year may seem difficult, we know that they are tests that put us on the right path, and I pray to God for strength to always keep you going. Have a wonderful birthday friend.

2. May all the steps you take this new year bring you closer to the fulfillment of your goals. Have a wonderful birthday dear friend.

3. It’s your birthday, and it’s something to shout about. Happy birthday, friend. I hope this is the beginning of your sweetest, most amazing, and most wonderful year ever! Celebrate!

4. Oh yes, It’s your birthday! Take the day off. Put your feet up. Grab a bottle of Champaign. You deserve it! Enjoy to the brim.

5. You are a great fellow. Thanks for always showing me the way to love and for being there for me when I need a shoulder to lean on. For that, I love you! Happy birthday!

6. Happy birthday to a confidant. You’ve always been there for me, and I will always be there for you. The best of your life is yet to come. Happy birthday!

7. This day marks one small milestone in the beautiful journey of a beautiful soul. May you continue to be blessed and enjoy the beauty of life as you follow your goals and ambitions to success! Happy birthday to a beautiful soul.

8. Completing another cycle of 365 days means the best in your life is yet to come. The days ahead of you are greater. May your path continually drop fatness and your endeavor be marked with greater success. Best wishes to best friend.

9. To have you is to have the best of treasures. Happy birthday, wishing you greater days ahead.

10. Yes, it’s another year, but it’s not a usual one. May this year be marked with beautiful unusual experiences for you. Eat, drink, dance, and make merry.

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Complimentary Happiest Born Day Wishes

1. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. As you add a year, dear fabulous friend, may many beautiful things be added to your life. Have the happiest born day.

2. Happy birthday, friend! May every day of your life be filled with genuine laughter, and big smiles! You are a great friend with a great heart.

3. Today, I’m wishing you a very lovely birthday, and a beautiful year filled with many sweet things, with all the happiness possible! Enjoy a wonderful birthday.

4. Many times, I wonder how someone could be so charming, extraordinary, loving, caring…like you. Then I remembered, you’re not ordinary. You’re an Angel in human form! Happy birthday to you, treasured one.

5. I wondered why the bell rang, early today. I wondered why the breeze was much more refreshing. I wondered why I felt really at peace. I wondered why lots of ‘why come to mind. Then I remembered that’s all this happened because it’s a special day for a special fellow. It’s your birthday. Happy birthday.

6. If I begin to recount how sweet you are, I wouldn’t be able to do any other thing for the next three days, because I’ll still be talking about the awesome dude celebrating his birthday today. Enjoy your day to the full.

7. Happy birthday to someone with a big heart. Bells are ringing; birds are singing; universe and nature are working, just to ensure you have a memorable birthday. Isn’t that amazing?! Happy birthday, adorable.

8. It’s time to party and make your birthday as special as you are! I hope your day is fantastic, beautiful and the year ahead even better. Happy birthday to a fabulous friend!

9. Happy birthday, dude. Let this day be full of joyous memories and celebration. I wish you an amazing and fabulous birthday, friend!

10. I want to take advantage of your birthday to wish you a wonderful year ahead, with all my heart that all your dreams come true. You are one of the most important people I ever met and will ever meet. Have a wonderful birthday, dear friend.

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What To Say On Someone’s Birthday

1. Cheers to the best friend in the world. You deserve a lot of positive wishes on your birthday. May God protect, bless and guide you through this new year, Happy Birthday.

2. Stay true to who you are and what you’re doing, you are an exceptional being and the best friend a person could pray for! Have a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead.

3. Friend, Have a wonderful, sumptuous, joyous, and fulfilling, birthday now and forever.

4. No gift in the world can pay for the wonderful years that I have enjoyed your friendship. Happy Birthday, dearest one.

5. There is no treasure more precious than a beautiful friendship forged over time and based on good feelings. Have a wonderful birthday, darling.

6. Congratulations on this long-awaited and special day of yours! May you live long to celebrate more. Happy birthday fabulous friend.

7. I wish you to receive hundreds of blessings and enjoy boundless joy, today and forever. Happy Birthday. I love you!

8. Someone like you does not deserve just birthday messages, not two messages, not even three; you deserve a day full of gifts, gifts that fill you with happiness and joy. Congratulations darling, I adore and celebrate you.

9. Happy birthday, friend. Since our childhood days, you’ve always been a friend to count on. I’m glad we are still best of friends, and I believe that one day we’ll be sitting side-by-side in our rocking chairs as old folks, smiling and laughing at how far we’ve come along.

10. To a friend like you, I can only wish you the choicest of the best. Happy birthday. I heart you.

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Sweet Ways To Say Happy Birthday To A Special Person

1. Happy birthday, dear. May your life be filled with enviable opportunities and superlative blessings. Enjoy the best of your years on earth.

2. Happy birthday to a wonderful fellow. Wishing you the very best of another glorious year! Cheers!

3. Over the years, you have brought us so much reason to be grateful to God. More so, today, I thank God for you and wish you a sweet year with wonderful memories. Happy birthday, special.

4. May your path continue to shine brighter and brighter. Your today shall be better than yesterday, and your tomorrow shall be greater. Happy birthday to you!

5. If not by the Lord’s mercy, you would have been consumed. I’m grateful to God for keeping you and leading you into the brightest future. It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy.

6. A happy new dawn! All through this new age and beyond, nobody will tell you “sorry” in Jesus’ name. Instead, you shall be celebrated. Celebrate and rejoice.

7. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Since you said yes, my life took a wonderful turn for the best. I can’t describe how much peace you’ve given to us. You are everything I can pray for. Thank you for being a great wife. Live long!

8. Dear, my prayer, this day, is that God will pour His grace upon you. Do have the loveliest birthday celebration, and never forget that I love you. Happy birthday.

9. As you march forward into another year, the Lord will perfect all things that concern you. May you flourish and enjoy divine favor in all your endeavors. Wishing you a super year ahead.

10. Happy birthday, my love. This day, my prayer is that God will cause his grace to flow on you; you’ll enjoy joy like rivers, and success shall be your portion, now and always.

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Birthday Wishes For Supportive Person

1. It is often said that people changes with time. But for you, it is amazing how you have remained such a wonderful person for all these years. If you’ve changed at all, we’ve seen you changed to be better. May God’s blessings be upon you as you celebrate this wonderful day.

2. Little wonder that many young women look up to you because your life is an inspiration for success and excellence. Happy birthday, to heroin!

3. For so long, you have had many glorious birthdays, and you deserve to have many more because your life is a worthy example that all young people should follow. This is wishing you more fulfilling years ahead!

4. Dear boss, in you, I see a well of wisdom, knowledge, and virtues. With these, I feel so privileged to know you. I wish you a fabulous birthday today. Do have a wonderful birthday celebration.

5. What sets you apart is your ability to go the extra mile in making sure that you have a positive impact on every one of us. Happy birthday to the most selfless leader I know on the planet.

6. As you move forward on this life’s journey; may you experience and enjoy unforgettable moments that would always make you rejoice and testify to God’s goodness. Happy birthday to you.

7. Someone very special is celebrated his birthday today. Boundless joy, enviable opportunities, and many reasons to celebrate are my special wishes for you, dear friend.

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