How to Wish Someone Happy Birthday | 100 Inspiration, Greetings, Quotes and Words

Thinking of sending birthday greetings or how to wish someone happy birthday in a way they would always remember? We’ve got that sorted out for you in this collection of heart-touching birthday wishes for best friend, family, colleagues, or anyone that matters in your life.

More importantly, we made them unique words for birthday wishes, that can help to express your love, wishes, and prayers. Included also, are Sweet birthday messages for mom, and how to wish someone happy birthday in advance either to your love, a confidant, or a casual friend.

Words for Birthday Wishes: Birthday Greetings

When someone you love and cherish turns another year you will want to do everything in your power to make their day memorable by sending them birthday greetings and your best wishes on their birthdays.

Coming up with the right words to convey your feelings and birthday wishes are important to make them feel loved.

Here are some beautifully crafted words for birthday wishes and greetings we have provided for you to celebrate your loved ones.

How to Wish Someone Happy Birthday

1. I wish you a blast as you celebrate your birthday today. May you enjoy all the blessings and joy that come with it. God bless your new age.

2. May you accomplish more as you advance in age dearie; and may your ways be prosperous and filled with joy as you open another chapter in your life. Happy Birthday.

3. Let’s make a toast to a more robust life as you mark another year. I celebrate you for being a remarkable person and having a beautiful soul. Happy birthday.

4. I pray that all your wishes will come true and your expectations will not be cut short because the Lord will order your steps and lead you to greater heights as you add a new year. Happy birthday.

5. May your day be full of love, hope, bliss, sound health, and abundant blessing. Happy birthday to you.

6. May this year mark a memorable and remarkable year for you as you journey into another great year. Happy birthday. Be the best you can ever be.

7. Has anyone ever told you how amazing, strong, and influential you have been? I will use this moment of your birthday to appreciate and pray for you that this year shall be better than ever, dear. Happy birthday to you.

8. Some say you are slow but I say you are careful in your ways. Happy birthday to the most wonderful person I ever met. God bless your new age.

9. This year, help is coming for you in many folds. Your year is blessed, graced, and favored. Happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday to someone with an amazing heart, calm and gentle. Knowing you has been a plus. I celebrate your existence, age with grace, dearie.

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How to Wish A Friend Happy Birthday

We’ve got you covered in how to wish someone happy birthday in advance. There are ways to wish your friends happy birthday because friends are the closest allies in our lives. They are folks which you can always lean on in time of need and, who always got your back.

Send happy birthday messages, prayers, and wishes to your friends and make them feel special. Of course, you may accompany your wishes and birthday cards with nice gifts.

Check out for some words you may include in your birthday card and ways on how to wish a friend happy birthday meaningfully.

1. Happy birthday to my dear friend who has stood by me in time of need. You’re always a shoulder to lean on. Thank you for being so nice. I love you, dear. Age with Grace.

2. Happy birthday to you, friend. You have been a true friend from the first day I met you. May God bless your new age. You shall celebrate more of it in life.

3. Seeing you grow into a fine woman all these years is amazing; and knowing that today is your birthday is so wonderful, dearie. You deserve to be celebrated. I celebrate you today and always. Enjoy your day!

4. Dear, I pray for you today that you are lifted, favored and lines are falling for you in pleasant places. Celebrate! Happy birthday to a sweet fellow.

5. Happy birthday to my amazing, caring, and wonderful friend. Looking at the years I have known you, I will say you are dynamic, strong, and unique. I love you for who you are. Rejoice!.

6. Happy birthday to my friend turned sister. You know I love you because you are selfless and distinct. If the whole world turns its back you know you always have me. Wishing you many happy returns.

7. Happy birthday to you my darling friend. Having you as my friend is a blessing so I wish you all the very best in life. Welcome to the best year you have seen so far.

8. I pray for you today as you celebrate a new year that you shall be lifted, and the dew of heaven shall fall on you. Kings shall rise to favor you and queens shall be your foster parent. Happy birthday, my surest friend.

9. Happy birthday, dearie. You are such an amazing fellow. Keep shining. Keep growing. Keep pushing and keep celebrating, because it is your turn to celebrate.

10. Happy birthday to my friend with a lot of swag. Madam no-nonsense; a goal-getter. I love you for being you so I wish you many happy returns.

11. Happy birthday pal. Keep enjoying God’s grace and blessings. Many more years to come. I celebrate you.

12. Happy birthday to you. Greater levels for you. More promotions for you. Many contracts to win. Lots of calendars to crush and places to go. Keep flying.

13. Many happy returns of the day to you, dear friend. Keep getting better and advancing in all ramifications of life. May all your heart desires be are granted. Cheers!

14. I celebrate you and congratulate you for adding another year to your age. Your cake is lovely and you look beautiful. I wish you a beautiful year in advance.

15. Happy birthday, dear. You are as beautiful inside as you are outside. The Grace of God will radiate your life and you will excel in all your endeavors.

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Sweet Ways to Say Happy Birthday

how to wish someone happy birthday

Birthdays are days to show your loved ones how much you care about them. And one of the ways to go about this is to send across some sweet happy birthday wishes to them.

You might want to express your gratitude and love to them by sending happy birthday messages in a sweet way just to make it different and unique.

Here are some long words and how to wish someone happy birthday in advance and short sweet ways to say happy birthday:

1. Happy birthday to my dearest friend. You are so sweet like candy. Ever smiling, never dulling. I celebrate you. You are loved, dearie. Thank you for being the best.

2. I must confess; chocolate is sweet, vanilla is sweet caramel is enticing. However, you are the sweetest. I love the way you make me feel loved anytime I am with you. Your carriage and joy are contagious and I thank you for being you. Happy birthday to you, sweetie.

3. I guess angels decided to gather the beautiful stones in heaven, so earth may have someone to represent them for what they stand for, and they decided to send you. Friend, you are the epitome of beauty and virtue. Today, I’m celebrating with you because it’s your special day. Happy birthday to you, dearie.

4. Age is nothing, especially when maturity is involved. You are the smartest, and sweetest, though the youngest among my friends. You are special to me. You are just amazing. Happy birthday to you. I wish you more life, more wins, and more money.

5. Happy birthday to the most generous, loving, and caring person I know. You are confident, courageous, and dauntless. I celebrate you ma’am and I appreciate your good work to the family and everyone around your cycle. Congratulations on your birthday.

6. Happy birthday to you, my good friend. Being blessed is one thing, but being a blessing is a great virtue that you exemplify in all ways. You have been a blessing to countless people. I love you and I celebrate you.

7. My life was good, but when I met you it became better, and I wanna say I love you. Keep shinning. Keep breaking grounds. Keep flying and never stop smiling. Happy birthday to you, my love.

8. I can never forget the birthday of one of the sweetest people in my life. My biggest fan and gist partner. You are amazing and sweet. So I celebrate you today and always. happy birthday, dearie.

9. You are sweet as candy, lovely and bright like a light in the darkness. Beautiful inside and outside. Happy birthday to my wonderful crush. Age with Grace and keep winning, dearie.

10. I celebrate you, darling. You have always been there for me when I need someone to lean on. You never get tired of me. I wanna say a happy birthday to you and share this special love with you today.

11. No one has ever understood me as you do and I thank you for being my confidant. I want to thank you for your love showered on me and say a big happy birthday to you today. Cheers!

12. Happy birthday to you and for taking care of me when I had no one to help me. I say a big thank you. Keep celebrating.

13. Happy birthday to my Angel. You are a human in form of an Angel sent by God to grace the earth. Wherever you turn to, you shall be favored.

14. Happy birthday to you who make my life full of joy and love. The Lord will cause men to favor you and raise you to higher ground.

15. I appreciate God for your life today as you are a year plus. I pray that many doors shall open on to you. Happy birthday, dear.

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Sweet Birthday Messages for Mom

Moms’ love and care are incomparable. They are wonderful and lovely beings who’ll always be there for you no matter the situation life throws at you.

On their birthday, they need to be genuinely celebrated and showered lots of love. Whichever means you might have planned to celebrate your mom’s birthday, sweet birthday messages for mom should not be exempted.

For this reason, we have prepared some sweet birthday messages for moms to show gratitude and express love the way they’ll understand.

1. Happy birthday to you Mom. I can’t express my love for you in words, so I rather appreciate God with you as you mark a new year. God bless you sweet sixteen.

2. Happy birthday to my mom who chose my happiness over her happiness. Thank you for your sacrifice I could be a success. I celebrate you, Mom. You are the best in the world.

3. You taught me how to be strong and courageous. You taught me to be happy no matter what comes my way. All these have brought me this far. Thank you, Mom, for you are ever-loving. Happy birthday, big momma.

4. I can’t count how much you have been loving and supportive to us mom, even when we had nothing you will rather starve than eat so we could eat. What a blessing you are. Mom. I say happy birthday and thank you for everything you have done for us.

5. Knowing that you are a strong, kind, caring mother makes me proud to have you. I celebrate you specially today ma. Happy birthday. God bless you.

6. Happy birthday to my tough but nice momma. Your personality has brought me this far and I am very grateful for everything you represent in my life. May you live to celebrate more of it in life, and may you keep shinning. You’re cherished and celebrated, Mom.

7. I want to be the first to celebrate you today because you have shown much love and affection to me even when there was no hope for survival. Happy birthday to an exemplary and exceptional mother. I love you, mom.

8. Happy birthday to your mom. Sometimes I ask myself if I deserve you. Your persisting love, care, and understanding have left an imprint in my heart. Your kind is rare. You are a mother indeed. Wishing you many happy returns.

9. Happy birthday to my beautiful momma, the manager of the house, the wife of my father, and a God-fearing mother who never jokes with the things of God. I love you mum. What can I do without you? Nothing. Be Happy. Celebrate!

10. Thank you for filling the role of a mother, confidant, friend, even a father after dad died. You will forever be loved, mum. You are my hero and I love you mum. Thank you for all you do. Happy birthday to you.

11. Whenever I seem lost you always show me the way and taught me to pray and trust in God no matter what comes my way. I pray for you that you are blessed beyond measure and celebrated every day of your life. Happy birthday, mom.

12. Mom, you are my gift from God, and no one has ever been able to take that space in my heart. I love you, mom. Happy birthday to you.

13. Every mother is special to their children and so are you to me, my sweet mother. Please accept my token of love, happy birthday ma.

14. Momma, I want you to know that you are the best mom in the world. I love and cherish you, mum. My desire is that you live long and rejoice all your life.

15. Happy birthday Mom. I love you endlessly.

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Touching Birthday Messages to A Best Friend

how to wish someone happy birthday

If you’ve got someone to be referred to as a best friend, consider yourself fortunate to have someone special and unique; and you can make them feel special on their birthdays with touching birthday messages to a best friend.

With heart-touching happy birthday wishes, let such a person know the several ways he/she has touched your life and affected you positively.

1. Happy birthday to my best pal of all times. Knowing you has been the best thing that has happened to me, dear You are so full of life, love, and light. God bless the day you were born.

2. Celebrating you today means you are special. We have been through a lot since childhood till now and it has been amazing and fun together. I wish you more years in good health. Happy birthday, bestie.

3. Happy birthday to my only bestie. My sister from another mother has been with me through thick and thin. I love you so much, dear. Keep winning and coming out strong.

4. Happy birthday to the kindest person I know. You’ve taught me how to give wholeheartedly no matter how small it is. And you’ve shown me more love than I ever saw in anyone. I celebrate you today twinnie.

5. Happy birthday, dearie. Thank you for your listening ears. Thank you for loving me for who I am. I appreciate your love and I celebrate you on your special day as you have done for me on my days as well. Rejoice.

6. Happy birthday to a dear friend. You are the funniest person I know. I pray may this day brings joy, peace, and more laughter. There has never been a dull moment with you and you have been amazing all the way. Rejoice.

7. We do all things together but our birthdays are exceptional and that is because it is a special day for you, my bestie. God made it that way and I am thankful you are born today. Happy birthday to the best friend in the world.

8. Happy birthday to my amazing friend. I pray that you shall live long. You shall triumph in all ramifications. You shall excel and be lifted. Keeping flying, dear. The sky is your stepping stone.

9. Happy birthday to my beautiful friend. You are God-fearing and caring. I am blessed to have you as my closest pal. I love you for the woman you are becoming. I celebrate you.

10. You are my best friend since God knows when, and I have cherished every moment and what we’ve been through together. Happy birthday to you, my dearest. Keep winning.

11. Happy birthday darling. I remembered how we used to share our things and made our parents best friends as well. It is so amazing how far we have been together. Cheers.

12. To my best partner and friend, I say a big shout out to you on your Birthday. Move on. You know I am there for you always. I celebrate you, dear.

13. Happy birthday to you, friend. You always support me to the very end. I love your scolding, your encouragement, and your faith. I celebrate you.

14. Happy birthday to you dear. Great friends are hard to come by and I thank God for having you because you are distinct and precious.

15. I know there is still a part to celebrate about you but as my best pal, I want to wish you a wonderful birthday of all times. This year will lead you to a greater level.

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How to Wish Someone Happy Birthday in Advance

Some folks are so special we can’t wait till the day of their birthday to send in our wishes. At some other times, we want to be among the first to send them birthday wishes, so it may be necessary to wish them a happy birthday in advance. And that’s fine.

Also, there are people in your life whom you hold dear and will not want to forget their birthday for any reason. The trick is to wish them happy birthdays in advance just to let them know that you have them in mind.

Here are ways and how to wish someone happy birthday in advance

1. Happy birthday in advance to my one and only sweet friend. I will keep wishing you till your day comes. With much love, I celebrate you, darling. You know I love you and I can’t stop loving you.

2. Happy birthday in advance! I am likely gonna miss that party; that is why I am saying it is better to send earlier than late. I wish you more love and may your birthday mark the beginning of special moments in your life.

3. To my special gift, I say happy birthday in advance. I cannot love you less. I can only share this love with you and celebrate you before anyone does.

4. Happy birthday in advance to you my dearest friend. Even if I won’t be around for your birthday celebration I wanna let you know in advance that I did not forget you no matter how busy I am.

5. I’m sending this so I will always be the first person to send you a happy birthday message. I celebrate you always and I pray for long life and abundance of good tidings. Happy birthday in advance.

6. You deserve more than I can give you sis. You have played the role of a mother and a father also a sister. I love you ma. I wish you a happy birthday in advance to your big day.

7. No one knows the very reason I love celebrating you ahead and that is because I appreciate you for all you are and do. Happy birthday in advance. Wishing you greater heights.

8. I want to let the whole world know that you are my special person and I will keep celebrating you in advance till your day finally comes.

9. Happy birthday in advance to the best father in the world. I want to be the first person to surprise you with gifts before mum does. I love you, dad.

10. To my only confidant and partner, I celebrate your existence and I pray you shall eat the fruit of your labor. You deserve to be happy. Happy birthday in advance.

11. Even if I get busy or out of reach I want to wish you ahead. So, I want to say happy birthday to you, my dear. May the Lord give you dew from on high and lift you.

12. In Addy to my one and only sister in the world. I can’t wait to set the high table with your cake and see you elegant and beautiful, sis.

13. I celebrate you ahead, dearie; and I open the door of celebration as people begin to send you messages and gifts. Happy birthday in advance.

14. Happy birthday in advance mom. I don’t mind celebrating you for a whole week; that is because you worth every celebration.

15. Happy birthday in advance dear. Congratulations for it is a double celebration. keep adding more years to your years and keep celebrating always.

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Happy Birthday in Advance to My Love

how to wish someone happy birthday

Sending birthday messages to your family and friends is great, but as regards your special one you might decide that you want the birthday of your love to be great and distinct by sending a happy birthday in advance to them. This could serve as gratitude to them for always standing by you and making you happy.

Make your loved one feel special and loved by sending happy birthday wishes in advance in a unique way, you can also decide to add it with special gifts, and with this, they will always look forward to another special and lovely year with you.

1. To the love of my life, I wish you a blessed new year. I pray that as you celebrate, may you enjoy an increase in all ramifications. Happy birthday in advance to my love.

2. My love, I appreciate you and I celebrate you from the depth of my heart. You increase the joy in my heart and I cannot love you less. I can only give you more of me. In Addy to the love of my life.

3. Happy birthday in advance honey. You have always stood by me in every moment of my life ever since we have been together, and I will keep on celebrating you till your day comes. Cheers!

4. From my heart to you, I say happy birthday in advance to my sweetheart. You know I love you dearly and I will forever do. You have stolen my heart and I’m not hoping to get it back. I pray you will celebrate more of it in life, sweetie.

5. May you always shine and grow in life. You are lifted above measures and greater heights are yours. I love you and happy birthday in advance.

6. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the great things God has in store for you, sweetheart. Rejoice, because it is well with you. Happy birthday in advance, honey.

7. Happy birthday in advance to you, my love. I have known you to be caring, supportive, and loving and I have never taken you for granted, sweetie, God bless your new age.

8. The Lord who has established you in him will never let go of you. I pray you will never run dry of Grace. Positive and great things will keep coming your way, darling. Happy birthday in advance.

9. I celebrate you, my love. The sacrifices you have made for the family and the love and care you have shown to us can’t be quantified. You have been a great spouse and a father, and we love you for who you are. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

10. I pray for you sweetheart, may you be favored and blessed. May you be great and prosper. May you flourish like the trees planted by the riverside whose tree never run dry. Happy birthday in advance to you, love.

11. Thank you for making my dreams come true. Your impact on my life is so deep. Happy birthday to you in advance, dearie. Cheers!

12. Happy birthday in advance. Accept my gift of love, sweetie. I love and appreciate you a lot. You are worth celebrating, every day.

13. I appreciate you for who you are and because of that I wish you the very best in life and I am always eager to support and assist you.

14. Happy birthday in advance to the love of my life and my best friend. I love you and thank God for you; you are lifted.

15. I celebrate you and wish you in Happy birthday in advance, honey. I am happy to celebrate you ahead. Rejoice.


Whether you are sending any of these heart-touching birthday messages on their birthday or wishing them a happy birthday in advance, this collection of how to wish someone happy birthday will help to make loved ones’ special day more memorable and cheerful.

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