Happy Anniversary to a Special Couple

Happy Anniversary To A Special Couple | 100 Quotes, blessings, Wishes and Statuses

Need to say happy anniversary to a special couple? We had it figured out for you already!

Love is a beautiful thing, and marriage is a thing of joy. More so, when couples stay together for some time and remain together, despite their differences and weaknesses; they deserve to be celebrated.

It does happen that sometimes we have these special couples who seem to inspire us; it is very thoughtful to remember their anniversary and send them our wishes, blessings, and prayers. For such couples, we have prepared over 100 ways to say “happy anniversary to a special couple”.

Whether you desire to send them some wishes, blessings, prayers, or marriage anniversary quotes, this post has them all prepared for you.

You may want to send them the same text message or decide to attend to the spouses separately. Whatever your decision is, here, you’ll find wedding anniversary wishes to husband, and suitable anniversary quotes for wife.

Not that alone! We are aware that as a partner, you may want to send your lover some romantic wedding anniversary wishes for your husband or wife. You may even love to have some captions for your Facebook, Whatsapp status, or something to post on Instagram; we have them all figured out and ready for your use. They are all thoughtful ways to say “Happy anniversary to us, my love”.

Happy Anniversary Status

Yes! It’s lovely to see yourself being celebrated on someone else’s status. And I am sure your boss, friend, colleague, or sibling, who is celebrating his or her wedding anniversary will be glad to see you celebrate them on your status.

Happy anniversary status could be in form of prayers, blessings, wishes, or love quotes. Whichever you’re choosing, ultimately, the celebrants will know you have them at heart.

1. Happy 20th-anniversary old lovers, here’s to another year of being cute together Enjoy

2. I hope you look back to memories and be glad. Happy anniversary, Dearies

3. Cheers to a new year of love, to my favorite Love birds. Enjoy it in harmony and much love. I celebrate you.

4. My best wish to you on this day is that you live excellently well together. Happy anniversary, wonderful couple.

5. Enjoying each other’s company is a secret to lasting longer in a relationship/marriage. Cheers to enjoying each other’s company in peace this year and many years to come.

6. Congratulations on a wonderful year spent together in love and unity. Happy anniversary, beautiful couple.

7. The love you have for each other is special and on this day, I wish you a special year of better harmony and greater joy.

8. When I see you lovers, I see perfection. You’re both made for each other. Happy anniversary, friends.

9. Hurray! It’s your anniversary, birds of love. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and peace. Cheers to more beautiful years together.

10. May this year be filled with joy everlasting and an abundance of wealth in sound health. I love you two. Cheers!

11. How awesome you look when you both smile. I hope that your hearts be flooded with love continually this year. Cheers, darling. More years of happiness together.

12. You’re both invaluable and treasures in earthen vessels. I love you both and I pray that you’d spend time together and forever in good health and prosperity. Happy anniversary, my darlings.

13. You’re both good enough for each other and I pray you keep growing together amidst all things. Happy anniversary, to you friends.

14. The first day I saw you both, I was convinced you were a match made from heaven. Happy anniversary. I celebrate you and I pray favor finds you this year. Enjoy!

15. May your days be like the early start of your relationship where the love was evident and so enviable. Live on in love. Happy anniversary, beautiful couple.

16. Your love is a thing to be envied. This year, and forever, I pray that God’s presence be with you every step you take, and in every direction you go. Enjoy your day, lovers.

17. Hey! It’s another time to reflect on the beautiful memories and Happiness. Happy Anniversary to you guys. I love you and I do celebrate your love story.

Happy Anniversary Message To A Friend

Happy Anniversary to a Special Couple

It’s your friend’s anniversary and you are so excited to wish him/her a happy marriage anniversary. It’s understandable if the words are not coming. You’d find different happy anniversary message to a friend in this section for anniversaries of loved ones.

Don’t forget, your messages could be in any form. It could be a prayer, a personalized or handwritten card, a gratitude message on their behalf, or speaking of a memory you had together with them over a call or text. It could be anything at all. Make that call and express yourself today, send that text or gifts to make your special couple feel very special on their wedding anniversary.

18. How time flies. Your anniversary marks when you took the bow and here you are living daily in alignment with the vows. More years of happy living, friends. I love you guys.

19. Your anniversary speaks of how well you’ve lived together in all things. May you continually live in love as regards all that you do. This is my heartfelt wish. Happy anniversary

20. May angels work together for your good this new year. Happy anniversary. Enjoy your love.

21. May you both live victoriously in an abundance of wealth and health. Cheers to a healthy home and a happy couple.

22. All blessings stolen shall be restored in folds and you’ll testify to God’s faithfulness in Jesus’ name. Happy anniversary lovers.

23. May you both shine this year and receive speedy results to your desires. Cheers to a fulfilled home, friends

24. Hurray, it’s another year love birds. May you be blessed in your going out and coming in; and lines will fall for you in pleasant places. happy anniversary to a special couple.

25. As you mark a new year, every weapon formed against your home shall not prosper in Jesus’ name. Cheers to a better year together.

26. This year, may you come into the blessings God has prepared for you. Cheers! Good Morning and happy anniversary to a special couple.

27. Happy anniversary dearies. The Lord will see you through this journey of love in Jesus’ name. Amen. I love you guys. Stay blessed as you stay together in love.

28. Hey, wonderful couple. Welcome to a new chapter of your life. May the Lord keep you and guide you. May His face continually shine on your home. Happy anniversary, love birds.

29. This is the day the Lord has made, you’ll be grateful and rejoice in it. May the Lord enlarge your territory this year. Happy anniversary, perfect couple. Enjoy!

30. Hurray! Another year has been added to your years of love. May the love of God not cease in your home. Happy anniversary, lovers. I love you

31. Your paths shall continue to shine brighter this new year. This is my prayer for you, my favorite couple. Happy anniversary, darlings. Enjoy your day

32. To my rare gems, I want to wish you a happy wedding anniversary. More loads of love and sweetness in your home. God bless your home and all that concerns you.

33. May the peace of Christ reign in your home this new season of yours. Happy 25th anniversary. The love of God will keep you strong together.

34. Happy anniversary to you wonderful couple. Welcome to a new year of increase and comfort. Enjoy this new year with renewed love and commitment. The best is coming. I love you both.

Wedding Anniversary Blessings and Prayers

Happy Anniversary to a Special Couple

Blessings and prayers are a great way to go by, to send your wishes to your special couples.

Below are some prayers for your favorite couple’s anniversary. You need not stress yourself on what to say to them, that has been made easy as you could go through this section and find some of the finest wedding anniversary blessings and prayers that speak your mind. Go through them carefully and decide on which to use.

35. Hey darlings, in this new year of yours the Lord will perfect all that concerns you and make every plan of the enemy over your home void in Jesus’ name. Happy anniversary, sweet lovers.

36. Every mountain shall be leveled, all crooked paths are made plain. These shall be your testimony this year. Happy anniversary, to you both.

37. Yay! It’s my favorite couple’s anniversary. My love for you cannot be explained, I’m always grateful to God, seeing how beautiful your home is taken care of. May God grant you the wisdom to live in peace continually. Happy anniversary to a special couple.

38. I wish you beautiful surprises and pleasant experiences this new year of yours. Live it in success and glorious encounters. Happy anniversary. Enjoy awesome wonders.

39. You’re lifted above your struggles this year. You’ll rise above the storms in your home on this day. Happy anniversary, my friends.

40. You shall be singled out for greatness this year. You both will not be put to shame. I cherish you guys. Happy anniversary

41. Happy anniversary to my amazing couple! I pray that heaven endows you with the understanding to make the relationship stand firm. It’s your best year yet.

42. Happy anniversary love birds. I am so glad for you both. May the songs of your love remain sonorous till the end. I love you.

43. Hurray! It’s all about love. Love in the atmosphere. I celebrate you on this day and I pray that God’s love will encompass you roundabout this new year. Cheers to more romantic years!

44. You both started from somewhere and there’s an end. I pray it’ll be a favorable one in Jesus’ name. Amen.

45. I bless God over your lives for where you’re coming from and where He’s leading you to. Happy anniversary, Dearies.

46. May the light of God shine in your home this year and cause men to honor you. Happy anniversary. May you continue to enjoy the abundance of God’s mercy.

47. A display of your love captures others and they long for a marriage such as yours. Your happiness won’t turn sour in Jesus’ name. Happy anniversary to a special couple.

48. Happy anniversary to a special couple. May the dew of heaven continually refresh your home and cause you to be fruitful in all ramifications. Celebrate.

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Wedding Anniversary Blessing Wishes

Happy Anniversary to a Special Couple

I love seeing couples weathering the storm together and standing by each other. I believe you do too. And I guess that’s why you would want to celebrate your favorite couple with wedding anniversary blessings and wishes.

49. I pray that the Lord bless you and keep you this new chapter of your lives. We won’t mourn over you and your family. Happy anniversary to you.

50. Enjoy the benefits that God has provided for us. This is my heartfelt wish; I wish you an anniversary filled with blessings.

51. Happy anniversary, dear lovers. I pray that your days last longer together, and as one forever in Jesus’ name.

52. Special love birds, happy anniversary. May the Lord bless you and cause his face to shine on you two this year.

53. I wish that the Grace of God speaks for you this new year of love again. You’d build a happy home with wisdom and in love. Happy anniversary to you.

54. Hurray! This shall be a new year of sweet memories spent together. I pray that the Lord will bless you abundantly and always. You’ll be blessed beyond measures this year. Happy anniversary to you.

55. Hey lovers! Happy anniversary! May you walk in the love of God and bask in His goodness this new season. Enjoy your home in peace and serenity. More years of love to celebrate.

56. It’s your 2nd wedding anniversary and it looks just like yesterday when you got married; how time fly. This year the Lord will bless your home beyond your imaginations in Jesus’ name. Amen! I love you!

57. Yay! It’s another year of God’s goodness in your life, my dear friend. Your needs are met even before they arise in the name of Jesus. Your heart desires are granted in the name of Jesus, and your family shall live in unity forevermore. Amen!

58. May this year and beyond in your home be fruitful and profitable in the name of Jesus. Welcome to a new phase of your journey of love. Happy anniversary, darlings.

59. May the Lord enlarge your territory and restore the wasted years and break the spirit of discord in the name of Jesus. God’s love will dominate in your family this new year of yours. Happy anniversary, my dear friend.

60. I wish you greater heights this year. You’re making waves in all spheres of your life this season and your family will testify of God’s mercy. Happy anniversary, friend.

61. Wow! I’m speechless right now. I love you both. I love your patience with each other and how you stood for the other in times of difficulties. I pray the Lord keep you together in abundance of love, joy, and happiness. Happy anniversary to a special couple.

62. Anniversaries are celebrated annually, not because you’re just counting years but because you’re grateful for every lesson learned and how far you both have gone in building a good home. May the Lord bless you with wisdom to build a more perfect home in Jesus’ name. Happy anniversary.

63. Happy anniversary to you my friend! During the darkest times, the Lord will strengthen you and during the wonderful times, he’ll guide you into all opportunities to break forth in all ramifications. I love you and I’m glad you’re doing good in your new home. Happy 3rd anniversary in good condition and joyfulness.


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